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What's behind Sarah Palin's sudden resignation?

Sarah Palin's announcement that she's not running for reelection for governor in 2010 and will step down and hand the reins to Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell on July 26th was a shock to everyone. Of course, everyone is speculating why. The Anchoress wondered if she or someone in her family is sick and she mentioned how thin she has become lately. Others are wondering if she is positioning herself for a 2012 run. Those who tend to see the world through a bit more cynical colored glasses are speculating that there's another scandalous shoe to drop. I have to admit, being a Sarah Palin fan, I want to see the positive in her decision.

Being a mom, I have found myself furious after hearing about all the disgusting accusations Palin's opponents have made about her family. I just don't get the hatred that flows in some people's veins. I would not blame her one iota if she decided to say "screw it" and leave politics in order to protect her kids. But I don't think that's it. She also mentioned in her announcement today that it's become nearly impossible for her to even do her job as governor with all the frivolous ethical complaints her political opponents in Alaska keep throwing at her. Her brother in a phone call to Fox News said she told him she and her staff spend 80% of their time dealing with them. But I don't think this is the primary reason, either.

If you take her at her word, and with her I am willing to, I think she sees a greater opportunity to advance the conservative cause outside the governor's office. This will allow her to campaign for conservative candidates and give speeches at conservative events.

A post at the Huffington Post offers an explanation from the head of the Republican Governor's Association Nick Ayers:

"I don't think this is buckling to pressure," said Ayers. "I think this is her coming to the realization that the legislature in Alaska and that some bloggers and activists in Alaska are going to do everything they can to stymie her progress. This is a governor who didn't run for the office because she wanted a title. She wanted to make significant change in the state. She realized that that was no longer going to be able to happen, because things had become so partisan there."

She also said as much in her comments. Here's a portion of her remarks from yesterday:
Let me speak to that for a minute.

Political operatives descended on Alaska last August, digging for dirt. The ethics law I championed became their weapon of choice. Over the past nine months I've been accused of all sorts of frivolous ethics violations - such as holding a fish in a photograph, wearing a jacket with a logo on it, and answering reporters' questions.

Every one - all 15 of the ethics complaints have been dismissed. We've won! But it hasn't been cheap - the State has wasted thousands of hours of your time and shelled out some two million of your dollars to respond to "opposition research" - that's money not going to fund teachers or troopers - or safer roads. And this political absurdity, the "politics of personal destruction" ... Todd and I are looking at more than half a million dollars in legal bills in order to set the record straight. And what about the people who offer up these silly accusations? It doesn't cost them a dime so they're not going to stop draining public resources - spending other peoples' money in their game.

It's pretty insane - my staff and I spend most of our day dealing with this instead of progressing our state now. I know I promised no more "politics as usual," but this isn't what anyone had in mind for Alaska.

If I have learned one thing: life is about choices!

And one chooses how to react to circumstances. You can choose to engage in things that tear down, or build up. I choose to work very hard on a path for fruitfulness and productivity. I choose not to tear down and waste precious time; but to build up this state and our country, and her industrious, generous, patriotic, free people!

Life is too short to compromise time and resources... it may be tempting and more comfortable to just keep your head down, plod along, and appease those who demand: "Sit down and shut up", but that's the worthless, easy path; that's a quitter's way out. And a problem in our country today is apathy. It would be apathetic to just hunker down and "go with the flow".

Nah, only dead fish "go with the flow".

No. Productive, fulfilled people determine where to put their efforts, choosing to wisely utilize precious time... to BUILD UP.

And there is such a need to BUILD up and FIGHT for our state and our country. I choose to FIGHT for it! And I'll work hard for others who still believe in free enterprise and smaller government; strong national security for our country and support for our troops; energy independence; and for those who will protect freedom and equality and LIFE... I'll work for and campaign for those PROUD to be American, and those who are INSPIRED by our ideals and won't deride them.

I WILL support others who seek to serve, in or out of office, for the RIGHT reasons, and I don't care what party they're in or no party at all. Inside Alaska - or Outside Alaska.

But I won't do it from the Governor's desk.

This sounds like a woman who is not going away.

Thomas Lifson has more at the American Thinker.

Bruce Kessler writing at Maggie's Farm says today is Sarah Palin's Independence Day.


