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Hatin' Palin

Just to pass some time the day after Sarah Palin announced her resignation as Governor of Alaska, I decided to roam around the internet and see what types of words and phrases were being used to describe not just her actions, but her as a person.

These examples come from blogs, newspapers, TV, comment sections, etc. Some were from political sites and platforms, some not.

Keep in mind, these are all examples used to describe Mrs. Palin after just a 6 minute, 50 second resignation speech. After just a bit of reading this, I was exhausted.

Anyway, here is but a few minutes of surfing. (Warning: Some of it gets a bit explicit):

Bizarre, nutty puppy, sociopath, silly, weirdness, quitter, depressed, a tool, megalomaniac, rubbish, non-coherent, white-trash, Mark Sanford's soul mate, illogical, Caribou Barbie, rambling, not cognitive, wingnut, Michael Jackson's supplier, she's pregnant, Bristol's pregnant, Willow's pregnant, Todd is leaving her, stupid, starred in "Specs Appeal VI (a porno about women in glasses), Todd is pregnant, she is "tea bagging" the Appalachian Trail, manager of the Wasilla Dairy Queen, illiterate, "in a scandal with hookers and blow", horrible, clueless, Fox news host, imbecile, she was "fucking John McCain", twit, run on a platform for more retardation, meth addict, dangerous, has the moral fiber of Satan.

One said "Sarah Palin seeks to control your thoughts and eliminate your basic human freedoms."

Just a couple of clicks revealed that.


I am constantly amazed that this woman, who supposedly has not the education, insight, or ambition to reach an office of substance, has the type of effect on liberals that holy water had on Linda Blair in the Exorcist.

The disdain these people have for this one "incompetent" woman speaks volumes as to their collective self-esteem issues.

The punditry suggests that she did this on a long 4th of July weekend so it would not garner much attention.

Are these people kidding? Anything she would do at any time would garner this type of hyperventilating coverage.

While I believe she chose to do it on this particular holiday weekend, I believe it was meant to send a message more in keeping with the reasons for our observation of this holiday: Freedom, independence, individualism, and spirit. That is what I feel is the reason as to the timing.

Whether this has to do with cranking up a 2012 Presidential run, I have my doubts. However, the idea of her "quiting" due to the difficulties of scrutiny is disingenuous and bogus. The minute Barack Obama was sworn into his Illinois senate seat, he was off to the 2008 presidential races. The difference between the Governorship and one Senate seat out of a hundred is that as Governor, you actually have to make decisions. Obama had the luxury of voting "present" during his phony tenure as a Senator. Governor Palin has no such option.

That said, how many times, from the left and the right, have we heard there is no "voice", no messenger with which people can relate to coming from the Republican leadership and those in the Conservative spectrum.

Governor Palin may not have her eyes set on the 2012 Presidential Race, and that may be a wise decision, but there is no denying the void that exists between our elected officials on the right and the people of this country.

Sarah Palin is genuine. She may not be a policy wonk, but considering where the current Wonk-in-Chief has gotten us, that's not a bad thing. She also has the "it" factor. If not for her, McCain's defeat would have been Carteresque in its legacy. His "campaign suspension" should go down as one of the biggest and most disastrous purposeful blunders in the history of American politics.

The economy got Obama elected, not McCain's choice of a running mate. If anything, it saved him from sheer embarrassment.

Sarah Palin seems an extremely capable, driven person. One who could easily fill a void. One to be the voice, not necessarily of politicians trying to get their message across, but a voice for us, trying to get ours across.

There is no need for Sarah Palin to "re-brand" or "rehabilitate" herself. No need to change her image. Political bomb throwers, leftist loons, and jealous media shrews like Maureen Dowd have their opinion of her, and they ain't changing. That's a good thing. Know thy enemies..

Sarah Palin came out of nowhere. Governor of Alaska. America's North Pole. Look at what she has done with it. Garnering tens of thousands of people at large gatherings, they weren't there to see John McCain. She still commands attention from the media, who report every little thing, whether true or not, about this woman, her job, and unfortunately, her family.

Her love of Alaska notwithstanding, she has now thrown off the shackles of that far off land, allowing her, if she wants, to become whatever she wants.

There's not much one with such drive and ambition can truly accomplish from up there. And what there is to accomplish there, she has done it.

The end of Sarah Palin?

I don't think so.


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forget 2012...we need her i... (Below threshold)

forget 2012...we need her in 2010 or 2012 won't matter anyway!

In 2010 she can be a free-agent, and can rally Conervatives to targeted Congressional seats!! And being beholden to NO ONE, especially the Republican higher-ups, will give her more freedom!

I think she will (a) make lots of money (b) piss off the Left and (c) help the Republicans and/or Independents and/or TEA Party candidates create and effective firewall against the Dems. We NEED that firewall!!

I read in my local paper on... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I read in my local paper on the opinion page some writer of no consequence said when Palin spoke as she announced she would not seek reelection and will step down she appeared shakey and unsure of herself. I thought she was perfectly composed and quite sure of herself. No head tossing from side to side to read a teleprompter just a heart felt speech given with little referral to notes. She speaks her truth, which I find to be my truth. I think a good number of Americans will agree with Sarah Palin. Should she run for higher office. I know what her policy will be. The right thing. What ever that may be at the time. Certainly different from what we currently have.

