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HR 3200 Kills the Private Insurance Industry

Obama's talk about his health care plan creating more competition is bunk. It will virtually make private health insurance illegal. If you are self employed like my husband and I are you will not be able to get private health insurance. You will be required to get on the public option. Take a look at this language in HR 3200 under section 102 with the Orwellian title Protecting the Choice to Keep Curent Coverage:

Except as provided in this paragraph, the individual health insurance issuer offering such coverage does not enroll any individual in such coverage if the first effective date of coverage is on or after the first day of Y1.

And then there's this:

Subject to paragraph (3) and except as required by law, the issuer does not change any of its terms or conditions, including benefits and cost-sharing, from those in effect as of the day before the first day of Y1.

So, the private insurance companies will have built in price controls on existing customers, yet they won't be able to bring in new customers after Y1 of the health care plan. How do the private insurance companies compete with the government run health care plan? They don't. This bill is designed to kill the private insurance industry and force people onto the government plan.

And if you get your health insurance through your employer, you're not off the hook either:

The Commissioner shall establish a grace period whereby, for plan years beginning after the end of the 5-year period beginning with Y1, an employment-based health plan in operation as of the day before the first day of Y1 must meet the same requirements as apply to a qualified health benefits plan under section 101, including the essential benefit package requirement under section 121.

In other words, if your employer offers health insurance, he has five years to make his plan identical to the public option. So what's the point of remaining with your probably more expensive employer's private health care plan? There isn't any, so once again, the government forces you onto its government run health care system and under its thumb.

Investor's Business Daily expounds further on this language in HR 3200:

So we can all keep our coverage, just as promised -- with, of course, exceptions: Those who currently have private individual coverage won't be able to change it. Nor will those who leave a company to work for themselves be free to buy individual plans from private carriers.

From the beginning, opponents of the public option plan have warned that if the government gets into the business of offering subsidized health insurance coverage, the private insurance market will wither. Drawn by a public option that will be 30% to 40% cheaper than their current premiums because taxpayers will be funding it, employers will gladly scrap their private plans and go with Washington's coverage.

The nonpartisan Lewin Group estimated in April that 120 million or more Americans could lose their group coverage at work and end up in such a program. That would leave private carriers with 50 million or fewer customers. This could cause the market to, as Lewin Vice President John Sheils put it, "fizzle out altogether."

If you don't like sound of this, then you need to get on the horn to your US representative and give him or her an earful.

On a related note, The Politico noticed what it is calling a gaffe that the president committed today, but this isn't a gaffe at all. It's a piece of the truth that managed to sneak out via Freudian slip:

Senator Jim DeMint remarked that Obama's health care reform plan will be his Waterloo if the GOP can successfully stop it, and based upon what's in HR 3200, you better hope the GOP and Blue Dogs are successful. The president responded today in a most ridiculous fashion:

He said this not about him, which we all know is untrue. Everything he does is all about him. He's the most narcissistic, arrogant, unreasonable, selfish, power- hungry president we've ever had. I called him our Veruca Salt president in an AIP column a few weeks back. I was right then and I'm right now. He will do anything to get his way. He will use every scare tactic, every strong arm tactic, and every blackmail tactic to get it passed and when he does, it will be as disastrous as every other program he's pushed through.

Michelle Malkin: 83 million would lose their private coverage.


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Comments (55)

With all this coming out...... (Below threshold)

With all this coming out...the Dims would be suicidal to pass it. And it is his Waterloo iof it fails to pass(which it probably will).

My best guess is that too m... (Below threshold)

My best guess is that too many controversial provisions as well as cost problems have killed any chances that this health legislation will pass anytime soon. You can probably stick a fork in it. It looks about done to me.

You are absolutely right Ki... (Below threshold)
Ashley Todd:

You are absolutely right Kim. I don't have any problem paying 30 to 40 percent more for my health coverage as long as that money goes to a insurance company with huge subsidies and guaranteed monopolies instead of the govt. If he thinks this is going to fly Obastards got another think coming.

Never give up kimmie, you believed in me and I believe in you.

Ashley Todd

Kim,I would call o... (Below threshold)


I would call our 2 MI senators if I thought it would do any good. My rep is John Dingell and I have no faith in him as I already called him about Cap and Trade. Its kinda frustrating.

Unfortunately, with what we have been sowing in the United States, I think we reaped what we deserved with a president like him. "He's the most narcissistic, arrogant, unreasonable, selfish, power- hungry president we've ever had."

