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Will ObamaCare Be The President's Waterloo?

The Obama administration, sensing that its centerpiece issue of health care reform may be in serious trouble, is doubling down on its efforts to push the package through Congress. The Washington Post just put this article up:

With skepticism about the president's health-care reform effort mounting on Capitol Hill -- even within his own party -- the White House has launched a new phase of its strategy designed to dramatically increase public pressure on Congress: all Obama, all the time.

Senior White House aides promise "an aggressive public and private schedule" for Obama as he presses his case for reform, including a prime-time news conference on Wednesday, a trip to Cleveland, and heavy use of Internet video to broadcast his message beyond the reach of the traditional media.

...Another senior White House aide added: "It's time to raise the stakes on this."

The past six months have pretty much been all Obama all the time so it's uncertain just how much more the Washington Post believes the medium can be saturated. But we can be sure of one thing regarding the "aggressive public and private schedule": the private part of it will include a lot of walking around money similar to what was distributed just prior to the Cap & Trade vote a few weeks ago. During that episode, the Political Action Committees of Speaker Pelosi and Representative Waxman spread the wealth to more than a few wobbly votes to ensure passage of the controversial bill.

As I mentioned yesterday, Republicans and Democrats have acknowledged that the stakes are enormous on healthcare. South Carolina Republican Senator Jim Demint declared that an Obama loss on healthcare would represent the President's Waterloo. The stage is now being set for one of the meanest and nastiest hard ball political battles in years as the Obama administration signals that it will carry the ball instead of allowing Congress to lead on the issue.

There are a number of problems for the President on this legislation, not least of which is how to pay for it. One option, to tax some of the health benefits presently paid for tax free by employers would present the President with a serious dilemma. It would make him a possibly the biggest tax flip flopper in election history (at least since since George H. W. "read my lips" Bush) because Candidate Obama roasted John McCain for suggesting the same thing.

I for one will enjoy the coming free for all because it will show the nation something it never saw during the 2008 campaign: a Barrack Obama that has to descend into the trenches and actually fight with mere mortals for victory. A sycophant media, consumed with the insipid mix of self loathing, white guilt and a famous predisposition for big government schemes, will be of limited help in the trench warfare of health care reform. If you doubt that, you should talk to Hillary Clinton.

If your Congressman is a Blue Dog Democrat (or, more important, a Freshman Blue Dog) you should start making phone calls. Don't send emails. Burn up the phone lines, especially to the local offices.

An Added Note: The nation's governors see the writing on the wall in a language they can understand. It's called unfunded mandates. According to The New York Times:

BILOXI, Miss. -- The nation's governors, Democrats as well as Republicans, voiced deep concern Sunday about the shape of the health care bill emerging from Congress, fearing that the federal government is about to hand them expensive new Medicaid obligations without providing the money to pay for them.

The role of the states in a restructured health care system dominated the National Governors Association's summer meeting here this weekend -- with bipartisan animosity voiced against the Obama administration's plan during a closed-door luncheon on Saturday and in a private meeting on Sunday afternoon with the secretary of health and human services, Kathleen Sebelius."I think the governors would all agree that what we don't want from the federal government is unfunded mandates," said Gov. Jim Douglas of Vermont, a Republican who is the group's incoming chairman. "We can't have the Congress impose requirements that we are forced to absorb beyond our capacity to do so."

Gov. Phil Bredesen, Democrat of Tennessee, said he feared Congress was about to bestow "the mother of all unfunded mandates."

As has been mentioned before on this blog, there is an amazing disconnect between the ambitions of this President and state level constituents.


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Comments (32)

It should be his WAterloo..... (Below threshold)

It should be his WAterloo...and in a sane world it would be!

But remember, this is CHICAGO rules!

So when the senior White House aide says: "It's time to raise the stakes on this."
he means it time to make some people "offers they can't refuse!"

EVERY bit of blackmail, coercion, bribery, and outright intimidation needed will be brought to bear! Any Congress Critter with a (D) after their name that is even THINKING about voting against this should seriously consider going into the Witness Protection Program!

Cleanup on Aisle 2, someone... (Below threshold)

Cleanup on Aisle 2, someone spilled spam all over the place...

JLawsonThanks for th... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the heads up. I think we can expect a lot more of that in the next few days.

Its time to raise stakes --... (Below threshold)

Its time to raise stakes -- and pound them into this blood-sucking monstrosity.

I doubt Barry will appear i... (Below threshold)

I doubt Barry will appear in person that much. I can see Rahm telling him that it's already been too much all Obama all the time. Barry and Rahm are into having 'the people' pitch their case. They're warming up all those email addresses urging people to flood the net and the local opinion pages with 'their view of health care'. Expect a lot of sob stories about our atrocious system. The one that's so bad that others currently under Obama style systems come here to get medical help. Even Splash, on his death bed, will call for passing the ObamaCare bill. Of course Teddy won't tell anyone that he would never be treated under a system designed 'for the people'. Just like Animal Farm, some are more equal than others. Even Barry had to admit that he'd have his family treated "differently". Barry is all about 'fairness', as long as it doesn't apply to him.