Apparently Sarah roams thei... (Below threshold)

Apparently Sarah roams their liberal subconcious thought process and commands them to eject bile all over their respective keyboards.

They are so obsessed with Her they will comment on here in about 3...2...1

There is one thing liberals... (Below threshold)
Ken Hahn:

There is one thing liberals do well, hate.

RE: 3:Looks like the... (Below threshold)

RE: 3:
Looks like their Moms all sent to bed early 2nite. Once Mom and Pop are asleep, they'll start cutting as pasting under the blanket with a flashlight.

I don't think it's the end ... (Below threshold)

I don't think it's the end of Sarah Palin either, but I do think it's the end of her ability to get high electoral office.....and that's actually a good thing. She needs to be free to be a ferocious spokesperson for ideas and causes without the media savages getting bogged down in campaign idiocy.

They did quite the job on her, and McCain didn't help.

As Obama gets in deeper, we'll have our chances to win hearts and minds. And no amount of anti-Palin hysteria will be able to blunt an effective message.

The life of one Palin (Sarah or Trig for that matter) is worth a million Andy Sullivans.

In other words, not the kin... (Below threshold)

In other words, not the king but the king-maker.

I've been thinking a lot ab... (Below threshold)

I've been thinking a lot about this resignation move from her, and I think it's a smart play for her, if not the ONLY play for her for several reasons:

1. After going from a pretty decent bipartisan in AK politics, she returned from the campaign an icon and walking talking point for hard right politics. This killed the bipartisan, actually get things done work she'd been able to pull off early on in her tenure. Things are turning problematic in AK and if she stuck around, she'd be blamed in some (probably major) part. Quitting now gives her the ability to point fingers and say "when I was there, things were great, see what happens when I'm not there?"

2. Spinning up the "I'm just a mom, working hard and don't deserve this from the media and the Left" vibe gives her more folksy appeal at a time when people adverse to changes such as gay marriage, black prez, Dem rule, etc. are so wound up and looking for comfort. She has always connected well to that "I'm like you, dontchaya know...." side that people are looking for. The "I want to have a beer with Bush" thing. That's a powerful element in electoral politics.

3. Even if she doesn't have ethics problems pending, she's able to use the ethics problems as a cross to die on (without in her mind having her have to actually...die on it). She creates a martyr position for herself that the less time she spends in office, the more opportunity she has to take advantage of that martyrdom. After all... if she stays, then tries to die on that particular cross, she has little opp to say "see, it's SOOOO bad that I stayed...uh... a really long time".

All of this culminates in a basic approach of victimization that is likely to carry some water with the Right for some period.

To me the real question is whether she can last a full 3 years speaking in randomness, platitudes, and spinning up fervor. Palin's speech was a rambling mess to most Americans, even many on the Right. But to those she was targeting with this martyr approach, it was clear as a bell.

It'll take a Palin to verba... (Below threshold)

It'll take a Palin to verbalize the fear and
anger many have toward this arrogant egotist,
Obama. It's obvious that the Viagra-abusing
Pubs are also Premarin addicts. She may be
there to do a man's job, since our side
acts as if their political menopause is
a badge of honor. While Pubs stand around
"harumphing" Sarah may filet the fish.

Just wondering....Wo... (Below threshold)
krkrjak Author Profile Page:

Just wondering....
Would the nutty lefties be raising all this hell had J.M. won the election and she resigned to assume her V.P. position? Would that move have made her a "quitter" too in the eyes of the loons? Ive got to believe that the whole of the left are terrified of this woman for they recognize that she has the ability to speak with conviction and that resonates with people.

Of course, pissing off libe... (Below threshold)

Of course, pissing off liberals is enough for you fine folks.

Rest assured, though, she doesn't piss liberals off. We're really pulling for her to get the nomination in 2012.

Jake, her speech may have b... (Below threshold)

Jake, her speech may have been a rambling mess in your opinion but based on a gallop poll just released it reached it's intended target.

Nearly seventy percent of the reps said they still support her.

Says nothing in the larger scheme of things but it shoots a hole in some people's idea she shot herself in the foot with the base.

That said, in addition to all the other much publicized reason for the hatred pointed her way is one other I thought of.

She may be a female version of Bush in a way.

Think about it, Bush from the very start was derided by liberals and many others on his Texas accent and "down-home" style of talking.

It's one of the same points those that hate Palin point to almost reflexively as if they were Pavlovian dogs.

Kroveechernila - "We're... (Below threshold)

Kroveechernila - "We're really pulling for her to get the nomination in 2012."

Yeah and a bet a butt load of you guys and gals have wet dreams about it.

Sorry, it ain't gonna happen. At best it might in the presidential cycle after that, but 2012, keep those wet dream alive buddy cause that's all you got.

Sarah Palin is just ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Sarah Palin is just like Amy Winehouse . . . minus the talent.

