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Timing Is Everything

"Timing is everything," as the saying goes.

The Obama administration has some fortuitous timing.

While the media and the country should have been debating the ramifications of the disastrous "cap and trade" bill, they were off drooling over one quirky man.

The media coverage of Michael Jackson's passing has been sickening. His death no less a circus than was his life.

Yes, he was an individual with uncanny talent, both in music and dance. Someone who touched untold amounts of people with his abilities, providing joy and inspiration to young and old alike.

Strip back the veneer of that talent, and you are left with an emotionally fragile, pathetic man. A man whose unrelenting self esteem issues manifested themselves into grotesque physical alterations and bizarre emotional behavior, leading to drug abuse, unimaginable debt, and pedophilic tendencies.

The shock of his sudden death has enabled many in the media and society to gloss over the undesirable attributes of the man, leading to some unhealthy and obsessive reporting.

He was not a president. Not a spiritual leader. He saved no lives with his inventions. Altered no course of history and was not a noble role model.

He was an emotional wreck who happened to have a gift for entertainment. His odd behavior was a detriment to himself and others who were too young to understand it.

There are important events unfolding in the world right now. Things in this country which will have an actual impact on the lives of us all, born and unborn.

Things that matter.

Let's get on with it.


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Comments (37)

What bill did they pass? Th... (Below threshold)

What bill did they pass? The 300 pages were amendments to the 1200 page bill. Was the amendment passed or the bill? What will the Senate get and is it a legal bill?

hear hearit's a farc... (Below threshold)

hear hear
it's a farce that they are playing up this man's life so much. let's face it, he was a creepy pathetic person.

"Never let a good crisis go... (Below threshold)

"Never let a good crisis go to waste." seems to be the new Democrat mantra, even if its a crisis is over a dead celebrity that gives them the cover of a media blank out to pass the greatest loss of freedom and raise in taxes EVER seen in this country.

If this clusterf**k passes in the Senate in any form this country is doomed, and I do not say that lightly.

Makes you wonder what other... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Makes you wonder what other distraction the democrats have planned for when this bill hits the senate?

Never look a dead gifthors... (Below threshold)

Never look a dead gifthorse in the mouth sayeth Obama and the rest of the politicians who are trying to scam us again with a man made disaster worse than "porkulus".

Even without MJ's death, wo... (Below threshold)

Even without MJ's death, would the major media have asked the deep questions? Firt question on my mind was: Why this legislation instead of strengthening the Clean Air Act...you know the Act that was supposed to keep the air clean?

Answer is simple, it's a scam to raise taxes and enrich the liberal sumbitches in power and expand the government bureaucracy. Any liberal democrat who says otherwise is a lying piece of crap.

HEADLINE:.....Michael Jacks... (Below threshold)
krkrjak Author Profile Page:

HEADLINE:.....Michael Jackson Dead.....

STORYLINE:....Bush to blame......

Jeez, could the dem's get any luckier than having this much puke spewed to cover their corrupt butts while they screw over the entire country.

BTW, anyone hear that Farrah Fawcett also died?

"What bill did they pass?"<... (Below threshold)

"What bill did they pass?"

Good question to ask those who voted for it. THEY DON'T KNOW! Just like the "Stimulus Bill" they passed, NO ONE READ IT!

Look for a repeat performance next week entitled "HOW THE FUCK DID THAT GET IN THERE?" Followed of course by the usual "moral outrage".

An article written by Alan ... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

An article written by Alan Carlin, who worked at EPA wrote a 90 some page document EPA refused to release or consider prior to this vote. It is public now and debunks the idea global warming is settled. There are references listed at the end of the document. This will all take place before the Senate votes on the bill. Obama is already changing what this bill is for, calling it a jobs bill. It will cost jobs not gain them. It will not pass the Senate by normal means. Obama needs to be impeached.

