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It's All Relative

It's amazing how the Obama Administration has managed to make $1.4 billion of potential revenue sound like peanuts.


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Obama will be appointing a ... (Below threshold)

Obama will be appointing a "Hemp" czar faster
than you can say "Michael, you're on FIIIIIRRRRRE".

Yeah, the fucking idiots in... (Below threshold)

Yeah, the fucking idiots in Sacramento have left no doubt they've been tokin' for years.

So this underground economy, that pays NO taxes, is suddenly going to roll over and go "straight" so that growers and users can "share" 1.4 BILLION with the state?

Hahahahahahaha!!! Only a pot-head like Tom Ammiano from San Francisco could come up with that one.

Does this "GarandFan" fella... (Below threshold)

Does this "GarandFan" fella have a job? Of all the posts on the Wizbang front page right now, he's commented on 68% of them, and of those he's been the #1 or #2 poster in 69% of them. The guy must spend his whole day checking his feeds.

ed, And your point i... (Below threshold)

And your point is.....?

What if GarandFan is retire... (Below threshold)

What if GarandFan is retired and has nothing else to do?

Or perhaps he/she is insanely rich and has nothing better to do with his/her time.

Or even perhaps this person is disabled from being in the service.

Or they're just disabled and live off of government money, and has nothing better to do.

I could be totally off base here, but ultimately it really doesn't matter.

I'm with ED!..(anybody that... (Below threshold)

I'm with ED!..(anybody that weird shouldn't be angered!)

Comment #2 is pretty much s... (Below threshold)

Comment #2 is pretty much spot on. Another interesting thing about the higher ups in the government is they pay NO TAXES. They will also not be subjected to Obama care, and don't regard themselves "common" people. Live off the government? Ha. That's a good one. Wait'll that "greater good" thing kicks in.

So let's see, California ha... (Below threshold)

So let's see, California has a $26.3 billion shortfall and Ammiano has discovered a way to generate $1.4 billion. Doing the math, I figure they only have to come up with about 19 more get-rich-quick schemes to balance California's budget.






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