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Obama is Hiding His Budget Update from Congress and the American People

Last Wednesday, the CBO said the president's budget with current medicare and medicaid spending topped off with his health care plan spending is unsustainable. There is no wiggle room in "unsustainable." If President Obama insists on pursuing this path, it will eventually come crashing down around us. That may not happen until after he's gone, but it will eventually and it will be ugly.

In spite of this dire warning from the director of the CBO, President Obama came out and said that the his health care reform plan was "fiscally sound." What part of "unsustainable" does Obama not understand?

Now the Associated Press reports today that President Obama is delaying the release of his mid-summer budget update until after his August 7th health care deadline and Congress' recess because he does not want Congress and the American people to know how badly he is screwing up this country, for fear that it will be another nail in his health care reform coffin:

The White House is being forced to acknowledge the wide gap between its once-upbeat predictions about the economy and today's bleak landscape.

The administration's annual midsummer budget update is sure to show higher deficits and unemployment and slower growth than projected in President Barack Obama's budget in February and update in May, and that could complicate his efforts to get his signature health care and global-warming proposals through Congress.

The release of the update - usually scheduled for mid-July - has been put off until the middle of next month, giving rise to speculation the White House is delaying the bad news at least until Congress leaves town on its August 7 summer recess.

The administration is pressing for votes before then on its $1 trillion health care initiative, which lawmakers are arguing over how to finance.

Obama is trying to suppress budget information that the Congress and the American people have the right to know because he is fully aware that it will torpedo his health care bill even faster. Can his dishonesty, corruption, and incompetence be any more obvious?

By the way, today is the deadline for Obama's cabinet secretaries to provide the ways in which they will cut $100 million out of their budgets. Have they come up with any cuts? Nope, they haven't come up with anything. Not one red cent. Yet, Obama says he can cut billions of dollars from medicare, medicaid and his health care plan? Yeah, right. Pull the other one, Obama.

Update: Be sure to read The Anchoress' outstanding post The King is a Fink. And, yes, she is talking about Obama. And, no, he may not be officially a king, but he's sure acting like one.

That's true, isn't it, that a king rules, while a president leads? That a king demands service, while a president serves?

Hmmmmmm. Feels like lines are blurring, doesn't it?

True: President Obama is the president, and not a king.

True: President Obama holds majorities in both houses of congress, and will soon own the SCOTUS as well.

True: President Obama has 32 "czars" working for and reporting directly to him, absent congressional oversight or accountability.

True: President Obama owns the press, who will do anything for him.

True: A president without checks and balances to rein him in or overrule him, with powerful minions answerable only to him, and with control of most information venues is a president who can decide he's going to just do as he damn pleases, is an unprecedented sort of president.

True: A president who can arbitrarily decide to take taxpayer money by the greedy mittsful, without at least giving them a receipt - why, that's a president who is barely acting like the leader of a republic at all. That's a president who is acting more and more like...well...kinda like king.

And as we all know, "The King is a Fink."

Thank goodness that when George Washington won the revolutionary war and the newly freed American people were so grateful that they wanted to make him a king, that Washington had the character and fortitude to say no:

From his republican values Washington derived his abhorrence of kingship, even for himself. The writer Garry Wills called him "a virtuoso of resignations." He gave up power not once but twice - at the end of the revolutionary war, when he resigned his military commission and returned to Mount Vernon, and again at the end of his second term as president, when he refused entreaties to seek a third term. In doing so, he set a standard for American presidents that lasted until the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose taste for power was stronger than the 150 years of precedent set by Washington.

Give the last word to Washington's great adversary, King George III. The king asked his American painter, Benjamin West, what Washington would do after winning independence. West replied, "They say he will return to his farm."

"If he does that," the incredulous monarch said, "he will be the greatest man in the world."

It's impossible to imagine Barack Obama, with his desire to imprint greater control over our lives, would have made the same decision.


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Comments (32)

Barry is probably wishing h... (Below threshold)

Barry is probably wishing he had the power of his buddy Hugo Chavez. He'd be able to publish any numbers he wanted. Damn meddling CBO! The one thing a wide-eyed socialist can't stand is the manner in which fiscal reality has a way of kicking you in the balls.

Hiding in plain sight.... (Below threshold)

Hiding in plain sight.

Throw him out. What an empt... (Below threshold)

Throw him out. What an empty suit. ww

You can have this clown bac... (Below threshold)

You can have this clown back now Russia!

I think 'fiscally sound' fo... (Below threshold)

I think 'fiscally sound' for Obama means "I'll be out of office before the bill comes due."

Only 7 months in office and... (Below threshold)

Only 7 months in office and the Obami is already toast. So funny.

Also with the release of th... (Below threshold)

Also with the release of this cover-up, no way are already nervous Dims are going to vote for the health care bill. Too funny.

It always gets me that Obam... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

It always gets me that Obama made such a big deal out of supposedly running a transparent administration. but what we get more often than not is smoke and mirrors.

