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Such An Ass.

From the Boston Herald.com:

"Too bad, if a governor had to go missing, it couldn't have been the governor of Alaska. You know, Sarah Palin."

Senator John F. Kerry, upon hearing of the disappearance of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.

You stay classy, Lurch!


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Comments (24)

Maybe if Ol' JK had "really... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Maybe if Ol' JK had "really" earned those Purple Hearts. I mean like really been wounded. He would be a little more humble, a little more of a human being and not such a DICK!

Being from Ma, I'd once aga... (Below threshold)

Being from Ma, I'd once again like to apologize for Kennedy/Kerry being in the Senate. I cannot explain why he keeps getting re-elected.

Kerry is rather famous for using the "Do you know who I am?" question when he wants special treatment. Something he wants all the time.

Truth is, he still hasn't gotten over his defeat to Bush. I doubt he ever will.
I hope he never does.

False outrage outburst in 3... (Below threshold)

False outrage outburst in 3...2...1...

Maybe you guys could get 3-4 people outside his office like you did for Letterman and make a difference. This "mouth rape" will not stand.

What's the matter, jp2? Yo... (Below threshold)
Adriane Brownie:

What's the matter, jp2? You on the bottom one time too many in prison?

Too bad, if a famous person... (Below threshold)

Too bad, if a famous person had to die of cardiac arrest, it couldn't be a former presidential candidate. You know, John Kerry.

That John Kerry....<p... (Below threshold)

That John Kerry....

I hope his kidneys fail.

I hope his kidneys... (Below threshold)
I hope his kidneys fail.

LOL! That will only happen if he stops doing the "happy dance" at the annual summer barbeque in the woods.

That's why I stopped trying... (Below threshold)

That's why I stopped trying to understand most on the left. They are just hate mongers.

jp2 - "Maybe you guys c... (Below threshold)

jp2 - "Maybe you guys could get 3-4 people outside his office like you did for Letterman and make a difference. This "mouth rape" will not stand."

Better yet, maybe we could get a few people together and get you banned forever for being a USDA Prime Choice asshole.

Kerry has had his head so f... (Below threshold)

Kerry has had his head so far up is ass for so long its a wonder he even knew who the AK Gov was.

That guy is a bonehead. You know, Sen. Kerry.

That's OK. 'Cuda just zing... (Below threshold)

That's OK. 'Cuda just zinged his ass big time with long range sniper fire from Albania. She noted his unhappy look while telling his "joke" by asking: "Why the long face, John?". Ouch.

John's got a long face 'cau... (Below threshold)

John's got a long face 'cause Theresa keeps him on a short leash, allowance wise. He can only DREAM of going off to Argentina. And what with his booze buddy on the cusp of death, there's no "I'll be over at Teddy's place plotting health care strategy". TRANSLATION: Drinking and chasing women.

I read that too, DocinPA. ... (Below threshold)

I read that too, DocinPA. That was exactly what I said about him November 3, 2004. Cracked me up that she said the same thing.

little jp2 = FOOL. The fo... (Below threshold)

little jp2 = FOOL. The fool can't help herself. Sarah just gets under her skin. Sarah's smart, goodlooking, and successful. Little jp2: not so much. Since I won't go to blue; can anyone tell me if this delusional posts there?

Kerry and Letterman employ ... (Below threshold)

Kerry and Letterman employ the same gag writers....funny as a pay toilet in a
cholera ward.

Pretentious,vapid buffoon. ... (Below threshold)

Pretentious,vapid buffoon. Thanks, Massholes,
for putting him on the national stage. But,
then again, you have been true to form so
many times, and alas, will be so again.
Teddy "a bridge too far" Kennedy and the
"Big Dig" have made you pariahs in the sane
districts of this nation. You ARE what you
ELECT. Man up!

If class were gas, Senator ... (Below threshold)

If class were gas, Senator John Kerry (along with all the liberals) couldn't power a piss ant's motor scooter around the inside track of a Cheerio.

Too bad the golddigger coul... (Below threshold)

Too bad the golddigger could'nt have gone M.I.A. That is, If He had really ever saw any action that is?

Actually Mark Sanford was o... (Below threshold)

Actually Mark Sanford was on a secret mission in Cambodia but he opted to say he was with an Argentine beauty since that story was more believable.

Who is John Kohn? ... (Below threshold)

Who is John Kohn?

Lurch has the jawbone of an... (Below threshold)

Lurch has the jawbone of an ass and the common sense of a slug.

I;m fairly proud, and growi... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

I;m fairly proud, and growing more so, of my at-the-time lukewarm support for Bush in 2004 and McCain/Palin in 2008. Can anyone really say they were proud of voting for Kerry?

The only Senator dumber than him is now the VP.

"The only Senator dumber... (Below threshold)

"The only Senator dumber than him now is the VP."

And the only Senator dumber than the VP is the pretender in thief.

Come on.The joke w... (Below threshold)

Come on.

The joke was funny. Palin is as much of a laughingstock as Dan Quayle was.






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