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Tea Party Weekend

Over at Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds has assembled a great roundup of photos and summaries from dozens of July 4th Tea Party protests around the nation. The overall turnout for these protests was very encouraging considering the fact that so many Americans travel out of town to celebrate the 4th of July.

Here in Oklahoma City, the organizers of the first two OKC Tea Party protests (held February 27th and April 15th of this year) canceled their plans for a July 4th Tea Party, in favor of a larger protest to be held on September 12. You can read more about the "912 Project" founded by talk radio and Fox News personality Glenn Beck here.


But another group of citizens seized this opportunity and organized a "Sooner Tea Party" for July 4th. I wasn't able to attend the protest, but reports seem to indicate a decent-sized crowd (1500 or more) and a rally that captured the spirit of the nationwide Tea Party movement.

With the death of Michael Jackson and the resignation of Sarah Palin filling the weekend news cycle, there was little coverage of the Tea Party protests in the national news media. And there has been virtually no ridicule of the Tea Parties from the usual liberal suspects during the past few weeks. Liberals greatly overplayed their hand on April 15th with their non-stop barrage of tasteless and crude "teabagging" comments. Perhaps now they are hoping that if they just ignore the Tea Party protests, the movement will quietly fade away.

But as long as government continues spend recklessly while the economy teeters on the edge of what could turn out to be a very deep double-dip recession, the Tea Party movement won't be going anywhere.


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I went to the Tea Party in ... (Below threshold)

I went to the Tea Party in London, Kentucky on Saturday. London has population of 7,000. Turnout was 125 (I counted). It's amazing how knowledgable the people, both the speaker and in the audience, were on the issues. I even got the opportunity to speak on Cap and Trade for 10 minutes.

I'm sure we'll get the usua... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

I'm sure we'll get the usual comment that because Bush rang up large deficits conservatives have no right to complain about Obama over spending by far more. Of course, that amounts to nothing more than some kid's complaint to their parent that "Jimmy gets to set off fireworks in their garage so why can't I set them off in ours?"

The message that much of the public wants congress to rein in deficit spending seems to be getting through to moderate democrats, and as that message is heard the chances of passing an expensive healthcare plan decline. The weak economy, global cooling, and new science may derail Obama's carbon cap and tax proposal as well. With dwindling support for more big spending measures Obama may already be a lame duck President, because apart from throwing money around, he doesn't seem to have any significant ideas other than to make the military openly gay.

I've been puzzled by the in... (Below threshold)

I've been puzzled by the insistance by the Obama administration that while Bush 'broke the bank' as far as spending went, spending much, much MORE is supposed to fix things and get the economy back on an even keel.

Yeah. Sure it will. Works that way in real life, doesn't it?

I wonder sometimes if Obama's not just trying to run out the clock on his tenure. Yeah, he's got three+ years to go, but he's got a Democratic Congress to make his whims law, though apparently even some of THEM are starting to question his judgement...

But look at how long his policies and proposals are supposed to take before they show any positive effect. In the mean time, the economy's uncertain because nobody's got any idea which way things are going to go with the Cap&Trade sword hanging over our heads and a whole lot of things we 'absolutely must have' like alternative energy mandates and a 'health plan' - both of which are likely to be be busting the budget even MORE.

Obama's going to FUBAR the economy, then ride off into the sunset for a quiet life of congratulatory dinners, speaking fees, book deals and honorary degrees, never inconvenienced by the crap he's arranging for the rest of us.

"marched" in a parade in Gr... (Below threshold)

"marched" in a parade in Grass Valley, CA, as part of a Tea Party contingent. There were HUNDREDS of us, and we were cheered by nearly all.

But yes, being California and not far from Sacramento there were a few Obamanites along the route. One yelled out as I was passing by:
"You lost...get over it!"
I yelled back:
"You're losing NOW, wake up to it!!"
he was dumbfounded...and had no response as the people around him started laughing at him!

the fact is that MANY folks in the crowd and marching with the Tea Party contingent were Democrats or Independents. This was NOT a "Republican" thing...though the media tries to make it so, when they cover it at all.

one last add...I t... (Below threshold)

one last add...

I talked with LOTS of folks in the Tea Party contingent before, during and after the parade. Virtually WITHOUT EXCEPTION these are people who have NEVER in their lives taken part in protests of ANY kind! EVER!

there is an anger and determination to fight back that is growing. I pray it remains peaceful. Because the other universal truth at these Tea Parties is that they're all thankful for the 2nd Amendment! Me too.

jus' sayin'

I worked a double on Saturd... (Below threshold)

I worked a double on Saturday but plan on attending a Tea Party even if I have to drive a 100 miles. Which I will since I live out in the middle of nowhere. My towns pop. 384.. lol

Looks like they're having a... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Looks like they're having a ball!

Adrian Browne: "Looks li... (Below threshold)

Adrian Browne: "Looks like they're having a ball!"

Serious people, taking serious issues seriously. Unlike the media which doesn't take these seriously...at their peril.

You'll see a smile or two at the Tea Parties...mostly caused by people realizing they are not alone and we ARE going to take back the country. But in general people are MAD at the erosion of all of their freedoms, and the destruction of our economy.

Attended a tea party in a l... (Below threshold)

Attended a tea party in a local suburb of Chicago and was very pleased with the enthusiasm
shown for our country. As one man stated, "I'm 60 years old and you might be wondering why I care after all most of what is being done now will not touch me in my lifetime. I tell ya why I'm here, it is going to hurt my children and grandchildren and I owe it to them to at least try to make a difference." Amen brother - Amen!

Houston had a big rally Fri... (Below threshold)

Houston had a big rally Friday. The temps were 100 with the heat index well above that. ww

But as long as gov... (Below threshold)
But as long as government continues spend recklessly while the economy teeters on the edge of what could turn out to be a very deep double-dip recession, the Tea Party movement won't be going anywhere.

You should add this line to the end:

Unless it's a Republican President, then we don't care.

Obama owns this recession H... (Below threshold)

Obama owns this recession He caused jp2, and He is going to pay in spades.

Attended the Tea Party in A... (Below threshold)

Attended the Tea Party in Atlanta on the 3rd, where talk show host Herman Cain (2004 GA Senate candidate) was broadcasting his evening show live. 7000 people attended, and pretty much all stayed the first 3 hours.

jp2 -Thing is - a ... (Below threshold)

jp2 -

Thing is - a Republican President that had any sense of fiscal responsibility whatsoever wouldn't take a $300 bil defecit and run it up to well over a trillion. Democrats don't give a damn about the future, they'll spend everything YOU have and work to drag more out of your wallet.

Those tea parties ARE CERTI... (Below threshold)


I guess it can't be called ... (Below threshold)

I guess it can't be called a protest without giant puppets, eh Adriane

"a Republican President tha... (Below threshold)

"a Republican President that had any sense of fiscal responsibility whatsoever wouldn't take a $300 bil defecit and run it up to well over a trillion."

Reagan/Bush took the national debt from 35% of GDP to 65% of GDP. Has Obama doubled the national debt as a percentage of GDP?






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