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Democrats Have No Endgame

Yesterday the Washington Post was trying to make the point that President Obama is offering no solutions to the debt tsunami that has suddenly consumed the newspaper's attention:

"To put it bluntly, the fiscal policy of the United States is unsustainable. Debt is growing faster than gross domestic product. Under the CBO's most realistic scenario, the publicly held debt of the U.S. government will reach 82 percent of GDP by 2019 -- roughly double what it was in 2008."

Um, to put it bluntly, this is not news. As Jennifer Rubin notes, no one should be surprised by this:

"John McCain regularly accused then-candidate Barack Obama of being a tax-and-spend liberal, seeking to "spread the wealth" as Obama disclosed in a much regretted off-hand comment.

Obama ran as a fiscal moderate -- swearing affection for markets and promising only to tax the "rich." The reality, just as McCain predicted, is quite different. The question remains whether the voters will notice and object to having been so blatantly deceived."

There is no doubt that some voters have already noticed the deceit and evidence has been out there for weeks that President Obama is walking back his pledge to not raise taxes on the middle class. The mirage of green shoots of economic recovery is apparently sedating the Washington/New York pundit class into a stupor just as deep as the one they fell into last year during the election. The dumbfounding aspect of the national discussion on Obama/Pelosi/Reid economic policy is that no one is demanding to know what their endgame is. A recipe of higher taxes, historic spending and massive federal borrowing will deliver economic collapse and currency collapse.

Where is the policy that provides incentives for private sector growth? Cap and Trade? Nope. Health care reform? Nope. Massive middle and upper middle class tax increases? Nope. Bank bailouts? Nope. Stimulus spending? Nope. There is not a single Obama policy being considered or recently enacted that promotes the private sector growth necessary to create tax revenues sufficient to pay for the above. The same can be said for the lack of incentives to create jobs.

While President Obama and Congress remain knee deep in the hoopla of their grand schemes no one is asking them about their endgame.


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You mean a Dim lied while c... (Below threshold)

You mean a Dim lied while campaigning? They usually wait to get into office to do that.

Endgame? Collapse of the Am... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Endgame? Collapse of the American Economy, elimination of the private sector, enslavement by the neo Massah.

Their endgame is to turn th... (Below threshold)

Their endgame is to turn this place into a completely socialist country. They don't care that mounting government debt will enslave later generations of Americans and destroy the currency. Collapse of the currency could well be part of the plan--destruction of personal wealth, leading to utter dependency on the nanny state.
They want the most personal of our decisions--health care choices, to be made by government regulation.
By licensing energy use through "Cap and Trade," the government will control economic growth completely.
The Democrats now in power believe that the sanctity of individual liberty is a silly, outmoded idea; they want to do away with it and replace it with a government that directs every part of our lives. That's their endgame.

Wanted: Nancy Pelosi... (Below threshold)

Wanted: Nancy Pelosi
For murder of the American Econmy

Nobody is asking the questi... (Below threshold)

Nobody is asking the question because they already knows the answer. It will be total destruction of the American economy as we "knew" it. If the liberal statists get health care for everyone(including illegals)and immigration reform. They will then have an electorate dependent on their big government largess larger than those of us paying for it. No one living off big government will vote for a "change" then.

The endgame is the erosion ... (Below threshold)

The endgame is the erosion of FREEDOM. Democrats always seem to believe that government reliance is better for Americans and work towards that goal, it's unfolding before your eyes.

The apathy of the majority of Americans is allowing this to happen because they just want to cling to hope. Hope is the absence of action, they do not want to work towards success. They would rather sit back and let someone else feed them, cloth them, take care of them, instead of working hard and making sacrifices in their life.

We see what Democrats do, look at Maryland, California, New York, why are these states not utopias as Democrats would have you believe is the result of their thinking and actions.

The Democratic Party of the past worked toward keeping slavery around, and today's party is no different, except this time, they want ALL Americans as slaves to the government and their party.

If you step back and look a... (Below threshold)

If you step back and look at what's really happening on a macro level, you can only conclude that we're heading for economic disaster.

