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Blogrolls are so 2004...

Wizbang was one of the originators of the massive blogroll and we probably played some roll in their eventual de- emphasize at sites like Technorati. The sheer management nightmare of maintaining our blogrolls directly led me to de-emphasis it.

One of the problems with blogrolls is that things change over time, and you'll have a link to a site that eventually goes dead, or worse becomes property of a domain squatter or porn merchant. In those cases some pretty nasty stuff can creep into your blogroll simply because you rarely remove stuff from a blogroll once its been added. That actually happened to us with Allah's original Blogspot link.

Starting next week, after a thorough review, we'll be converting our existing blogroll (displayed on the Links tab above whenever the lame Blogrolling.com service decides to work) to a linkroll displayed on the front page. RSS feeds for the sites on our linkrolls will be aggregated and the most recent links automatically displayed in the sidebar at Wizbang. This ensures that all sites through front page display so long as they keep publishing.

I've just finished testing out the feature at Wizbang Pop! and it's working very well.

We'll also be adding a contact form where you can suggest links.


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Comments (8)

God, I'm so not a techie. I... (Below threshold)

God, I'm so not a techie. I don't even know what all that means. I suppose I'll understand it when I see it.

Reading this on my little P... (Below threshold)

Reading this on my little PDA screen, I though you said bog roll.
First though, WizBlue was already canceled. Second thought, "put on your glasses you idiot".

Cool, I was just lamenting ... (Below threshold)

Cool, I was just lamenting the other day the death of the blogroll. It used to be a good way to learn about new sites.

Good idea. I added a linkro... (Below threshold)

Good idea. I added a linkroll using Newsgator to my blog some time ago. It's a separate page, the readers seem to like it, and I use it much more than my Blogrolling blogroll to surf through the blogs I follow.

Forgot to ask: Are you usin... (Below threshold)

Forgot to ask: Are you using your own code to generate the linkroll, an MT plugin, or something else?

Five years ago (on a now de... (Below threshold)

Five years ago (on a now defunct blog) I tried my best to get a link from Wizbang. What a moron I was. Blogroll links are meaningless now. At least to me they are.

The blogroll on my current site is for my own personal use. It's strictly sites I like to read for either entertainment or because I have a personal attachment to them.

Kevin, Wizbang's problem is... (Below threshold)

Kevin, Wizbang's problem is in content lately; blogrolls and shortcuts are strictly "conveniences" found elsewhere or anywhere and who-cares.

Another thing: the troll-woman-editrix (Maggie) might be found to be a deterrent to a vital community of free-range commenters (Wizbang's main attraction). Never give a fat lady a gag; they tend to "project"!

Good luck.

bryanD, You are one ... (Below threshold)

You are one of the problems with the quality
of sites as Wizbang. You come into someone
elses' house/domain and crap on the floor.
Then you spew insults, boorish remarks,
rudeness and with absolute classless taste
when you're called on the carpet.
Consequences sometimes hurt.

Good luck






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