I expect that Obama and most other liberals actually believed their hope and change economics would work. Now that it's becoming obvious to even Obama that it's not, we'll see more revisionist history about how terribly bad the economy he inherited was. Look for phrases like the economy was falling off a cliff, or the economy was much worse than anyone thought. If Obama can make people believe the economy was much worse than it actually was when he took office then the current economy doesn't look so bad. Obama is all about show rather than substance, which is typical of other empty suits I have known.

Worst president ever.... (Below threshold)
914 Billy beers great:

Worst president ever.

Respectively Yours


If this administration beco... (Below threshold)

If this administration becomes any more "trans-
parent"....it'll disappear! Death, where is
thy sting?

"If this administration ... (Below threshold)

"If this administration becomes any more "trans-parent"....it'll disappear!"

And that would be bad... why?

Seriously, I'm starting to think that Washington isn't the cure for a lot of the ills of the country, it's the source.

He shouldn't hide it, he sh... (Below threshold)

He shouldn't hide it, he should just get Joe Biden to explain it!

Really bad news Republicans... (Below threshold)
The Obvious One:

Really bad news Republicans! The economy is improving! Now more Americans will be working and succeeding and fewer will be losing their jobs and homes -- that sucks!


Obvious One, if the economy... (Below threshold)

Obvious One, if the economy is "improving" as you say, why won't your Messiah release the July report? I would think that The One would be holding a full court press during prime time in order to boast of His "accomplishment". Instead we get 'the White House will release the numbers in mid-August'.

#13 Bullshit, fewe... (Below threshold)
914 Barak is no American:


Bullshit, fewer are losing jobs because the record number of sacrificed jobs caused by Obuma the dems as well as the man made disaster recession they caused, has shorted the pool of sacrificial victims by 11%.. thus the damage appears to be mitigated by the destruction they already imposed.

I forgot one little tidbit.... (Below threshold)
914 Barak is no American:

I forgot one little tidbit..

"And thats the way it is"

Obama doesn't have to be co... (Below threshold)

Obama doesn't have to be concerned about releasing yet more disastrous news about the economy. The MSM will no doubt find a way to spin it as good news.

Look at entry no, 13 above. Look at all of the good news in that referenced article. A few excerpts:

"The Federal Reserve expects joblessness to surpass 10 percent this year and to stay above healthy levels for years."

"Mass layoffs continue across many sectors.."

"Harley-Davidson Inc. said last week it's cutting 1,000 more employees as motorcycle sales slid. Publisher McGraw-Hill Cos. said it eliminated 550 jobs in the second quarter. Cisco Systems Inc. laid off between 600 and 700 employees last week at its San Jose, Calif., headquarters."

With "Good News" articles like this, and the one that Kim pointed out, we don't really need Obama's budget figures. This administration does not have a clue and that is becoming increasingly obvious to damn near everyone.

Hank, I'm afraid I'm going ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Hank, I'm afraid I'm going to disagree with you on one of your points. I don't think, "(t)his administration does not have a clue". I think this administration does not give a shit. Either high unemployment doesn't bother them, or it's what they want. Otherwise they would be doing something to make it possible for it to come down.

Otherwise, spot on.

Good one Kim.

Quote of the Day:"... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Quote of the Day:

"This isn't about me. This isn't about politics. This is about a health care system that is breaking America's families, breaking America's businesses, and breaking American's economy."
~Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America

He's a Marxist that is inve... (Below threshold)

He's a Marxist that is invested in destroying our way of life. That's why he doesn't give a fig about the economy. You won't understand his actions until you understand he is a marxist.

This morning I had to spend... (Below threshold)

This morning I had to spend about 4 hours in the ER staying with one of my folks who'd fallen and hurt their hip. (Osteoporosis at 92 ain't a joke.) Thankfully, a CAT scan and XRays showed nothing was broken, but they're going to keep my parent overnight for observation.

In the next bay of the ER, we had an entertaining (if short) succession of people. One was a young guy, in his 20s or so, who dropped an air conditioner on his bare foot. He was actually kind of amused to get his foot xrayed - he'd broken his leg, his arm twice and his ribs several times, but never his foot. Stitches and novocaine, and he walked out of there.

The next customer was 'Frank' - who didn't have insurance, didn't have a job, was in a 'program' which was supposed to help him with something unspecified, wanted to see a case worker to get a machine that he could stick himself with, was in the ER last week because he passed out and they gave him some pills for his diabetes, but he didn't know what they were. He was also thirsty, and wanted some ginger ale.

When asked if he'd been eating regularly, he said he had some meatloaf yesterday at the lake with some friends, but after that he took one of his pills and then he was feeling shakey, and he had some hot dogs this morning. The doctor examined him, asked him if he was using any illegal drugs.

Frank asked "Wha?" Patiently the doctor explained "Cocaine, Pot, Marijuana, speed, hash, you know." Frank replied "Nah, they check us once a week to see if we've been drinking. On Sunday. I'm in a program, and we ain't supposed to do stuff like that, they'll tell my probation officer. Can I see a caseworker? And I'm almost out of those pills I got last week."

Yeah, Adrian. The system's broken. Just ask Frank.