Mac Lorry:I suspec... (Below threshold)
krkrjak Author Profile Page:

Mac Lorry:

I suspect that about the time that bill gets to the senate the msm will crank up the coverage of the divorce of those two weirdos with the 8 kids.

I believe that this overwro... (Below threshold)

I believe that this overwrought obsession with Michael Jackson and any other celebrity you can name is the reason Obama was elected.
This country is consumed with celebrity. Too many people are too absorbed in movies, TV, sports, etc. to pay little or any attention to the things that truly matter, like our government and laws. This is the only reason I can see that we had virtually no vetting of Obama when he was running for president and no intellectual curiosity of what he and this disgraceful congress are actually doing.
The good thing about celebrity is that they fall from adoration quite regularly - I think Obama is starting to slip.

You are right Grace. Obama... (Below threshold)
arcman Author Profile Page:

You are right Grace. Obama was elected because the American people have become intellectually lazy. No other candidate either Democrat or Republican, could have gotten anywhere near the Presidency with as thin of a resume; his questionable acquaintances, and his tendency to hide all other facets of his life. Any other candidate would have been laughed off the stage. The media in this country did not do their job, and we are all paying for it now.

"Makes you wonder what othe... (Below threshold)

"Makes you wonder what other distraction the democrats have planned for when this bill hits the senate?"

So...the Democratic Party planned the death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson as some sort of distraction.


I already knew that you people were nuttier than squirrel shit, and most of voting America does now as well.

Thanks Dubya, you created this Republican party, and I thank you every day from the bottom of my bleeding heart!

If my good Democrat friends... (Below threshold)

If my good Democrat friends really orchestrated the death of the icon Michael Jackson to create a distraction for a climate change bill, than there's no stopping us now...

MUUHAAAHAAA, the world is ours! MuuuuuHAAHHHAAA.

Canada is north and Mexico is south, Wizbangers. I will give free rides and some startup cash to anyone who wants out. Peace be with you. America is evolving.
notiz=Stay on topic.

Ryan,Nice try, bud... (Below threshold)


Nice try, buddy. No one is saying the Dem's planned MJ's death. Only that they and the MSM are willing to use it as a cover (any port in a
storm?)to pass legislation without debate (or even a review). Why would they be willing to do that? Because they know they would never get it passed if the American people were given even 25% of the facts.

The American people aren't intellectually lazy. They're just programmed to rely on the MSM to sound the alarm in times like this. If the MSM were performing 10% of their of their responsibilities, i.e. REPORTING THE NEWS, the Dem's could never get away with this crap.

As for anybody leaving, I'm not hearing conservatives threatening to emigrate. We're just hoping all the lib's who swore they were pulling the plug if W was elected will finally get around to keeping their word (unlike BHO).

Sorry but don't blame Micha... (Below threshold)

Sorry but don't blame Michael Jackson for the Cap 'n Tax Bill. Despite the fact or perhaps because Michael was an extraordinarily talented entertainer, his life was truly a mess. He was no statesman, inventor or business leader - just an extremely gifted singer/dancer. I'll always remember his lead singing for the Jackson 5 in the early 1970s and his amazing dance videos of the 1980s. For the last 20+ years, however, his life was a freak show. But even without MJ's death, there's no evidence the state-run media would have reported fairly on the problems with the "climate bill" - the only climate this bill will change is the business climate in the US, which will be much chillier if not down right frigid if this goes into effect.

I already knew tha... (Below threshold)
I already knew that you people were nuttier than squirrel shit, and most of voting America does now as well.

Who is this "we" you're broad brushing. There
are commenters at Wizbang who are not members
of either party. Why don't you take your
broad brush and knock the dandruff from your
own shoulders.

All the Lurid Details of th... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

All the Lurid Details of the Fall of Mark Sanford:


The whole circus gagged me.... (Below threshold)

The whole circus gagged me. The stars shown grieving his death are the same ones that enabled him to continue his bizarre lifestryle. ww

Anybody ever read "The Last... (Below threshold)

Anybody ever read "The Last Centurion" by John Ringo?
Excellent story, kinda scary when you see how close Obama is following the storyline.