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Kim, my personal view abou... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Kim, my personal view about Sarah Palin is that there isn't any grand scheme by her political opponents to really see her fail as much as Sarah Palin and her own family have always been their own worst problems.

For weeks, the Palin family only kept alive the tabloid stories by adding to a public feud with Levi Johnston. And then when that slowed down, the Palins again kicked up way too much dirt over David Letterman's botched joke, only reminding the public of the Palin family shortcomings once again. Rather than coming across as a politically professional family, these people more often act like trailer park trash.

Another problem for Sarah Palin is that failed political candidates return home with new political baggage. Failed 1972 Democratic nominee George McGovern was weakened at home in South Dakota after he lost the presidency by a record margin to President Nixon in 1972. By 1980, South Dakota voters were through with the guy. And 1984's failed vice presidential candidate, Geraldine Ferraro only opened up a lot of serious family issues with her 1984 loss and legal problems for her husband and son. And after his 1988 loss, Michael Dukakis suffered through the alcoholism of his wife. Likely the Palin family is going through a number of election "loser" issues right now, making life very tough for Palin.

Palin might want to build a platform to run for president in 2012. However, her base of issues and support are even far less firm than George McGovern once was, really giving her little chance of either winning the GOP nomination or the election.

Sarah Palin did have a few legitimate achievements as governor. However, without that platform to really run on, Palin likely will only slip into more political insignificance, leaving more room for Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney, or someone to fill that void for a second run. Despite the fact that Huckabee is a narrowly defined religious candidate and a former televangelist staffer, and Mitt Romney would find it difficult to win the GOP nomination because of his Mormon faith.

Palin probably had her very best shot at higher office in 2008, but that ship has long since sailed for her now I think.

So, what you're saying Paul... (Below threshold)

So, what you're saying Paul is that Sarah Palin caused these problems herself by daring to defend herself and her family from the malicious attacks, but those who attacked her don't share in the blame.

Every one - all 15... (Below threshold)
Tina S:
Every one - all 15 of the ethics complaints have been dismissed.

That is total BS. They were not all dismissed. Many of them were settled by Palin agreeing to re-imburse the state.

Your comment, Tina, is BS. ... (Below threshold)

Your comment, Tina, is BS. Only one complaint resulted in her reimbursing the state, and that one was about the expense incurred by her kids traveling with her. Stop exaggerating.

Tina..........."MANY"?.. mi... (Below threshold)

Tina..........."MANY"?.. mind listing them?..link?

The Vanity Fair Sarah-Palin... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

The Vanity Fair Sarah-Palin-hit-piece that just came out was basically the David Frum/Peggy Noonan/Mitt Romney/John McCain/Country Club Republicans telling Palin that she isn't welcomed in their political party. It's a fight for the soul of the Republican Party.

In the first inning, the score is 1-0 with the Country Clubbers leading the Social Conservatives.

Freerepublic reports that e... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Freerepublic reports that even Karl Rove is attacking her on FoxNews.

Paul I disagree with you. ... (Below threshold)

Paul I disagree with you. Name me another losing VP candidate who, 8 months after the election, was still the butt of comic's jokes, the subject of a negative magazine article, and the subject of numerous frivolous ethics violations. Name me another candidate who's church was arsoned, or had his/her e-mail hacked into and the contents spread on the Internet. Name another candidate who is the recipient of conspiracy theories about the parentage of their children? Or has a child compared to a prostitute.

Maybe she wasn't the best candidate in the world, but she did not deserve the kind of vitriol and hatred that she has been subjected to. Progressives really should be ashamed of the way so many in their movement behaved.

Kim, no. The Palins really ... (Below threshold)

Kim, no. The Palins really needed not to stoke the tabloid stories, but instead publicly added to these stories and even appeared on shows like LARRY KING or the TODAY SHOW to further advance all of these tabloid tales. That was a very bad move.

Further, Letterman's botched joke amounted to nothing at all, but the Palins once again came across as very petty people in their exaggerated attacks, and in the end it was Sarah Palin, not David Letterman who ended up resigning as a pretty strong testament were things really went to from that whole incident. I argued days ago on Wizbang Blue that it was a bad political move for Palin to continue to attack Letterman over that stupid joke matter. Now she resigns, not Letterman.