I am constantly am... (Below threshold)
I am constantly amazed that this woman, who supposedly has not the education, insight, or ambition to reach an office of substance, has the type of effect on liberals that holy water had on Linda Blair in the Exorcist.

Why do you assume it's "libruls" who are saying these things? She's been undercut by McCain's staff more than anyone else. They've leaked all the juicy bits. Multiple right-wingers are leaving the crazy train as well, ala Riehl. (I suppose they are libruls though...)

Adrian.That is hum... (Below threshold)


That is humor.

I recognize that.

jp2,That vast majo... (Below threshold)


That vast majority of creatures saying these things are liberals.

You site McCain's staff as proof of people on the right bailing on her?

Pffft. McCain, aside from a few key issues, is a liberal. His staff did nothing but undercut her after his suspension stunt to draw attention away from the fact that he screwed the pooch.

As far as this Riehl guy, I read some of his stuff, and agree with some of it.

If you find someone out there that you agree with 80% of the time, consider yourself lucky.

Don't be such a tool.

(BTW, I can now add "crazy train" to the list of insults above. Thanks, liberal!))

Its amazing that the people... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

Its amazing that the people who describe her in this fashion are also the faithful lemmings of Presidente Zero.

I'd rather have Palin with all the faults they ascribe to her than the Dhimmirats in control of the government after Obama's term is up.

Please cover the Dhimmirats proposed "domestic terrorist detention centers" and their new gate speech crimes.

Both seem unconstitutional and an attempt to intimidate conservatives and opposition.

Liberals can blabber about ... (Below threshold)


Sarah Palin is the female v... (Below threshold)

Sarah Palin is the female version of former President GW Bush but without the Yale education. Palin is unable to understand policy and complicated issues. Palin is unable to manage a staff (see how she alienated McCain's staffers). Palin is unable to understand that everything she says will be reviewed and vetted. Palin is unable to understand the long term consequences of decisions and policy.

Palin comes from the borrow and spend, big government, big spending, compassionate conservatives wing of the Republican party that has been a failure for years. Until the Republicans but intelligence, competence, and ability ahead of some undefined ability, the U.S. will continue down the road to being a one party state.

It is not only the liberal... (Below threshold)
Jeremiah Johnson:

It is not only the liberal left, but virtually all of the networks of aristocracy who have decreed that the public will not be allowed to push her into their ranks. She speaks strangely; and unlike WJC, GWB and BHO her credentials lack the proper prestige. She does not show the proper respect to those who hold modern Patents of Nobility. How dare this foolish upstart with her Midieval superstitions contend with those chosen by the Lords of Politics and Media.

I think a lot of people had... (Below threshold)

I think a lot of people had a visceral knee-jerk reaction to her and used every negative comment, report and opinion column to justify that reaction. They're quick to believe outrageous rumors and anything an "anonymous source" says. They don't want to be wrong. There's a clinical term for the obsession some people have with her; always trying so mightily to defend and rationalize the obsession to degrade and vilify the object of their scorn. I'd almost call it a neurosis.

Yes, there are some on the right who have expressed some unfavorable opinions of certain aspects of Palin, but, by and large, they are far more objective observations than wild-eyed name calling and hyperbole - Krauthammer and Noonan to name a couple. I think they're wrong in some respects, but their criticism is not born of some unreasonable hatred. That Palin's detractors seize on this criticism as more justification for their own hostility is quite funny actually. They think they're 'throwing it in our faces'. It doesn't faze me in the least.

To sum her up, in my opinion, she does sometimes ramble. She IS "unpolished". But she's more a woman of action than words. This is something I can identify with. I often have trouble expressing myself. I've always been someone more of deed than word. Because of this, I prefer to look past one's words and examine their deeds. To me, that is the only way to truly measure a person. We're all fallible, but we have to look at the whole person.

Shawn wrote: However, th... (Below threshold)

Shawn wrote: However, the idea of her 'quiting' due to the difficulties of scrutiny is disingenuous and bogus.

In other words, even though you support her, you don't trust her.

Look, she said in so many words that she was leaving because the persecution launched by the orcs and trolls of the left had made it impossible for her to do her job. Why don't you believe that? More important, if you believe she would lie to you about such an important decision, then why do you believe she's "genuine," someone who can return the common, decent person's perspective to the presidency? If she lies so easily, so fluently, for no better reason than political advantage, then there's nothing new or genuine or honest about her at all. She's just another crooked politician.

Wolfwalker, I think you mis... (Below threshold)

Wolfwalker, I think you misread Shawn's comment.

I'd add to the list of adje... (Below threshold)

I'd add to the list of adjectives used to describe her, the word grifter. The proof is in the response to her from the right wing.

I also have to say how ironic it is that you write that the disdain some have for her says volumes about their "self-esteem." So, I can only conclude from the things you and the majority of posters here write about Obama that you lack any self-esteem whatsoever?

You also state she's not a 'policy wonk" and has the "it" factor. I guess I would respond to that by saying I personally don't are about a policy wonk as president but I'd like someone who occasionally reads a newspaper and has at least a basic knowledge of the issues that confront the presidency and is not a serial quitter. As for the "it" factor I prefer that job qualification stay where it belongs - with models and Hollywood starlets and not with "it's" finger on the nuclear trigger.

