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Peggy Noonan Tries To Stick A Fork In Palin

Peggy Noonan, the sometimes Republican (but hardly conservative) columnist/ Obama supporter, devoted her weekly editorial to sticking a fork in Sarah Palin and pronouncing her "done". Here are some of the linguistic gymnastics Noonan uses to express her disdain for everything Palin:

  • she was not thoughtful
  • She was a gifted retail [politician]
  • She never learned how the other sides think
  • She couldn't say what she read because she didn't read anything.
  • She wasn't thoughtful enough to know she wasn't thoughtful enough.
  • What she is, is a seemingly very nice middle-class girl with ambition, appetite and no sense of personal limits.
  • She makes the[Republican]party look stupid, a party of the easily manipulated.
  • ...she is a ponder-free zone. She can memorize the names of the presidents of Pakistan, but she is not going to be able to know how to think about Pakistan
  • She hurts, as they say, the Republican brand, with her mess and her rhetorical jabberwocky and her careless causing of division. Really, she is the most careless sower of discord since George W. Bush

This all comes from an ostensible Republican opinionator who crossed the line and endorsed Barack Obama. I might continue to read Peggy Noonan's writing if she ever stopped complaining long enough to explain what she sees in Barack Obama that differs from the comments above.

At the end of her piece Noonan finally unloads on what has her worried:

Here's why all this matters. The world is a dangerous place. It has never been more so, or more complicated, more straining of the reasoning powers of those with actual genius and true judgment. This is a time for conservative leaders who know how to think.

Here are a few examples of what we may face in the next 10 years: a profound and prolonged American crash, with the admission of bankruptcy and the spread of deep social unrest; one or more American cities getting hit with weapons of mass destruction from an unknown source; faint glimmers of actual secessionist movements as Americans for various reasons and in various areas decide the burdens and assumptions of the federal government are no longer attractive or legitimate.

Absent her endorsement of Barack Obama, Noonan's opinions might merit the time for careful consideration. But in light of her choices, and the fact that she supported Barack Obama over John McCain, she is not to be taken seriously when she lectures us about leadership in a dangerous world.


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A few years Peggy Noonan wr... (Below threshold)

A few years Peggy Noonan wrote a column titled "Everyone's Been Shot" It was fantastic, but since then, nothing.

HughS, you nailed it so pre... (Below threshold)

HughS, you nailed it so precisely in your summation there is little I can add:

"Absent her endorsement of Barack Obama, Noonan's opinions might merit the time for careful consideration. But in light of her choices, and the fact that she supported Barack Obama over John McCain, she is not to be taken seriously when she lectures us about leadership in a dangerous world."

Of course, I'll try to add something anyway! :)

Noonan and the rest of the Beltway Elite, continue to write and speak incessantly about how forgettable Sarah Palin is. Really? Then why are they writing and speaking INCESSANTLY??

Palin SCARES them...and with good reason! Their status as "Elites" would be in jeopardy should a "commoner" gain influence over the "masses". Too late. Palin HAS inlfuence of the masses...and will have more so as she is freed from the nonsense being thrown at her based on her being Governor. Stay tuned!

"What she is, is a ... (Below threshold)

"What she is, is a seemingly very nice middle-class girl with ambition, appetite and no sense of personal limits." - Peg Noonan

This is it exactly, the hoi polloi HAVE TO KNOW THEIR PLACE in society. Which is : stepping aside and subjecting yourself to "reasoning powers of those with actual genius and true judgment." No normal, everyday citizens need apply. Only elites are allowed to have ambition you see, because they always come to better conclusions on governance.

Of course, the O! won over Noonan with his bitter, gun clinging, bible thumpers quote. There probably is no better way to establish your 'elite' credential status than to talk trash to and look down upon the middle-class.

Hmmm, where else have we seen this elite "I'm better than you" mentality? Ah, that's right , Sotomayor's statement of wise latinas coming to 'better' conclusions than a white men.

