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Quote Of The Day - Republican Scandals Getting Less Scandalous Edition

The only way I can lose this election is if I'm caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy.

Edwin Edwards, former four term Democratic governor of Louisiana on his commanding lead going into the 1983 general election. The Ensign and Sanford scandals (such that they are) are with live girls which means they'll be quickly forgotten, unlike the live boy scandals of 2006...


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Bill Clinton never spent a ... (Below threshold)

Bill Clinton never spent a night in bed with
Hillary that we know of. Abstinence is the
ultimate answer.

A beautiful person by the n... (Below threshold)

A beautiful person by the name of Chelsea came into this God forsaken world....

What did She do??

Stop it

Wow, when I read the headli... (Below threshold)

Wow, when I read the headline I really thought it was going to be the newly discovered Nixon quote:

"There are times when abortions are necessary -- I know that. . . . Suppose you have a black and a white, or a rape."


Sorry OT:Anyone el... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Sorry OT:

Anyone else hear some dork on the Stephanie Miller show call Elisabeth Hasselbeck a whore yesterday?

jp2,What a complet... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


What a complete idiot you are...

That that quote sounds outrageous now just shows how far we've progressed as a society in the last 40 years.

For you to conflate that quote with the title of this post reveals that you are either a complete moron or so intellectually dishonest that you couldn't tell the truth to save your own life.

"The Ensign and Sanford sca... (Below threshold)
SER Author Profile Page:

"The Ensign and Sanford scandals (such that they are) are with live girls which means they'll be quickly forgotten."

I won't forget and I doubt that many conservatives will forget. I believe that Rev. King was correct when he said to "judge people based on the content of their character." I was a fan of Governor Sanford's decision to reject federal stimulus money. However, I have found his character "wanting."

JP - Damn, man - you aren't... (Below threshold)

JP - Damn, man - you aren't just a homophobe, but you're a racist also. PLUS you hog everyone's outrage, you greedy bastard.

Seriously, though, you support my contention that for the left NO outrageous statement or act, no matter how far in the past it may have occurred, is ever old enough to NOT matter any more. And you dredging up shit that's 35 years old, from someone well out of office and long dead proves my point.

C'mon Lawson, don't bullshi... (Below threshold)

C'mon Lawson, don't bullshit us. We know you have enough pent-up faux outrage to go for months.

Are you really so dense as to not realize that Kevins quote is from 1983? So why don't you tell us exactly what the statute of limitations is on gotcha quotes. I'm assuming it's some arbitrary number between 26 and 35. You schmuck.

I'm assuming it's some a... (Below threshold)
Adriane Brownie:

I'm assuming it's some arbitrary number between 26 and 35.

What a coincidence! That's in the same range as your I.Q., maxine.

"We know you have enough pe... (Below threshold)

"We know you have enough pent-up faux outrage to go for months."

Actually, you and jp2 just about stole it all from the rest of us. I thought that TPM thing was working out for you. But sadly, you're back, to steal even more faux outrage, among other things...

Scandals are a bipartisan b... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Scandals are a bipartisan business it seems. But they're always like a huge Christmas Day gift to the late night comics because of all the funny facts involved. I sure missed that Jay Leno wasn't on last night. They should bring him back for new scandal specials.

Your obsession with me is f... (Below threshold)

Your obsession with me is flattering, Medusa. Sad and pathetic, but flattering nonetheless.

"Your obsession with me is ... (Below threshold)

"Your obsession with me is flattering, Medusa."

You don't read very well, either, max. Must be taking lessons from "Gotta be smart, kid" jp2. "Sadly, you're back" means I wish you would go away. The fact you can't/won't see the obvious is even more pathetic. I will follow suit and put you out of my misery by ignoring you. Unless you earn the reference of crook/hacker again.

Medusa believes that there ... (Below threshold)

Medusa believes that there is a shadow govt. in charge and the dollar has already been replaced by the "amero" somehow.

She also seems to think that her firewall program can give her my IP address. Which she could then presumably turn in to whatever authorities might be interested. Maybe her omnipotent shadow govt. I don't know.

The point is she's crazy.


She also seems to ... (Below threshold)
She also seems to think that her firewall program can give her my IP address.

Don't be such a liar, max. I could care less about your ip address, like I could care less about you. Unless you just gave yourself the blog handle of jmc, and outed yourself. He also was mistaken and thought I was referring to his IP address through my firewall. Your actual level of intellect is creeping in there, so I wouldn't be surprised. The biggest problem with the link you posted, is it doesn't support your claim, max, jmc...whatever your name is, because not once did I infer that I had either yours or jmc's IP addr.