In 1980, Ted Kennedy launched a failed bid to wrest the nomination from Jimmy Carter, however all of the Kennedy tabloid news as well as Ted's own scandals probably lost him that nomination. By the same token, Palin is damaged goods as well. Too many tabloid stories. And she lacks the tough skin really needed in politics just to ignore these attacks and continue with her role of governor without throwing in the towel and quitting.

You might admire some things Palin did as governor, Kim. I can see that point. But otherwise, she's simply damaged goods as a politician, where her elective office career is all but over in my view.

The GOP simply has many other elected officials who have far less family baggage than the Palins, and are far more professional and polished. Look at some successful Republican president like Ronald Reagan for example. Sarah Palin has nowhere near his qualities as a politician for example.

TinaS <a href="http://www.a... (Below threshold)

TinaS Here is the list of Ethics complaints filed against Palin. Out of 18 complaints she agreed to repay $10,000 from only one complaint in which the Personnel Board still found no wrong doing on her part.

Usually the word "many" means more than one.

By the way how would categorize this complaint?

"Complaint alleging interference in a job hiring was filed under the name of Edna Birch, a busybody character on the British soap opera Emmerdale. Palin's attorney, Thomas Van Flein, said no one by that name could be found living in Alaska and the filer refused to use a real name, so the complaint was dismissed Feb. 20."

Eric, I'll answer your ques... (Below threshold)

Eric, I'll answer your question and then I want to move on for the day. The fact of the matter is that all of the failed Democrats I discussed above, George McGovern, Michael Dukakis, Geraldine Ferraro continued to have less than flattering news after their election losses. McGovern eventually lost his senate seat. Geraldine Ferraro had her husband and son end up in jail. And Kitty Dukakis became an alcoholic. Sarah Palin and her core of supporters have some sort of victimization complex to think that she's being singled out and persecuted for some unknown reason. Gee, I have a 7 year college education in psychology and social work that tells me that such "persecution complexes" aren't rational.

The fact of the matter is that losing the election did great political damage to Sarah Palin back home in Alaska, exposing many family problems, while her family only worsened things by keeping those tabloid stories alive themselves. And that exaggerated David Letterman joke outrage was the final straw for a family that was really losing it, and could not cope with the media circus surrounding them, that they had partially fueled themselves as well.

I just don't think that it's too difficult to see what went wrong here. The Palins are greatly flawed, and simply don't have the psychology required to withstand public office without having to quit because of stress or pressure. Lifelong politicians have an entirely different psychology, whereby they become somewhat aloof to critics by comparison.

Pretty good speech. Done wi... (Below threshold)

Pretty good speech. Done without a teleprompter and multitudes of uhhhh....uuuuuhhh........uuhh no less.

from The Daily Beast:... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

from The Daily Beast:

"Many political observers in Alaska are fixated on rumors that federal investigators have been seizing paperwork from SBS in recent months, searching for evidence that Palin and her husband Todd steered lucrative contracts to the well-connected company in exchange for gifts like the construction of their home on pristine Lake Lucille in 2002.

. . .

Just months before Palin left city hall to campaign for governor, she awarded a contract to SBS to help build the $13 million Wasilla Sports Complex. The most expensive building project in Wasilla history, the complex cost the city an additional $1.3 million in legal fees and threw it into severe long-term debt. For SBS, however, the bloated and bungled project was a cash cow."

Adrian,Is it true ... (Below threshold)


Is it true the more one hates Palin the faster they mouth-breath?

PH: Beware, those that liv... (Below threshold)

PH: Beware, those that live by the sword, etc.

Dime-store psychology.

All humans are flawed.

She's not going to be the "professional politician" you seem to worship. I see no flaw in that strategy.

I think she very clearly laid out her spin on the response to smear tactics in the speech.

All the silly speculation on both sides is just that. Words. Read hers and wait to see what happens next. I bet we can trust her words more than Obama's or Pelosi's.

Oh shut up Adrian... (Below threshold)

Oh shut up Adrian

Paul, That didn't answer an... (Below threshold)

Paul, That didn't answer any of my questions. None of the people you cited had to endure the same constant un-ending ridicule and negativity that Sarah Palin has endured.

It's not paranoia if people really are out to get you.

Your analysis of the Letterman thing is blame the victim. Remember NOW agreed that Letterman was wrong, and he eventually apologized.