I stopped reading Noonans w... (Below threshold)
Zack Spivey:

I stopped reading Noonans writing last fall. Her writing is to much like the rest of the writing done by people living in the Boston-Washington corrider. She and the others have lost touch with main stream America.

Peggy Noonan is simply part... (Below threshold)

Peggy Noonan is simply part of the media that "took sides, straight and simple, particularly with regard to the vice presidential race.

As Carl Cannon writes at http://www.politicsdaily.com/2009/07/08/sarah-barracuda-palin-and-the-piranhas-of-the-press/

"..I don't know that we played a decisive role in that campaign, and I'm not saying the better side lost. What I am saying is that we simply didn't hold Joe Biden to the same standard as Sarah Palin, and for me, the real loser in this sordid tale is my chosen profession."

Facts matter, the man said. But they didn't in 2008, not when it came to Joe Biden (our guy) against Sarah Palin (odd outsider). The ladies and gentlemen of the press were more interested in her hair, her glasses, her wardrobe, he accent, her sex life, her kids' sex lives, and her hunting habits than in whether her opponent knew anything about foreign policy, the Constitution of the United States, or the job he was running for. They still are."

Here's another conservative... (Below threshold)
Second to Nun:
And these Republican politi... (Below threshold)
Second to Nun:
Peggy, your fangs are showi... (Below threshold)

Peggy, your fangs are showing!

They say write what you kno... (Below threshold)

They say write what you know... and if there's anything Peggy knows these days, it's how to recognize "done."

From a first person perspective.

I'd think that Noonan's Lor... (Below threshold)

I'd think that Noonan's Lord and Savior, His Mightyness Barack I, would have made the world a safer place by now. Is Ms Noonan trying to say, in a subtle way, that Barack has feet of clay? Because if any of those events happen in THE NEXT TEN YEARS, it's going to be on Barry's watch.

Peggy Noonan is exactly rig... (Below threshold)

Peggy Noonan is exactly right. Sarah Palin is not ready for higher office. I don't think she ever will be. She lacks intellectual depth and thought. Those conservatives who say she is so genuine forget that the qualifications for president involve a lot more than that. Although I would aspire for my children to be considered genuine, I also aspire for them to develop intellectually, to attend the best schools, to be curious, and to understand that people do have limitations, and it is best to be aware of one's limitations. Sarah Palin is not.

Peggy who????... (Below threshold)
geo Author Profile Page:

Peggy who????

Sounds like she forgot to "... (Below threshold)

Sounds like she forgot to "gird her loins" and, even though his actions appear wrong, we should be comforted that Obama's actions are the right ones...no matter how wrong they look.

Right, Joe?

Peggy Noonan hit it on the ... (Below threshold)
Gonne Yeats:

Peggy Noonan hit it on the head. I am a registered Republican. And a woman. I believe that John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate was a manipulative, cynical move on his part to show how "with it" he could be and to sway the female vote. I might have stood with him. After he chose her, I felt compelled to go rational.

Kaitlyn - that is the most ... (Below threshold)

Kaitlyn - that is the most clear and concise statement of elitism I think I have ever heard. Well done.

I guess you liked Bush, then? He had the right pedigree. Went to the top schools (doing better than his presidential opponents, to boot). Continued to read voraciously, particularly non-fiction history, throughout his terms to satisfy his personal curiosity on a favored subject. Known internally as a sharp questioner, cutting to the heart of policy discussions without meandering off into tangents for endless hours like Clinton. Incredibly compassionate to those he met with privately to discuss their concerns and, too often, their losses.

You must be upset that he had to leave after 8 years.

"...in light of her choices... (Below threshold)

"...in light of her choices, and the fact that she supported Barack Obama over John McCain, she is not to be taken seriously when she lectures us about leadership in a dangerous world."

Sad, but very true. I hope she takes the time to read your essay, because she made a very big mistake and needs to be able to admit that, before she makes another one in three years.

