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Blue Dog Democrats Resent Obama Giving Voters Pitchforks

President Obama, executing the ready, fire, aim drill he has perfected since January, yesterday "lashed out at Republicans for following a "familiar script" to "block healthcare reform." Diverting attention from the elephant in the room (pardon the pun, it's really a donkey) the President conveniently ignored that he doesn't need the Republicans to get this health care Trojan horse inside the gates. Those urgent meetings he was having in the White House yesterday were with Democrats:

But the bill has been bogged down by concerns among Blue Dog Democrats, who say the bill doesn't cut enough costs, and by freshman Democrats, many of whom oppose an income surtax on the wealthy to help pay the cost of the $1 trillion overhaul.

Making matters worse, Democrats on the Energy and Commerce Committee said privately that the universe of opposition extends far beyond the Blue Dogs and freshmen who have gotten the most attention simply because they've been the most vocal in demanding changes.

And then there is that Senate Cap and Trade knife still sticking in the back of some of those moderate Democrat Congressmen that dutifully walked the plank for Cap and Trade (only to find out the bill is DOA in the Senate):

Some members want to wait to see what the more conservative Senate will do so that members don't have to make tough votes on issues, like raising taxes, that are difficult to get through the upper chamber.

As more polls show the President and Congress are pushing a scheme that voters have wised up to, it's beginning to look like Charlie Rangel is the only Democrat that willing to say the obvious:

"No one wants to tell the speaker that she's moving too fast and they damn sure don't want to tell the president," Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., a key committee chairman, told a fellow lawmaker as the two walked into a closed-door meeting. The remark was overheard by reporters"

What is remarkable is the sight of rubbernecking Democrats driving by the political pile up at the Capitol Hill intersection of ignorance and arrogance. Once comfortable that they would be settling into several terms of Democratic majorities, many are now wondering if they can escape the voter wrath that is sweeping the nation. Some moderates may be wondering if this President will stand between them and the pitchforks.


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Where are the news stories ... (Below threshold)

Where are the news stories showing the giant ticker that displayed each person's personal share of the national debt? Remember the one from the 80s?

After seeing how well the s... (Below threshold)

After seeing how well the so-called Stimulus bill is working, people are indeed paying closer attention to the other debacles the dems are pushing.

Ironically, seems more people have read the bills than those sponsoring and trying to pass them.

As to Dana's question about the giant ticker that displayed each person's personal share of the national debt, that's been mothballed along with stories about the homeless, congressional corruption and anti-war protests.

President Obama, executi... (Below threshold)

President Obama, executing the ready, fire, aim drill he has perfected since January, yesterday "lashed out at Republicans for following a "familiar script" to "block healthcare reform."

Is Obama mad at Republicans for blocking the healthcare reform bill that he hasn't read yet?

...damn sure don't want ... (Below threshold)

...damn sure don't want to tell the President.

Why, what's he gonna do? Take away your birthday?

Obama remains in this envia... (Below threshold)

Obama remains in this enviable position that people like him. I don't get it but it seems to be the case. On the other hand it pleases me that folks are beginning to voice some skepticism about his policy initiatives. Obama says "this is not about me" and I think the Republicans should go with that. What I mean is challenge Obama's policies not as 'the Presidents plan' but as the 'Democrat proposal' and basically pit themselves against their legislative opposition. The Republicans' only near term chance to regain some power is in the 2010 legislative elections. So if people have frustrations this is where they are going to express it. Let the Democrat legislators pay for voting for the Presidents programs. I also think there are still a decent number of folks out there who voted for Obama who know he is not who they felt he was but are not ready to be reminded of that by anyone especially anyone from the opposition. I am praying that this arrogant huckster of a President will destroy his own legacy if given enough deference to do so. Of course my other prayer is that he does not do any irreparable damage until that time.

The Dems in Congress are st... (Below threshold)

The Dems in Congress are starting to realize that the next statistics of unemployment could well be THEM! Americans are catching on to Zero's boondoggles and they aren't at all pleased!

I sat in traffic last night... (Below threshold)

I sat in traffic last night for an hour and a half as they repaved a perfectly good section of a highway interchange, that didn't even need repaving. Right next to it is a sign that said this project was courtesy of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

How much time was wasted because tens of thousands of drivers were delayed over an hour while half a dozen guys repaved a road that didn't need repaving?

Obama is in full self destr... (Below threshold)

Obama is in full self destruction mode. At this rate, Palin will take more states than Reagan did in 1984.

For you democrats, that means she takes Minnesota as well.

Re: #8 - As a native... (Below threshold)

Re: #8 -
As a native Minnesotan, I would dearly love to see my home state go red in 2012.