Although the quote you posted from Talking Points Memo might be a clue as to whom I am speaking, I just don't care enough to know. Why use that link, max? Why not go full speed ahead with the blog post that started it all? You know, the one that made you look really paranoid and unintelligent while you managed to trip over your own words?

Same stupid meme, "You're crazy!", when in reality, more and more information is being received about distraction tactics and who the real crooks are that are in charge, even of the shadow government. You kind of snapped with that last ditch effort in #14, so let's get in the way back machine so people can see what you mean by "crazy", and how unequipped you are in making it stick.

You keep forgetting how many people come by this blog and have the ability to make their own decisions, and even past this blog, you might as well be talking to millions that have awakened from the deep sleep of deception. This is the post I am talking about:


I don't think a lot of people here have forgotten, max, that you also said, "There is no God". Sorry, that just doesn't fly any more along with your whimpering attempt to tag me with words like, "freak" and "crazy". With the link you posted, they will also get a recap of the disgusting insults and innuendos you flung at commenters here, revealing your true nature. Yeah, you're a genius alright, just like jmc.

Yeah, you couldn't care les... (Below threshold)

Yeah, you couldn't care less about me.

"I will follow suit and put you out of my misery by ignoring you."


max, you're the one who kee... (Below threshold)

max, you're the one who keeps rearing your ugly head as a crook and a liar. What, no valid refute on anything I have posted? Thought so. Now, I can resume ignoring your immature nonsense until you try to pull that "crazy" crap, again.

You couldn't ignore me if y... (Below threshold)

You couldn't ignore me if you tried, LaCrazy. You are completely infatuated with me. I dare you to try to ignore me. Just try, you adorable lying nutjob, you.

And thanks for the link. I ... (Below threshold)

And thanks for the link. I probably wouldn't have used that one if I were you, but whatever floats yer boat. It was a nice trip down memory lane. Good times.

You aren't me, that's why y... (Below threshold)

You aren't me, that's why you didn't used it. Yet even now, nothing you can refute. Well, I am done with hijacking this thread and giving you too much audience. Apologies to Kevin.

Ha! I knew you couldn't do ... (Below threshold)

Ha! I knew you couldn't do it, loser.

What do you want me to refute? That I called you names and mocked you mercilessly? I don't refute that.

Why don't you refute being a serial liar?

And be sure to give yourself a plus vote while your at it. Nobody else is going to.

You can always count on lit... (Below threshold)

You can always count on little jp2. She's so smart. Little jp2 = FOOL. Her husband probably doesn't know she's on the internet.

Okay, is jp2 a man or a wom... (Below threshold)

Okay, is jp2 a man or a woman?

max, save your bi-polar drama for all your boyfriends and move on.

max, I wanted to add someth... (Below threshold)

max, I wanted to add something. I didn't say one way or another whether or not I had your IP addresses. But if you are thick enough to believe that words like "inspecting" and "packets" are not accompanied by IP addresses, you and max have the same "techie" intellect. No wonder jmc isn't happy with his job. He about as good at I.T. as he is logic. He might as well be Homer without the integrity.

"I will follow suit and put... (Below threshold)

"I will follow suit and put you out of my misery by ignoring you."


"Well, I am done with hijacking this thread and giving you too much audience."


Do you ever tell the truth, LaCrazy?

Not only can you not ignore me, you can't deny the fact that you are a proven liar.

Not only can you n... (Below threshold)
Not only can you not ignore me, you can't deny the fact that you are a proven liar.

max, once and for all, I don't know you at all personally. Your comment pattern does replicate someone else here, but that is no surprise. You have no original thoughts of your own. Stop using your yo-yo insults/flattery to get me to tell you "exactly what I meant". If you have nothing to worry about you shouldn't have a problem, should you?

As far as the existence of the New World Order and global currency are concerned, you are going to be stuck on this thread parroting the word "liar" while people that know how to think for themselves will be investigating what was posted. Now, if you want to go ahead and blow a gasket over my comment, fine, but it's not going to stop people from wanting to know more about Aaron Russo, J. Edgar Hoover, George Green, JFK's assassination, and numerous other events that lead to only one root cause. If you are not involved in the root cause, then you should again have no problems with what I am saying.

As far as the post is concerned, reality present day is not selective with the gender of the child. The leaders in the shadows are even more horrifying than anyone wants to imagine, and all lead back to the same bloodlines for the same reason.

Damn it LM, you just had to... (Below threshold)

Damn it LM, you just had to cross the line into "too crazy to make fun of" territory.

max, You should know... (Below threshold)

You should know where the line is, as you
have crossed in an unacceptable number of times.
And you never know...






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