What hgg said.And ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

What hgg said.

And # 19?

Liberals might not know the meaning of the word "tolrerence" (or "becuase" or "biggots" or "hypotcrits") but we do know the spelling.


If Sarah Palin had been abl... (Below threshold)

If Sarah Palin had been able to field a running mate (Giulliani, Romney, Thompson or Huckabee) She would have living in the Naval Observatory today.

BurtAnd she'd stil... (Below threshold)


And she'd still be "sayin" she could see Russia from her front porch. "You betcha."

In many respects, she's the... (Below threshold)

In many respects, she's the perfect crystalization of the GOP prerequisites in a candidate - all the right principles, looks good, can plausibly pull off the 'We's just normal folks' schtick, knows almost nothing about policy.

Making Sarah Palin the face... (Below threshold)

Making Sarah Palin the face of the Republican Party means conceding every state north of North Carolina to the Democrats for the foreseeable future.

The question everyone needs to answer if who voted for Obama who would vote for Sarah Palin in the future. There is not enough uneducated, blue collar whites to sustain the Republican Party. The Republican party can only survive by getting more than 60% of the white vote and Sarah Palin is definitely not the candidate to get the suburban white college educated knowledge worker vote that has left the Republican party due to the incompetence of the Bush Administration.

hgg, here's a little histor... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

hgg, here's a little history lesson for you -- no charge.

Sarah Palin said that one can see Russia from some parts of Alaska. This is true.

Tina Fey, impersonating Sarah Palin, said "I can see Russia from my house!"

Tina Fey is NOT Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin is NOT Tina Fey.

You're welcome.


Victor Davis Hanson has the... (Below threshold)

Victor Davis Hanson has the best explanation I've seen as to why the "tolerant" left hates Palin so much.

See: http://pajamasmedia.com/victordavishanson/what-is-wisdom%E2%80%94sarah-palin-and-her-critics/

A few excerpts:

How infuriating to sit here in New York and think that a winking tart could ever be elected, when seasoned sophisticates like Joe Biden and cosmopolitan metrosexuals like Barack Obama, who see it all, might not have been.

Twenty-first century power women do not marry men like Todd Palin.

Smart women do not get pregnant when it is inconvenient, especially when it interferes with one's cursus honorum. Palin foolishly had a baby as governor, and waddled around with it the entire time-with other snotty kids in tow (just like those trashy folk at the mall who pile out of the Tahoe, in the way just as you are parking your Volvo)! And worse, in the age of sonograms and abortion, she delivered a mentally-challenged child.

These Palins and their extended family, are, well, like the Clampetts who descend on Beverly Hills.

Now that she's resigned, I ... (Below threshold)

Now that she's resigned, I have to wonder who the dems will demonize next.

Hank, don't be in such a hu... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Hank, don't be in such a hurry. Isn't it obvious that they're not done with Palin yet?


Jay TeaVery true a... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea

Very true and thanks for the correction.I should correctly have said she'd be "sayin" she's qualified cause she could see the Russian Embassy from parts of Washington D.C. You betcha.

By the way I think Tina Fey has the "it" factor also. Has also probably read a newspaper or two in her lifetime.

The last person to get the ... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

The last person to get the libs in a tizzie like this was one Ron Reagan. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

Good post, Shawn.I... (Below threshold)

Good post, Shawn.

I recently came across an interesting comparison of Palin and Obama (at Instapundit, I believe) that I think explains a lot of the unhinged hatred that DC elites have for her.

Barack Obama is the darling of the gentry class and a perfect example of success in an elitist meritocracy -- anyone, from any background, can study hard, impress the right people, attend Columbia and Harvard Law School, leverage their Ivy League pedigree into an outstanding resume of participation in important pet liberal political causes, and eventually become President.

On the other hand, Sarah Palin represents achievement from a truly democratic point of view -- anyone who wants to be successful and make a difference can work hard, lead by example, keep their family and personal values intact, and eventually become a Governor -- and you don't have to attend Columbia or Harvard or win the praise of establishment intellectuals in order to achieve those goals.

That is why Sarah Palin is adored by tens of millions of average Americans, and why she absolutely scares the living snot out of Ivy League intellectuals (from both parties). Despite their flowery rhetoric about "diversity" and "equality," no group of people in this country works harder than rich urban intellectuals to destroy any "outsider" who poses a threat to their power structure.

That's also why intellectuals hated Ronald Reagan. He was a brilliant man, but he was not a graduate of the Ivy League, nor did he identify with postmodern liberalism. And it's why they hated George W. Bush. Bush was an Ivy League graduate, but he completely abandoned the East Coast elitist cocktail party lifestyle and (like Reagan) he had no use for postmodern liberalism.

Funny thing about the American people -- they will always choose a democratic success story over a meritocratic achiever. We chose Dwight Eisenhower twice over Adlai Stevenson, in spite of Ike's decidedly plainspoken demeanor and Stevenson's impressive intellectual pedigree and oratorical skill. I think this also scares elites, because, thankfully, they have never been able to convince average Americans of their intellectual and moral superiority.