National Debt Ticker? My as... (Below threshold)

National Debt Ticker? My ass. Obama won't even release the quarterly budget numbers, is very likely fudging the unemployment numbers, and is making up cost estimates about such things as health care "savings" out of whole cloth.

Such things are inconvenient.

Be sure to schedule time for this evening's press conference. You must tune in for the scheduled Hate Minutes immediately following. Attendance is mandatory. Carbon Credit fines will be assessed for unauthorized absence.

Whats up with the CBO Direc... (Below threshold)

Whats up with the CBO Director being called to the White House? Is he being called a Republican too?

How long before we see ACOR... (Below threshold)

How long before we see ACORN bussing protesters to the homes of the blue dog democrats?

People are beginning to rea... (Below threshold)

People are beginning to realize that this man is all polish and no substance. I'm starting to think the Republicans were right when they warned us that he had no experience leading much of anything. He's great with the cameras; not so much with implementing policies.

Oh, answered my own questio... (Below threshold)

Oh, answered my own question by checking the CBO blog. Sounds like he gave them a course on economics 101. And slyly repeated that what he told them was exactly the same testimony/advice he'd given twice in the past month.

Advice the Blue Dogs seem to have already heeded.

Anyone else getting tired o... (Below threshold)

Anyone else getting tired of Barry lying thru his teeth? The Dems have enough votes in both the House and the Senate to pass ObamaCare. Yet Barry wants to blame the Republicans for "holding it up"? BULLSHIT! Hey Barry, grow some balls and push Nancy and Harry to pass it now. This minute. Don't read it. Just pass it.
Because you'll be cutting your own throats!

One Democratic senator told... (Below threshold)

One Democratic senator told CNN that some congressional Democrats are "baffled," and another senior Democratic source told CNN that those members are frustrated that that they're not getting more specific direction from him (Obama)on health care.#############OK CNN can we have some NAMES here? You seem to get the names right with the opposition. Your bias is down around your knees now. Your a . . is showing. Pull up your drawers. You are pathetic in your guise as a news organization.

"You're Going To Destroy My... (Below threshold)

"You're Going To Destroy My Presidency!"

It is sad to see our "leade... (Below threshold)

It is sad to see our "leader" continue to vote "present" and not give true leadership by sitting on the fence. I see shades of Clinton 1994 losing both houses of congress. Could be the best thing that has happened to America since January 21!

"You're Going To Destroy My... (Below threshold)

"You're Going To Destroy My Presidency!"

Better his presidency than the country.

Obama Fails, America Wins!

This country does not need ... (Below threshold)

This country does not need and cannot afford this huge spending bill called 'healthcare reform'. This is nothing less then criminal for Washington to even consider taking over the health insurance industry in this country. Ask someone on Medicare how well that has worked out. Please help stop this 1800 page bill. No private citizen even knows what is in the bill and most who will vote on it probably haven't read it!!

What will sink Obamacare is... (Below threshold)

What will sink Obamacare is that polititians won't be in it.

Stop this nonsense! All of ... (Below threshold)
Mary Julia Klimenko:

Stop this nonsense! All of you! Please! I'm sixty-two years old, a single, self-supporting woman with a pre-existing condition. I've worked hard all of my life, always paid taxes, voted, raised three good children and have six wonderful grandchildren. I was denied health care by three major companies because of my age and my, minor, pre-existing health conditions, allergies was one. I finally got accepted by a company on the east coast that groups individuals into plans. I have a two thousand dollar a year deductible, my monthly premium is seven hundred and forty seven dollars a month, my co pays do not count towards my yearly deductible, my medication co pays are as much as any drug should cost at full price, I owe money to several different medical places, like the lab that did my yearly physical blood work for seven hundred and fifty dollars, it was a standard, yearly physical, blood test. I was born moderately hard of hearing so I have to wear two hearing aids in order to do my job which is in the healthcare industry. My hearing aids are not covered by my medical insurance so that's one debt, just had to buy two new ones for seven thousand dollars. So I'm making monthly payments there too. My glasses aren't covered by my medical insurance so that's more expense out of my pocket. The healthcare industry has refused to givce me a raise in over twenty years even though I've asked repeatedly. I get less than half of what my counterparts who won't take insurance get. I'm terrified of getting sick because I'll go bankrupt and have nowhere to turn. I have to get up and go to work every day and watch the country debate about socialized medicine when Medicare, the VA, and Social Security are socialized institutions that no one wants to see go away. I see congress debating when they have the best, socialized medicine available on the planet. One third of my earnings, and I have no other income, goes to medical. I see people who have money and security talk, talk, talk, and fight because they want power and control and no one cares anymore, how many of us suffer and die while they continue to work towards ultimate power, which is what? You get what you give. We're all going to die, even with the best medical care. We have a responsibility to be fair to all humans. At the end of the day, even the fat cats with plenty of money and great medical coverage are going to die, yes, that would include the politicians who are protected by money and privilege. Will they be proud of themselves? Can they be proud of themselves, having contributed to so much human suffering, misery, anxiety and fear? I think not.