Keep up the good work! I always enjoy your writing.

Hi-5 Ashley!!!! ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Hi-5 Ashley!!!!

Deb, You should know that J... (Below threshold)

Deb, You should know that John Dingell is the bill's sponsor.

The question that never get... (Below threshold)

The question that never gets answered is where the money's going to come from.

The rich have been soaked - that's tapped out and there's no way you're going to get anywhere near enough from that source.

The money is simply not going to be there in tax revenues. That can't be hidden.

Obama's con is coming to an end - people are catching on and he knows it. Now he's got to get people to commit to something with nebulous benefits, at an unspecified (though likely to be terrible) cost, because of vague warnings of dire catastrophe if they don't - but when even the CBO says it's be a friggin' nightmare if it DOES pass, then you've got to wonder about the gullible bastards like Adrian and Ashley who simply will not look at the numbers... and realize THEY are the ones that'll be on the hook for this con.

Kim... this is the part in ... (Below threshold)
Gary Author Profile Page:

Kim... this is the part in section 1233 of HR 3200 that bothers me:

H.R. 3200

Section 1848(k)(2) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1395w-4(k)(2)) is amended
by adding at the end the following new paragraphs:

(A) IN GENERAL.--For purposes of reporting data on quality measures for covered professional services furnished during 2011 and any subsequent year, to the extent that measures are available, the Secretary shall include quality measures on end of life care and advanced care planning that have been adopted or endorsed by a
consensus-based organization, if appropriate. Such measures shall measure both the creation of and adherence to orders for life-sustaining treatment.
The Secretary shall publish in the Federal Register proposed quality measures on end of life care and advanced care planning that the Secretary determines are described in subparagraph (A) and would be appropriate for eligible professionals to use to submit data to the Secretary. The Secretary shall provide for a period of public comment on such set of measures before finalizing such proposed measures.

Having worked in multinational corporations for decades, anytime I see the words "quality reporting", "measures", "metrics", etc.... that causes flags to start going up in my head. The translation for this is that whatever metrics are adopted (notice they aren't putting that in here right now), there will be continuous improvement metrics associated with the measurements.

So, if one of the metrics is how many seniors are essentially euthanized versus being placed on life-extending treatments, the continuous improvement will be there needs to be an ever higher percentage of seniors being euthanized over time. If a facility is not meeting the metrics for a specific time period, they will have their funding cut.

It is one thing to have a set of advanced directives in place. My wife and I already have that. I went through that with both my grandmother and my father. So, I understand not wanting doctors to keep you on some machine when there is no hope... and not placing family members in situations where they have to make the gut-wrenching decisions I never communicated to anyone.

But, with the above paragraphs, I can tell where this is heading in a government-controlled system. It is basically a way to systematically kill off the senior population.

Heaven forbid that disaster... (Below threshold)
krkrjak Author Profile Page:

Heaven forbid that disaster of a bill should ever make it into law. Beside all that is known about the pitfalls of the provisions of the program itself, rationed care, prohibition of option for private coverage, (legally) the astronomical and yet unknown actual cost, the lies about who in the end will truly pay, (that's everyone with a job, not just the rich) I can imagine an unintended consequence. There's no doubt in my mind that a health care black market would surely develop for those who could afford to pay. And walla, another government czar is appointed to ferret out illicit health care providers. While availability of health services shrinks, the government continues to grow. Where is it going to end?

Note to Obama, Reid, Pelosi... (Below threshold)

Note to Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Kennedy, Adrian and all the o-bots:

When the fellow holding the purse-strings is NOT the patient AND is the one determining "quality measures" and the "quality process" please explain to me how the patient is going to benefit.

Gary#8Right you are.... (Below threshold)
krkrjak Author Profile Page:

Right you are. Under that bill seniors with health problems are going to become the "clunkers" of society, no longer useful as a contributor, only good for using up health care resources, mere objects to be discarded.

Maybe there would be a "senior clunker" program established that would pay $4500 for turning one in.

Ashley Todd.......... (Below threshold)

Ashley Todd.......

Any relation to Sweeney Todd?

epador, I just read Gary's ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

epador, I just read Gary's post (#8) and it occurred to me - If we already had ObamaCare. And if Congress was forced to participate in ObamaCare. Teddy Kennedy would likely already be dead.

Dem politicians exempt them... (Below threshold)

Dem politicians exempt themselves from Obamacare...