If Palin represents common ... (Below threshold)

If Palin represents common (wo)man, then common man is a power/money-hungry, undereducated, deceitful, xenophobe. OMG! She is the common man.
She is the "common" Barbie doll of politics. Loved by girls who wish they could have a dude husband, perfect boobs and a snappy wardrobe. Loved by men who married "common" (now over-weight) women and need a fantasy Christian gal with perfect boobs and a gun. Loved by both "common" women and men because she makes them feel better about their own desire to kill things, and to blame others for their problems and their own lack of education (and perfect boobs).

So Peggy of the 'elite inte... (Below threshold)

So Peggy of the 'elite intelligentsia', how's those Obamanomics working out for you?

I don't think we'll ever se... (Below threshold)

I don't think we'll ever see another politician like her in the US. Seriously, there are only two positions on Palin - those who find it insane that anyone could think she belongs in the presidency, and those who think she belongs in the presidency. And neither can understand the other.

Has there ever been anyone else like that?

P. Noonan's views are irrel... (Below threshold)

P. Noonan's views are irrelevant. I quite reading her columns last fall, and perhaps earlier, because she is windmill that turns furiously in the wind and pumps no water.

Longdrycreek Ranch

Sung to the tune of She's L... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Sung to the tune of She's Leaving Home

She (She gave us a whole lotta gaffes)

Is leaving (She gave us a whole lotta laughs)

Nome (She got the wardrobe your money could buy)

She's leaving Nome and the governor's throne

After many months . . . bye, bye

I certainly understand that... (Below threshold)

I certainly understand that Sarah Palin has a strong following among many in the Republican Party rank and file. However, it is very easy for some political professionals like Noonan to find reasons to question this support.

Palin isn't really identified with many concrete issues. Further, she has only a spotty record of achievement as governor, before resigning the office. And her own unprofessional conduct has contributed to at least 16 various ethics investigations, although nearly all have eventually been dismissed. Compared to other less colorful governors, who achieve much more in a quiet and more professional manner, Palin seems to always be her own worse enemy and creates her own doubts among many voters. No doubt, Peggy Noonan, former staffer to Ronald Reagan, just doesn't view Palin as a really viable candidate for all these reasons.

A few days ago Palin claimed as president that she wouldn't face any ethics investigations because something called the "department of law" would defend her. It is naive explanations such as this that only raise serious doubts about Palin's understanding of issues. Many things just seem beyond her intellectual grasp.

Republicans can nominate anyone they want to lead their party. However, political professionals such as Peggy Noonan really worry about the ability of Palin to stand on her own as well as more serious candidates could.

There are at least 3 key an... (Below threshold)

There are at least 3 key and close ex-Reagan employees who endorsed Obama - Noonan, Powell and Duberstein.What does that say about the current state of conservatism in this country?

Reagan is revered as a saint yet today's conservatives turn on his employees like rabid dogs. And all for the sake of falling in love with a grifter from Alaska. What comes to mind is puppy love, kinda like Sanford and Ensign. You betcha.

What does that say about... (Below threshold)

What does that say about the current state of
conservatism in this country?

It says that Noonan, Powell and Duberstein are not conservatives.

Seems that the worm has tur... (Below threshold)
krkrjak Author Profile Page:

Seems that the worm has turned. There was a time I had a lot of respect for Ms.Noonan. I thought her views on where the country should be going were pretty spot on. Somewhere during the last few years she has lost her compass heading and apparently has morphed into a liberal. Her diatribe re: Palin is proof positive she has "crossed over". Good bye Peggy Goon-an.