It will be interesting. Barry isn't used to rejection. Unlike most thick skinned
politicians, he takes everything personally.

The cost of healthcare is t... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

The cost of healthcare is the killer, but Obama refuses to come to terms with it. As such, the cost will be ignored, obfuscated, hidden, and denied all in a rush to pass healthcare. Once passed, the costs will surface, as they must, and the nation will struggle to pay for yet another huge government program.

One of the supposed ways to reduce cost is to get people to live a healthy lifestyle. However, what studies I have seen show that a healthy lifestyle actually increases lifetime health costs.

Despite the higher annual costs of the obese and smoking cohorts, the healthy-living cohort incurs highest lifetime costs, due to its higher life expectancy, as shown in Table 1. Furthermore, the greatest differences in health-care costs are not caused by smoking- and obesity-related diseases, but by the other, unrelated, diseases that occur as life-years are gained (Table 1 ). Therefore, successful prevention of obesity and smoking would result in lower health-care costs in the short run (assuming no costs of prevention), but in the long run they would result in higher costs.

As often is the case in complex systems, effects are counterintuitive. You can also bet that such a complex bill will produce many unintended consequences. This is not something congress should be rushing to passing.

This may be Obamalala's las... (Below threshold)

This may be Obamalala's last stand as in Custer's. He needs to get this passed more than anything else to get re-elected. The Democrats in Congress are getting nervous and Obamalala may lose them on this because of pressure with their constituents. 2010 is too close and the economy will not recover. That will probably turn the numbers upside down in the House and Senate. The only thing Obamalala can count on is giving free health care paid for by the "rich" to a majority of voters so they will re-elect him. To him nothing else matters now.

It's amazing that the drone... (Below threshold)

It's amazing that the drones do not see that the Kenyan Teleprompter is in permanent campaign mode. No debates and no press conferences unless there are teleprompter and question delivered and picked in advance.

The obamski regime has a soviet style control over the state run media.

Nothing but controlled propaganda from the machine. Joe the plumber was the last unscripted moment for Comrade Hussein.

the house of cards Obama an... (Below threshold)

the house of cards Obama and the Dems have built since January is starting to crumble. People are seeing the lies on the stimulus plan, cap and tax and now health care. Time for Obama to stay in Washington in the oval office instead of glavanting sround the country

Obama's whole purpose is to... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Obama's whole purpose is to bankrupt the country. Everything he has done so far is with that in mind. As long as the structure of what we are as a nation is in place, Obama cannot institute what he has planned most of his life. This stuff is straight Alinsky. It is not original but it is not being called what it is either except by Beck.

America is wising to the fa... (Below threshold)

America is wising to the fact that Obama is ruining the America we love, and he seems to be enjoying thr\e process.

My Blue Dog representative ... (Below threshold)

My Blue Dog representative has all but said he's voting for it, "Just not in the current form" at his last (and only) town hall event and I've written him that I'll be actively campaigning for his opponent come 2010. He's very low profile here after wining election by 52% to 48%.

"The Won" is not going to take a defeat well and this may be the event that exposes the charlatan for what he is, a thin skinned narcissist.

Basically, If ruling party ... (Below threshold)

Basically, If ruling party changes, accordingly tax system also does, especially given the condition that the middle class is undergoing severe financial hardship as a consequence of the extremely high fuel price, mortgage rate, and insurance premium, which is a beauty and virtue of democracy as we know.

In case some people have enjoyed the benefit of exemptions, that might imply others have shouldered the equivalent of their share.
Now the time has come for the middle class and middle class-oriented party to take initiative.
In general, advanced states are characterized as a broad base of middle class, the recovery of which is what the last presidential election is for, too.

Alongside a tax on the richest, alcohol tax and ending subsidies for the private insurers can be considered, I guess.

13. hsr0601 "Alongside a t... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

13. hsr0601 "Alongside a tax on the richest, alcohol tax and ending subsidies for the private insurers can be considered, I guess."

It absolutely stuns me that someone can make that statement, and then conclude it with the words, "I guess".

Hey hsr0601, looks like you're searching for things to tax. how about oxygen? Come up the some numbers on lung capacity and average respiration rates, I guess. (sarc off)

Let me be clear the current... (Below threshold)

Let me be clear the current world-wide recession resulted from the concentration of capital toward a few, thereby revived middle class and consumer confidence would be a key to vibrant economy activity and employment as the money does not evaporate.

