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Obama to Democrats: You're Going to Destroy my Presidency

When Barack Obama said in response to Jim DeMint's Waterloo comment that health care was not about him, he was lying through his teeth. It most certainly is about him and he said as much to a group of Democrats. In fact, Obama's comment confirms that DeMint was right: if Obama fails to get health care passed, it will be his Waterloo. Jammie Wearing Fool links to a National Journal article that has all the details:

A telling episode recounted by Senate Finance ranking member Charles Grassley reveals the Obama administration might be more worried than they are letting on that a Republican senator's comparison of the healthcare overhaul to Waterloo might be dangerously close to the truth.

Grassley said he spoke with a Democratic House member last week who shared Obama's bleak reaction during a private meeting to reports that some factions of House Democrats were lining up to stall or even take down the overhaul unless leaders made major changes.

"Let's just lay everything on the table," Grassley said. "A Democrat congressman last week told me after a conversation with the president that the president had trouble in the House of Representatives, and it wasn't going to pass if there weren't some changes made ... and the president says, 'You're going to destroy my presidency.' "

The White House did not respond to requests for comment.

Obama's ego and his whining, no know bounds. Can you just see it, Obama towering over the Democrats seated around a table of some sort as he pounds the table shouting, "You're going to destroy my presidency!" Could you imagine the outcry from all corners of the MSM and the lefty blogosphere if George W. Bush had said something like this?


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Comments (37)

But Kim, in this considerat... (Below threshold)

But Kim, in this consideration, he's right.

Destroy, not Destory in the... (Below threshold)

Destroy, not Destory in the headline...

Yes,Obama is right, thank you for small favors. And maybe this willbe the first thing he is right about in his whole presidency.

Worst president ever!

A bumper sticker will look ... (Below threshold)

A bumper sticker will look good:

"Obama Fails, America Wins!"

"Its the economy stupid"<... (Below threshold)

"Its the economy stupid"

Obama: "You're going to des... (Below threshold)

Obama: "You're going to destroy my presidency!"

Me: "I am terribly sorry, Mr. President, but after the past 6 months I just don't see a downside to this."

Mr President, would you ple... (Below threshold)

Mr President, would you please take Nancy, Joey and Harry with you when you leave?

A lame duck for the next 3 1/2 years is about the best we can wish for.

Too bad the Jug-Eared Douch... (Below threshold)

Too bad the Jug-Eared Douche is too stupid to realize the truth - HE's destroying his presidency.

Obama: "You're going to des... (Below threshold)

Obama: "You're going to destroy my presidency!"

Microsoft: "It's a feature, not a bug."

NAH NAH NAH NAAAHNAH... (Below threshold)

The O has run up against the most potent and enduring of American characteristics: pragmatism.

Damn!! libs eatin libs...t... (Below threshold)

Damn!! libs eatin libs...this is gettin good!!!

A narcissist would say "You... (Below threshold)

A narcissist would say "You're going to destroy my presidency."

As has been mentioned, Obama is only concerned about his legacy and historical standing. Details don't matter to him. If they did, he'd read the legislation.

I sometimes wonder if he maintains a hands off approach so that he can claim some deniability when everything goes to hell.

Don't the Dems realize that... (Below threshold)

Don't the Dems realize that "he won" and will "trump them on this"?

maybe he can learn that "be quiet you stupid little people, I know better than you!" look from Sebelius to use on them.

Obama was wrong about Gitmo... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Obama was wrong about Gitmo, wrong about warrant-less wiretaps, wrong about detention without trial, wrong about the economy, wrong about the stimulus, wrong about government takeovers of the auto industry/banks/Wall St. And he's wrong about ObamaCare. No doubt I've missed a few more.

But he is right about this, I agree with epidor. That's one time in eleven by my count. Looks to me like the man hits about as well as he pitches.

Please...please destroy his... (Below threshold)

Please...please destroy his presidency!

What an odd comment.<... (Below threshold)

What an odd comment.

Nothing about the poor uninsured, nothing about families bankrupt because of medical costs, nothing about sick people unable to get treatment, nothing about the danger to our economy, nothing about the American people whatsoever.

Well, we'll see what happens tonight when he gives 'em the old razzle dazzle.

Isn't he doing another 'pre... (Below threshold)

Isn't he doing another 'press conference' tonight? Is the list of questioners and questions published, yet?

ha, more hearsay...like I w... (Below threshold)
Rhetoric Assassin:

ha, more hearsay...like I would trust a poorly written blog filled with a bunch ole crazy racists. You guys loved Bush for 8 years? Had no problem spending 2 trillion dollars in an illegal war and killing a million innocent iraqis justified by over 918 lies....LOL!

And Obama in six months is the worst president...reallY! Talk about a disconnection from reality, no wonder you will never be in power again, and rightfully so.

Everything he is doing is to save america from 30 years of failed reaganomics. Just admit you dont like taking advice, instruction, or orders from an educated black man who is more informed about the constitution then you ever pretend to presume.