Mr. Hooson: I realize you a... (Below threshold)

Mr. Hooson: I realize you are extremely educated and making fun of Goveror Palin for mentioning the "Department of Law" ha ha ha, but did it ever occur to you 48 staters, that the Department of Justice in Alaska in called the ha, ha, ha Department of Law? Of course not because you, like others, relate to what you have been brainwashed to believe, and don't realize that not all Americans (I believe you are one) fit the same mold. Perhaps, opening your closed mind and finding out facts instead of innuendos might return this nation back to less government, lower taxes, greater job opportunities, and safe borders, but that would be too common folk for elitist like you, so let's just leave things the way they are going and make fun of those who want to listen to the needs of the people and not the needs of the special interests and political deceivers. Great thinking!

She and many other republic... (Below threshold)
Larry Dickman:

She and many other republicans supported Obama over McCain/Palin because McCain and Palin were a dead-end ticket.

Run another idiotic ticket like that in 2012 and see what happens.

I think you attack things t... (Below threshold)

I think you attack things that threaten you. I don't understand why Gov. Palin terrify these people so? I really don't understand why so many Republicans and Democrats go out of their to pour out hatred on Gov. Palin. If she is so @#$%^&* stupid then, if I were a Democrat, I would do everything to make her the next nominee.
She quit because Democrats attacked her, the Republican Party Establishment attacked her and the Media attacked her. And continue to attack today. I am not sure which category Ms Noonan belongs in but this is just another attack.
I believe that no one could have adequately defended the policy positions of the McCain Campaign because aside from cutting Government Waste (but not really cutting Government Spending) Sen. McCain's policies were fickle, uninspiring finger in the wind, can't we all get along tripe.
I hope that in the next year that we get to hear her speak her own words in her own voice. Is she ready to be President? How on earth would we know? She has spent the last year speaking other people's words supporting a Presidential Candidate that wanted to be President but didn't really want to take the battle to the enemy. Gen McClelland lost and he deserved too

Paul,Don't you miss ... (Below threshold)
Codekeyguy Author Profile Page:

Don't you miss "Blue", where you were protected from challange to your commentary?
If Palin's "unprofessional conduct" was the cause of the many ethics violations, NONE of them would have been dismissed. They were dismissed because they were BASELESS and generated by people fearful of her popularity.
And FYI, I am somewhat underwhelmed by your reliance on Ms. Noonan as a predictor of "viable candicacy".

hgg writes:"Reagan i... (Below threshold)

hgg writes:
"Reagan is revered as a saint yet today's conservatives turn on his employees like rabid dogs. And all for the sake of falling in love with a grifter from Alaska. What comes to mind is puppy love, kinda like Sanford and Ensign. You betcha."

What does this mean?

Colin Powell endorsed Obama all but saying outright that he did so because Obama was black. So much for the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King. Recently, he has given hints of being disappointed with the president's policies. What did he expect? If one is an advocate of the policies of Reagan then there is no way in the logical world you could support Obama. Therefore, the only reason I can see that Duberstein and Noonan supported Obama is because they have a thing for charismatic individuals. Seems pretty superficial for me.

DavidD2 points re ... (Below threshold)


2 points re your response.

1. If anyone from the left ever argued that a conservative, Republican or independent voted for McCain because he was white the howling about racism from the right would be loud and long. It's incredible to me that some folks like you actually believe a man like Powell would vote for someone solely because he's black.

2. I'd pose a different reason why Noonan et al "endorsed" Obama. They were appalled by his lack of judgment in choosing a grifter as his running mate.

Correction - they were appa... (Below threshold)

Correction - they were appalled by McCains' lack of judgment.....

"17. Posted by johnnyr51"</... (Below threshold)

"17. Posted by johnnyr51"

Back slowly away from the man who posts his I.Q. in his screen handle. Too bad for you, those happily married "common" women are smart enough to keep away from "dude" philandering husbands, who only know people for their looks and have to repeat the word "boob" over and over again. You're depth as a human being is just stunning. Back to Du, Kos, and Salon, rummy.

Here's why all this matters. The world is a dangerous place.

Palin appears to be a distraction scapegoat at the moment for the real haters in the world. I find it interesting that she can only accuse without providing solid proof, but insist the world is a dangerous place. It hadn't occurred that one of the main reasons the world is a dangerous place is her verbiage. But if you're not at least reactionary, you're not going to get readers, right?