1. Tax revenues are down by about 35%, and probably more on a state level, which means a major shortfall in government revenue.

2. Reckless government spending is so out of whack it's hard to get your head around it. In 2009 inflation adjusted money, World War II cost us about $5 trillion. Congress spent twice that in the first 60 days of this administration, and we're headed for a $15 trillion spending spree after only 6 months. If there are 200 million taxpayers, that works out to $75,000 in spending for every taxpayer. As if there are 200 million actual taxpayers. The majority of "taxpayers" pay no tax at all. Personally, my business sucks lately. Nobody's doing well except lawyers and politicians. What's in your wallet this year? How about next year?

3. Tax revenues are down because personal incomes are down and unemployment is near 10%. That means your ability to pay that $75,000 increase in the national debt is sinking fast. Most of my small business customers are in trouble. Retail sucks. Manufacturing sucks. People are losing jobs. Housing prices are off about 40%. Pensions based on investments are in the tank. Social security is going to run out of money, and nothing is being done to stop it. Bottom line, your personal wealth is down about 30%, just pulling what seems to be a reasonable number out of the air. And you just spent $75,000 this year that you don't have, although you don't realize it.

4. Meantime, Congress is buying control over the banking industry, investment banking, the auto industry, and healthcare by printing enormous amounts of money we don't have. Witness the runup in oil prices and ask yourself why that is. Our fuel inventories are up. There's no problem buying oil. It's because the value of the dollar is going into the toilet. You can't double M-1 overnight without consequences. Prices are going up as soon as demand starts going up. Too many dollars chasing too few goods.

5. Cap and Trade will ensure that almost all of our natural fuel sources will become so expensive we will have to buy them overseas. We will not allow oil drilling. With two exceptions in the past 20 years, we will not allow nuclear plants to be built. Obama has publicly promised to destroy the coal industry, and Cap and Trade will make that happen. Electric and steel companies are soon to be hit with massive new costs. All of these costs will ensure we will remain dangerously dependent on foreign fuel sources, our smokestack industries will be driven out of business, and more people will be on unemployment. And all those costs will be passed on to you. Personally.

6. The auto industry, now in the hands of Congress and the unions that destroyed it, will be forced to re-engineer themselves with expensive technology they can't afford, to build vehicles we can't afford to buy and don't want in the first place.

7. Congress, thanks to the gratitude of the unions, 12 million new Democratic voters now given amnesty, and millions of non-taxpaying uninsured and underinsured unemployables, will ensure long, uninterrupted careers for our legislators until they decide to retire as millionaires many years in the future. ACORN, thanks to their new Congressional Lifetime Endowment, will make sure that happens. The dead will live again.

And who's going to stop this? Democrats have unrestricted control over the government and the economy, with no one strong enough to put on the brakes.

I don't know about you, but I wonder whether America can survive all this crap. Congress is spending money like there's no tomorrow, and I'm starting to think maybe they're right.

Taxed Enough Already? ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Taxed Enough Already?

The Fourth of July Tea Parties planned to protest President Obama appear to be fizzling out. :(

Maybe not murder - but poli... (Below threshold)

Maybe not murder - but political Munchausen;s by Proxy 'facilitation'? Cause the economy to collapse through 'well-meaning' legislation that's been slammed through, and then 'save' it through draconian procedures that essentially create a very rich and properly connected aristocracy and a poor (and supposedly grateful for any crumbs tossed to them) servile class?

Just a thought - but it's kind of funny that the folks proposing all sorts new taxes and fees to offset something supposedly so dire and horrible that we cannot wait to see whether it's ACTUALLY happening won't be affected at all by the crap they're trying to force on the rest of us.

Mr.Browne, Really? W... (Below threshold)

Really? Where are your sources backing up
this allegation?