For God's sakes Paul, David Letterman compared one of her children to a prostitute. Whether he meant Willow or Bristol shouldn't matter. It was a cruel, below the belt joke directed at the child of a politician. What is wrong with a parent speaking out about that?

The Left should be ashamed of the people who are practicing the kinds of personal destruction being waged. Be careful of the precedents that are getting set.

I never cared much for her ... (Below threshold)

I never cared much for her polictical views, in fact I hardly ever agree with anything on Wizbang yet this is sad.

She didn't deserve anything that came her way. People were jealous of her being attractive, angry that she beleived she could be mom and important political figure.

She was an inspiration for a lot of people, she didn't get to where she was through connections or burrowing her nose in a text book. An American Dream come to fruition.

Tell me something please, a... (Below threshold)
krkrjak Author Profile Page:

Tell me something please, all you so highly educated, well read, so full of knowledge progressives. Why are all of you so damned afraid of Sarah Palin?

As for investigations, I fo... (Below threshold)

As for investigations, I for one would love one into the small donations made to one Barack Hussein Obama's campaign. It might be interesting to ponder the IG firing, 25 czars, Goldman Sachs, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac monies Obama received, threatening Chrysler bond holders, dismissal of charges by DOJ against Black Panthers, ACORN, and the whole taking over of banks and car companies. That is just for starters.

Bobby Jindal observed that there are Alaskan ethics laws which would greatly restrict her from pursuing a POTUS race. She is definitely not pulling a Pawlenty now is she?

My husband pointed out last night Alaska is akin to Hawaii in that if anyone from these states wanted to run for a national office; they would have to be in the "lower 48" in order to appeal to voters. So, would the ankle biters be having a cow over the governor of Hawaii doing this? I doubt it.

We all know the GOP Establishment loathes her. Look at how they treated her at the latest speaking engagement in TX. They would not even let her speak, or speak with Newt. IF she can help win the 38 governor races, and some Congressional races; they will be forced to acknowledge her political power going forward to 2012.

Meanwhile, watching the Left's heads explode over a new political move is hilarious. I thought innovative, and hip politics were in? You know "hope and change" baby, "hope and change"! Yeah! LOL!

For some reason, watching t... (Below threshold)

For some reason, watching this play out... I'm thinking of Desert Storm, where Saddam set up a 'Maginot Line' defense - and Schwarzkopf went around it.

Time will tell - but the Democrats better watch their flanks.... no, wait - they're fine! Don't worry about Sarah! She's taking herself out of the running, she won't ever be a political threat to you ever again! Your plan to smear her worked! She's retreating! Ignore the 'attack in a different direction' - she doesn't mean it at ALL!


I agree with JLawson, Don't... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I agree with JLawson, Don't fret about Sarah any longer. She is out of politics for good. Forget her reputation as a fighter or that she is a bulldog with lipstick. I wonder if continued attacks upon her as a private citizen will result in legal action from her camp? Wonder how Letterman would have responded to a large lawsuit? I believe I saw the beginning of a Presidential campaign. She spoke of things like constitutional government, freedom and the economics of socialism. PH, you said you wanted to move on, well, good. Move on. Move on to Moveon.org please. I don't go there and your BS is useless here. Browne, stay. We need a resident fop.

Rumor on Freerepublic has i... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Rumor on Freerepublic has it that perhaps it's not the GOP rejecting Sarah Palin but instead Sarah Palin rejecting the GOP and that she'll be starting a third party called:

The Palinstinians.

Adrianne. Spenard Building... (Below threshold)

Adrianne. Spenard Building Supplies is the biggest local construction supply company there. Lowes and Home Depot were not even in the valley at the time. Maybe Anchorage. I would have expected her to go local to build the complex. Did the locals have no say on building it or was it just her deciding it would look nice there?
Paul,glad you decided to move on. Keep going. How you can water down the bile thrown at Palin is amazing. I don't think anyone has been put under the microscope by more enemies than Palin and her family. I guess you believe she should have run away and hidden her head or at least hoped she would. I don't think that is her style. I am looking forward to seeing what she does in the future.

Unlike most polititians Pal... (Below threshold)

Unlike most polititians Palin didn't get into politics as a get rich scheme or to be that special someone everybody fawns over.

She got into politics in order to do what was needed to be done.