Noonan tries to stick a for... (Below threshold)

Noonan tries to stick a fork in Palin?
Peggy has so many puncture marks she
resembles a pincushion. She went over to the
dark side because she's getting old,
tired and wants to be a "winner". That
made her the ultimate loser in my view.
I suspect her current readers have HuffPo
as their home page.

Noonan has all ways reminde... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

Noonan has all ways reminded me as a high priced lawyer who defends the Soprano types. I find her without scrupples, an elitist, and worst of all, an opportuntist.

She's done. Stick a fork in her.

"Palin isn't really identif... (Below threshold)

"Palin isn't really identified with many concrete issues."

HAHAHA! Paul! Even if that were true, since when has that been a requisite? Again, we are speaking of the teleprompter teletubby POTUS, who can't express an opinion until his advisers allow it.

Peggy Noonan is as irreleva... (Below threshold)

Peggy Noonan is as irrelevant as Frum, Brooks, Colin Powell, and the McCains. They're done, stick a fork in 'em.

Peggy Noonan has accomplish... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Peggy Noonan has accomplished nothing in her life. Sarah Palin on the other hand scares the holy living sh*t out of liberals and democrats. I believe she will be President of the United States if she wishes. Bet a buck she would not bow to a Saudi King and would not have bought GM or signed away your kids future.

hgg - "If anyone from t... (Below threshold)

hgg - "If anyone from the left ever argued that a conservative, Republican or independent voted for McCain because he was white the howling about racism from the right would be loud and long. It's incredible to me that some folks like you actually believe a man like Powell would vote for someone solely because he's black."

What you suggest may be true the howling masses would be screaming RACIST at the top of their lungs capacity but...

... might I ask why in your opinion did 95 [plus?] percent of black Americans vote for Barack Husein Obama?

If you claim race wasn't a factor in that fact you're loony, not to mention detached from reality.

Of course it was A factor. ... (Below threshold)

Of course it was A factor. Just as your need to us Obama's middle name evidences your view of him.

Gonne YeatsYou lef... (Below threshold)
ed davis:

Gonne Yeats

You left some stuff out. You are a registered Republican [that votes in Republican primaries in order to get the weakest Republicans nominated].

Which makes you a typical Democrat.

hgg - "Of course it was... (Below threshold)

hgg - "Of course it was A factor. Just as your need to us Obama's middle name evidences your view of him."

Gee, what a surprise, hgg has the need to sling mud.

In fact despite your efforts as ignoring reality, the use of his middle name follows EXACTLY what obama desired how it was used when he was sworn into office.

So my "view," as you call it, matches Barack Husein Obamas.


I'm not slinging mud numbnu... (Below threshold)

I'm not slinging mud numbnuts I'm just pointing out the obvious. And you are so obvious.

Peggy Noonan is yet another... (Below threshold)
john carpenter:

Peggy Noonan is yet another human being who is unknowingly playing Ahab to Palin's Moby Dick.

Her apparent contempt for the woman is nothing other than a symptom of her obsession with Palin. Noonan and her kind would be wise to contemplate the Greek myth of Erysichthon whose arrogance is punished by the gods with an insatiable hunger that finally drives him to devour himself.

hgg... so I guess I'm not a... (Below threshold)

hgg... so I guess I'm not allowed [by you] to use his name as he directed it to be used during his swearing-in, is that correct?

Here's the reality:

1. I use what he desired during that function and says zero about my view of him, although it might.

2. I specifically use it to reel in suckers such as yourself who without fail play their "obama is a Muslim sympathizer card" when they see it written the way I do.

Congrats, sucker. But not to worry, I use barbless hooks and they are easy to extract from your gullet.

marc!. A blatant l... (Below threshold)


!. A blatant lie.