Compared to Joe Biden, Sara... (Below threshold)

Compared to Joe Biden, Sarah is in line for a nobel prize.

Seems like a few trolls are... (Below threshold)

Seems like a few trolls are gonna need to recharge the C batteries for their flashlights this AM. Hope Mom doesn't find out and take away their laptops.

To the great undereducated,... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

To the great undereducated, Presidents do not have to know policy, they set policy. Obama's policy is to break, economically, the United States of America and impose a socialist system upon us as outline in Saul Alinsky's teachings. Sarah Palin's policies, which she implimented in Alaska, work at limiting government, working within the law and expanding freedom. She spoke of what she stood for. That is policy. When the dems say she does not know policy, they mean their policy. I doubt seriously if President Palin would ever bow to a Saudi King.

"I doubt seriously if Presi... (Below threshold)

"I doubt seriously if President Palin would bow to a Saudi King"

If George W Bush were holding the Saudi King's (or Prince's) hand she might make an exception.

There hasn't been this much... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

There hasn't been this much excitement about a Republican since Schwarzenegger.

I'm still thinking along th... (Below threshold)

I'm still thinking along the Schwarzkopf model for Sarah. Why grind your resources against an entrenched foe when you can go around them?

Time will tell - but the media basically has made this into a 'war'. As such, to begin with they had the advantage. And it's been amusing how some folks have described Palin as a 'quitter' or a 'coward' - because she hasn't engaged in a stand-up fight with the media.

There's an old saying about newspapers - 'never argue with someone who buys ink by the barrel.' Going up directly against the newspapers, up against the media, would have been long, grueling, damnably expensive... and as far as honest reporting of the conflict goes, you've got to be kidding. It was a fight she couldn't hope to 'win' fairly, and one they dearly hoped she'd get in.

So now - what is she going to be doing? Withdrawing into private life? Doing behind the scenes work, building support networks? She's POPULAR outside of the intelligentsia - that would work to any conservative candidate's advantage.

The media doesn't know what's next, even though she's told them directly. The mindset is so convoluted that she could make a simple statement that 2+2=4, and they'd both say it was wrong and pick it apart looking for the deeper meaning of what she was REALLY trying to say.

In essence, she's dropped off their radar, gone into a stealth mode while hiding in plain sight - and I think she's going to pop up where she figures she'll be able to do the most damage.

There's a lot of media organizations on shaky ground already, judging by the ratings. They think they're invincible... but Sarah's a pretty good hunter. I wouldn't want to be in her sights when she's pissed.

Sarah Palin would have been... (Below threshold)

Sarah Palin would have been a HUGE hit if she were only a Dem. But, because she has morals, a conscience, and higher standards than to be a Dem, she is critized for it. What a bunch of bull. Letterman scorns her because her daughter got pregnant out of wedlock, but he knocked up his girlfriend out of wedlock. Double standards. Typical left-wing crap. I think Sarah resigned because the left was constantly charging her with unethical actions and even tho they were proved to be unfounded, the state of Alaska was going broke investigating and her family was going broke defending her. Same old same old. Let's pull this crap on the Dems and see how they like it.

I am a Sarah palin fan but ... (Below threshold)

I am a Sarah palin fan but it easy for me to understand those who have reservations about her ability to do a good job in elected office at the national level. Although she impressed me with her resume as governor of Alaska (and it should be no secret that Alaska has different priorities than east and west coast states in the lower 55) I am disappointed she was not well accepted by her party and elite so called Republican pundits. But it is what it is. Elected officials aren't very popular in general right now and with the policies of the current majority in Washington and the castrated Republican party leaders I don't see that changing and likely getting worse. So, she has divorced herself from that. To me Palin will continue to draw attention and if she hones her political skills to a more sophisticated level she will gain in popularity. I find myself making excuses for her because I have a good feeling about her, but if she wants to be elected she will need to change a bit. If she doesn't care about being elected but wants to serve a role like Steve Forbes or Bill Bennett and become a pundit for conservative policy without being labeled a Republican politician that's fine too. All I am waiting for is to see what her next major move will be.

...she quit to cas... (Below threshold)
...she quit to cash in. Her admirers can excuse anything, but to the much larger audience of non-admirers, Palin will look a lot like those CEOs who wrecked their banks and the national economy while accepting huge bonuses for themselves. John McCain's slogan in 2008 was "Country First." Palin's in 2012? "I seen my opportunities, and I took 'em."

David Frum = librul
McCain = librul


Me too, DaveD - I have a fe... (Below threshold)

Me too, DaveD - I have a feeling it's going to be interesting.

The punditry suggests th... (Below threshold)

The punditry suggests that she did this on a long 4th of July weekend so it would not garner much attention.

Tony Blankley does a good job tearing this apart in his latest column:

She was the only news phenomenon capable of knocking the Michael Jackson story off the cable news lineups...