Remaining Governor is what most polititians would do in order to advance their career. In Palin's case it is a hinderance to doing what is needed to be done, ie, save the country.

Palin will run for President in 2012. She will win, either as a Republican or as the leader of a new conservative/libertarian party.

Right, Davidt. The main th... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Right, Davidt. The main thing is she will win. She speaks the truth and that is what the majority of Americans want to hear. Hope and change turned out to be hope you do not notice what we are doing and we are changing to a socialist system with Obama in charge. Not!

Kim,Excellent post -... (Below threshold)

Excellent post - and my thoughts exactly. This was not a tail-tucked speech as so many snobs in our party want to call it. They want to damage her more than the left because if she wins they are back to the corner. Misogynist party? Maybe, all I can say is that the GOP is in trouble and gnawing off its own head isn't the smartest move. We are the stupid party. Note to moderates: We ran YOUR McCain. He lost now you sit down and shut up. We want our party back.

I expect we'll see more from Palin - without the encumbrances of political office - but I expect the next move will be to censor her out of public life. No media coverage unless they have something false or embarrassing to report.

Several thousand showed up at our Charlotte tea party, no media. No surprise.

Adrian 23.Sounds l... (Below threshold)
krkrjak Author Profile Page:

Adrian 23.

Sounds like Adrian is making jest, but that scenario might find legs. Right now, the republican party needs Palin a hell of a lot more than she needs them. They seem to care about as much for her as do the democrats. She is the fly in the ointment of the repubs good old boy system of selecting a candidate. J.M. was, and is, a RINO. And even though he got my vote, he was not "my guy". Palin did not lose J.M. the election because she was on the ticket, he did as well as he did because she WAS on the ticket.

It would not surprise me in the least to see her go independent. This might be a stretch, but Dick Morris always seems to have nice things to say about her, so I could see him as her top advisor. As the old adage goes, strange things happen in politics, and she already has a pretty good following. It is going to be very interesting to see what develops.

hooson - "The GOP simpl... (Below threshold)

hooson - "The GOP simply has many other elected officials who have far less family baggage than the Palins, and are far more professional and polished.

Finally you hit on a key point.

Too bad you haven't a clue what it is.

Your so-called "family baggage" only matters in the case of the enemy (otherwise known as a Republican to rational folks), disingenuous twerps such as self won't ever recognize or even admit a dem, leftest, lefturd and progressive as ever having any family baggage.

No finer examples are Ted Kennedy or Sen. Byrd but the list is long and most on the list stay in power thanks to numbnuts like you and a multitude of others.

"And what about the people ... (Below threshold)

"And what about the people who offer up these silly accusations? It doesn't cost them a dime..."

Too bad we don't have the balls to change the laws so that filers of frivolous complaints can't get screwed. A judge may, after MANY complaints determine a person to be a 'vexatious complainant', but that doesn't mitigate the damage they've done in the meantime.

"Pretty good speech. Done w... (Below threshold)

"Pretty good speech. Done without a teleprompter and multitudes of uhhhh....uuuuuhhh........uuhh no less."

..or apparently with a near total lack of script or pre-planning. Seriously, did you watch the same thing I did?

Just like her apparently desire to keep stories alive and/or her near total lack of understanding of how to create a press event on the heels of Mark Sanford's bizarre presser.

So to those who swoon over Palin, can you tell me what her problem/reason/issue IS that caused her to resign and/or why she believes that resigning is something positive.

Even this very blog post doesn't have a clear understanding of WTF is going on.

I'll be interested to hear the real reason this is going on. I honestly hope it's not scandal or illness. I honestly hope it's a true desire to help the Republican party bounce back.

Think whatever you want abo... (Below threshold)

Think whatever you want about Palin. I don't like her for a vast variety of reasons that aren't worth going into (someone will just call me names for saying them outloud, so whatever), but I do think it's important to point out the hypocrisy displayed here. You treat Palin as some sort of political god on one hand then call Obama the "Messiah" or "The One" on the other hand because he has enthusiastic supporters.

If our political discourse is ever going to improve, we're ALL going to have to look at both sides of the discussion and our own reactions to both people we do and don't support.

Jake, enlighten us. Aside ... (Below threshold)

Jake, enlighten us. Aside from winning election to state, then national congress and finally the White House, what has President Obama accomplished?
What has he done that is to be admired? How should I feel inspired?