Pathetic, I pity you sad, pathetic fools, who would rather see the country complete fail, then see a non-white man bring the country into a golden age.
notiz=Buh bye drive by

Rhetoric Ass.... (Below threshold)

Rhetoric Ass.

"....who is more informed a... (Below threshold)

"....who is more informed about the constitution then you ever pretend to presume."


Please take some time expounding in greater detail on Obama's 'informed' record on constitutional law. The Constitution is that short document written by citizens, the intent of which becomes convoluted only in its interpretation by so called liberal constitutional law scholars. Or perhaps you meant the EU constitution which I would agree probably not a single American is very familiar with at all. Although its size appears to be a model for all of Obama's/Democrats' statist legislation.

Pathetic, I pity you sad... (Below threshold)

Pathetic, I pity you sad, pathetic fools, who would rather see the country complete fail, then see a non-white man bring the country into a golden age.

Please, please, before you post any more of this deep insight, take a remedial English composition class.

Actually, the racist commen... (Below threshold)

Actually, the racist commenter above does not know history. Lincoln, R. freed the slaves. Eisenhower R. integrated the armed forces., Republican reps and Senators passed the Civil Rights Bill, Nixon R. Affirmative Action. All of these monumental examples of the republicans dedication to fighting racism is a proud badge of honor I wear. What, pray tell, have the dems done in a big way to promote equal rights? I know, they made and remind african americans that they are victims and dependent on government because they cannot take care of themselves. Yet, the african american community goes in droves to vote democratic. ww

#17. So, Maxxie (Pad?), wha... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

#17. So, Maxxie (Pad?), what do you figure - Grassley can just lie and get away with it 'cause the Dems are in such a politically weak position right now that they couldn't possibly find someone to put out in front of the tv cameras to call it all "bull shit"? Or do you maintain that some Dem is playing double-agent, leading Grassley and the rest of the Repubs off into a fantasy world of false hopes for 2010 and beyond? Enlighten us!

BTW, I can stop referring to you as Maxxie Pad if you'll stop being such a condescending boor with the authors here.

I have a problem with Obama... (Below threshold)

I have a problem with Obamas thuggish allinski behaviors Rhetoric Assasin( AKA ) Max..

He wont be reelected despite your rascist cravings for him to be.

I just love it when I hear ... (Below threshold)

I just love it when I hear the "brain washed liberals" recite endless dribble they've been told to recite to us "right-wing conservative terrorists" like myself !! So I will walk them slowly through history starting with Carter.... whose failed policies and the formation of Fannie and Freddie.... you remember them,at the beginning of our meltdown. You say "failed Reaganomics" when Reagan brought us out of "double digit" inflation thanks to Carter. Brought us the beginnings of the longest rise of "peacetime growth" in our nations history, lasting more than 20 years and his policies that created more than 20 million jobs "in" America. The end of the "cold war",the tearing down of the "Berlin Wall" and real respect for America through the "show of strength" from the rest of the World. Next came Bush the 1st.... who did us no favors either.... but still we prospered somewhat. Then came Clinton, who actually did quite well.... for a while.... but then the "lies" started catching up with him too!! Giving China "favored nation" status while selling secrets in the back room to them didn't impress me 1 bit.... but getting "head" in the Oval Office" did !! His "lies" to Our Nation and the Grand Jury lost more points. Then came Bush 2.... who I also wasn't that fond of politically or some of his policies either. But he did bring us 7 years of growth, once he got a handle on it... btw... he inherited an economy that was starting to go downhill at the end of Clinton's reign.... and we were not attacked again on our soil through his Homeland Security policies !! Yes, his final year the economy was starting to slide downhill.... due to the policies of Fannie and Freddie.... which republicans were starting to look into but got shutdown by the democrats !! They were told to give loans, even to people who wouldn't ordinarily qualify,that started with Carter then carried on by every administration since !! Do you really want to talk about the "campaign contributions" Fannie and Freddie gave to both political parties since almost day 1... yea it's old news !! Now I come to Obama.... who came out of nowhere.... to beat the "Clinton Machine", impressive !! Right out of South Chicago, one of the most "corrupt" areas in our nation.... politically !!
Talking of "CHANGE" but never really saying anything too "radical".... but never really saying "how" he would accomplish what all others had failed to do before him !! But he gave us "hints" like "spreading the wealth around",for the good of "the collective", imposing a "windfall profits" tax on the oil companies.... who in actuality pay more in taxes that keep our country running.... than all others combined !! No, I'm not on the side of the oil companies either.... but there are "shenanigans" being covered up in all aspects of "big business" and our "system of politics" everyday !! Lets see.... he started with the takeover of Fannie and Freddie,then onto the rest of our banking institutions.... then the takeover of Chrysler and GM.... then butting into "private business'" deemed, in his mind "too big" to let fail,whether they were in need or not.... trying to tell them "how much" their C.E.O.'s should be paid !! Now he's changing the "no new taxes" of any kind.... with the term "surcharges".... lowering the new tax limit down from $250,000 to who knows really where he will stop.... btw.... this would definitely hurt the growth of "small business'" .... which will hurt our nation as a whole !! I could go on.... but why !! If you really want to learn about Obama's "game plan".... read "Rules For Radicals" or Carl Marx or even "his friend".... Bill Ayers,the '60's radical of "Weatherman" fame !! You will see where Obama's views originated !! So before everyone jumps me for my writings here.... I have looked at both sides of this extensively,for myself,through archives of information.... and have decided.... for "myself" where I stand !! I stand for our Nation, Our Constitution(as written)and Our Way of Life.... with no apologies to anyone for my "views" or for my United States of America !! "God Bless Us All" !!