Can't get the link to post,... (Below threshold)
krkrjak Author Profile Page:

Can't get the link to post, but a very good piece at "Breitbart" by Joseph C. Phillips, U.S.A vs Canada: The Health Care Debate.

With any kind of luck this ... (Below threshold)
Not Always Right:

With any kind of luck this farce of a plan for health care that Obama is trying to ram through the Congress just might be the final peal of thunder that awakens this country to its fate if it does not neutralize Obama in the next election cycle. And I guess if I really wanted a wish granted, it would be that some means to remove him from office as quickly as possible could be found.

Impeach Saul and free Ameri... (Below threshold)
914 Billy beers great:

Impeach Saul and free America.

But...but..Der Fuhrer has o... (Below threshold)

But...but..Der Fuhrer has only our best interests in mind. HE said so Himself. Of course such plans don't apply to His family or the ruling elite in Congress. Some are more equal than others.

Sad thing is - if this goda... (Below threshold)

Sad thing is - if this godawful fuckup of a bill passes, when the effects are felt Adrian and his ilk will disappear, because they'll have experienced once and for all that just because you WANT something and a politician promises to get it for you it doesn't mean it's going to be the way you think you're going to get it. The politician, after all, has his OWN ideas about what you should get - and you're lucky indeed if you don't get a tenth of what's promised.

And when you DO get it, you aren't going to be getting rid of it easily, if at all.

It's like all the old stories of the genie that grants wishes - usually in the worst way possible while adhering to the letter of the wish.

"I want to live two hundred years!" - and the genie turns you into a turtle.

"I want all the money I'll ever need!" - and you find a quarter on the street... but while bending down you get flattened by a dropped safe.

"I want sex with every centerfold for the last ten years!" - and the paper cuts force the doctors to amputate a certain organ you're really going to miss.

"I want free health care for everyone!" - and the genie puts everyone into a coffin 6 feet under.

"I want my old dog Spot back from the dead!" - and didn't Stephen King do that one in "Pet Sematery"?

The problem is solved - according to the wording of the wish. It's the unexpected consequences that bite you hard in the ass.

Obama's the genie that's promising to fulfil the wish of 'free health care'. Can we afford to take him up on the offer?

I wish Teddy and the dems a... (Below threshold)
914 Mary jo We love You:

I wish Teddy and the dems all the Obama type medical care their commie hearts desire.. Just out of curiosity, did teddy pay for Mary jo's funeral? Or was this another "perk" picked up by the taxpayers cause teddys too good to pay up?

Ever lay back in a warm bub... (Below threshold)

Ever lay back in a warm bubble-bath and watch
the bubbles? Every one will pop! .....even
the ones you're rooting for. They all do,
even if ALL of the media were rooting against
it. Obama still operates under the physical
laws of our universe. It's not nice to fool
with Mother Nature. He'll learn quick enough.

Darn - where's the usual cr... (Below threshold)

Darn - where's the usual crowd of douchenozzle o-bots to try to explain the advantages of this monstrosity? There's only so much in being proven right - more fun to try to convince the morons that voted for The Won how wrong they actually are.

Its not nice to fool with t... (Below threshold)
914 sue Me im Broke:

Its not nice to fool with taxpaying America's loving nature either You doofus allinsky..

If Obama is alone in the Ov... (Below threshold)

If Obama is alone in the Oval Office and he
falls off his pedestal....does he make a sound?
That'll keep you up at night. I'll give the
answer after his Health Care proposal tanks.

I think that maybe public i... (Below threshold)

I think that maybe public insurance could become a huge problem and cause minimal health care for everyone. On the other hand though, it could separate the classes of society and could be equally beneficial health care for all. All i know is..we are going to need more doctors. stat.

The time when every America... (Below threshold)

The time when every American can finally enjoy the basic human RIGHT of health care is so suddenly upon us, that you HMO-apologists and Blue Cross cheerleaders have your heads spinning.

President Obama and I grin and chuckle at your feeble nonsense.

You people are SICK. I'm not talking sick like millions of Americans who die every year because they can't afford the "best healthcare in the world". I'm talking SICK like SICK in the head.

I love all of the hand-wringing and bed-wetting over what the poor insurance companies are going to do now, with all of the blood they have on their hands.

It's time for you people to leave and go make your own new country, because this one doesn't want you anymore.

RyanWhat millions ... (Below threshold)
retired military:


What millions of Americans die every year because they cant afford health care?

WHere are they?