Endgame? Why, destroy the n... (Below threshold)

Endgame? Why, destroy the nation and then take it over, claiming that only YOU can repair it! Naturally, a few little RIGHTS will have to be--shall we say, temporarily relinquished--for the greater good, of course. And clearly no criticism will be permitted. In other words, arm yourself.

actually, adrian, Tea Parti... (Below threshold)

actually, adrian, Tea Parties such as the one in Atlanta are being squashed...not dying on their own.

as for whether the Taxed Enough Already movement is dead...we'll see. As unemployment heads North of 10%, and as gasoline heads North of $5.00 a gallor (which it quickly will under Cap & Tax) I believe the TEA Party movement will ramp back up.

the country may well divide along the lines of those who can't WAIT for Big Brother to control every aspect of their lives (Adrian Browne, for example), and those who yearn to be free. When the day comes that we cannot live together...will Obama allow seperation and secession peacefully? I hope so.

I don't see as much chatter... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

I don't see as much chatter in general about the Tea Parties -- there doesn't seem to be much interest in them any more. I don't see anyone promoting them. Freerepublic has UFO stories and Fake Birth Certificate threads but nothing about Tea Parties.

Worst President ever.. What... (Below threshold)

Worst President ever.. What a massive failure.

AB: "I don't see as much" y... (Below threshold)

AB: "I don't see as much" ya got that right!

AB:Instapundit has... (Below threshold)


Instapundit has been tracking them. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean that they don't exist.

One in Nashville today.

Teh one in Atlanta was quashed - freedom of peaceful assembly isn't necessarily qaurentteed any more.

I dont think it ever was gu... (Below threshold)

I dont think it ever was guaranteed pvd? It certainly is not now in liberal cities with the Gestapo ordering browneshirts to shut down any protests and identify all of the evil potential Tea Party attendees.

fyi the atl party will be i... (Below threshold)

fyi the atl party will be in marietta on July 3rd (Jim Miller Park 6pm).
It's just the gwinnett one had the rug pulled out of it by the huge bambi donor who owned the planned property.

btw -
"On July 17th, tea party protests will take place at 12:00 noon EDT / 9:00 am PDT at every single Congressional and Senatorial office in the country. These tea party protests will happen simultaneously in an effort to show our opposition to government run healthcare."

Endgame? Think, can'... (Below threshold)

Think, can't you think, You're on Earth now, there's no cure for that

Actually the endgame is to wait until a Republican is again elected, then blame him/her.

Endgame: "You vill lissen u... (Below threshold)

Endgame: "You vill lissen und you vill OBEY"

"Summer" camps for dissidents are considered
shovel-ready jobs. Look for one opening near
you soon.

The debt will grow much fas... (Below threshold)
John S:

The debt will grow much faster that the CBO's most realistic scenario. Nearly $3 trillion in Obama's first year alone. But there is an end-game -- a Republican Congress, perhaps sooner than anyone now believes. When voters get their first $600 electric bill, it won't be too hard to convince them it's time to vote out every incumbent.

Hey, we're talking about po... (Below threshold)

Hey, we're talking about politicians here. The end all and be all of any politician is, as it was during the Roman Republic, first, to seek and gain positions of increasing power and, second, to exercise that power to gain personal reward and to ensure a continuous climb up the election ladder. Now, where does the "general welfare" come into this equation, you might ask. Only in campaign rhetoric, my friend. Now that the Dems have the crisis, they have the opportunity. And that opportunity, supported by their control of the media, education, unions, "minorities," and special interests, is to cement a nearly unassailable electoral and judicial majority through ballot manipulation, constituency payoffs, suppression of free speech, and campaign money laundering through nationalized - excuse me, "bailed out" - private business. After all, from their perspective, independent private business is only a competitor to be overcome. Do they have a governing philosophy or ideology? Did Julius Caesar have a "governing philosophy or ideology?"

<a href="http://www.youtube... (Below threshold)
retired military:


Gibbs refuses to give an answer when asked if the pledge to not raise taxes on folks making under 250k is still active.

After the press laughs at his answer they answer no for him.

"The Fourth of July Tea Par... (Below threshold)

"The Fourth of July Tea Parties planned to protest President Obama appear to be fizzling out. :("


Thousands Protest Obama Policies In Nashville

It's not your day today, is it, AB?

Why is that AB is more conc... (Below threshold)

Why is that AB is more concerned with Tea Party's rather than the Obama debt? Does he like this enormous, ever growing economy destroying debt? Or does he think at all?






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