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Some Thoughts On Sarah Palin

I'm not quite sure what was behind Sarah Palin's announcement on Friday that she would not seek reelection and would resign as governor of Alaska (but, as Kim noted, I will take her at her word until persuaded otherwise by facts). If the past few days have demonstrated anything it is that the visceral hatred of Sarah Palin among those on the left has become pathological.

Just after the Palin announcement The Huffington Post post ran a piece titled "Palin Will Run In '12 On More Retardation Platform". After the Free Republic complained to the HuffPo the site took the piece down, but not before a screen cap was made. You can view it here. That a liberal site would use a special needs child as its foil is no longer shocking in the demented universe of Palin haters.It's encouraging to see evidence that the Palin family is going to take the gloves off and go after these scum bags (read this for more).

I agree somewhat with William Jacobson that much of what drives the hatred of Sarah Palin is her son Trig. Trig Palin is, to put it bluntly, a living and breathing indictment of the abortion industry that simply will not go away. Trig Palin's very existence makes the abortion advocates squirm in their seats and sweat. That's why so much energy and attention has been focused on the political and personal destruction of his mother.

But there is another element to the Palin obsession on the Left. As has been thoroughly discussed on this site and in the comments, if Sarah Palin was the dolt her opponents so eagerly claim she is then why the non stop demonization of her well after a landslide victory by the Left in 2008? The answer is that the Left knows that Palin speaks to a large constituency in the middle class that is becoming more organized and vocal as each month of this economic collapse worsens. On a deeper level, the Left also knows that there is a thread of misogyny that runs through much of the propaganda against Sarah Palin and this deep seated contempt for women will bring about a furious backlash. Therefore, the Left must not just wound her, they must eliminate her.

Sarah Palin has been vilified unlike any politician I have seen in my lifetime. Unless there is some scandal about to break (and it appears unlikely) the Left (with its contempt for her family) will have succeeded in turning her into a martyr. As such, she will raise more money for Republican politicians than any other figure on the national stage. The midterm elections got a lot more interesting on Friday.


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Comments (30)

Speaking for myself, from t... (Below threshold)

Speaking for myself, from the left, I don't have contempt for Palin's family. I do have contempt for her shameless use of them as political props and the victim role she continually plays.

Actually Palin speaks to a decided minority of the electorate - the far right - as demonstrated in the last election. Her poll numbers have even dropped in Alaska and I suspect after her latest I quit escapade will drop even further.

You made a nice projection that liberals hate her because of her son Trig. Do you have anything to support that red herring? I happen to be a supporter of the right to choose but I admire and respect her decisions (other than her use of Trig as a political prop) to have her child.

As a traditional Republican... (Below threshold)

As a traditional Republican who cares more about economics than trivial and ultimately meaningless issues such as abortion and nativity scenes, I can tell you that my hatred of Palin comes from the fact that the religious right and conservative Christians have hijacked my old party.

The GOP used to be a party for intellectuals, professionals, etc. Now it's mostly a party for Bible thumpers.

Palin epitomizes everything that has gone wrong with the GOP and I cannot stand that she is so popular. And yet buffaloes running voluntarily off the cliff, must of the right continues to follow this disaster of a lady.

Sarah Palin's experience su... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Sarah Palin's experience suggests that no woman who's actively raising kids should run for national office. Show the kids in public and some like hgg in post #2 think the kids are being used for political purposes. Don't show them in public and others will think there's something to hide. If there are kids 16 or older people will be trying to dig up dirt on them to use against their mom. It's a double standard in that it doesn't apply to men so much. I don't think conservatives would have acted this way, but now that liberals have set the lower standard, it will be applied across the board.

I suspected you were cluele... (Below threshold)
Larry Dickman:

I suspected you were clueless, and the more you write, the more you prove it. You're projecting your own feelings here, HughS. You must think everyone hates Trig because you do.

We don't hate SP, we just knew she was a fraud from the start with her pitbull-lipstick bullshit. We also knew she was a lightweight who had never been on the national or world stage and was completely unprepared to be a VP or prez. This lipstick-wearing pitbull uses a legal team to go after anyone who says anything about her or her conservative-values-train-wreck family or administration.

Then she moans about her mounting legal woes.

She's a moron.

Imagine how much she paid her lawyer to make a public announcement ON JULY FREAKIN' 4TH to denounce that Alaska blogger who said Palin resigned because of an impending scandal. Come on. She a national figure. There's not going to be a defamation lawsuit. Her lawyer knows it. It would be laughed out of court like O'Reilly's lawsuit against Franken.

