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Perquisites Of The Ruling Class

Ed Morrisey notes that President Obama may have blundered into a Dukakis moment last night during the ABC broadcast from the White House:

Barack Obama got ABC to move their news division into the White House in order to make the big pitch for his egalitarian, everyone-gets-treated-equally ObamaCare push. Instead, Obama fumbled into a Michael Dukakis moment that exposed him as a hypocrite. ABC itself leads with Obama's response that he wouldn't stay within his own plan for his family:

President Obama struggled to explain today whether his health care reform proposals would force normal Americans to make sacrifices that wealthier, more powerful people -- like the president himself -- wouldn't face.

[the president was asked pointedly] if he would be willing to promise that he wouldn't seek such extraordinary help for his wife or daughters if they became sick and the public plan he's proposing limited the tests or treatment they can get.

The president refused to make such a pledge, though he allowed that if "it's my family member, if it's my wife, if it's my children, if it's my grandmother, I always want them to get the very best care.

So ObamaCare for thee, but not for me? Hope and change, baby!

William Jacobson adds:

And therein lies the paradox and fundamental fraud of the Democratic health care proposals. The wealthy, including the President and Congress, always will be able to get whatever care they want, by paying out of their own pocket or purchasing extra private coverage at substantial cost.

As the health care debate escalates, and the recession deepens, more and more people in the private sector are going to focus on the differences between the benefits they earn and the benefits the public sector enjoys. Perhaps it takes wave after wave of news like this to get private sector employees (and voters) to focus on the ever expanding benefits given to government employees.

While the private sector goes through a gut wrenching restructuring it is time to ask what sacrifices are being made by government employees.


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Comments (15)

"While the private sector g... (Below threshold)

"While the private sector goes through a gut wrenching restructuring it is time to ask what sacrifices are being made by government employees."

Hahahahahahaha. You're funny!

Sacramento tried to pass a 'new' budget last night with few cuts, higher taxes and fees. Got rejected. NO WHERE was there anything about cutting worthless "advisory commissions" that pay termed-out politicians $100+K a year for once-a-month meetings (maybe); legislators "free" cars and gas cards; legislator's per diem pay.......nope it's all about cutting services. You know, the stuff we pay to get.

Its all about the Fed Govt.... (Below threshold)

Its all about the Fed Govt. not the state gov. Heck,they just raised our deductable and cut some benifits. Its all most like Obamacare now.

I really can not believe th... (Below threshold)

I really can not believe that any politican wants healthcare for us peons because they feel for us. It is a matter of control and power.
The rich have money and the poor already are covered by medicaid.
As usual the middle class will get screwed. Yes, I do feel for people who are elderly (medicare, but that is not always enough) and people who loose their jobs. Though I don't think healthcare ins should be connected to your job. Why can't we have many ins programs out there for different people's needs, like we have different types of car ins, life ins etc. and for those who do fall between the cracks...then have gov't help them. But leave me out of this reform...only because I know I will now get less good care for more money/taxes.

. . . leave me out of th... (Below threshold)

. . . leave me out of this reform...

Well, good luck with that one.
Prez O could have answered the question by saying that no one will be denied the "very best" treatment under his healthcare reform bill and/or that no reasonable medical care will be denied by his healthcare reform.
But, he didn't.
Everyone seemed to accept the concept that under "the plan" healthcare will be somehow scheduled and pre-approved, and that certain other care (ie the "very best" care) will be flatly denied to the unwashed masses and that, in any event, treatment will be limited.
Rationed healthcare--learn to love it, folks. We are so screwed.

You've touched on an import... (Below threshold)

You've touched on an important point, Hugh. Even under the Soviet system, there was always a hospital bed for Party members. Under ObamaCare with private/public options, those under the public plan will receive rationed medicine while those who can afford private insurance (i.e. "the rich," which includes most of our Federal-level lawmakers) will still be guaranteed a hospital bed by hospitals who need the money. And under a completely nationalized healthcare system, there will always be a "Friends of Angelo" list for government officials, their families, and the well-connected.

I thought we weren't suppos... (Below threshold)

I thought we weren't suppose to believe Obama's rhetoric on this.

I sure as hell don't.

More than any recent politician, he says one thing, does another and still tries to take credit for whatever occurs.

Yep - a two-tiered system. ... (Below threshold)

Yep - a two-tiered system. Aristocrats and peasants.

Democrats love the poor. They love them so much, they'll make more of them...

That's the whole idea, is t... (Below threshold)

That's the whole idea, is to gut and eliminate the middle class so the Aristocrats can corral in the peasants as human resources.

Darn - where's that passel ... (Below threshold)

Darn - where's that passel of libtards to explain away the sheer brilliance of The Jug-eared_Douche's plans for us all? Must still be savoring their victory over rational thought...

Look at who is exempt from... (Below threshold)

Look at who is exempt from Obamacare: members of Congress, Federal bureaucrats, Auto Workers union members; all either political allies of the 'Won', or ones who will decide just what kind of 'care' we will 'deserve'. Need to cut costs? Why we go to the bureaucrats who will determine what is 'appropriate' care for someone. If the procedure or medication is too expensive, then they'll just deny it, and there is no review or appeals process that will be on your side.

The wealthy, including t... (Below threshold)

The wealthy, including the President and Congress, always will be able to get whatever care they want, by paying out of their own pocket or purchasing extra private coverage at substantial cost.

For now. Until they ban it outright as in Canada. Then the rich will need to go to India, probably. Or, more likely, to some nice comfy caribbean island where doctors that don't want any part of this nonsense will relocate to and cater to those that can pay (coming soon to a neighborhood near you - local fundraisers for Joe Blow who needs cancer treatment that isn't "cost effective" enough for Obama).

Of course, when this sort of thing (not just the health care) has been tried in the past the government starts to notice that people are leaving for more free climes. For a while they will ridicule those that leave, that "go Galt" for lack of a better term (they're already doing it now in NY as they sneer at and editorialize against those like Rush Limbaugh and Tom Golisano that are changing their residence to places with more fair tax laws than NY). Then they start to realize that when the productive start to leave and they can't get enough blood from the stones that remain they can't put up with that sort of leavetaking. That's when the dog runs and barbed wire go up.

Not saying we're at that point, not at all. Or even that we would get there. I'm just pointing out how this historically ends when continued and expanded.

This inadvertent slip is go... (Below threshold)

This inadvertent slip is going to doom Obamacare.

They said it was a ratings ... (Below threshold)

They said it was a ratings bomb....but I'll bet
it was the highest rated prime-time, shovel
the manure, health-care carnival starring a
POTUS and his loyal subjects as was ever seen.
I feel an Emmy in the works.

Michael Jackson is dead. 'N... (Below threshold)

Michael Jackson is dead. 'Nuff said about
a need for sweeping health care reform. Is
Obama considering a public viewing in the
Rotunda? He will if Acorn, Jesse, and Al
have anything to say about it.

Same in Canada for sure...p... (Below threshold)
moho1234 Author Profile Page:

Same in Canada for sure...politicians and hockey players get the best treatment...shlubs have to drive to clinics in New Hampshire or Vermont for those deemed unessential procedures...the Real lesson to learn is that Canada is now allowing (jeez what a thought from those on high) private clinics to open...once illegal.






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