For instance, as the story was breaking Friday, fellow politically professional panelists were pointing out on-air how stupid Palin was to put forward her big story on a late Friday afternoon during a three-day holiday weekend. Everyone "knows" one buries a story that way. It became my grim duty to remind my fellow interlocutors -- in case they had not noticed -- that all the cable news shows were dropping their programming to switch to wall-to-wall coverage of the Palin announcement and that we were, at that moment, telling a national audience that the story we were talking about was being buried. The story persisted and expanded over the weekend, and my guess is that if any political topic came up at America's millions of Fourth of July backyard barbecue parties, it was probably Sarah Palin. So, who's the fool?

Sarah Palin said that on... (Below threshold)

Sarah Palin said that one can see Russia from some parts of Alaska. This is true.

Funnily enough, J., I just started listening to the audiobook of Michael Palin's "Full Circle", describing his journey around the Pacific Rim. He begins in Alaska, where he spends quite some time describing the narrow gap between Alaska and Russia at that point and how easy it is to see to the other continent. Oddly, I don't think SNL ever did a skit mocking Palin, Michael that is, for this.

Maybe seeing Russia has something to do with the last name, despite one being the Alaskan governor and the other a British comedic actor and writer.

Geez jp2, try as You may Yo... (Below threshold)

Geez jp2, try as You may You just cant manage a positive vote tally.

jp2= librul

Palin doesn't have to worry... (Below threshold)

Palin doesn't have to worry about the future. The left has trashed her so much, mainstream america is tired of it. If and when she does run, the left will turn off most of the voters and Palin wins. In summary: They shot their wad. Palin knows this and is using it. Smart move. ww

Seeing how pathetic the Oba... (Below threshold)

Seeing how pathetic the Obama adaministration is and how they've caused a recession worse than Carter and are heading for record unemployment territory. 2010 & 12 cant come soon enough.

Agree with WW.And ... (Below threshold)

Agree with WW.

And if she does run again, she needs a good answer to what the MSM will inevitably ask over and over again; why she quit.

A commenter named Jim B had a great answer to that on Surbers blog.

""I didn't want to do to the people of Alaska what Barack Obama did to the state of Illinois once he decided to run for president. He stopped showing up for his job on a regular basis, yet still collected a full paycheck for another 2 years. I respect the people I represent more than that. It's a shame that he didn't. Perhaps you should ask Barack Obama why he thought it was ethical to continue collecting money from taxpayers for doing a job he wasn't doing, and then we can continue the discussion."

1) Puts the questioner on the defensive.
2) Reminds viewers of the double standards that the media employs.
3) Puts Palin on the side of the taxpayer.
4) Reminds voters of Obama's dereliction of duty as a senator.
5) Forces Obama to explain his own ethics.

ethics complaints? anything... (Below threshold)

ethics complaints? anything on them detroit city council creatures to complain about? NO! how about charlie rangle? NO! barney frank? chris dodd? chuck schumer? barack hussein obama? hillary clinton? timothy geitner? rahm emanuel? clue fannie mae and freddie mac? hillary a lawmaker cannot fill a position if salary for that position has been raised during that LAWMAKERS TERM IN OFFICE? ETHICS! palin top priority on ethics? i look at palin as a media story of trying to create public interest for her? republicon candidate for 2012? trying to create their candidate hoax on U.S. the people! mcCain obama! whats the difference black white only? bush clinton bush obama? 20 years of the same from them twin parties candidates look where we all are at live now! ethics responsibility? global economy! where our beloved politicians fly around the world on tax payers expense in the name of global economy? expense? bigger goverment? plus expenses they create for own travel enjoymemts? ethics? NO TRANSPARECY? stimulus pork? ethics goverment americans tax dollars given to ACORN? fannie mae! freddie mac! we need new party of new ethics! like we used to have before CIVIL rights took over center stage? ethics! like qualified goverment people holding public office? ethics recalls? drug testing on our beloved public servents? CHANGE! transparency obama the president of open transparency accountability change? made this very clear on the campaign trail? what a liar? been lying pretty steady to U.S. TOO? media over looks this ethics miss cue? yes obama the messiah of open accountability transparency of change! bush twin indeed. ethics palin story. INDEPENDENT NATION. AMEN.

HankI have a quest... (Below threshold)


I have a question for you.

Would you have liked to ask George W. Bush: "Why did you stop showing up for your job as governor once you decided to run for president ?" Why did you continue to collect a paycheck while you were running" "Did you think it was ethical to continue collecting money from taxpayers for doing a job you weren't doing"

So we can all assume Hank you held George W Bush to the same standards, right? Or are you having a big giant bowl of hypocrisy for lunch? Don't choke on it now.

Per the psychoanalysis offered by the author of the post,is your self-esteem a little low today?

"Would you have liked to... (Below threshold)

"Would you have liked to ask George W. Bush: "Why did you stop showing up for your job as governor once you decided to run for president ?"

I'd like to hear the media ask that question of a lot of people. They could start with asking Hillary why she promised to stay for a full senate term then promptly began running for president. McCain was absent way too much too. As were lots of people while they entertained visions of higher office and grandeur.

The comparison Hank made was between her and Obama. You know, the guy that got elected? As a matter of fact, we could compare her right now to all those who spent more time doing things not related to their job.

Palin just got through saying that the people of Alaska deserved more time and energy than she has been able to provide because of the flurry of ethics charges being thrown at her. Yet, you and others are labeling her a "quitter".