So we should commit economi... (Below threshold)

So we should commit economic suicide to make sure you have insurance? Does Medicare not cover you? Does Medicaid not apply in your state? Are your prescriptions outside the WalMart/Walgreens $4 formulary list? You might want to ask your doctor for generics - they'll be a lot cheaper.

"The healthcare industry has refused to givce me a raise in over twenty years even though I've asked repeatedly. I get less than half of what my counterparts who won't take insurance get."

The 'healthcare industry'? Have you no real employer? Have you no state insurance board? Have you no 'enter' key to separate your screed into paragraphs?

No raise in 20 years? And you're still there?

Every day we get faxspam on insurance plans for folks with pre-existing conditions. Don't know what the deductables are, but the pre-existing condition ones are showing between $200 to $250 for a single person. Try calling 888-789-3191, see if they can help you. Also try 1-866-801-8264.

Good luck.

Pardon - that's a monthly p... (Below threshold)

Pardon - that's a monthly premium of $200 to $250. Copays of $25 for doctor visits (which is better than my plan.) Up to 60% of vision and hearing costs.

Also, try 1-866-805-8422 - that one just came across the wire. Payment of $149 a month.

Don't know if those will help you - but there you go.

Health care could be funded... (Below threshold)
Elmer Houser:

Health care could be funded by eliminating the Travel an Entertainment tax deduction. Wealthy business owners literally live out of their business; expensive cars, fancy resorts, even household costs.

I don't like to criticize o... (Below threshold)

I don't like to criticize other posters, but... boy, is Mary Julia's screed so full of crap.

Let's start with 1/3 of her income goes for medical. We know from what she states that $747/month goes for insurance. Add on to that prescriptions, plus hearing aids and deductibles. So we can figure maybe $900/month for medical expenses, correlating to income of $2,700/month or $15.58/hour.

She claims that she hasn't had a raise in over twenty years. In 1989, minimum wage was $3.35/hour. So in 1989 she was making 4.65 time the minimum wage.

She states that only recently she got insurance, yet her salary hadn't gone up all the years that she didn't have insurance.

Furthermore she states that she gets less than half of what her non-insured counterparts get (that won't take insurance? Is this payment for a medical procedure). So I take it they make well over $30.00/hour. That is an extra $2,700+/month. At $747/month, that would mean that your employer is paying $2,700/month for his portion of your insurance. And you state that you, not your employer, got group insurance.

Commenter on here aren't stupid enough to belief your tripe.

I figured it was a bit bogu... (Below threshold)

I figured it was a bit bogus, engineer. It was the "I haven't had a raise in 20 years!" that did it for me. This was a purely emotional appeal, not intended to be thought about - just reacted to.

So I reacted, giving 3 numbers for insurance plans. But somehow, I doubt she'll be back to check things out. It might not be a spam - (couldn't find certain unique phrases on Google) - but I wouldn't be too surprised to see it spammed out after the response reaction is judged.

Googling on the name is int... (Below threshold)

Googling on the name is interesting, also. Apparently MJK is a psychotherapist dabbling in poetry in CA, if it's the same one.

You know, if someone's going to spam stuff like that, you'd think they'd want to use a common name, not something reasonably unique.

Elmer,You want to ... (Below threshold)
SER Author Profile Page:


You want to fund health care by eliminating the "travel and entertainment" deduction. Have you done the math? As a CPA and small business owner, I'd like you to know that "entertainment" expenses are only 50% deductible. In addition, you are implying that someone who "travels" somewhere to sell a product or deliver a service should not be able to deduct the air fare, car rental, taxi, etc. Do you remember when congress put a tax on luxury goods like yachts? Put the yacht makers out of business and cost a lot of workers their jobs. Didn't hurt the rich. Congress had to repeal the tax. So now you would like to see how many waiters, taxi drivers, airline workers, etc. you can put on the unemployment line? Really?

Isn't the governments stand... (Below threshold)

Isn't the governments stand and BIG business asses statement that spending what we don't have is what caused all the strife. So... is congress and especially Obama saying spend what you don't have? No means no, and congress better get in line with the people or they will be in line with the unemployed.