And she's fed up? Really? That's a thin-skinned pitbull.

She's a quitter. And no one likes a quitter. It's very anti-American Dream. Why does she hate America so much, HughS?

I'd like to commend poster ... (Below threshold)

I'd like to commend poster 2 (hgg) for a rational and polite counterpoint, but the whole premise is nonsense. Palin was selected by the Republicans because of who she is and that includes being the governor, wife, & mother. It certainly didn't hurt that she is attractive and well spoken. Her family is integral to her very being. That said, the news media are the ones who kept shifting the emphasis to her children. It was amazing to watch 'progressives' question her about whether a woman could be a proper mother and handle the job of a VP (which is what, exactly?). Andrew Sullivan spent many many hours ruining what has otherwise been a solid carrer as a writer due to his obsession with Trig. It wasn't Palin; it was the media, and make no mistake, the media had to do something quick because her speech at the national convention made regular folks forget about Barry if only for a week or so.

"Trig Palin's very existenc... (Below threshold)

"Trig Palin's very existence makes the abortion advocates squirm in their seats and sweat."

Um. No. Why do rightwingers always trumpet this? It's genuinely confusing to me where you all came up with this. Because, let me tell you, I'm a pro-choice feminist activist, which is to say I come into contact with a lot of lefties every single day, and I have *never* *ever* *ever* heard one of them express any hatred or fear or resentment or *whatever* about Trig Palin.

In fact, not a single one of Sarah Palin's brood means anything to me at all. I don't care what she does with her womb; what I care about is her attempts to control what *I* can do with mine. It's really that straightforward. What about the existence of Trig Palin would help determine whether or when I can or should be a mother? Here, let me help: nothing. He's a nonfactor. Except in the minds of KoolAid-drunk wingnuts like you.

As a traditional R... (Below threshold)
As a traditional Republican who cares more about economics than trivial and ultimately meaningless issues such as abortion and nativity scenes, I can tell you that my hatred of Palin comes from the fact that the religious right and conservative Christians have hijacked my old party.

Hi Moby.

Um, I think the above comme... (Below threshold)

Um, I think the above comments have proven the point HughS.

The attacks on Trig are a disgrace. Go to some of the above links and prepare to GAG.

oopsUm, I think th... (Below threshold)


Um, I think the above comments have proven the point HughS.


Meant to say proven YOUR point HughS.

"Sarah Palin has been vilif... (Below threshold)

"Sarah Palin has been vilified unlike any politician I have seen in my lifetime. "

I think that's an arguable point. W was savaged by the media/left (same thing) for 8 years, non-stop.

Of course they fear Palin. ... (Below threshold)

Of course they fear Palin. She's a grown-up.

LOLOLOL. You obviously hit ... (Below threshold)

LOLOLOL. You obviously hit a nerve Hugh. Good post.

In politics, one has to be ... (Below threshold)

In politics, one has to be tough. Reagan took shots...both Bushes and both Clintons took shots. Regardless of one's politics, if you can't handle the glare and attack of the media, the opposing parties, or endless criticism, stay out of politics, because it gets tougher at each level. This isn't a place for thin skins, or to look for excuses.

A lot of people are putting... (Below threshold)

A lot of people are putting a lot of effort into the, "Palin quit/Palin is a quitter," meme.

Palin hasn't quit, she isn't a quitter.

Palin's 4th of july message from her facebook account...


"The response in the main stream media has been most predictable, ironic, and as always, detached from the lives of ordinary Americans who are sick of the "politics of personal destruction". How sad that Washington and the media will never understand; it's about country. And though it's honorable for countless others to leave their positions for a higher calling and without finishing a term, of course we know by now, for some reason a different standard applies for the decisions I make. But every American understands what it takes to make a decision because it's right for all, including your family.

I shared with you yesterday my heartfelt and candid reasons for this change; I've never thought I needed a title before one's name to forge progress in America. I am now looking ahead and how we can advance this country together with our values of less government intervention, greater energy independence, stronger national security, and much-needed fiscal restraint. I hope you will join me. Now is the time to rebuild and help our nation achieve greatness!"

Palin's press release on her resignation as Governor...


"But I have given my reasons... no more "politics as usual" and I am taking my fight for what's right - for Alaska - in a new direction."

"We are not retreating. We are advancing in another direction."

"I do not want to disappoint anyone with my decision; all I can ask is that you trust me with this decision - but it's no more "politics as usual". "

Nowhere does she say she is quitting. On the contrary, she makes it clear that she will remain active in politics, on a national level, for the benefit of both Alaska and the nation.

