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GOP Ad: Obama versus Obama on the Stimulus

This is a highly effective ad that illustrates plainly how Obama told the American people his stimulus bill would work immediately in order to stem and reverse job losses and how he is now doing what he can to cover his ass because his stimulus plan is an obvious and complete failure. Obama's strategy of insisting it is doing its job when everyone can clearly see that it is making things worse is just out right insulting. Good for the GOP for jumping on this one fast:


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If they were really interes... (Below threshold)

If they were really interested in stimulus they would have temporarily stopped payroll deduction taxes. That would have put billions into the economy immediately. Deficits would skyrocket, of course, but they did under the Obama plan as well, but with no jobs created. His economic packages have simply been wealth redistribution schemes or payoffs for support.

Racist!... (Below threshold)


sorry to be O/T so early...... (Below threshold)

sorry to be O/T so early...but Walter Kronkite has died...

Walter Cronkite, who actually makes my list of greatest MASS MURDERERS in History!
The "Tet Offensive" ranks as one of the greatest military VICTORIES in American history. Victories

The ratio of enemy dead to American and allied dead was staggering...surpassed only by the Battle of New Orleans and a couple others. Had Cronkite NOT said what he did, but had instead reported the TRUTH, the Vietnam War might have ended right there!!

The North Vietnamese considered surrendering UNTIL they saw the world press' reaction to Cronkite's statement. They then decided to fight on.

The war dragged on, and tens of thousands died. Vietnam fell...and millions died. Cambodia's killing fields, and many more atrocities resulted from the war NOT ending after the overwhelming DEFEAT of the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces in Hue and in the Tet Offensive.

Walter Cronkite gets to own ALL those deaths.

So, yup, he can burn in hell!!

now back to the regular thread!

It's about friggin time the... (Below threshold)

It's about friggin time the GOP points out BHO's lies.

Well He did create syndicat... (Below threshold)

Well He did create syndicate jobs and slipped lotsa our moolah into undeserving hands so actually He just told some little white lies to make us feel all hope and changy.

914.......... if you're whi... (Below threshold)

914.......... if you're white, you can't say WHITE!

Classic lies for the ages:<... (Below threshold)

Classic lies for the ages:

Your check is in the mail.

But honey, I will still respect you in the morning.

Barack Obama: "As I said."

Thanks RanNo offen... (Below threshold)

Thanks Ran

No offense intended "Whites" out there. I was just calling a spade a spade.

About 20 people turnout in ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

About 20 people turnout in Raleigh, NC for latest Tea Party:


Very effective. To... (Below threshold)
MMM Author Profile Page:

Very effective.

To bad it's worthless.

Why? Because it won't get play time anywhere other than on GOP/conservative blogs.

So, what's the friggin point?

That's the idiocy of these types of productions. Unless they get to the target of Middle America Voters, they just waste dollars, time, and effort. And you are not going to get to the MAV by posting on U-tube.

Unless the GOP wakes up and starts buying air time, they are only preaching to the choir.

Depends on what the word "i... (Below threshold)

Depends on what the word "immediately" means.

914..........that IS GONNA ... (Below threshold)

914..........that IS GONNA LEAVE A MARK!..lol

This is my top reasoning fo... (Below threshold)

This is my top reasoning for loathing Obama. Not the stimulus, but the outright lying when anything doesn't go his way. Every politician flip-flops, but Obama acts like a freakin' first grader when he changes his mind. "I didn't say that. You can't prove it. Don't listen to the audio or watch the video. Stop it!"

Adrian, that is all you hav... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Adrian, that is all you have to say. When your beloved leader outright lies to the American people he is sworn to serve and protect. You want to talk about tea parties? I have to ask. What kind of American are you? He is not lying about his sex life or who he got head from, he is lying about our money. He is lying about what its purpose was. We know he was lying, it is a matter of when. At first when he told us what the money was for? When Adrian, when?

Well, limousine liberals an... (Below threshold)

Well, limousine liberals and MSM "elites", you had your fun... and probably almost broke your arm patting yourself on the back after you got the Dear Leader elected.
Now you are getting the taxes you deserve, as Barack Obama is going to BLEED YOU DRY. And you can forget writing off your local taxes on your overpriced eastcoast/leftcoast home... you'll be paying more on that, too.
And here's the kicker: you'll be sending alot of that money to people in red states... to people whom you can't stand.
New Yorkers, Californians, residents of the Northeast and the D.C. Corridor, you elected Obama... so step-up and pay those absurd taxes without complaining. You wanted bigger government.. so try THIS on for size.
Those who live in places with more rational state tax structures will welcome you when you want to move there... well not really, LOL.
So head-out first-thing Monday morning and jump in your Prius with the "Change" bumper-sticker on the back and GET TO WORK... Chairman O needs your money.

I love the parody-troll on ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

I love the parody-troll on this thread.

Where the hell is the "mise... (Below threshold)

Where the hell is the "misery index" for the
poor masses when Bush ran things? You remember
reading EVERY NIGHT about the homeless and
the starving children with the Dow at 13000
and unemployment at 5%. Where the hell are those stats now? With unemployment nearly
doubled and the stock market in the tank,
are the homeless now homed and the kids

I want to know how many job... (Below threshold)

I want to know how many jobs have been "saved". No one has been able to tell me.

Oyster, Ask Adrian, ... (Below threshold)

Ask Adrian, he's so good with links! ;)

What a bunch of hate monger... (Below threshold)

What a bunch of hate mongering cowards who refuse to admit that obama has only been in office 6 months.

The current devastation of our country was caused by G W Bush and YOU over the last 8 years.

Giving billions in taxcuts while spending trillions off budget on wars that should never have happened to show his daddy he was a big man.

While Dick Cheney was yelling how deficits don't matter.

while making sure the buddies in the oil business charged us $4+ a gallon for gas because futures trading went --unregulated.

while banks and S&L's gave loans to anything that breathed--unregulated,

while Cheney's Halliburton buddies raked in billions in no bid contracts.

While AIG sold insurance on insurance to insurance companies--unregulated

While the posters here will actually see their taxes go down.

You're nothing more than a bunch of hateful little punks who really don't know why they're here in this circle jerk where everything they say is a lie or distortion.






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