2. Demonstrates you'e an idiot with too much time on your hands.

3. As I said you're obvious.

I did a minute of research. Both Bush presidents used their full names as did Clinton. So when referring to Bush I you used his full name of George Herbert Walker Bush?

You're obvious, adolescent and an idiot.

hgg,Yes, it is incre... (Below threshold)

Yes, it is incredible, but I believe Powell made the decision he did primarily because Obama is black. If Obama had been white with the same obscure background and lack of legislative experience, I feel McCain would have gotten Powell's vote. I am not diminishing Powell's past service to this country. One does not have to delve into history too deeply to see that many great men have made head-to-forehead decisons on occasion. I think this was one of them for Powell. I believe people like you focus on Palin because of a perceived threat. I know I criticize Obama very much because he scares me. I consider him much more of a threat to this country and the constitution as president than I would Sarah Palin as vice president.

On another note, Peggy Noonan was a great speechwriter for Reagan. What I hope she appreciates is she was writing speeches for a very charismatic man who gave her speeches vibrancy because of the faith of his own political convictions. Reagan himself did a fair amount of writing. Peggy Noonan has been politically orphaned since the days of Reagan and she's just doesn't have it going it alone.

DaveDI might accep... (Below threshold)


I might accept your view of why Powell voted for Obama but you simply have nothing to support it. You're certainly entitled to "belive" whatever you want. But don't you think that's a little insulting to a man like Powell? As I understand it, and you can correct me if I'm wrong, the principal reason was McCain's choice of Palin.

Excuse my language, but Peg... (Below threshold)

Excuse my language, but Peggy Noonan is a horse's ass. What gets me the most is that her hero, Ronald Reagan, would be the first in line to support Sarah Palin and the first to denounce Noonan and her green-eyed elitist b.s. It must be terrible to wake up one day and realize you are just a useless twat.

hgg - "1. I use what he... (Below threshold)

hgg - "1. I use what he desired during that function and says zero about my view of him, although it might."

That's a lie? Which part, before or after the comma? Can't be both and you really have no ability to discern which unless you have the powers of Kreskin.

Not to mention you prove my point by showing others have used their full given name when sworn in.

marcAgain, you're ... (Below threshold)


Again, you're obvious.

I notice you didn't respond to my question about George Herbert Walker Bush. Again, you're obvious. Again, you act like an adolescent.

By you're own admission you like to engage others for the purpose to..."reel in suckers...." That's what adolescents and children do.

Grow up, quit lying and some day you might become a man. Mean time I'll do to you what I learned to do when my children were engaged in adolescent behavior and my grandson acts like a 6yo - ignore them.

When you grow up come on back.

hgg - what's more obvious i... (Below threshold)

hgg - what's more obvious is your lack of powers of observation, I answered your question by stating I followed what you pointed out was a long standing practice, the use of the entire given name during the ceremony.

You claim to have performed a "minute" of research, do a bit more and find anywhere in my 5 years of posting here where I did, or didn't use the full name of either Bush or Reagan.

Go ahead, prove yourself correct.

Great post Hugh!I'... (Below threshold)

Great post Hugh!

I've been sick and tired of Noonan for a while.

A true, rent-seeking, Beltway insider wanna be.

Thanks for the good post.

Sarah Palin for RNC chai... (Below threshold)
Good News!:

Sarah Palin for RNC chair?!

Forbes has an interview with Shannyn Moore. Here's the last question:

Forbes: There is talk that Sarah Palin may replace outgoing Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele. Do you know anything about this?

Moore: I've heard talk about it, but at this point it's just a rumor.


Howard Dean flamed out spectacularly in 2004 and came roaring back as the grassroots hero DNC Chair who flipped the House and Senate two short years later.

Just sayin'.

Peggy Noonan was "done" yea... (Below threshold)

Peggy Noonan was "done" years ago. She can shut up now.

