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Saudi feminist highlights the plight of Saudi women

Women in America live a life that is about as diametrically opposed as can be from the life that Saudi women live. I lose patients when I hear American women, who have the right to do about anything they want, including kill their own unborn babies, complain about whatever issue has their panties in a bunch when I know how women in Saudi Arabia are forced to live. See, women in the House of Saud are treated like chattel. They can't go anywhere alone. They must have a male chaperon with them at all times when they are in public. I remember when Katie Couric reported from Saudi Arabia several years ago. There she was on live television doing interviews with a male chaperon at her side the entire time. It was shocking and offensive that the government and culture thought she was so inferior that she could not be allowed to do her job independently.

As a result, one Saudi feminist is trying to draw international attention to how oppressive the Saudi rules are toward women. From CNN (Link via Hot Air):

Wajeha al-Huwaider picked up her passport, got in a taxi, and headed from her home in eastern Saudi Arabia to the nearby island kingdom of Bahrain -- a 45-minute drive that many Saudis take to get away for the weekend.

Despite having a valid passport, Saudi authorities at the border sent al-Huwaider home. That's because in Saudi Arabia, a woman needs permission from her male guardian before she can leave the country.

Al-Huwaider -- a vocal women's rights activist in Saudi Arabia -- knew before she left that she would be turned away at the border. Her attempted trip was simply to make a point about the Saudi guardianship system that she says "controls all aspects of women's lives."

"Either you treat us like mature citizens or let us leave the country (permanently)," she told CNN.

She's urging all Saudi women who are tired of "being oppressed" to go "to any border and try to cross it without permission from their male relative."

She wants to end Saudi Arabia's strict guardianship laws in which women must get permission from their husband, father, or closest male relative before doing the most mundane of tasks -- including working outside the home, going to school, maintaining a bank account, or leaving the country for a weekend getaway.

As expected, the Saudi government is telling Human Rights watch that it is reforming rights for women while it continues to enforce its draconian, hateful rules toward women.

I can't imagine living in a country where I had absolutely no rights and the men viewed me as a piece of property. The men clearly hate women so much they don't want to so much as look at them in public, which is why women must be fully covered. Take a look at Saudi Arabia's "Miss Beautiful Morals." She's praised because she submits to being reduced to nothing but a shadow with no identity whatsoever. Then again, she doesn't have a choice really. If she wants to have any kind of life at all, she has to submit to the rules the men have made for her.

Women are blamed if they are raped. Women are killed if they do anything that the men think have brought shame on them. I am convinced that if the men in these cultures could manage to propagate the male population without the assistance of women, they would get rid of the girls and women all together.


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Gee - The stupid p... (Below threshold)

Gee -

The stupid pigs at NOW have nothing to say. Guess it never really had to do with the plight of 'women;' just agenda-driven, power-mad liberals.


It's the NATIONAL Organizat... (Below threshold)
Second to Nun:

It's the NATIONAL Organization of Women (NOW), not the International Organization of Women. Their charter and mission in within the U.S.

Stupid pigs shocka indeed.

Is that you, ex-governor Palin?

NOW still could voice their... (Below threshold)

NOW still could voice their disgust with the treatment of Saudi women.
But there is no bigger phony than a far out liberal.
Why do the liberals stay quite or even defend Islam...I mean God forbid if Islam ruled the world they would be the first to be beheaded. Mmmmm.....

You're right, second to nun... (Below threshold)

You're right, second to nun - NOW would never, ever concern themselves with something outside of our borders.


But hey, at least they complained about how American companies did business in Saudi Arabia back in 2002, so that's a start.


This is why I am sickened b... (Below threshold)

This is why I am sickened by the *freedom of choice* for American women. We can abort a baby- and consider this a freedom. They cant leave their home, or speak to a non relative without fear of being stoned or killed for the males "honor code".

We sure have come a long way baby, that we have so many freedoms that we actually have come back door and taken away the very freedoms of the next generation.

Too bad Katie Couric didn't use her 15 million dollar a year salary to bring the spotlight to this issue...perhaps she would have more viewers.Of course if the left portrays anyone but the US as the villain, it will go against their philosophy.

Okay, "Second to Nun," what... (Below threshold)

Okay, "Second to Nun," what about honor killings in the United States? What about the burkha? (I saw a woman at an amusement park in a burkha here in the US. Her male owner was wearing shorts and flip flops in 100 degree heat.) What about the Muslim television producer who killed his wife because she wanted a divorce -- in the United States?

The "National Organization for Women" is nothing more than a front for the control of women through leftists. Their agenda has nothing to do with women but all about destroying freedom through a leftist agenda. If you want to know what NOW supports, look at the Communist Manifesto.

I'm also disappointed that ... (Below threshold)

I'm also disappointed that life remains so difficult for women in Afghanistan as well. Many women there protest the unfair strict Muslin culture forced on them and arranged marriages by setting themselves on fire. This outrageous act seems to be a way of attempting to shame this sick society into realizing the terrible life it imposes on women there. The fact of the matter is that the Muslim faith oppresses and hurts women in many of the societies that it operates in. Even when I see a Muslim woman out shopping in America, wearing partial to complete Muslim dress, few have any look of happiness, and most only look sorrowful. Even being godless would have to be a lot better than that life.

Paul, being from Toledo I h... (Below threshold)

Paul, being from Toledo I have seen several Muslims out and about town. A few years ago, I saw a Muslim family in a department store on a summer day that was particularly hot and humid. The woman was covered head to toe all in black with only her eyes visible while her husband and their children wore shorts, tee shirts, and sandals. Naturally, the woman looked depressed and resigned to a miserable life. I have to admit that I went out of my way to give her husband a nasty look. He should have been ashamed for giving his wife such an awful life.

You know Kim, you are corre... (Below threshold)

You know Kim, you are correct. Many faiths distort what God commands(or whatever god they have).

Fundamental Christians lock their women into drab baggy clothes so as to not make any man stumble. Modest attire is for both the man and the woman, and in the Christian faith the man is to be the head of his home, and cover and protect his family. Not in a smothering mode, but as Christ loved his church.The woman was not made from the head as to be over the man, or from the foot as to be beneath the man, but from his rib to be beside the man.

Any faith that controls a group of people in such a manner is not a great place to live. In the US, we have a faith like those in mddle east. This faith is unlike the traditional faiths we are used to but one non the less. It is the faith of the Left...and they control the women by telling them they have choice, they control the poor, by telling them they are lifting them up, and they control the media, by telling them that they are enlightened.

The middle east used to be the only society where they were blatant about this control. Now in the US the left has become as blatant as the men who live by the rigid laws of the muslim faith.






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