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Executive Booty

The snickering over President Obama's apparent ogling of the posterior of an attractive 17-year old Brazilian girl (with French President Sarkozy enthusiastically grinning over his shoulder) reminded me of a similar incident last year involving President Bush and Olympic beach volleyball champion Misty May.

Remember the infamous Bush Booty Smack?


(You can view a series of photos from President Bush's Olympic volleyball court visit here.)

The camera has the unprecedented ability to freeze awkward moments in time and, by doing so, impose an entirely new context on a seemingly ordinary situation.

Remember this photo?


Or this one?



It's doubtful that President Obama actually paused to catch an eyeful of Brazilian booty. But if that's what you want to believe happened, well, it's a free country. And we could all use a good laugh right now.


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Comments (19)

"It's doubtful that Preside... (Below threshold)

"It's doubtful that President Obama actually paused to catch an eyeful of Brazilian booty."

Yeah, sure. Sarcozy was just smirking because he likes the way Barry moves down steps.

Funny stuff Michael. ... (Below threshold)

Funny stuff Michael.

But hey, I can't blame anyone for admiring fine Brazilian booty. Many of my relatives are Brazilian and live in Brazil. One young woman looks like a movie star and is darn fine. I'm sorry I'm too closely related to her.

Have to agree with Paul on ... (Below threshold)

Have to agree with Paul on this one.

The picture was much ado about nothing...I mean people know Michelle would have whooped his butt if he was caught looking.

video up at yahoo's main pa... (Below threshold)

video up at yahoo's main page...as we all expected, it was perfectly innocent, but still funny taken out of context.

Beat me to it again, Mike.<... (Below threshold)

Beat me to it again, Mike.

I just saw this on the ABC blog.

Even with the whole thing playing out on video, you could tell Obama snagged a good glimpse of her rump. Sarkosy just stood there like the dog he is and unabashedly stared.

Kind of icky when you find out she's only 16 years old.

Jeez.I didn't even... (Below threshold)


I didn't even know it was our caption contest.

Suuuuuurrrrrrrrrreeee, and ... (Below threshold)

Suuuuuurrrrrrrrrreeee, and I've got this bridge I'll sell you at a special one day rate, just because its time to move it. Maybe it was a Euro someone tossed at his feet that made him glance at her ass, but Sarkozy is looking like the cat that just swallowed the canary so in all fairness he's busted.

In Bush's photo at least he's not hiding it and I just can't wait to here how Obama spins this one out to Michele. I wouldn't put it past her to vindictiveness to bust his chops. Evil eye my ass, she's bigger than he is and probably faster too.

Damn, I can't eat, type and... (Below threshold)

Damn, I can't eat, type and watch Blazing Saddles without making a typo... yank the first 'to' in the second paragraph.

The reason the left is up i... (Below threshold)

The reason the left is up in arms about this is because it proves Barry is 'a normal human being'. Well they can't have that. The One is pure. The One makes no errors. The One is infallible. To admit he was checking out some ass means that OMG! "He's human!" Ergo, he's susceptible to making mistakes. OMG! Not true! Not true! The irony is that the left can snicker at the insinuated rape of a 14 year old by a has-been comic, but not Barry getting a glimpse of ass.

If that was the worse thing... (Below threshold)

If that was the worse thing about Obama, I'd say we were in good shape. However, he's trying to "remake" America. That is the thing we should all be focused on!

In the words of John McEnro... (Below threshold)
Jason Whitley:

In the words of John McEnroe, "you can't be serous!"...Obama didn't expect to get caught but Bush was posing for a phote op. Pleeeaazze.

"President Bush and Olympic... (Below threshold)

"President Bush and Olympic beach volleyball champion Misty May."
I don't remember anyone saying that Laura would be mad or threatened by W's attention to a pretty girl!

Just be sure to stay away f... (Below threshold)

Just be sure to stay away from the Evil Eye!

Of course we all remember t... (Below threshold)

Of course we all remember the media's reaction to a reflection in Cheney's glasses. It only matters who you are and what they want you to think.

Cheney Is Linked to Conc... (Below threshold)

Cheney Is Linked to Concealment of C.I.A. Project


Try to distract all you want, your boy Dick is in big trouble, and Nance was telling the truth all along.

Ryan: stay on topic. This... (Below threshold)

Ryan: stay on topic. This is about photos and the media's use of them. It's not about the New York Times or your glee in finding they published another anti-Cheney article.

It's already hard for me to... (Below threshold)

It's already hard for me to not consider Obama an overly-serious wimp. Please, please, please let him be ogling the gorgeous ass.

Besides, Ryan, while I can'... (Below threshold)

Besides, Ryan, while I can't speak for all of the ladies, I think you are the only one on this thread distracted by Dick. Or get's annoyed when the topic isn't Dick.

I am outraged. The Frog Gu... (Below threshold)

I am outraged. The Frog Guy was oogling Michelle's thighs as she stepped down, and you all are stuck on O-man catching a glance at some teen ass. REALLY.






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