@SCSIwuzzy - you're entirel... (Below threshold)

@SCSIwuzzy - you're entirely missing my point. I'm not making the case that Obama should be considered a Messiah. I'm pointing out the hypocrisy that is on display here: Giving one politician carte blanche to do/say whatever they want while you support them, then calling that exact behavior when displayed towards politicians you don't like "a Messiah complex" or calling the candidates "The One" or a "Messiah" is the very definition of hypocrisy.

And the very definition of foolishness: Saying that getting elected to US President is nothing to be admired. I despise to very many things about the Bush presidency and admin, but I'm NEVER going to say that he didn't achieve something significant because to do so is to devalue the very office and concept of representative democracy.

Sarah Palin is now FREE!! ... (Below threshold)

Sarah Palin is now FREE!! Free to fight back against her critics, free to travel outside the State, free to fight against the abuses the Obama Regime is foisting upon us!

Governors (and Junior Senators from Illinois) routinely travel around the U.S. and no one sues THEM for daring to do so! Yet every single time she left Alaska she was sued for abandoning her post, and/or had some bullshit accusation leveled at her!

Go Sarah!!

Marc, I ran a good piece on... (Below threshold)

Marc, I ran a good piece on the John Conyers family scandal the other day on Wizbang Blue. Believe me, when Democrats face scandal or let the voters down, I often present it for discussion over at Blue. I don't like scandals in politicians regardless of their party.

However, all of the reasons why Palin is leaving are not clear yet. But her public approval numbers when from a high of 82% to 68% in October 2008 right before the 2008 election, to a recent 54% as her family tabloid news and public fights with David Letterman drag her approval numbers down. By 2010 at this rapid rate of fall, it would be unlikely that she could be re-elected in her home state as governor.

Jake, That is about ... (Below threshold)

That is about the most screamingly ironic and
double standard comment you've made on
Plus your use of spiel speak needs some work,
a wordsmith you ain't.

Paul, I don't think a publi... (Below threshold)

Paul, I don't think a public fight with David Letterman is going to have much of a bearing on anyone's approval ratings. Folks who have jobs and are working hard to support a family are probably in bed by the time these shows air anyway. What is it with you libs and this power you think late night talk show hosts have in setting the political agenda for the country. Geesh.

Good God, for a pitbull wit... (Below threshold)
Larry Dickman:

Good God, for a pitbull with lipstick, this woman plays the victim every time she opens her mouth. Does her whine go to 11?

No, but your's seems to go ... (Below threshold)

No, but your's seems to go to 12, Larry.

Palin's 4th of july message... (Below threshold)

Palin's 4th of july message from her facebook account...


"The response in the main stream media has been most predictable, ironic, and as always, detached from the lives of ordinary Americans who are sick of the "politics of personal destruction". How sad that Washington and the media will never understand; it's about country. And though it's honorable for countless others to leave their positions for a higher calling and without finishing a term, of course we know by now, for some reason a different standard applies for the decisions I make. But every American understands what it takes to make a decision because it's right for all, including your family.

I shared with you yesterday my heartfelt and candid reasons for this change; I've never thought I needed a title before one's name to forge progress in America. I am now looking ahead and how we can advance this country together with our values of less government intervention, greater energy independence, stronger national security, and much-needed fiscal restraint. I hope you will join me. Now is the time to rebuild and help our nation achieve greatness!"

Palin's press release on her resignation as Governor...


"But I have given my reasons... no more "politics as usual" and I am taking my fight for what's right - for Alaska - in a new direction."

"We are not retreating. We are advancing in another direction."

"I do not want to disappoint anyone with my decision; all I can ask is that you trust me with this decision - but it's no more "politics as usual". "

Nowhere does she say she is 'quitting'. On the contrary, she makes it clear that she will remain active in politics, on a national level, for the benefit of both Alaska and the nation.

I can't recall a more conce... (Below threshold)

I can't recall a more concerted effort to preemptively destroy a public figure in my lifetime.

Opposition research by the Democrats, unrestrained scandal-mongering by the media, and even attacks from her own party. None of them rise above emotional crap. And yet if you talk to just about any liberal and some Republicans, she's "stupid", "uninformed", "wacky", "unethical" and any number of other vague terms designed to scare off anyone tempted to support her. Nobody ever supports these emotionally charged insults with facts. Just repeating the accusation is enough to support the GroupThink conclusions.

