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House Passes Cap and Tax; Eight Repubs Vote Yes to Higher Energy Taxes

The bill passed the House 219-212, with eight Republicans making the difference and putting the bill over the top. Here they are, the Republicans who voted to send your energy prices sky high:

Mary Bono Mack
Mike Castle
Mark Kirk
Leonard Lance
Frank LoBiondo
John McHugh
Dave Reichert
Chris Smith

Minority Leader John Boehner put up a valiant fight by reading from the 300 page amendment Henry Waxman dropped into the bill at 3:09 this morning.

Update: Boehner released a statement about today's vote:

"Today, in what will be remembered as the defining vote of the 111th Congress, House Democrats passed a 1,500-page national energy tax bill that no one even had the chance to read. The American people have the right to know what is in this legislation and, more importantly, what impact it will have on middle-class families and small businesses. In just an hour, we raised serious questions about the true consequences of this legislation for Americans' jobs and all of our economy.

"Speaker Pelosi's national energy tax is a bureaucratic nightmare that will cost families more than ever for electricity, gasoline, food, and other products, and cost millions of American workers their jobs. This is a tax on anyone who drives a car, buys an American-made product, or flips on a light switch. It will drive up energy costs, send millions of jobs overseas to countries like China and India, and place an especially heavy burden on rural America. Republicans believe there is a better way. Our American Energy Act is the fastest route to a cleaner, more reliable energy future. By increasing environmentally-safe energy production, promoting alternatives like nuclear and clean-coal technologies, and encouraging increased efficiency, this alternative legislation will create more jobs, lower energy costs, and clean up our air and water.

"There's a big difference between the heartland and San Francisco when it comes to Speaker Pelosi's national energy tax. Today, House Democrats made the decision to stand with left-wing special interests rather than with families and small businesses in their districts that will lose so much because of this national energy tax. The American people will not forget this vote."

Update II: Don Surber links to a Politico report:

In the hours before passage, Rep. Geoff Davis, a Republican from Kentucky, said the cap-and-trade bill represented the "economic colonization of the heartland" by New York and California. Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) called the bill a "scam" that would do nothing but satisfy "the twisted desires of radical environmentalists." Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wisc.) called it a "massive transfer of wealth" from the United States to foreign countries.

Don also notes that Washington DC, which has its A/C on full blast I'm sure for the rich and powerful in the nation's capital, is powered primarily by coal.

Leader Boehner created this chart that he held up while speaking on the floor of the House that illustrates how insane this new bureaucracy will be and how deeply it will infiltrate our everyday lives.



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Comments (18)

Mark Kirk is the only Repub... (Below threshold)

Mark Kirk is the only Republican I can think of who is on my ballot. Every other single candidate is a Democrat.

I can only conclude that A) Kirk is a flipping idiot, B) He got something big in return for his crawdad vote, or C) Kirk is a flipping idiot.

A polished press release about his battle with his conscience will hit his website within a few minutes. How he "searched his soul" and "reluctantly concluded" that a vote for this bill is "for the children".

What an asshol*.

Conservatives really need t... (Below threshold)

Conservatives really need to figure out what to do about Republicans like these, or we are doomed to either radical Dems or weak-kneed Pubs running our lives from here on out.

vote any and EVERY member o... (Below threshold)

vote any and EVERY member of Congress, regardless of Party, OUT of office in 2010.

that is the only hope for this country!

Folks, this legislation will DESTROY this country. Period!

Pelosi doesn't have to worr... (Below threshold)

Pelosi doesn't have to worry about energy use in Kalifornia. Her buddies in Sacramento have already driven a lot of businesses to other states. Pretty soon the only jobs in Kalifornia will be scrubbing the toilets of the Democratic political elite. And those jobs will probably be given to illegal aliens.

How much longer America? E... (Below threshold)

How much longer America? Even the Obama supporters agree this is gonna cost, on average, each American $4,000 per year, more than a teacher and nurse, for example, can afford.

It will do nothing to stop any of the so called global warming, it will cost jobs and make your utility bill go from $300 to $700 per month...How much longer will we stand for the massive take over of our liberties???

When will a Governor out there say ENOUGH!! When will the American people leave the comfort of their plasma screen tv's and take to the streets?? The Facists are in charge and if we don't recognize it soon it's over for this country. Like the Roman Republic we'll soon be a chapter in the History books.

