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We, The People.

I have become an avid admirer of our "Founding Fathers". The early history of our young country, the Revolution itself, and the people who gave their lives to its outcome, are a wellspring of unending inspiration to me.

It is within these parameters that I say, with no joy and an unfortunate sense of hopelessness, that there are no true patriots anymore. At least not in the classical American sense of the word.

Sure, there are heroes on a daily basis. Members of our military, especially. Men and women who do extraordinary things. We should be thankful for their sacrifice. But none, with particular emphasis in the realm of politics, which provoke a sense of awe and personal admiration for their levels of insight, or for their personal determination to use their given talents for the betterment of their fellow citizens and their country.

The time we are in sickens me. Our representatives possess no qualities redeemable or virtuous. Politicians of our time have deviated from the path of righteousness. A path which their early predecessors left as a legacy for them to follow. One passed down from those who held a personal sense of philosophical integrity, and a deep belief in civic duty. I speak of those which once gave their very lives in pursuit of liberty, who were consumed with notions of goodwill, tempered with boundless wisdom and enthusiasm for the formation of a government worthy of a free people, exempt from fear and oppression.

These visionaries are gone. They are memories from an important past long since vanished, found only within the writings of history books, biographies, or marble statues. They are emulated by no one. The stark realities reveal today's politicians to be nothing more than deceitful, deviant creatures. Men and women in pursuit of corruptible power. In this quest of selfish purpose, they leave in their wake a path of hopeless ruination, using fear to promote a subversive agenda, spitting on the very cause for which greater men gave their all.

Yes, there are some very intelligent, insightful people in positions of political power. Most end up as uninspired policy wonks: Continually attempting to figure out how to beat the other at that which has become nothing more than a game of dull political wit and petty brinkmanship.

This is not to say that the men and women of our country's founding had reputations beyond reproach. To the contrary, they were every bit as flawed with emotions and human frailty as are we, as is the nature of human existence. However, even their flaws, more often than not, would manifest themselves into actions which contributed to the good of their intentions, whether or not by design.

Gone are the likes of George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. Men who possessed uncanny education, vision and miraculous foresight. Whose belief in freedom from tyranny and oppression led them to set in motion a revolution of ideals unmatched in the history of the world. Men who, refusing to be burdened with the heavy yoke of oppression, fervently set themselves upon a path of choosing their own grand system of government, one to be led by the governed themselves. One which was to become the envy of the world. One for themselves, their children, and generations of countrymen and women they would never know. One for us.

The confluence of events which led to the involvement of these specific individuals at that precise moment in time, with each member possessing their own unique talents and genius, contributing to the whole, is an act which I am more convinced each day was set in motion from a divine providence. Men, many times with the unheralded strength of their wives at their backs, who, against unimaginable odds and a fragile populace, changed the world with the sheer will of their hearts and minds. Men, whose courage and conviction, made possible their political and philosophical creations, which have withstood the test of time and the attacks of much lesser men.

Though we are still blessed to be born in the greatest country ever to have graced the earth, it is sadly much diminished, diminished by fear and lies: Its possibility, promise, and distinction held back by people who are unworthy of its creators. People who think their ambitions are dearer than the whole, who value style over substance, who offer up "bread and circus" other than bold and caring creations from their god-given souls.

"Fear is the foundation of most governments; but it is so sordid and brutal a passion, and renders men in whose breasts it predominates so stupid and miserable, that Americans will not be likely to approve of any political institution which is founded on it."

- John Adams

Let us pray his words ring prophetic, still.


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With Obama believing that t... (Below threshold)

With Obama believing that the Constitution is "deeply flawed" because of the "blindness" of the Founding Fathers,...
...and with America knowing that and not seeming to care, I am not optimistic. Still, I would love to be proven wrong about that.

"It is within these paramet... (Below threshold)
David Marcoe:

"It is within these parameters that I say, with no joy and an unfortunate sense of hopelessness, that there are no true patriots anymore. At least not in the classical American sense of the word."

Shawn, I say this with all due respect: Bullshit.

I will join you in saying that Congress is filled with crooks and the current administration is to feared for what they want to do, but out of 535 Congressmen, not one is a patriot? DeMint? Inhofe? Boehner? What of governors like Palin, Jindal and Perry? What of the four conservative Justices of the Supreme Court? What of the patriots who filled the last administration? What of those many nameless thousands who work in DC, whom we never see on camera?

But what are you doing, sitting around, looking for our salvation from DC? What of the Tea Party movements? What the the numerous grassroots organizations springing up? What of conservative challengers to incumbents, like Marco Rubio?

Shawn, we've at this funeral dirge for six months. I can go through my RSS reader and pull up hundreds of posts on navel-gazing doom and gloom from across the blogosphere. Your post is a waste of time and server space. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, use that energy to do something. Jump into the campaign of a worthy candidate. Run for office. Write a proposal. Run a registration drive. DO SOMETHING other than sapping morale.