Long story, but the military final begins countering the MSM. You have CNN showing dead. innocent civilians at close range and the you have the military filming the same story with the CNN reporter and then they slowly pan out and show the weapons or they show the battle leading up to the dead "civilians."

Time the republicans and the military start protecting us from the news media.

Gosh Adrian,Whatev... (Below threshold)

Gosh Adrian,

Whatever happened to "his personal life has nothing to do with his public life," or "you *** are obsessed with sex," or "he needs to get back to doing the work of the people," eh, Adrian?

How about these pillars of morality:

* JFK and Marilyn Monroe
* Teddy Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne
* Michael Kennedy and his baby sitter
* Jimmy Carter and 'Lust in his Heart' (what a WIMP)
* Gary Hart and Donna Rice
* Bill Clinton and ...too numerous to name
* Al Gore and...Bill Clinton (wouldn't use him on the campaign trail..isn't that why he lost?)
* John Kerry, who dumps his first wife for another woman when she becomes incapacitated...
* John Edwards, while his wife is battling cancer...

What's the matter, Adrian? Can't you come up with something more clever than that to hijack the thread?

Crawl back under the bridge where you belong, Troll, and don't come out until you've got something relevant to add to the conversation.

The emails prove tha... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

The emails prove that Mark loves Maria.

How many women would love to get a letter like that from a man . . . even just once?

Mark might love his wife as much- or more- than Maria (let's see the passionate emails that begin Dearest Jenny) but you can't say he doesn't love Maria.

The question is:

Can Jenny stay married to Mark knowing that he loves another woman?

The question is:Oh... (Below threshold)

The question is:

Oh, look! Something shiny over there! Let's all go comment on it, instead of paying attention to things that MATTER!

NK getting crazy. Mullahs killing their own people to preserve the results of an election that's rigged beyond a community organizer's wildest dream. Congress ramming through a bill that's estimated to pretty much crater the economy (again) - with more disasterous legislation in the pipeline.

Yet we need to concentrate on ONE man's infidelity, because it's SOOOOOOOOO FRIGGGGGIN' IMPORTANT!!!!!!

Yet we need to concentrate on ONE strange man's DEATH, because it's SOOOOOOOOO MUCH MORE FRIGGGGGIN' IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING ELSE OUT THERE!!!!!!!

Bread and circuses folks - we're 'happily entertained' while our legislators scam us and set us up for a lifetime supply of trouble and struggle, for the low, low price of damn near everything we've used to keep the country proserous and healthy, easily payable through never-ending or decreasing deductions from our paychecks.

In the immortal words of La... (Below threshold)

In the immortal words of Larry Elder, "We have a country to save, let's tee it up!"

Don't let the hate mongers control the message. Michael Jackson is a tragedy, but the North Koreans and the Iranians are a bigger Holocaust waiting to happen.

It turns out the "Axis of Evil" was an axis and is evil. Discuss.

This is "Days of our lives"... (Below threshold)

This is "Days of our lives" but not the soap opera variety Adrian wants it to be.

Adrian? What does the creeps messing around on his wife have to do with the media obsessing on the gloved weirdos demise while the SOBs in D.C. keep screwing our future?

I know its hard but please stay on topic.

So, tell me Adrian, how man... (Below threshold)

So, tell me Adrian, how many episodes of Jon & Kate + 8 have you watched? Or would it be easier to tell us how many you've missed?

Anyone who would drill down into the misfortunes of a family and revel in it HAS to do it for entertainment. Anybody who does it simply because of their political beliefs has got to have the intellectual depth and clarity of a very shallow mud puddle. Go run along, now. I'm sure there's a real estate infomercial on that would be more intellectually stimulating for you. You're welcome to come back when you acquire some class.

