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Wish Me Luck.

Haven't been posting much lately.

I've been a nervous wreck about somethings, and it has blown my concentration to smithereens

I go for my back surgery tomorrow.

And I have to say, I am one nervous S.O.B.

Had to take another pre-surgery blood test due to my initial one coming back all screwy, so, in addition to worrying like a wuss about the surgery, I have these scenarios in my head of having leukemia or some other disease.

I know. Stupid of me. But I'm a certified hypochondriac at times.

My biggest worry is the anesthesia. Not getting enough and feeling the operation, or getting too much and I'll be in a drug-induced coma.

Or the surgeon flinching and I'll be dead from the legs down.

Feel free to ad any worst-case scenarios I may be missing.

I know. This stuff is done all the time. You're there one second, they drip some happy juice into you, count back from 100, and all the sudden you wake up in post-op, wondering what happened.

Anyway, it is supposed to be same day surgery, so God willing, I'll check in tomorrow and hopefully be able to write a bit.

Till then, wish me luck.



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Comments (40)

Luck.... (Below threshold)
James H:


Shawn,I wish you t... (Below threshold)


I wish you the very best tomorrow, and as you recover in the days to come.

I am a strong believer in prayer and will be sure to include you, and your medical team, in my prayers.

Modern medicine has made amazing advances and you'll be fine.

Take good care and follow the instructions given to you.


God bless Shawn.... (Below threshold)

God bless Shawn.

Good luck Shawn!Th... (Below threshold)

Good luck Shawn!

Things will be fine. Some semblence to Joe Biden is a normal side effect when coming out of anesthesia, but you will return to normal soon after that :)

It's not hypochondria, it's... (Below threshold)

It's not hypochondria, it's a natural guy aversion to anything 'Doctor' or worse... 'hospital'.

All levity aside, I wish you the best tomorrow and I'm sure that you'll be in the best care available.

Just remember, this is pre-Obamacare medicine so no worries!

Not to pry and obviously yo... (Below threshold)

Not to pry and obviously you don't have to answer, but what back procedure will you be going through tomorrow? I worked on the design side of many spinal implants/instruments and can tell you that those procedures, while scary to think about, are quite safe. The docs doing them are some of the best.

Another worst case scenario: wrong chart, wrong OR, wake up without a testicle!

All kidding aside, best of luck tomorrow and I hope all goes smoothly.

Good luck, Shawn. It'll be... (Below threshold)

Good luck, Shawn. It'll be okay.

Thanks all for the kind wor... (Below threshold)

Thanks all for the kind words.


I am having a discetomy/laminectomy (sp?). Pretty routine stuff from what I understand.

Still, I am the world's biggest 37 year old baby when it comes to things like this, so I am pretty jittery about it.

Gonna be a looong night.

Break a leg. See ya tomorr... (Below threshold)

Break a leg. See ya tomorrow. If I can get thru a double bypass, you can get thru this.

Good luck! I hope everythin... (Below threshold)

Good luck! I hope everything goes smoothly

What is the worst that coul... (Below threshold)

What is the worst that could happen? Wake up a Liberal? Probably never happen. That is usually only from intense brain surgery like lobotomies.

I had a huge fear of... (Below threshold)

I had a huge fear of the anesthetic, too, when i had to undergo open heart surgery 18 months ago. i had to have an aortic valve replaced.

I've been walking 3 to 5 miles a day, and the anesthetic went without a hitch. In fact, i've had two other surgeries since then for other things less severe, and the third time was like a pleasant dream and waking up to people I loved. Don't be afraid. Give yourself over to God, if you believe, or to the odds, if you don't.

Good luck

I am having a discetomy/... (Below threshold)

I am having a discetomy/laminectomy (sp?). Pretty routine stuff from what I understand.

Got it. Of course routine is a term used by others who aren't about to experience the "routine" procedure. I'm sure you'll do just fine and with some rest, be up and about in no time. At least, as long as this guy
isn't your doctor!

I'm in the midst of sufferi... (Below threshold)
Dave M:

I'm in the midst of suffering from a herniated disc (L5/S1) and arthritis on each facet joint surrounding that disc. Before that, I've had six shoulder surgeries.

From experience of pain and surgery, you will be amazed at how much better your outlook and overall well-being will be when that pain is gone. The relief I felt after the shoulder work and looking forward to relief with my back can't be measured by somebody who's never been there.

See you on the other side!!

I am 2 weeks post back surg... (Below threshold)

I am 2 weeks post back surgery that fused 2 of my lower vertebra together.
The first 30hrs are rough but after that it gets better quickly.
I walked 3 miles yesterday and have gone from
Fentanyl patch plus oxycodone for pain pre-surgery to just muscle relaxants.

prayers from Iowa

Shawn, I work in one of Hou... (Below threshold)

Shawn, I work in one of Houston's best Orthopedic/Spine surgical hospital's. If you are having disc's trimmed, replaced, fused or if you are having a "360" where they repair the area through the back and front, it is a very safe procedure. Spine/back physicians are the best. The OR techs and nurses will have every instrument and tool available for any situation the will arise. You will be fine.