Gee, wonder what Peg... (Below threshold)
Middle-Class Hick:

Gee, wonder what Peggy would have thought of candiate Abraham Lincoln? High-pitched voice, ugly, rube, homey speech patterns obviously from the lower classes ( trailer/cabin trash,) and not a graduate of ah elite Eastern Ivy League University.

Not "one of us," right, Peggy?

Larry,Run... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


Run another idiotic ticket like that in 2012 and see what happens.

By 2012 Obama/Biden will be an idiotic ticket.

Many of the elite believe g... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Many of the elite believe good leader is highly intelligent, has an Ivy league degree, a sophisticated demeanor and speech. What they hate about Palin is that she doesn't fit that mode, but what they fear is that, if elected, she would prove that none of that matters.

Noonan is just another whor... (Below threshold)

Noonan is just another whore for attention.

What they hate about Pal... (Below threshold)

What they hate about Palin is that she doesn't fit that mode, but what they fear is that, if elected, she would prove that none of that matters.

I agree. Otherwise they wouldn't protest so much.

Peggy Noonan hit it on t... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Peggy Noonan hit it on the head. I am a registered Republican. And a woman.

But, are you a CONCERNED CHRISTIAN registered Republican woman?

Your ideas intrigue me, and I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter...

Reputations To Destroy</... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Reputations To Destroy
from the desk of BARACK OBAMA

McCain √
Sanford √
Ensign √
Palin √

The best Republican Preside... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

The best Republican Presidents in my life time have drawn the most hate and had the most nasty vile spewn at them from the left...

bile, that is... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

bile, that is

Did ya ever notice how pret... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Did ya ever notice how pretty much everything the leftists do tends to have the exact opposite effect of what they intend?

They may think their piling dumptruck loads of dirt on the coffin of her political career, but they just may be building the foundation of the fortress upon which that career will stand.

"By 2012 Obama/Biden wil... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"By 2012 Obama/Biden will be an idiotic ticket."

What do you mean "by 2012"? It was in 2008.

A long radio interview with... (Below threshold)

A long radio interview with Ted Nugent and Palin today...


Obviously Department of Law... (Below threshold)

Obviously Department of Law sounds a bit odd to Mr. Hooson, as well as Carl Cannon, whose Sarah Baracuda article is linked here, but if you will use the link below to go to the Alaska State web site, you will find that our state government calls it the Department of Law. You don't think that's why Sarah called it that too, do you?

Those of you here who have read Mr. Cannon's article about how one-sided the reporting of Sarah and Joe Biden was might have read that, though he gave her good grades for the only debate she had with Biden, he faulted her for saying taxes had decreased every year that she was mayor, but failed to mention the sales tax increase that we had during her tenure. Mr. Cannon should have done a bit more research, because if he had, he would know that the only way a sales tax can be increased in Wasilla is through a vote of the people. In other words, we citizens of Wasilla voted to raise our sales tax by 1%. Obviously, Sarah didn't mention that tax, probably because she didn't raise it.

No doubt Sarah was weak on foreign policy, but can anybody, with a straight face, say Obama or Biden too, for that matter, were stronger. Like it or not, a president is only as good as his advisors. We can only hope he/she chooses wisely and thus far, this does not appear to be the case with Obama. But I would ask all of you this, which of the other three, Obama, McCain or Joe Biden has ever acomplished these things?

1. Cut millions of waste and balanced the budget.

2. Scrapped Murkowski's tax system on the oil companies that would have basically seen AK paying them to extract and sell our resources instead of the state sharing in the profits.

3. Brought a gas pipeline project to the contract and development phase -- something that's been tried and failed by other governors for 30 years without success. We even had one of those brilliant better than we are Yalies give it a try. In any event, it looks like the first pipe may be laid next year. Read about it at:

4. Removed legislators who were on the take from the oil companies to vote for the Murkowski plan I believe there will be more to come, by the way.

5. Redirected the wasteful Gravina Island bridge project (Bridge to Nowhere) funds to needed road projects throughout the state.