Witness Maureen Dowd's incoherent sputtering today in the New York Times, Katie Couric's "interview", David Letterman's "joke", the leaks from McCain's political hacks, and the selective reporting in the media. Reporters from A/P and other bastions of journalism have been trying to dig up dirt on her long enough to be legally classified as permanent residents in Alaska.

Is this how American politics are supposed to work? I wonder if Obama would be president if he was given the same treatment. Starting with his qualifications for office, his experience, his spotty and selectively reported pre-presidential history, his financial dealings, Michelle's work history, and his role in ACORN. What if Katie Couric gave him the same kind of interview Palin received? What if David Letterman made lewd cracks about Obama's children? What if Jeanine Garafolo showed up on talk shows sputtering that anyone who disagrees with Palin must be a sexist pig? What if there were 20 or so baseless politically driven ethics complaints filed against Obama to the point where that's all the press wanted to talk about? What if the media defused, selectively protected, and adored Palin every 20 minutes on the news, every talk show, every op-ed piece, and put her on 20 Newsweek covers in the past year?

My God, I swear we're living in a cesspool. Welcome to the Idiocracy.

This is a person who has qu... (Below threshold)

This is a person who has quit 3 of 4 major events in her life that we know of - school xs3, the Gas Commission and the highest office in her state. She unashamedly uses her children as props when she thinks it benefits her and then whines and plays the victim when their sexual behavior makes the news.(I am excluding the offensive jokes and indefensible jokes of the likes of Letterman). She doesn't know very much about the world, doesn't seem very curious about it (remember Bush), whines about politics of personal destruction while proudly practicing it herself.

Why should voters have any confidence in her ability to be the leader of this country when she quits when things get tough or abandons the voters who put her in office? And that even assumes she has the ability or interest to learn a little more about the world other than she has been keeping us safe from Russia cause she can see it from Alaska. You betcha!

I missed this foreign polic... (Below threshold)

I missed this foreign policy nugget from her I quit speech in my comment above.

'We're strategic in the world as the air crossroads of the world, as a gatekeeper of the continent,' she said of Alaska."

Mrs. Palin is actually quit... (Below threshold)

Mrs. Palin is actually quite consistent . She quit college 5 times before getting her degree -- in journalism, ironic for someone who demonizes the press and interviews so badly.



Why quit as governor? Those sports metaphors at the end of Palin's speech explain it.

She has a contract with the WNBA.



You have to face the fact t... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

You have to face the fact that a lot of Republicans didn't like Sarah Palin either. She would have survived politically if she had had the support of most of her own political party.

Well, that settles it. She ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Well, that settles it. She switched schools when going to college. Because nobody EVAH does that.

Man, the lefties are just scratching for ANYTHING they can try to criticize her. I've never loved nor hated her but she sure must scare the lefties; judging by their neverending unhinged reactions.

Methinks you libbies protes... (Below threshold)

Methinks you libbies protest too much. There's a whiff of fear in the air...

Palin dropped out of school? O horrors. Her daughter had a baby out of (gasp!) wedlock! Did she do cocaine in her past life like a certain president or two I can think of? Did she get a super-super-super deal on real estate from Tony Rezko? Did her husband's salary double as soon as she was nominated? Is she an omygawd CAPITALIST? I bet she even drives an SUV!!! An environmental RAPIST!

Does she really "demonize" the press, or is she simply ready to say you can't fix stupid and threaten legal action for the excessively vicious treatment she has received? You know, the story suggesting she's "under investigation" by the FBI. Or charges that she's "wacky" in the New York Times today. Or that she's somehow ethically dirty (15 unfounded accusations by political enemies in the past year). Or the reflexive gagging by lefties all over the internet, including here.

You can't make this shit up. Doesn't anybody ask where all these stories are coming from and why? Are we THAT stupid?

The reason it's so fun to h... (Below threshold)
Craig Travis:

The reason it's so fun to hate Palin is that she over simplifies the issues so much that it makes it easy for her supporters to engender hatred of their own towards a variety of enemies. In other words she just makes it so damn easy. Also I think she reminds people of George Bush. They both have that antiintellectual attitude. People still resent being suckered by that attitude. In a way she is the proper heir to Bush

hgg - "This is a person... (Below threshold)

hgg - "This is a person who has quit 3 of 4 major events in her life that we know of - school xs3, the Gas Commission and the highest office in her state."