Can Mary Joe also be Angela... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Can Mary Joe also be Angela

by Angela 04/08/07 09:23 AM
"How can the cities be that tight with their "salary increase" provided by property tax increases in the last few years? As a health care provider I haven't had a raise in 20 years and my health costs have skyrocketed. They can cut costs like I have "

I mean how many people can work in the health care field and not have a raise in 20 years. Geez. Nothing worse than SPam sob story posters.

Mary Julia Klimenko,... (Below threshold)

Mary Julia Klimenko,
I can sympathize with the high costs of healthcare. Since you are both a health care provider and a healthcare recipient would you be willing to answer these questions?

1) As a healthcare provider do you offer your services for free or do you expect payment for those services?

2) Do you expect your doctors, nurses, labs, eye doctors, hearing aid manufacturers etc. to offer their goods and services for free?

3) Under socialized medicine what do you expect your healthcare costs to be?

4) Under socialized medicine do you expect all of the people from questions 1 and 2 to offer their services for free or should they get paid?

5) Under socialized medicine where do you think the money comes from to pay the people from questions 1 and 2?

6) Do you think it is fair to ask other hard working Americans to pay for your healthcare?

Sure is strange indeed that... (Below threshold)
Jim S:

Sure is strange indeed that the Republicans pretend now to be so fiscally conservative when over a period of 8 long years they did nothing and said nothing about Bush and Cheney's spending spree and borrowing spree which left this nation nearly bankrupt. It's also revealing that during this spending spree they did NOTHING about rising health care costs, infrastructure, wall street oversight, the housing crisis,border security, immigration reform, or health care for our veterans. They are indeed a hypocritical, selfish party which concerns themselves only with big corporations and special interests when they controlled everything. Now, all they want to do is pretend to have answers and obstruct.

Jim S."Sure is str... (Below threshold)
SER Author Profile Page:

Jim S.

"Sure is strange indeed that the Republicans pretend now to be so fiscally conservative when over a period of 8 long years they did nothing and said nothing about Bush and Cheney's spending spree and borrowing spree which left this nation nearly bankrupt."

- They were punished for acting like Democrats. That's why they lost control of Congress in 2006.

"They are indeed a hypocritical, selfish party which concerns themselves only with big corporations and special interests when they controlled everything."

- Most of us in the selfish party wanted GM and Chrysler to go into bankruptcy without the bailouts. Same with TARP and AIG - which were bailed out by the Democratically controlled congress. Which party seems concerned about bailing out big corporations? It looks like the Obama / Democrat party.

Jim S"Sure is stra... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Jim S

"Sure is strange indeed that the Republicans pretend now to be so fiscally conservative when over a period of 8 long years they did nothing and said nothing about Bush and Cheney's spending spree and borrowing spree which left this nation nearly bankrupt."

Lets see

8 years of Bush of which 6 the republicans controlled the House WHICH IS WHERE SPENDING BILLS COME FROM caused the deficit to go up by about $2 trillion dollars.

In one year OBama has the deficit going up about $1.75 trillion.

Tell me again about the spending spree? Try using FACTS. They arent hard to find IF YOU LOOK.

Also if you happen to look on this board and others conservatives were howling about a LOT OF THINGS that the money was being spent on.

So you are wrong on 2 counts with your statement.

"It's also revealing that during this spending spree they did NOTHING about rising health care costs, infrastructure, wall street oversight, the housing crisis,border security, immigration reform, or health care for our veterans"

Rising health care costs

Lets see we kept the govt out of it and Bush instituted the Debacle of prescriptions for Seniors (I guess you forgot about that)

In addition, Bush spent more on AIDS research than any other President.


Bush spent more money on infrastructure than Clinton.

Wall Street Oversight

WHen the oversight should have been on Fannie and Freddie which had Chris Dodd and Barney Frank covering up for them?

Housing crisis

THis is laughable. We just came out of a HOUSING BUBBLE YOU DIMWIT. THat means too many houses were being built. Thanks again to Fannie and Freddie giving loans to people who cant afford it. Which BUsh tried to stop 17 times and which was blocked by the democratic congress.

Border security and immigration reform

The DEMS have blocked anything about securing the border claiming that it was RACISM. Bush
tried his immigration reform which was SOUNDLY DEFEATED by republicans because it meant open borders which I am sure is what you were talking about. BTW what has Obama done on this matter in his time in office?

Health care for veterans.

CHECK THE FACTS (again). Veteran health care spending went up dramatically under Bush (yes partially because of the war).