The Ooover is gonna be drug... (Below threshold)

The Ooover is gonna be drug out into the sunshine. Falling popularity, thuggish behavior - any questions? Taxpayers HATE marxists. Because, in truth, we ain't all equal.

Being a student and teacher... (Below threshold)

Being a student and teacher of history I enjoyed the reference the article made to Washigton and his Presidecy.

In the modern classroom where he is taught as the first in a string of slave owning, patriarchial, DWG's (Dead White Guys) and as the new texts being pushed upon schools illustrate, we've been under that control up to the election of our new Mesiah. Despite this
Washington still stands, as arguably, the greatest non religious figure in world history.

At the end of the Revolution, he had the complete loyalty of the only organized military force in the Colonies, he could have taken, by force, control of the new country, as a matter of fact many offered him a monarchy; Washington rufused this on Principal. In almost all cases where revolution occured through armed struggle the leading military leaders soon took control and we see, throughout history, the anarchy that resulted.

He set the standard for what we expect of our Presidents and fulfilled his role with the utmost of respect. Though an isolationist, his advice on foreign entaglements and the over involvement of political parties, still rings true today.

The difference between Washington and the current administration is Washingtons over riding theme was principal the current office holder is all about power, forging and maintaining it.

Hamilton, one of the most ardent supporters of a strong central government would even be appaled at the amount of power that is centered in Washington D.C. Obama's desire to not realease budget numbers is just another example of his desire for control, centered on the capital.

One has to look no further than the issue of so called "Blue Dog" democrats to see that Washington's advice on Political Parties rings true nearly 300 yrs later. These Reps have to decide what is more important, their constituents and future generations or the desires of their parties leadership, which due to the fact that being elected to congress has become a career instead of a civic duty, these leaders have TREMENDOUS influence on their decisions.

I would encourage ppl to study the fall of the Roman Republic and the writings of our Founding Fathers. Both of these will give one an idea of where we are heading and a way to correct the course.

The Oblivious One,<bl... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

The Oblivious One,

The economy is improving! Now more Americans will be working and succeeding and fewer will be losing their jobs and homes.

An yet the article you linked to in order to support your contention includes the following paragraph:

"The slump in housing led the country into the longest recession since World War II. The downturn has pushed the unemployment rate to a 26-year high of 9.5 percent. The Federal Reserve expects joblessness to surpass 10 percent this year and to stay above healthy levels for years."

It's telling that you think still feeling for the bottom is good economic news.

Better quote of the Day:</p... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Better quote of the Day:

"If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it's free." -- P.J. O'Rourke

19. Adrian Brown, Quote of ... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

19. Adrian Brown, Quote of the Day:
"This isn't about me. This isn't about politics. This is about a health care system that is breaking America's families, breaking America's businesses, and breaking American's economy."

Adrian, for me to accept Obama's statement as something he actually believes I would have to acknowledge that the current POTUS is delusional. I'm willing to bet I'm not the only person who sees it this way. So tell us, how are we supposed to find that reassuring?

As a point of fact, Obama d... (Below threshold)

As a point of fact, Obama did NOT promise billions in health care savings.

He promised HUNDREDS of billions in health care savings. I heard him say it, just before my bullshit meter pegged and broke.

Adrian Brown""This i... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Adrian Brown
""This isn't about me. This isn't about politics. This is about a health care system that is breaking America's families, breaking America's businesses, and breaking American's economy."
~Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America


Well it is about time that Obama started telling the truth about his healthcare program which would break America's families, America's business and the American economy.

What does Adrian care about... (Below threshold)

What does Adrian care about the destruction of our economy. It obivious that he is a loser and takes delight in seeing winners hurt.

The Obvious One should have... (Below threshold)

The Obvious One should have quoted Lawrence Summers instead, what with his ability to access the # of folks searching economic terms on google.

Hey Larry, how about counting the # of folks searching for "Snow" on google? Like to know if I should buy new skis this winter.


Ever sat in a bubble bath w... (Below threshold)

Ever sat in a bubble bath watching 'em pop?
It's a given. Every bubble will pop. Some,
like Obama take a lot longer.....but they
ALL POP! It's not nice to fool Mother Nature.
Not one bit.

#13: Don't get too cocky. <... (Below threshold)

#13: Don't get too cocky.

During Roosevelt's Depression, there were 7 or 8 Suckers' Rallies. But now, given that Wall Street's "Democrats" have created a monetary crisis of such severity as to have lead into a potentially much worse situation than the Fed's monetarists did in the 1930s -- and that the Soros and other sinister Svengali-steered sail-eared simpleton is the fascistic traitor, Roosevelt, on steroids? There'll be suckers' rallies galore this time around, too.

But let none of us for an instant believe that the RICO-racketeering gangster basta*ds in our once white house see the prospect of "failure" in the same way we all do. For those pathologically-godless Nihilists, whose ambition is the destruction of America's Exceptionalism and our vanguarding of Judeo-Christian/Western/Human Civilization?

To fail is to win.

Brian Richard Allen
L A - CA 90028






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