My best for a speedy recovery. And do exactly what PT says to do. ww

Praying for you Shawn. May ... (Below threshold)

Praying for you Shawn. May God watch over you and guide your surgeon's hand.

I am sure you will be fine and back to Wizbang in no time.

Enjoy the meds! ;-)

Good luck, Shawn. ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Good luck, Shawn.

You'll be just fine, Shawn.... (Below threshold)

You'll be just fine, Shawn. Relax, think happy thoughts, and all that...it really does help and you'll heal faster. :) Good luck!

As others have said, good l... (Below threshold)

As others have said, good luck, Shawn. I'm confident things will be fine!

I'll be praying for you Sha... (Below threshold)

I'll be praying for you Shawn!

Discectomy? I've had two. S... (Below threshold)

Discectomy? I've had two. Short surgery (trust me, you'll be sound asleep), overnight stay in the hospital and home the next morning. Make sure your doctor leaves instructions for enough pain meds. You will hurt like a SOB the night after the surgery. You don't want the nurse to tell you "well I don't have any instructions from the doctor to give you..." And here is something I learned from bitter experience. Pain meds the night of the surgery will work better if you take a muscle relaxer along with them. Don't ask me why, but they do. Check with your doctor. (As though you have time to follow all of the advice you'll be getting!) Best of luck and don't worry . HA!

Shawn,Best wishes ... (Below threshold)


Best wishes for a sucessful surgery and a speedy recovery.

Surgery is usually never co... (Below threshold)

Surgery is usually never completely a good thing, as there are always risk factors. You certainly have both my best wishes and prayers that all will turn out well for you.

Too many Wizbang network staffers such as DJ and Bill Jempty(by the way, anyone have any news about Bill?) have faced health issues here, and I faced a great struggle with deaths in my family. Life isn't easy sometimes.

Good luck, Shawn! And God b... (Below threshold)

Good luck, Shawn! And God bless prescription painkillers!

(Seriously, my 68 year old mother-in-law had major back surgery on July 2 and she was able to get up and move around a day or two after. You'll be just fine.)

Shawn, I've had three back ... (Below threshold)

Shawn, I've had three back surgeries, and there is nothing to it. I had the second because I didn't listen to my doctor after the first. If he tells you to "take it easy", take it easy!

You'll be OK, betcha. I ha... (Below threshold)

You'll be OK, betcha. I had the same operation when I was 31 and was up walking that afternoon. Sure, it hurt, but it wasn't all that bad.

The nurse told me "NO SEX!" for six weeks after the operation. I asked "But I CAN have sex after six weeks? and when she nodded "yes" I asked her if she had someone in mind for me.

Just keep a good attitude. Joe Montana was playing football again less than six weeks after his back surgery.

Prayers that everything goe... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

Prayers that everything goes well.

Unlike some of my "friends"... (Below threshold)

Unlike some of my "friends", as least no one here has said "Hey Shawn, if you die, can I have your wall locker?"

Yes, someone did....and they were serious!

Best wishes! Try and get s... (Below threshold)

Best wishes! Try and get some sleep tonight, you'll do great. I put in special request to my prayer group.

Speedy recovery~... (Below threshold)

Speedy recovery~

Not 'luck', but prayers are... (Below threshold)

Not 'luck', but prayers are what is called for, Shawn. May the Lord watch over you and keep you safe through your surgery. And may He give your doctor judgement, wisdom and skill so that you will be healed. There! God bless you!!

Best of luck. My wife had ... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

Best of luck. My wife had a back surgery earlier this year and bounced back just fine. Also a one day surgery. But, whatever you do, don't try to get back to full speed too fast. Take your time. My wife thought she was doing fine after just a few days and tried to go back to work. Mistake! If the doc says 7-10 days before you can go back, listen!!

GL Shawn.... (Below threshold)

GL Shawn.

Good luck to you Shawn. Ma... (Below threshold)

Good luck to you Shawn. May God grant his healing grace upon you.

Shawn: Prayers and all the ... (Below threshold)
Marleen Perret:

Shawn: Prayers and all the best, just had surgery myself and they do miracles, I'll pray for one for you.

You'll be fine. I had the s... (Below threshold)

You'll be fine. I had the same done in 1990 and I'll bet they're even better at it now. Relax my friend, we'll see you when you wake up.

Whomever is leaving negativ... (Below threshold)

Whomever is leaving negative votes should be banned or forced to smell Dirty Harry Reids post autopsy froot of the looms.

Hey Shawn, Just r... (Below threshold)

Hey Shawn,

Just read this post today, hope everything went well.

If you still feel a little strange, make sure they didn't leave a sponge or a few tools inside you!!!!

Anyone heard from Shawn?</p... (Below threshold)

Anyone heard from Shawn?






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