A few of the posts offer ex... (Below threshold)

A few of the posts offer excellent substantiation for the premise of the article.

If the Palins had hidden Trig, they would have been accused of covering up; since they put him out in the open they are accused of exploitation. By the way, the response from parents with special needs children all over the country belies hgg's accusation. They felt that showcasing Trig was very beneficial. We have their own words as evidence.

Palin has announced that she is out of the arena of elective politics, but people of a certain mind-set cannot let go. If anything the invective has increased in intensity. There has to be some pathology at work.

Funny thing - whenever you ... (Below threshold)

Funny thing - whenever you get a 'conservative' speaking about their 'hatred' of Palin, you can almost automatically figure they're not conservative at all. You don't see much mention of hatred of someone by conservatives - because it's a PERSONAL attack, not an attack on the policies or positions held.

Personally, I don't HATE Obama - but I dislike his policies and positions, and looking into his background I don't much care at all about his family life or what his kids do. (OMG! THEY DIDN'T BEHAVE IN SCHOOL! OMG!OMG!OMG!!!!!!HE'S OBVIOUSLY NOT QUALIFIED TO LEAD THE COUNTRY!) That sort of stuff is GARBAGE, plain and simple - and is a handy way to avoid actual engagement on the issues.

When I look at his PROFESSIONAL background, I don't see a damn thing that qualifies him to run a city, much less a state, much less the country. (Google up Grove Parc, if you want to see what he's 'done' for people.) Palin? She's got a hell of a lot more actual leadership experience than Obama has - yet who is held up by the left as being incompetent?

"The answer is that the Left knows that Palin speaks to a large constituency in the middle class that is becoming more organized and vocal as each month of this economic collapse worsens."

Which is why there's such a push to discredit her. She CANNOT be allowed to gain any political traction. If she starts hooking up with the 'tea party' crowd, then you're going to see a massive change in the American political scene.

That middle class is seeing more and more that the Democrats, for all their supposed 'love' of the middle class, really don't give two shits about them as anything other than a money source that the Dems can then use to buy votes from the folks who don't or won't work and can't WAIT for a raise on their handouts! And the more rhetoric there is about 'caring' for the middle class, as in 'caring enough to provide jobs and health care', the people are seeing that the cost of 'providing' of that 'caring' is a hell of a lot more than they ever dreamed in their worst nightmares.

Something's got to give.

If she can't handle the med... (Below threshold)
Larry Dickman:

If she can't handle the media, how will she be able to look at Russia from her porch?

THUNK![The sound o... (Below threshold)


[The sound of another attempt of LD to recover after a sound thrashing]

We don't hate SP... (Below threshold)

We don't hate SP

Yes you do. Or, if you don't specifically, most of the vocal Democrats do, and use any means possible to trash her. Note how your following complaint against her is completely made up, for example:

This lipstick-wearing pitbull uses a legal team to go after anyone who says anything about her or her conservative-values-train-wreck family or administration.


Then she moans about her mounting legal woes.

You might note that her "mounting legal woes" are almost 100% caused by a handful of Democrats (a couple of then call themselves Republicans, but since they were lifelong Democrats until immediately before filing their complaints, you can guess how true that is - see "As a traditional Republican" above), who keep filing unwarranted "ethics' charges against her.

So far, they're zero for 18. Yep, out of all of those actual complaints against Palin, ZERO have ended up sticking (and even the high-ranking Democrats in Alaska have noticed how stupid most of the complaints were). Which is why there's a few hundred thousand dollars in legal defense fees looming over the Palin bank account.

...and then morons pretend that it's somehow HER fault...

Imagine the world ... (Below threshold)
Imagine the world Palin is trying to create, in which instead of a superior race, Palin breeds a stupider race. 20 years from now, she'll only be in her late 60s. She'll be able to run for President on the Retard ticket . . . no doubt with full support of Retardeds, Retarded Sympathizers, and the Politically-Correct.

This comment is totally beyond the pale, when we all know that Nazi Germany wanted a master race. The Dems are the one that preach abortion and other tactics to keep the so-called infeirors down, i e Planned Parenthoods sponsorship of abortion on demand for every woman. This sounds just like what Hitler and his henchmen wanted

"Trig Palin's very existenc... (Below threshold)

"Trig Palin's very existence makes the abortion advocates squirm in their seats and sweat."