July 31, 2009Dear ... (Below threshold)
Emmie Ross:

July 31, 2009

Dear Tea Parties,

What pushed back President Barack Obama's Health Care bill?

The Universal Health Care bill was a "slam dunk" for President Barack Obama on July 20, 2009 to pass in the United House of Congress and the United State Senate before July 31st.

July 21, 2009, God stepped in through: the Blue Dog Democrats, the Tea Parties, and the book that exposed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's paper trail scandal to push back the Barack Obama's Universal Health Care bill, effective 2013.

On behalf of God and the American people, thank you.

Please note the letter listed below.

Author Emmie Ross -
An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politics after Election 2008

July 21, 2009

Rahm Emanuel and Tim Mahoney's documented paper trail of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's scandal

Dear Senator,

President Barack Obama is on the same destructive path of ramming bills through in the middle of the night that former Democrat Congressman Tim Mahoney took in 2007 which led to the scandal of Fannie and Freddie. Every Tea Party in America will be informed of your emailing.

About the Book:
Unknowingly, this book would become the covenant that I made with God in August 1978 to help save a Nation on the brink of disaster. As God stated in 2007, "It was my journey and to write without outside interference of what I had witnessed starting in 2003."

Excerpt - Tim Mahoney and Rahm Emanuel road to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Testimony by Emmie Ross - Independent Candidate:
What was the urgency by Rahm Emanuel, who is currently the Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama, getting Tim Mahoney to Congress in 2007? This action led to an assassinate attempt on the Independent Candidate's life who refused to drop out of the Congressional race.

After my refusal to be muscled out the Congressional race by Rahm Emanuel, the Democratic Party, Liberal Media and Bill Clinton, I became the Independent Candidate with No Party Affiliated on April 11, 2006. In doing so, I forced a three-way race to Congress against Democrat Tim Mahoney and 6th term Republican Mark Foley. Although, I know this race has been setup for Tim Mahoney, I refused to step aside. What had been promised to Tim Mahoney as a cakewalk became a sheer nightmare in getting Mahoney to Congress.

By now, Rahm Emanuel, the Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Committee, Liberal Media, and the Democratic Party were driven to political madness in getting Tim Mahoney to Congress with no political experience or viable background politics.

Within ten months, a first time inexperienced one-term Congressman with a New Jersey residence representing the 16th District of Florida with his mother-in-law horse barn as his Florida residence, like a drunken and blood thirsting reveler on a destructive roller coaster became a Hitler style wrecking machine in Congress. In that short span of time, the bills that he rammed through the House of Congress over the objections of President Bush and the Republican Party, Democrat Congressman Tim Mahoney, God once called the "No Choir Boy" doing a Congressional Debate, was given authority by Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank to create havoc on the economy. The reveler's performance of Tim Mahoney gave the Democrats the President, House and Senate in the 2008 Election. [Documented paper trail of Rahm Emanuel and Tim Mahoney which led to the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.]

Rahm Emanuel, who is now the current Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Barney Frank, Democratic Party and the Liberal Media are fully aware why Tim Mahoney was sent to Congress. They are blaming Republican President George W. Bush, Republican Party and Wall Street for the Economy Bubble of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The book, An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politics after Election2008 has their documented paper trail into the Oval Office.

Where is the accountability by Barney Frank? United States House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi! Majority Leader Harry Reid - United States Senate? Rahm Emanuel, Chief of Staff to President Barack Obama? Tim Mahoney? President Barack Obama?

Countless of Americans have lost their homes, careers, incomes and life savings, marriages, 25% of Americans are suffering from anxiety, and the trillion is putting America closer and closer into the arms of Socialism/Communism. If America falls, so will every other nation throughout the world.

As the Living God once stated, "It is mainly the Democrats that created this mess. They are responsible for cleaning it up, but we know their hands are too dirty!"
Message from God to the American People

"I have faith in the American people to give America back her dignity. America is the youngest country and greatest country that I have ever given to man. I am appointing you and not the politicians as America's stewardship of preserving her democracy, freedom and Christianity. America is part of the Covenant that I made with Israel. The politicians will merely work for the American people as public servants. Their rock star days are over!"

Respectfully submitted, Emmie Ross
An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politics after Election 2008

The Book which driving the Liberals in to a frenzy that will expose: Rahm Emanuel, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Tim Mahoney, Ted Kennedy, James Carville, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and much more...

Book may be purchased through:

www.AuthorHouse.com $22.50 - www.BarnesandNoble.com $35.00
www.Amazon.com $35.00

By phone through AuthorHouse - 1-800-839-8640

Title: An Awakening Spiritual Journey into Dirty Politics after Election 2008
Author: Emmie Ross

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