A Conservative says that th... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

A Conservative says that their marriage should be "downgraded to civil union."

Michael Jackson was a sick ... (Below threshold)

Michael Jackson was a sick person physically and mentally. Don't waste your tears for a pathetic pedophile and child molester. HE WAS SICK!!! He is not an icon or an idol. Both of those titles are reserved for people who have lived their lives not thinking only of themselves, but how to better the lives of millions of others. MJ's death only overshadowed what is happening around the world, and Obama followers are opening their mouths and puking all the shit that he wants them to. Get a grip on reality you spineless jerks and pay attention to what that worthless creep Acorn bought to put in the White House is really doing. He is giving away our country one billion dollars and one illegal immigrant at a time. Now is not the time to denigrate republicans. At least they kept us safe the last 9 years. Leave it to a Democrat (Clinton)to create all kinds of shit for a Republican (Bush) to clean up.

Michael Jackson's parasites... (Below threshold)

Michael Jackson's parasites did not die with
his body. They're spreading out in waves, flooding the airways of America. Never have
so many con men and simpletons lived off
the existence of one man as has the Jacko
entourage and ga-ga fan base.....until Obama
made the scene.

Don't you guys get it? Adr... (Below threshold)

Don't you guys get it? Adrian doesn't care. He's perfectly content to interrupt and toss turds about because he thinks he's somehow superior and doesn't have to imposition himself with things like discussion. He doesn't want to give the impression that he thinks anyone here might be worth talking to. Brief one liners with some childish joke is his way of telling us that.

Same with a few other trolls here. They step in with first insulting and belittling and then wonder why they get a cool reception. Then they use that as an excuse to continue.

Me? I think the media is another entity perfectly happy to get sidetracked with lighter fare so they don't have to think or make even the slightest admission that they stopped doing their homework a long time ago.

Adrian is proud of his Obam... (Below threshold)

Adrian is proud of his Obama Commemorative
Coin collection. He's counting on it gaining
value between now and 2012.

cstmbuild -Ringo's... (Below threshold)

cstmbuild -

Ringo's weather plotline seems to be progressing along also. Looks like the seed "professionals" are reporting the wheat crop is down because things aren't warming as they should...


I sure as hell hope the rest of his weather plotline doesn't hit - but with the sunspot cycle starting pretty late and the possibility of the next few decades going into a Maunder Minimum scenario, I'm thinking about investing in long underwear manufacturers...

Ryan, nice to see you're st... (Below threshold)

Ryan, nice to see you're still a fuckwit.

Evel Knievel, at his prime, couldn't match the jump you made -- from "never let a crisis go to waste" to "the Democrats killed Michael Jackson!"

24usmcr, I'd quibble with your categorizing of John Kerry. What you described is closer to Newt Gingrich's story. No, Kerry's first heiress wife didn't like the public side of politics, so he traded her in for an even richer heiress who found she missed the limelight of being Mrs. Senator X.

Of course, she had to reverse the politics her first husband had stood for, but that was small potatoes...


Makes you wonder what ot... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Makes you wonder what other distraction the democrats have planned for when this bill hits the senate?

Exeunt Billy Mays...

Jay Tea,What I sai... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,

What I said about John Kerry I'm certain is accurate. The reason I say this is because I know her cousin and between him and corroborating news reports and columns what I describe is true. I'm not disputing Newt's foibles, I had forgotten about them.

24, I'm not disputing the f... (Below threshold)

24, I'm not disputing the first Mrs. Kerry's health issues -- her depression was a factor in the divorce -- but I'm fairly certain that it was exacerbated by being a political wife. Kerry, kind of like Sanford, had to choose between a woman and his career, and chose his career.

Besides, I like the "traded up heiresses" notion better than "dumped his sick wife." It fits the Gigolo John meme easier...


Jay Tea,Sorry for ... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,

Sorry for the lag time...anyway, I can go with the "Trading Up" approach...







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