So you'll have that.

Palin resigned the Governor... (Below threshold)

Palin resigned the Governorship of Alaska because the dishonest political attacks upon her were costing the state too many tax dollars and too many man hours of her and her staff and other state personal's time. These political attacks not going to end, they were going to increase. She is resigning because, through no fault of her own, it is the best thing she can do to serve her constituency.

She has stated this repeatedly in her July 3rd announcement, her July 4th FaceBook message, and in all of her interviews since her July 3rd announcement. Yet some people REFUSE to accept why she is resigning.

Some people REFUSE to accept this simple truth because it isn't what they WANT to be true, and it isn't what they WANT others to BELIEVE is true. Some people just CAN'T afford to let it be KNOWN that there is an honest, principled politician out there willing to put her constituents' interests ahead of her own.

In case you haven't noticed... (Below threshold)

In case you haven't noticed, hgg, there are no "same standards" in politics. One party is held accountable by the MSM, one party isn't.

Palin received the worst treatment I have seen since the Thomas confirmation, both from the MSM and liberals/democrats. Why shouldn't she fight back if the opportunity presents itself?

Personally, since you asked, yes, I try to hold all politicians to the same standards.
Unfortunately over the years, I've found democrats to be the ones that disappoint the most. When their arguments fail, they resort to emotional pleas and when that fails, personal attacks that have nothing to do with the subject at hand.

HankNice non-answe... (Below threshold)


Nice non-answer from the folks who like to accuse others of moral equivalency.

Hope you didn't choke on that bowl of hypocrisy.

Oyster - the facts and history support that Palin is a quitter. Personally, I don't want a quitter to be someone taking the "3am" call. If she can't stand the heat she should stay out of the kitchen permanently. I reiterate my first comment that she a grifter.

Bt the way Hank posed the question not the media. Notice his non-answer?

Please, please DO NOT compa... (Below threshold)

Please, please DO NOT compare palin to Obama.The only comparison is they both breath air. This "woman", is a blight on politics. Uneducated, and incoherent. Unable to express herself or any idea she may come up with...dear Zeus keep her up there in A laska, you betcha ;-)

Non answer hgg?Truth... (Below threshold)

Non answer hgg?
Truth is I thought it was a stupid question.

But I'll answer it anyway.
If I had the chance, I'd have asked Bush that question.
I'd have asked Romney and Kerry.
Being from Ma. I thought they both spent too much time campaigning and not enough time doing the job they were elected to.
I'd have asked both Clintons, Biden, Obama, all of them, except for Gore, who seems to be insane so why waste the time.

If Palin runs again, the MSM will pose that question. I hope she gives that answer.
You know, the answer in post 53 which seems to have struck a nerve with you.

"Yet, you and others are la... (Below threshold)

"Yet, you and others are labeling her a "quitter".

That's because she just quit her job. Have you been paying attention, Oyster?

Personally, I love Sarah Palin. I hope she never goes away.

Palin/Sanford 2012!!

Falze,The only pla... (Below threshold)


The only place in Alaska where you can actually see Russia is from Little Diomede where you can see across 2 1/2 miles of the Bering Strait to Big Diomede which is part of Russia. The rest of Russia is far enough away from the Alaskan mainland to be below the horizon and out of sight.

During the campaign, one of the networks sent a reporter to Little Diomede to talk to the residents and show their view of Russia. When asked, the Diomedians said that the governor had never visited the island.

Note: Since Big Diomede is on the other side of the international date line, if you do go to Little Diomede, you can look into tomorrow.

During the campaig... (Below threshold)
During the campaign, one of the networks sent a reporter to Little Diomede to talk to the residents and show their view of Russia.

Heh. So some MSM outlet has the resources to send a reporter all the way out to Bumf*ck, Alaska to dig up dirt on Sarah Palin, but they never seem to have enough time or interest to investigate things such as Obama's college transcripts or exactly how he allocated the tens of millions of Annenberg Foundation money he was responsible for giving out.

I wonder why that is?

Like I said, a neurosis....... (Below threshold)

Like I said, a neurosis....

I think a few people had a ... (Below threshold)

I think a few people had a visceral knee-jerk reaction to her and used every positive comment, report and opinion column to justify that reaction. They're quick to believe outrageous excuses and anything Sarah Palin says. They don't want to be wrong. There's a clinical term for the obsession some people have with her; always trying so mightily to defend and rationalize the obsession of their idol, Sarah Palin. I'd almost call it a neurosis.


Sarah will able to, if noth... (Below threshold)

Sarah will able to, if nothing else, get plenty
of face-time with the American people. And what
she says will, over time, crystallize the growing dissatisfaction with the feckless
Obama regime. If you think the Left hates
her now,"you ain't seen nuthin' yet". If she
abets in the fall of Obama and his minions
she will have done a served a high purpose.

Michael,Get a grip... (Below threshold)


Get a grip.

What's with the quotes around the word woman? Like there's any question as to whether or not Sarah Palin is a woman. All you are proving by doing that is how friggin' ignorant you are.