Of the 47 million number that is thrown around 12-20 million are illegal aliens.

Of the other 15 million can afford health care and dont buy it becuase they feel they dont need it.

My son works at McDonalds and has health care.

If he can afford it why cant other people?

"It's time for you people to leave and go make your own new country, because this one doesn't want you anymore."

How about you leaving so we can have our old country back. THe one where people looked to themselves to get by and not the govt. The one where everyone pulled their load and reaped the benefits of their own labors instead of trying to leech off others who were doing better than they were.

Ryan"The time when... (Below threshold)
retired military:


"The time when every American can finally enjoy the basic human RIGHT of health care is so suddenly upon us"

Funny that this basic human right didnt exist until 30 or 40 years ago. For over 10000 years mankind has gotten along without knowing or even thinking that health care is a basic human right yet suddenly in the last 30 or so years it suddenly is one.

Why arent you over in China talking to them about basic human rights? WHy is it just in America you are concerned? After all if it is a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT as you ascertain than you should be preaching to everyone in the world and not here. And while you are at it try preaching about the basic human rights of women to the middle east. Talk to them about ISrael's basic human right to exist without being attacked for being Jewish. Talk to the Soviets and the Chinese about thier political prisoner camps and their violations of basic human rights there.

Oh wait. You are too busy trying to get something for nothing here in the US.

"The Secretary shall pro... (Below threshold)

"The Secretary shall provide for a period of public comment on such set of measures before finalizing such proposed measures."

Riiiight. Just like all the other bills we've had the opportunity to comment on before they get signed.
Ryan, perhaps you can apply for a new position as Obama's "Speech Czar". You know, since no one's made us shut up yet, you can wield your new power like the tiny tyrant you are.

"It's time for you people to leave and go make your own new country, because this one doesn't want you anymore."

The fact of the matter is, YOU'RE the one striving toward making a new country. And there's a whole lot of people who don't want you here either because of it.

EVERYBODY HAS ACCESS TO HEA... (Below threshold)

EVERYBODY HAS ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE....not everybody has health insurance. The system does need some fixing, but certainly not government run.
I see many people who have nothing and not contributing anything to society and yet the get care as good as someone who is very rich and has the best of insurance. In fact sometimes even better. I have worked in a Catholic hospital for 42 years and I have seen it time and time again. So it pure bullshit about the "poor" not getting good care. Chances are that the "poor" do not take care of themselves as well.
People who lost their jobs, well again...I put the blame on the government. These are the people who deserve our concern because they are hard working and they got screwed.
I don't believe health care is a right...nothing really is except for the government to leave you alone. And the rights that are God-given.

Mag -Very true - a... (Below threshold)

Mag -

Very true - as I detailed in the ER visit yesterday. The guy had no ID, but he was taken care of professionally. (And given what we heard, even if he had a primary care physician he probably wouldn't have gone anyway. He saw the ER as his doctor's office, and he didn't have to pay a cent for it - so why would he want a doctor in the first place?)

Re: "The time when every Am... (Below threshold)

Re: "The time when every American can finally enjoy the basic human RIGHT of health care is so suddenly upon us, that you HMO-apologists and Blue Cross cheerleaders have your heads spinning."

Basic human right?? As Mag and JLawson pointed out, which bears repeating:

As to your reference to HMO-apologists and Bluw Cross cheerleaders...aside from being ridiculous to the extreme, I believe the term you want to employ is Big-Medical. Easier to demonize that way.

Im sorry for your loss Ryan... (Below threshold)

Im sorry for your loss Ryan ( millions of fictitious deaths ) must be very depressing? So much so that You have put off the grieving process and escaped into our little world of logic to make sense out of Your stuck on stupid reality.

Thanks for Your candor in this regard..Best wishe's.

By the way Ryan. If I happen to get gravely ill, I will not seek the free medical care services all around Me. No, I would rather die and feed Your ravenous delusional fantasies.

Ryan -That's a goo... (Below threshold)

Ryan -

That's a good douchenozzle! The concern was never about what "poor insurance companies are going to do now," but rather why the gummint is going to trash 97% of the population by tossing them into a crappy gummint program, with the bonus of putting future generation in hock.

Man, you put the "dumb" in "dumb-fuck."

"Man, You put the "dumb ... (Below threshold)
914 George Obama wants a new hut:

"Man, You put the "dumb in dumbass fuck."

Well, He moonlights as a teleprompter programmer, so what do you expect?

