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I Made It

Hey everyone!

Got home yesterday afternoon from my back surgery, so I figured I'd check in and give a quick update.

Firstly: I want to say "thank you" to all of you who voiced support and sent best wishes my way prior to the surgery.

It really meant a great deal to me to have so many members of our little "community" wishing me luck, lending a calming thought, and including me, a total stranger, in their prayers. I am consistently amazed at just how thoughtful and personal people who have never met each other can be toward one another, and feel very humbled by your expressions of support and insight.

We truly have the most wonderful readership of any blog on the net.

You all have my sincere gratitude.

As per the surgery, my doctor said it was a complete success. He said it was one of the worst, most massive herniations he has seen, and that my nerve showed signs of severe damage and aggravation.

I was very nervous pre-op, as I have never had any surgery done before. I don't remember going to "sleep", but the anesthesiologist said it took alot of "stuff" to get me completely under.

I was not prepared for the post-operative pain.

It was terrible. I have never felt pain like that before. ANYTHING I tried to do, any position I attempted to lie down in, any movement I made was excruciating. I just can't even explain in words how badly it felt.

Had to stay overnight, which I never want to have to do again. In addition to not getting any sleep due to the pain, my "roommate" was the loudest snorer on the planet. Animalistic bodily sounds emanated from him the entire night. He was also an angry fellow, complaining about his wife to any and all visitors and callers. He has been married for 2 weeks, and has a huge tattoo of her on his chest. He said it was over between them.


Thank God I just had a one night stay.

Getting home was the best medicine. I felt terrible all day, but at least it was in my own house, and not a crappy hospital atmosphere.

Anyway, I do feel better today. I had a full night's sleep, and can walk a bit without feeling like collapsing. I am hoping every day that goes by will be better then the last.

Going to try to catch up on the news today. Don't really know what's happened recently. Just glad I didn't have this done under Obamacare.

Thank you all again for your support. I very much appreciate it.

Your humble right-wing correspondent,



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Comments (18)

Glad everything went ok Sha... (Below threshold)

Glad everything went ok Shawn..

If this were endured under Obama care, You would still be signing Government forms giving "the One" all rights to body, soul and property/ future earnings while getting grilled by Gilberta the Social worker!

Glad to have You back! Best regards Jeff

Good to see you back Shawn.... (Below threshold)

Good to see you back Shawn.

Good news Shawn.I ... (Below threshold)

Good news Shawn.

I did laugh about your roommate. Maybe the narcotics had you hallucinating this guy.

Anyway, do what the therapists say to do. I'll pray for a rapid recovery. ww

I'm glad to hear that you c... (Below threshold)

I'm glad to hear that you came through the surgery with no problems.

It's good to hear from you.

Follow your instructions carefully and, when you don't want to do what the Doc and PT tell you to do, remember that they have the medical degree and that fancy piece of paper hanging on their wall.

PS...The pics of you naked during surgery go on e-Bay Monday morning. :)

Hope that's OK.

I'm glad your surgery was a... (Below threshold)

I'm glad your surgery was a success. Take it easy, don't overdo it, and I'm glad you didn't have it done under Obamacare too.

I'm so happy for your succe... (Below threshold)

I'm so happy for your success Shawn. A one night hospital stay is pretty darn good.

A few years ago when I nearly died of pneumonia, I had to spend one month in the hospital. Even though I was too sick to release, I demanded that I could come home for another one month stay in bed. Spending two months with life threatening illness was pretty bad, I tell you. When the Priest came in to give me something similar to last rites, then I knew this was serious business. Thank goodness you didn't go through a mess like this, Shawn.

Any one here have any news about Bill Jempty? I know he's facing some serious health issues. And DJ has had some serious health issues as well while he got a business degree. It seems that you can't write for the Wizbang network unless you have some health crisis for some odd reason.

At any rate, the best of success to you, Shawn. I hope my prayers helped a little. It never hurts to stay plugged in with God you know.

Be well Shawn!... (Below threshold)

Be well Shawn!

Keep on truckin'!... (Below threshold)

Keep on truckin'!

When I had a discectomy my ... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

When I had a discectomy my doc was cool enough to keep me in the hospital for a couple of days with a PCA pump. IIRC, the bill for morphine was $3,500. Needless to say I was feeling no pain.

Two months from now you'll look back and wonder why you waited so long for the surgery.

Glad it went so well. I do... (Below threshold)

Glad it went so well. I don't always agree with you, but I wouldn't wish back pain on anyone. And, as a snorer who rattles windows, on behalf of us bears everywhere...sorry.

Hooray! Glad you're back an... (Below threshold)

Hooray! Glad you're back and OK

Welcome back!... (Below threshold)

Welcome back!

WB, sorry I kept you up. D... (Below threshold)

WB, sorry I kept you up. Do you know anyone who does laser tattoo removal?

Glad your surgery went well... (Below threshold)

Glad your surgery went well, Shawn. We'll continue to pray for a smooth and speedy recovery.

- Mike

Congrats on the successful ... (Below threshold)

Congrats on the successful surgery! You should feel a little better every day, back to your old self in no time. Take care!

Glad you're back, Shawn. N... (Below threshold)

Glad you're back, Shawn. Now rest easy and get better.

God bless ya, Shawn. We al... (Below threshold)

God bless ya, Shawn. We all go under the knife at one point or another and all the horror stories we ever heard rise up and scare the crap out of us. But we wake up and although, briefly, sometimes wish we hadn't, this too shall pass. You'll be well and look forward and be thankful for every glorious little thing that you never noticed before.

You're way too ornery for this to kick you.

I am happy for you that you... (Below threshold)
sketcher Author Profile Page:

I am happy for you that you are feeling well. Continue to rest and every day will get easier..






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