"Uneducated and incoherent?" Since she's not in with the "wine and cheese" crowd, this means she has no viability in politics?

Great correlation, Mikey.

Cause, you know, they've done such an effective job with things lately.

Just because she doesn't express herself in the way in which you believe to be acceptable does not mean she is a "blight" on politics.

You are such a tool.

Quitter.... (Below threshold)
Larry Dickman:


Read the August issue of Va... (Below threshold)

Read the August issue of Vanity Fair online.

Written prior to Sarah's mid-career breakdown, the article plainly foreshadows the event via applied behavioral statistics, it turns out.

At least one real eyebrow-raiser. See if you can spot it!

I read it, BryanD.... (Below threshold)

I read it, BryanD.

Amazing how many Alaskans immediately consulted the DSM after meeting with Palin, and all came up with the same diagnosis.

Amazing how not a single person critical of Palin would go on the record.

Amazing how Purdum has seemingly made a career out of finding rivals of Obama's and publishing these anonymously-sourced hit pieces.

And amazing how dipshits like you will eagerly aid and abet that scumbag in his smears...


@Madalyn, I wanted to reply... (Below threshold)

@Madalyn, I wanted to reply to your comment, but by extension many of the general issues others have also raised.

You said: "Sarah Palin would have been a HUGE hit if she were only a Dem."

Absolutely and completely false, IMHO. Just because she's female doesn't mean Dems would have embraced her.

You said: "What a bunch of bull. Letterman scorns her because her daughter got pregnant out of wedlock, but he knocked up his girlfriend out of wedlock. Double standards."

This has nothing to do with Letterman alone. It has to do with the fact that Palin's household couldn't even live by the abstinence-only education standards she so adamantly supported. Whatever, Letterman sucks. So what? The point still remains that the reason her daughter's pregnancy was an issue is because PALIN made the inherent issues involved an issue in the first place and then refused to acknowledge she was absolutely wrong.

You said: "I think Sarah resigned because the left was constantly charging her with unethical actions and even tho they were proved to be unfounded"

Sorry, wrong. "Constantly" was a less than a handful of charges, most of which were filed BEFORE her VP candidacy.

"the state of Alaska was going broke investigating"

Again, wrong. This is patently false. The state isn't going bankrupt and it's not going bankrupt from having to investigate a few ethics complaints. That's why they hire lawyers in the first place... to deal with such issues.

"and her family was going broke defending her."

So they say. I'm not saying they aren't, I'm just saying that you're having a bit of blind faith that this is fact without the slightest shred of proof. Even if $500,000 has been spent defending her, do you know if it's from their personal accounts or the trust fund setup specifically to deal with legal issues that come up? (Yes, the fund exists, although the name escapes me)

Same old same old. Let's pull this crap on the Dems and see how they like it.

"You mean holding our elected officials to a certain standard, allowing a due process to ensure politicians are acting ethically? Are you arguing that elected officials generally (meaning both parties) shouldn't be subjected to any type of ethics investigations?

"Nearly seventy percent of ... (Below threshold)

"Nearly seventy percent of the reps said they still support her."

Good, that's 70% of 20%, which is 14%. Less public support than Ross Perot had in 1992.

Jake you and Bob ought to g... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

Jake you and Bob ought to get together and see which of you can drool more quickly into shoes in some closet.

I seem to recall all you dhimmirats telling us Clinton's perjury was no big deal. Yeah you folks have no double standards. You just don't have any standards at all.

Its how you can justify supporting Presidente Zero.

@Thomas Jefferson I have no... (Below threshold)

@Thomas Jefferson I have no idea what you're saying other than that I suck. Sorry to paraphrase.

"I seem to recall all you dhimmirats telling us Clinton's perjury was no big deal."

Dhimmirat. Cute.

While it's fun to generalize radically, I want to make sure it's very, very clear that I NEVER supported Clinton's perjury. So you can group me in whatever random category you choose to, but the fact is, I was a vocal critic of Clinton after all that, and since then.

Falze,Th... (Below threshold)


The only place in Alaska where you can actually see Russia is from Little Diomede where you can see across 2 1/2 miles of the Bering Strait to Big Diomede which is part of Russia. The rest of Russia is far enough away from the Alaskan mainland to be below the horizon and out of sight.

During the campaign, one of the networks sent a reporter to Little Diomede to talk to the residents and show their view of Russia. When asked, the Diomedians said that the governor had never visited the island.

did you have a point?

More evidence that Peggy No... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

More evidence that Peggy Noonan hates Sarah Palin:


Adrian,I used to t... (Below threshold)


I used to think you were one of the smarter wingnuts around here.

Do you have ANYTHING of substance to add?

Hell, even jp2 elaborates on his incoherent diatribes once in a while.

I try to revive a tired, tw... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

I try to revive a tired, two day-old thread with a inflammatory comment and this is the thanks I get?


Geez Shawn, the least you c... (Below threshold)

Geez Shawn, the least you could do is get your political slurs straight. You are the wingnut. Adrian is a lefturd. Or socialist or whatever the current favorite slur is.

But you gotta admit, nothing racks up the comments like Palin, eh?

Oh.Thanks.... (Below threshold)








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