I for one have had enough. He'll get his socialized medicine and the only thing we'll have to look forward to is a promise of 2010, when the Republicans will get seats and instead of going off the cliff at 100 mph they'll only take us off at 50 mph.

I and my family will look at emigration out of the U.S., I'm tired of fighting what seems the lone fight, everyone is pissed off but none of our leaders with a voice have the courage to stand up!!

When no one is left to be productive and pay for everything we'll become like Europe a third world society in a first world enviroment.

My Grandfather warned me that this would happen in my lifetime but like most young people I just chuckled in my head...well he was right, like most old people are, which we never recognize till were old ourselves.

Oh well good luck America, hope it works out for you.

A 300 page amendment, dropp... (Below threshold)

A 300 page amendment, dropped into the thing at 3 FRIGGIN' AM?

Hey, LEFTIES! What happened to that 'most open government' crap? What happened to the "5 DAYS to review bills" crap? What happened to open, honest DEBATE on issues?

Oh, wait - you 'won'. Guess what - that means you've 'won' the right for ALL the blame on your supposed 'solutions' - which (have you noticed?) don't seem to be working all that well.

Karma's a bitch - and Obama and Pelosi are storing up a hell of a lot of karma with this crap. You're 'winning' - but a lot of people who used to love you are seeing what they bought into before the election is about as honest as a guy who'll sell you a 'genuine Rolex' for $10 on the sidewalk.

Oh, and ain't it funny how OBAMA is doing the SAME THINGS Bush was doing on the Guantanamo Bay detainees? I think it's absolutely hilarious (as well as a friggin' waste of time, effort, and money) when the REALITY you 'REALITY-BASED' idiots have been denying for literally YEARS comes along and bites you HARD on the ass.

Wow, that thing's enough to... (Below threshold)

Wow, that thing's enough to hurt your eyes. I love the gray areas such as "merchant coal" and "carbon capture". LOL! What a bunch of criminals! "Energy taxes for thee and not for me."

Isn't voting on a bill that... (Below threshold)
George Author Profile Page:

Isn't voting on a bill that they haven't read a dereliction of their duties? All of these Congressmen should be impeached.

Mary Bono MackMike C... (Below threshold)

Mary Bono Mack
Mike Castle
Mark Kirk
Leonard Lance
Frank LoBiondo
John McHugh
Dave Reichert
Chris Smith

Noted that these 'Republicans' are not conservatives and should have contested primaries and possibly independent candidates that are run against them in '10. The very idea that they could vote for the most massive tax/income redistribution plan ever foisted off on the American public as a 'conservation/energy' policy is beyond preposterous, it is a travesty of monumental proportions.

Boehner's mini filibuster w... (Below threshold)

Boehner's mini filibuster was enlightening and entertaining as hell had it been in prime time the night before this bill would not have passed.
I wish he had gone on for hours using the real bill, forcing everyone to miss there flights and causing a ruckus. But he did actually meet expectations today so I guess he deserves a little credit tonight.

What the hell is wrong with... (Below threshold)

What the hell is wrong with these people?
I guess we need to destroy the economy to save it or some similar type of bullcrap.
I for one think we should start checking our politicians for mind control chips, that is the only thing that could explain this overwhelming stupidity... except for, of course, their overwhelming stupidity.

Free Frank Warner asks: <a ... (Below threshold)
George Author Profile Page:
I cant believe Kirk. He wou... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

I cant believe Kirk. He would have been my choice for Obamas seat. He's done.

Lisa Jackson was a complete... (Below threshold)

Lisa Jackson was a complete idiot in new jersey as epa head. to turn over the economy of the united states to her would be a catastrophe.

Why, oh why, would the auth... (Below threshold)

Why, oh why, would the author of such a massive bill feel the need to amend his own bill with 300 pages at 3am?

Absolute corruption at ever... (Below threshold)

Absolute corruption at every level of government. There has to be a way to reverse the damage these crooks are causing? I know the logical way are elections but the money and rigging of the system has even compromised it as well..Thats how We got Obama.

The Country has been hijacked by a bunch of third world UN type imbeciles.

Throw all of them down the sewer where they belong.

Kirk's a friggin' disappoin... (Below threshold)

Kirk's a friggin' disappointment. Eh - downgrade that to moron.

Man, the Illinois bloc of mental deficients at the levers of power really suck.

Sooner or later people are ... (Below threshold)

Sooner or later people are going to start switching from ballots to molotovs. This bill will destroy people's lives; people in that end-state have little to lose.






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