HR 3200 FOREVER AFTER TO BE... (Below threshold)
914 barock sucs:


Come on... Geez if you want... (Below threshold)

Come on... Geez if you want people to respect your view (which is correct) you should not bash the person proposing it with a biased fashion.
I'm not a supporter of Obama but still when people bash him.

When I see someone write "He's the most narcissistic, arrogant, unreasonable, selfish, power- hungry president we've ever had." I loose respect for them. I'm sure a lot of other people threw the credibility of your post out when you act like that. He has only been in office 6 months.

Next time post the compelling truth and facts like you did and then stop there. Don't tarnish your truth with childish rants.

Ryan ... wait everyone just... (Below threshold)

Ryan ... wait everyone just talk about this like adults. Everyone think about this. Who do you take more seriously: Children or Adults? People with a decent education or even have experienced some of life's hardships have the clear mind to make informed decisions without yelling or accusing others of wanting to destroy their country. Everyone has a backstory and everyone has reasons for their views.

I have Chrons This makes me uninsurable according to almost every private company out htere. If I use HIP and an insurance company is forced to insure me I'm paying more than double rates for normal coverage and I cannot receive any care for my condition until after 6 months of paying their premium. Is this fair? NO I have a good chance of cancer I am wasting away and can barely function.

I still think this bill is wrong. No one should be forced to get something. 2.5 of a standard gross income? This country was founded on our freedom of choice. Let us keep it.

Lets please remember some people really do need this bill... I could use this bill
It doesn't mean its the correct thing to do.

Gatsu Funny you sh... (Below threshold)


Funny you should point at anothers so called
arrogance, yet you are guilty of it yourself.
Mighty big rocks you're throwing inside of
a glass house.

Ryan,Please consid... (Below threshold)


Please consider a definition of "Right" you may want to adopt. A Right is something that doesn't require anyone else to do something. Right to free speech; I don't need to provide you with a hall for you to express yourself.
"..that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

HR 3200 Kills the Private I... (Below threshold)

HR 3200 Kills the Private Insurance Industry?
No, fearmonger, it won't, and that's too bad. Private insurance has been sticking it to Americans for way too long--I wish Congress would stick it to them. Shut their worthless vampiric asses down, and jail the execs.

Boy, if only...

Anyway, stop lying and grow some patriotism, you leech.

WE DON'T WANT THE ILLEGAL A... (Below threshold)


Instead of name calling and... (Below threshold)

Instead of name calling and falling for the false left vs right division of America, I wish individuals and groups would come out and explain in plain English line by line health care bill H.R. 3200. Then we could decide for ourselves if this is what we want.

The last thing anyone shoul... (Below threshold)

The last thing anyone should want is morew federal gov control over things like health care. Most states have their own free programs that we pay for. The real issue is managing one's budget. If my health inssurance jumps 5 percent a year and my wages increase 3 percent then I get 2 percent less in my budget for everything else. It doesn't mean that I get to cry with my hand out for free shit. I have to suck it up and reallocate funds as necessary. It may be somewhat painfull but if us lower middle class blue collar Americans can and have been doing it why can't our government? By the way, unemployment will never be 0 percent because we are willing to give people free money for being lazy or having more children than they can care for.

If I may offer another inte... (Below threshold)

If I may offer another interpretation of section 102: this language is in the section about "grandfathered" plans and it simply prohibits insurance companies from enrolling new folks under an old plan that only exists because it is "grandfathered" for existing enrollees. A private insurer must place new enrollees under a plan that meets the standards of a Qualified Health Benefits Program. This does not mean that private insurers are prohibited from enrolling new customers.

David,Fascinating:... (Below threshold)


Fascinating: how your final post seems to have ameliorated the entire anguish over the alleged murder of private insurance and entrapment of the American people in ObamaCare. I'm reminded of Saturday Night Live's Rosanna, upon realizing the silliness of her erroneous outrage over some misunderstood issue, ending with "Never mind. . ."

So your insightful interpretation seems to have shut down this ranting and raving, although they've all certainly moved elsewhere, howling in ignorance about mandated sex-change operations and abortions.

The provision for advance d... (Below threshold)
Dr R:

The provision for advance directives, ONLY states an option providing a MEDICARE payment, available ONCE EVERY 5 YEARS to doctors for have a "qualified" discussion about end of life care planning. I am not even certain that there is an explanation of what exactly the provisions of the payment or how to prove it was done are going to be.