Basically, If ruling party changes, accordingly so does tax system , especially given the condition that the middle class is undergoing severe financial hardship as a consequence of the extremely high fuel price, mortgage rate, and insurance premium, which is a beauty and virtue of democracy as we know.

In case some people have enjoyed the benefit of exemptions, that might imply others have shouldered the equivalent of their share.
Now the time has come for the middle class and middle class-oriented party to take initiative.
In general, advanced states are characterized as a broad base of middle class, the recovery of which is what the last presidential election is about as the California budget crisis demonstrates the severity in collapse of middle class.
Alongside a tax on the richest, alcohol tax and ending subsidies for the private insurers can be considered, I guess.

Thank You !

Why do people want to spam ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Why do people want to spam the same comment over 50 sites. Hrs0601 posted this comment on numerous sites.

Think of something ORIGINAL to say.

Geez. Talk about mind numbed Obamabots.

hsr0601,I agree with... (Below threshold)

I agree with you that a vibrant middle class is essential for the economic recovery and relative economic stability in an "advanced" state as you put it. I disagree that an assist should be given by taxing the richest. First, unlike 50 to 60 years ago the richest and largest corporations have other places to where they can easily transfer their wealth. That is investment in emerging economies elswhere where there is a growing middle class without onerous taxes and other goivernment mandates. I'd rather have their wealth here. In addition in a vibrant economy a small business may grow in to a large business. If the owner reaps that success he must also be prepared to fail if he makes bad decisions - not be bailed out. If a large business folds but the economic climate is dynamic, savvy entrepreneurs will eventually fill that void left by the failed company if the demand is there. If the company failed fo lack of demand there is no logic in subsidizing it. We can readily see under this administration that if you accept a gift you are owned. This is not a situation that is conducive to an expedient economic revival. I don't mind so much that the president does not have a strong economic background. What bothers me is he has no interest in the impact of his proposals beyond simple ideology.

Basically, I liken Obama to the Man With No Name fron the Clint Eastwood film High Plains Drifter. The Man comes out of nowhere, no one really knows anything about him and yet based upon this little knowledge they are willing to place their security in his hands. You know the results if you've seen the movie.

I believe William Atherton ... (Below threshold)

I believe William Atherton in full Walter Peck mode would make an excellent Obama in the made for TV biography that will undoubtedly be produced in 2010. He's going to unleash what's taken years to contain, and when Gozer gets here, he's not going to be contained by crossed beams.

15. hsr0601 "Let me be clea... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

15. hsr0601 "Let me be clear the current world-wide recession resulted from the concentration of capital toward a few, thereby revived middle class and consumer confidence would be a key to vibrant economy activity and employment as the money does not evaporate."

Oh, you responded. Re: this excerpt from you response (restatement actually). That's is quite an assertion. Care to raise the first part from opinion by siting references? Authoritative references if you please.

But when economies stall, where does the money (also stalled) concentrate. And what does government do to get those parties to begin spending again. I'll give you a hint: it isn't taking it away from those parties with new taxes and fees.

Come on hsr0601, people are looking for work. Who's going to hire them? Help us here. Nearly 10% of the U.S. workforce needs productive employment. What's going to get those producers to feel confident enough to go out and hire people?

Sorry, I should look before... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Sorry, I should look before posting.

Care to raise the first part from opinion by citing references?

"Let Me be clear, the cu... (Below threshold)

"Let Me be clear, the current world-wide recession resulted from the concentration of capital toward a few."

Yes, and those few reside illegitimately in the whitehouse, congress the senate and other out of country places where enslavement to government is the obsession and goal.

I don't think Obama is out ... (Below threshold)

I don't think Obama is out to destroy America. He's not Ming the Merciless, although it's easy enough to think that.

I do think Obama is driven by petty class resentments and years of immersion in left of center politics. I believe his value system is steeped in have-not thinking and a desire to tilt the playing field back to what he thinks is a more egalitarian, no, socialist country.

He has never had reason to challenge his own core thinking. He thinks that America is the source of many if not most of the world's problems and thinks it's up to him to make amends for it. He resents capitalism and the rich and sees the conveniently obvious: the rich are too small a voting block to threaten him, he needs huge amounts of money to fund his socialist programs, so this is where to get the money and "social justice" at the same time. He has absolutely no understanding of economics or any sense of understanding the likely disastrous consequences of his Brave New Initiatives.

You're dealing with a 1960's radical, this time with an excess of ego and nearly unrestricted power. The importance of small business is invisible to him.

Throw in an election win against a weak opponent, a lickspittle, star-struck press which echo his Blame America First value system, a filibuster-proof Congress and a few scoops of narcissism and here we are.

Now surround him with 32 Czars, which are essentially inexperienced, lower management yes-men, and vicious political hatchetmen like Rahm Immanuel and David Axelrod to manage the information he receives, and you get a President completely tone deaf to half of the country and resentful of any and all opposition.