Well if nothing, this tripe proves you'll believe any, and everything.

First since when is changing schools due to an ongoing lack of funds and search for more called quiting? It's not, only be ignorant dimbulbs.

Secondly, Palin quit the Commission with good cause. Her decision was fueled by the flap over another commissioner accused of performing Republican Party work on state time and a state law that requires her to be silent about it.

So yeah she "quit," so she could follow the law ans e able to speak out about the ongoing corruption.

As a result commissioner Randy Ruedrich, who was also the state Republican Party chairman, abruptly resigned from his $118,000-per-year job.

hgg... got any more lies and distortions to post? Or are you done acting like a fool?

Anti-intellectual? Prove it... (Below threshold)

Anti-intellectual? Prove it. You never get past "Palin. Stupid." You get the emotion first, then skip the facts. You want to reduce her to a bumper sticker, fine. You want a no-opposition, monolithic government, you had better be prepared to pay for it with some of your freedom.

Try actually listening to her before you retch. So you disapprove of her. So she doesn't talk like Joe Biden. Fine by me. Personally, I like her plain way of speaking - she's not a polished liar like so many in Washington who get their way with backroom deals, whisper campaigns and earmarks. But you don't have to join the lynch mob. Arrive at your own opinion instead of repeating what you saw someplace else without digesting it.

Have you ever listened to Obama closely? Jeezus. If we fall for his platitudes and all the adulating crap on the news and the slick news magazines, we'll fall for anything. We have a responsibility to wake up and challenge what he's saying every bit as rigorously as you challenge Palin and Bush, for the good of the country. Not for the good of the Democratic party. For the country. You ain't doing it. The media ain't doing it. We're sleeping, and there's going to be a reckoning when the bills come due.

Nobody's really listening to his words. You're just listening to his music.

"Does her whine go to 11?"<... (Below threshold)

"Does her whine go to 11?"

How do you know she is playing the victim? Now, if her so-called whine ever did go to that magic number 13, which of your ilk would still be standing? You aren't shillin' for friends and you know it.

"Let me speak TO that"... l... (Below threshold)

"Let me speak TO that"... lol

Say no more.

Someone said: "Tell me some... (Below threshold)

Someone said: "Tell me something please, all you so highly educated, well read, so full of knowledge progressives. Why are all of you so damned afraid of Sarah Palin?"

uhm.... because it is terrifying to think that someone who does not possess these very qualities would ever run our country and that so many voters identify with Palin precisely BECAUSE she is as ignorant and uneducated as they are themselves, thus making it seem "great" and "okay" to be an illiterate hick?

BTW, "highly-educated" is spelled as I have here: with a hyphen, i.e. little horizontal line.

Sarah Palin, the former Vic... (Below threshold)

Sarah Palin, the former Vice Presidential candidate has been making news since the election, most of it not really noteworthy. However, now there's some Sarah Palin news that's at least worth a little attention. She has announced that she will resign her post as Governor of Alaska. There hasn't been a reason given specifically as to why she has resigned the post as Alaska Governor, but it's rumored that she's doing it to concentrate on being the frontrunner for the 2012 Republican Candidate, and she's probably also looking into some instant payday loans for campaign funding. S

Sarah Palin is her own wors... (Below threshold)
Sara Not Palin:

Sarah Palin is her own worst enemy. She digs herself deeper every time she opens her mouth. She is much too thin-skinned to be a politician, although she lies admirably like one, and her basic fund of knowledge is achingly and embarrassingly small. If she wants to make a mark for being something besides an anomaly, she should learn to speak English and to parse a single sentence that has an actual beginning and conclusion. She should learn a little bit about history and a lot more about government; i.e., that the vice president is NOT in charge of the senate. She should read a couple of magazines so she won't have to be embarrassed by Katie Couric asking her what she reads; as if that was some type of trick question. Finally, she needs to stop holding her family up as some kind of role model, and for God's sake, stop referring to her husband as "first dude." In her current incarnation, she is an embarrassment to rural people everywhere.






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