BUT, pure and simple that is ALL IT IS: It IS an incentive for doctors to have end of life discussion with patients.

I suppose in an ideal world, all doctors, at least certainly all primary care or geriatrics doctors would have such a discussion with thier patients.

More than likely it will be a minsicule payment. But anything is better than nothing when you care for Medicare patients.

"So, the private insurance ... (Below threshold)
Aaron F.:

"So, the private insurance companies will have built in price controls on existing customers, yet they won't be able to bring in new customers after Y1 of the health care plan."

Wait... what? The language you quote ("Except as provided in this paragraph, the individual health insurance issuer offering such coverage does not enroll any individual in such coverage if...") isn't a regulation that private insurance companies will be required to follow! It's just one of the conditions used to determine whether or not a specific health care plan will be considered "grandfathered health care coverage." Based on my reading of Section 102, the language you quote really means this:

Insurance plans that enroll new customers after Y1 will be governed by the *new* health insurance laws. Plans that *don't* enroll new customers after Y1 will be goverend by the *old* health insurance laws, provided that they meet a few other conditions.

The above comment is correc... (Below threshold)
Aye Daily:

The above comment is correct. The language just means that future plans are subject to the bill. In fact, the bill ensures that most people are not on the public option. All that the paragraphs mean is that a person must carry insurance and that the insurance cannot change the terms while you hold that coverage. It is no different than auto-insurance.

first off, i am dead set ag... (Below threshold)

first off, i am dead set against this bill, for many reasons. but i would like to point out that your statements regarding section 102 of the bill are not accurate considering you took that paragraph of the bill out of context. the bill does not say that insurance companies are not allowed to insure anyone at all, as it looks like when taken away from the rest of the section. when read in its entirety it can be paraphrased to this:

any policy in effect at the beginning of Y1 stays in effect if the following is met:

the provider does not enroll any new individual under the same policy after the first day of Y1. (since new regulation will take place on that day, and those policy types become illegal, but any one previously insured in that policy will keep it as-is)

the provider does not change the terms and condition of that policy that were in effect prior to day one of Y1.


basically all that section says is that in order to keep what you have right now, the insurance provider must keep everything the same. and after the date of the bills enactment, no one new can be enrolled in THAT policy type... any new enrollees' programs are subject to the numerous (and i do mean numerous, there are nearly too many to read) regulations being enforced on insurers

The general public who are ... (Below threshold)

The general public who are oblivious to HR 3200 need to know what it entails. The actuality of it needs to get out so it can be heard. People need to be informed, and they need to know what is actually going on with this bill. Go to www.buythebill.com to get a free PDF download of the bill, or you can purchase a printed and binded hard copy of the bill.

Kim, it's time for you to r... (Below threshold)

Kim, it's time for you to respond to comments 45, 46, 48, and 50. Your post starts with a false premise, those comments point out your false premise.

Man-O-man, this author real... (Below threshold)

Man-O-man, this author really does his position no justice with all the bashing. Pretty sure some of this information is not accurate. If you read, as long as you currently have coverage, you can keep it. Any children or unborn children of someone with private healthcare will be permitted to have access to private HC. The only people that cannot get private HC are those that HAVE NO COVERAGE. Which is waht this plan is all about, right? I'm sure there are way to switch from the government plan to private as well, just no time to read on.

When I first read this sect... (Below threshold)
Kelli B:

When I first read this section of H.R.3200 (sec.102) I thought that it meant that once my current private insurance ended that I could never again receive health insurance from a private company but I was wrong. After really getting into trying to understand what this section means I have come to this conclusion. That if I were to lose my current private health insurance I would then have the option to either go with the public health care or I could choose a private company that will, after Y1, have to conform to the new laws that H.R.3200 has set into place. So, essentially they will be the same coverage. So, this leads me to believe that the private companies will start to go out of business, knowing that the public health care will be priced lower,most companies will be offering it to their employees not private companies, and most people get their health insurance through their jobs. I really do believe that this will put many companies out of business but you know what, they have been ripping us off for years! They need to comply with something in order to keep prices down so that we can afford to insure ourselves and our children without it breaking our banks every month.

Kelli BIf indeed y... (Below threshold)

Kelli B

If indeed your correct in saying that health care industry needs to be destroyed and that it will, your telling me that this will help our unemployment problem? Destroying any industry will increase unemployment. How many jobs do you think Obamacare will hand out?

o god there goes that term again, HAND OUTS!? seeesh, are we still in america?






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