If we don't put on the brakes soon, we might as well learn to speak Fwench.

I think cap-and-tax and hea... (Below threshold)
Gary Author Profile Page:

I think cap-and-tax and healthcare are just stepping stones for a much bigger agenda... the "New World Order" (as it were). We no longer have representative government as we grew up with and we are marching toward losing all national sovereignty.

I'm reminded of Epictetus, the Phrygian philosopher, who once said that appearances have four states:

1. Things are, and appear as they are
2. Things are not, and do not even appear to be
3. Things are, and do not appear to be
4. Things are not, and yet appear to be

In today's world, I think we are dealing more and more with the fourth state. Often times, what appears to be the issue or problem on the surface, is just a distraction from the real issue or problem. It is deceptive. When those in power can make things appear to be when they are not and when people accept those appearances without questioning it, those in power can in effect, create deceptions that take away our freedoms without our even being aware of it.

We have a structure that "appears to be" our constitutional government, but the truth is... we now have an invisible government made up of czars in the executive branch, a combination of the Federal Reserve banking/financial cartel and multinational corporations for a legislature, and a supreme court that no longer hears cases that are related to the old constitutional form of government because citizens do not having "standing" (they are MIA).

All of this government spending using fiat money is just hastening the demise of this country's sovereignty, so they can get on with bringing us a global financial system and government based on the collective/totalitarian model.

My prayer these days is that people in this country will wake up and use their God-given critical thinking ability, so they will recognize the current deceptions being foisted upon us.

Getting a little tired of O... (Below threshold)

Getting a little tired of Obama's emergency "rush to deliver" everything he wants to ram through under the guise that the sky will fall if we don't do it NOW NOW NOW!

Obama will name John Edward... (Below threshold)

Obama will name John Edwards as Czar of the
American Ethos. This will distract from the
dying health-care turkey for at least.....
24 to 48 hours.

As Obama's chickens start "... (Below threshold)

As Obama's chickens start "comin' home to roost", he'll be promising one in every
American's "pot". He'll be promising "pot"
for every American, too....before long,
Fer Shizzle.

I hope this destroys his ca... (Below threshold)

I hope this destroys his carrer and ruins his relection bid His plans for america are a disiater

How can the republican just... (Below threshold)
Lade Afolabi:

How can the republican justify their attacks on
the president about the cost of healthcare reform .
they experimented unjustify Iraqi war with trillion of dollars and thousands of lives.
I think American people will better off to
give the president a chance to experiment
with all the funds he needs to save lives, create jobs and opprtunity in the process.

Lade AfolabiGET A ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Lade Afolabi


Obama has spent more THIS YEAR than we spent on 6 years of the Iraq war. YOU are truely clueless and drinking way too much of the koolaid.

As far as unjust war. WHy did most of the Dems vote for war? WHy didnt they cut off funding?

"I think American people will better off to
give the president a chance to experiment
with all the funds he needs to save lives, create jobs and opprtunity in the process"

We dont need an experiment. We need tried and true PROVEN methods. He isnt saving lives, creating jobs or opportunity. He is destroying lives, destroying jobs, and doing nothing but paying back political cronies.

This spring, due to the dem... (Below threshold)

This spring, due to the demand decrease, the highest fuel price came down below $40 per barrel, though, the 'similar' insurance premiums still go on rising, which may imply that health care is not optional, but essential, and the inaction could bankrupt family, business, and government beyond this recession, as all across the board agree.
Earlier, the revised HELP BILL with the public option and employer mandatory has got a green light from the CBO, yet still, a new 'incomplete' analysis of emerging House legislation said it would increase deficits by $239 billion over a decade.
But, CBO does not score any savings from prevention / wellness and the rest, even as Prevention / Wellness is an actual and essential part of the savings, without which the reform would be meaningless.
And I think the other things such as increased productivity / consumer confidence, 'potential stem cell effect', 'decreased mental stress', and 'massive job creation', 'stock price effect' and etc considered, the reform might be within reach. Most importantly, a few years later, if the excessive war and military spending goes toward the health care program, the cost issue does not matter at all, I think.
Edward M. Kennedy argues, the perfect should not be the enemy of the good, "Everyone won't be satisfied and no one will get everything they want. But we need to come together, just as we've done in other great struggles in World War II and the Cold War, in passing the great civil-rights laws of the 1960s, and in daring to send a man to the moon. If we don't get every provision right, we can adjust and improve the program next year or in the years to come. What we can't afford is to wait another generation."

Thank You For Reading !

hsr0601,Son, pasting... (Below threshold)

Son, pasting the same unreadable screed everywhere you go is the mark of a douche.

Are we talking Belgium or I... (Below threshold)
hot and humid:

Are we talking Belgium or Iowa?






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