6. Though it's true the oil revenues have slowed, we are still running a surplus of about $5 bn.

I'd love to stick a fork in... (Below threshold)

I'd love to stick a fork into Peggy Noonan. why doesn't SHE go away?

We'll have to mark this as another brilliant prognostication. Palin is highly popular and will draw crowds and money to candidates if she chooses to do so. I know I'd go see her.

P. Bunyan,That rem... (Below threshold)
ed davis:

P. Bunyan,

That reminds me of the farmer and the donkey. Follow the link: http://www.thedonkeystory.com/

P.Bunyan is correct. The ca... (Below threshold)

P.Bunyan is correct. The candidates the conservatives wanted brought out the most hate from the left.

Everything the left says of Palin can be times 2 applied to Obama yet the "intellectuals" don't even see that double standard.

Powell cannot call himself a republican, offer advice as if he is a republican when he deserted the republicans when we needed him. It was cowardly.

Ethics in Alaska is whatever any citizen wants to file at any time. That is why that argument is bogus. The DNC was firmly behind that.

The good news? The left shot their wad on Palin. They cannot be overly critical anymore because main street america is really turned off with the lefts bitterness of all things Palin. So, whomever is advising Palin did a good job.

I remember Palin clearly st... (Below threshold)

I remember Palin clearly stating that she was reading what I think is the most important book that any politician can read right now..."The Looming Tower", during the campaign...but somehow that never got reported.

That people to utilize the "she doesn't read" meme is beyond vapid.

I guarantee you she'd have ... (Below threshold)

I guarantee you she'd have no idea what you meant in your last sentence. She might even think you are an "elite."

Its ironic that the leftwin... (Below threshold)
Thomas Jackson:

Its ironic that the leftwingnuts and Petanist GOP who are hurling feeces at Palin embrace Obama and Biden. These two aren't as intelligent as my dogs.

Peggy Noonan is a vapid twi... (Below threshold)

Peggy Noonan is a vapid twit now supporting the Democrat party. Her providing a hit piece on Sarah Palin is par for the course in her attempts to remain relevant with her new readers.

Its just one more yelp from the left in a vain attempt to destroy a political figure that terrifies them.

Ms Noonan about summed hers... (Below threshold)

Ms Noonan about summed herself up (projected the psychopathology that owns and drives such as she, that is) some time ago (she's for so long been of so little consequence than as an involuntary barometer of her own societal insecurity that anything she wrote that I spent more than the millisecond or so it takes to speed-read her rubbish likely places "some time ago" a very long time ago) when she devoted a column to telling those moved to read her rot about the motley mob of pajama clad personages of impressiveness who peopled the lobby of whatever DC backpackers she was flopping at when a middle-of-the-night fire alarm emptied its dormitories.


Ms Noonan's nonsense probably keeps her sufficiently innocuous to such other self-anointed nattering nabobs of negativity as comprise the much-vaunted east-coast "establishment" (Borg) to get her lots of C and D-list dinner dates. But when she retires?

West of the Hudson, no-one will notice.

Brian Richard Allen
Los Angeles - Califobambicated 90028
And the Far Abroad

.... (Below threshold)


Mac Larry:"By 2012... (Below threshold)
Larry Dickman:

Mac Larry:

"By 2012 Obama/Biden will be an idiotic ticket."

Still beats Palin/Sanford/Joe the Plumber.

Or any combination of

Quitter / Disgraced / Nobody

Not everyone is gloating th... (Below threshold)

Not everyone is gloating that Palin is going. Some are upset.


Is "vapid" the wingnut/Hann... (Below threshold)

Is "vapid" the wingnut/Hannity/Limbaugh talking word of the day, week or month?

Okay, I take back what I sa... (Below threshold)

Okay, I take back what I said about Noonan a few days ago. She has apparently found an opening to leave a reasoned constructive criticism of Palin for the more catty "threatened high school prom queen" approach. Her trying to outdo Maureen Dowd has quite effectively changed my mind about her.






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