Dont forget it was the ultr... (Below threshold)

Dont forget it was the ultra liberal groups CHILDRENS DEFENSE FUND that used the FOUNDING FATHERS in a ad saying SOME FATHERS ARE BEHIND IN THEIR CHILD CARE PAYENTS i dont know what they were getting at but it sure got the CDF in big trouble

Being an admirer of this co... (Below threshold)
David Marcoe:

Being an admirer of this country's early history, you might pay attention to the number of times the Revolution and the young Republic came close to utter disaster and was pulled back from the brink. And how the Founders kept on fighting, even when it seemed hopeless. If we consider ourselves true men and patriots, then we will fight and we will not give despair room to blossom. It truly looks pathetic and self-indulgent when we entertain self-pity.

I, too, have always been a ... (Below threshold)

I, too, have always been a great admirer of men who founded this country. Of course by today's standards European white men are not in fashion. But where else where such great minds put together at one time for one cause. Even though they had many disagreements. I will always be grateful to God for having being born in this country.

It is understandable to feel down about our country when people like obama and franken get elected. I mean how stupid and foolish can people be. But we own it to our founding fathers (and women) and all our service people who died, or who were injured not to ever let go of this great experiment in human history.

David Marcoe,All d... (Below threshold)

David Marcoe,

All due respect. If you've ever taken a cursory glance past a high school history book and researched these men at length, you would not compare them to any of the examples that you have choosen to list.

I have respect for all of the people you have stated. I wish them success over the malicious trash of the other side, but that is mainly due to the fact that they are all we have.

You really missed the angle on this one. Pointing out the bad in one aspect in comparison to the good of another should not be viewed as "sapping morale." Maybe read it again. It is actually a call to arms, so to speak. That there is something better for which to strive. I see no contradiction in comparing the two time periods and the people involved in both. That gives reference.

It is also my opinion. One with which you obviously disagree. And that is fine here.

As far as "doing something" on my own, how is it that you know I don't participate in things like you've listed already?

As for you claiming "bullshit" and the "waste of time and server space" crap, well, I see no reason why you could not make your point without resorting to personal attacks and unsubstantiated assumptions.

If you can't handle someone else's opinion, then you may want to go join the Daily Kos. Dissenting opinions are not welcome there.

It's a shame. You were doing fine, too.

Well, I for one thought it ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Well, I for one thought it was the best thing you ever wrote (that I've read).
I was impressed that you seemed to try not to be partisan in your criticism. While the piece did have kind of a "woe is us!" feel to it, hell, who doesn't feel that way sometimes?
As for Mr Marcoe's list of modern day "heroes," he names several that I consider batshit crazy. But I'm sure if I listed mine he would say the same thing. That's what's beautiful about America!

And, just to be true to for... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

And, just to be true to form and needle you a bit, it's "populace" not "populous."

The great faith in the Amer... (Below threshold)

The great faith in the American people exhibited by the Founders has today been replaced with a ubiquitous contempt.

What of governors like P... (Below threshold)

What of governors like Palin, Jindal and Perry?

Please don't include Perry in that list of "patriots" I live in Texas and can tell you Perry is a pure and simple political hack! When he thought he had a shot at being McCains VP he ran so far to the left he coulda been an Obama supporter. He instituted a HUGE business tax, proposed and fought for forcing parents to make their daugters get the cervical cancer treatments, went from a tough border stance to McCains much more liberal one, along with other examples.

When he saw the Tea Party movement growing here he moved again, this time to the right, so far in fact he made Reagan look liberal.

The author of the article is right in pointig out that our Founding Fathers were men of vision unlike today's political class which is full of men and women consumed with power and prestige but David is right to point out that, we as Americans, are complacent in the fact we, just like the politicians, are more consumed with Michael Jackson and how were going to make our lives easier than we seem to be about the future of our children.

It's up to us, the American people, to get out from the front of our plasma screen t.v's and to become involved. As long as we continue to be sheeple we'll get the government we deserve.

Well, well.Mr. Hen... (Below threshold)

Well, well.

Mr. Henry. Haven't seen you in a long while.

Hope everything has been OK with you.

Thanks for the correction. Wrote the piece around 1:00am.

Hope to see you around. No, really!


Thank you, sir.My la... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Thank you, sir.
My last foray here degenerated rather quickly into a "screw you/no, screw YOU" thing, and I got kinda disgusted. I've visited here from time to time, but didn't comment.
Thanks for the kind words. See you around.

Great article. Its a shame... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

Great article. Its a shame we have allowed the founder's ideals to degenerate into this mess. We are thrashing the country and clamoring for bread and circuses while the barbarians are at the door.

I pity our children and grandchildren. I also pity the people who allowed our nation to reach the state where a community organizer is calling the shots.






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