See, right-wingers think like this because the very existence of gays makes them squirm in their seats and sweat. So naturally they think everyone else is like them and everyone else has innate hatred of others based on who they are instead of what they do. That's why Republicans will continue to spew this nonsense about how liberals are "afraid" of Palin (yeah... the way we were afraid of Quayle). And why you have a post like #15 trying to spin the FACT that she's quitting as governor into "she's not quitting". And that's why Republicans will continue to be laughed at.

I fear you, too, mis... (Below threshold)

I fear you, too, misunderstand Sarah Palin.

She's not a Republican...she's a Conservative.

Her job will not be to raise money for Republicans.

IF she returns to political life, I believe it will be as an advocate for a true third Party.

Since people who call themselves "conservatives" make up the largest percentage of Americans ( 40 percent ), and since the two big issues of the next couple of years will be the economy and energy, I think Sarah will be well-positioned to take advantage of both parties.

She has the charisma to reach the people, going around both parties.

I think she can do it...head a third party. Maybe it could not win in 2012. But it will exist and it will be a sizeable number.

Only war could change things. And war also would work to the advantage of someone thinking outside the rarified atmosphere of Mount Congress.

Mr.Dickman, The Left... (Below threshold)

The Left must be prescient according to
your above scenario about Sarah Palin,
What else about the future can you factually
tell us about the future.

The left does not hate Pali... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

The left does not hate Palin, they fear her. The reason they fear her is because she speaks the truth. When she speaks she makes the ideas the left believes in sound stupid. She speaks from the heart to the heart. She knows Obama is not Robin Hood, just robbin. When she talks of constitutional government it scares the shit out of the left. You on the the left. Be afraid, very afraid.

Uh, have you noticed ALL po... (Below threshold)
Liberal Nutjob:

Uh, have you noticed ALL politicians end up under the microscope?

And as for Trig being a 'living breathing indictment of the abortion industry' I think 'political football' is a more concise way of saying that. He's a kid. Let the poor kid be a kid, not some standard bearer for whatever your political hobby horse is.

I know people who are pro-choice who've adopted more kids than that blow-hard Pat Buchanan has. Some of the kids are special needs kids, not that they are going for some kind of martyr/sainthood like Caribou Barbie is. They're just trying to do some good by taking care of a kid.

Good night y'all,

Liberal Nutjob

Also, I eat pork products and shoot guns, so suck it.

Liberal Nutjob:We ... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

Liberal Nutjob:

We know. We read about the Duke faculty members who adopted back babies and then pimped them out for queer rape.

It was a very Lefty, pro choice sort of decision to make in communion with the progressive community that is academia.

Did I mention I also drink chablis and eat brie. And no I won't be joining you and Barney Frank.

Hillary's physical attribut... (Below threshold)

Hillary's physical attributes must be hidden by
customized clothing and slanted liberal fashion
prose. Michelle wanders through gushing fashion
commentary wearing some really tacky crap.
Palin could wear a Saran-Wrap bathrobe and
embarrass both of these liberal lionesses.

That's why liberal babes HATE her.
That's why I have stock in Saran-Wrap.

Obama owns NYT/NBC/CBS/ABC/... (Below threshold)

etc. My problem is, the converse is true.
Sounds like a Class A, gold-plated daisy
chain to me. Why are we not angry?

The level of rationalizatio... (Below threshold)

The level of rationalization here regarding Palin's implosion is truly, honestly pathetic. Do you people have any clue how ridiculous you sound?

This woman was a walking, talking disaster, a lightweight and a fraud that anyone with a working brain could see. You want to keep propping her up, go right ahead. It says more about your ability to decipher wishful thinking from reality and personal crediblity than it is ANY reflection on the rest of us.

And also make nasty remarks about me because I posted this. Remember, I'm the real subject here, not Palin. If you defer your defense of her by criticizing me you win, right?

RicardoVerde thinks Palin i... (Below threshold)
It's All About The Hamiltons:

RicardoVerde thinks Palin is well spoken. I'm just pointing that out. If someone can explain what, if anything, resembles well spokenness in her resignation speech I would like to hear it.

I will also note that this statement:
"Trig Palin's very existence makes the abortion advocates squirm in their seats and sweat."

is a complete projection. Trig Palin is little more thyan an after thought. I will freely admit that I detest Sarah Palin, but it has nothing to do with Trig. Why do conservatives go so bananas over this megalomaniacal know-nothing? I honestly fail to comprehend. You really want her to be president? Seriously? This is the best you guys have? Or, let me put it another way, you think Sarah Palin is the best this country has to offer, for real?






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