Rhetoric Assassin? More li... (Below threshold)

Rhetoric Assassin? More like rhetorical hara-kiri...what a maroon.

The old "illegal war" crap is a remnant of the moron-left echo chamber. You know, the douchebags that are suspiciously quiet while ol' Jug-Ears is ramping up his illegal conquest of Afghanistan.

Now do try harder to keep up.

Illegal??? Have you forgott... (Below threshold)

Illegal??? Have you forgotten about NYC Towers?? Imbocile....EVERYTHING that Congress has done since Hussein has gotten into power is ILLEGAL! EVERYTHING,including this Health Bill BS....I want to see where in the Constitution that Congress has to give everybody free healthcare....

Here's the rub: I was at a ... (Below threshold)

Here's the rub: I was at a 4th of July parade, and my Rep - Debbie "Dumbass" Halvorson - was happily strolling along and waving to the peasants. I had to yell out "Thanks for cap'n'tax, moron!". Her hangers-on weren't pleased, but said nothing. Folks either side of me wondered what the heck I was yelling about - completely ignorant of what was passed days prior.

My bet is this low-grade moron votes for the Great Inter-Generational Health Swindle.

We, the people, are so fat, dumb and happy we choose to remain clueless about what's about to be taken from us.


Its about him, sure it is. ... (Below threshold)

Its about him, sure it is. Its about him and his ego, I agree with you sir. Presidents will eternally go forth with their own agendas. Clinton enjoyed the ladies, Bush the second would not stop chasing his oil, and now President Barrack Hussein Obama thinks that he can get away with providing a decent health care reform where the current system clearly works so well in bankrupting and denying coverage to the insured. What nerve this man has in pursuing that agenda. I ask what right does he have in telling insurance company that they can't deny my coverage.

max, You've been ban... (Below threshold)

You've been banned, using proxies out of
Europe will not help you.
If you post again, I'll be contacting your service
provider with a formal complaint against you
for spamming Wizbang and abusing posting
privileges by using proxies.
Don't reply to this post.

In retrospection, I've lef... (Below threshold)

In retrospection, I've left some things out by accident,views on so-called illegal wars, which Congress voted in favor of !! Talk of intelligence lies or just being wrong about Iraq's dictator we took out !! Not finding "WMD's" we were told were there.... most likely because of being taken over to Syria or buried deep in the sands of their country !! Or maybe Sadam lied so he'd keep those other sand countries afraid of him and his weapons !! Lots of different scenario's possible !! But mainly.... I wanted to say that my previous "rantings" (#25, I believe) was more "my comments" about previous comments I was looking at, that were about Obama's You're killing my Presidency statements to Democrats !! Of which, I stand up for almost anyone who stands up to Obama's radical agenda, including Jim DeMint's statements !! That's All Folks !!

Actually, my comments were ... (Below threshold)

Actually, my comments were #24 and #30.... excuse me !! LMAO !!

Maggie, can you post a copy... (Below threshold)

Maggie, can you post a copy of the complaint for me? I'd love to see it.

Upset Old Douche, you can call me whatever you want. You'll still be a douche. BTW, have you heard of the term "hearsay?" Look it up, douche.

Adios, suckers.

"The 2nd Bush would not ... (Below threshold)

"The 2nd Bush would not stop chasing His oil"

Wha?? Why did'nt He issue an executive order to pursue all of our onshore offshore oil commodities if He was so gung ho on chasing His oil??

Enquiring minds would like to know

Adios Maxi fly super soaker... (Below threshold)

Adios Maxi fly super soaker.

I hope they ulimately ruin ... (Below threshold)

I hope they ulimately ruin him and destroy his very name

Prez O - You're gonna ruin ... (Below threshold)
Palinista Perl:

Prez O - You're gonna ruin my presidency!

Big O (Oprah) "come to mama, I'll make it all better!"

Obama is the highest form o... (Below threshold)

Obama is the highest form of slime to occupy our whitehouse ever. He is a Marxist Socialist who wants to redisribute the wealth. This is not in our constitution. Slobama is garbage that needs to be thrown out with the trash. It's just too bad we will have to put up with this hellish monster for two more years. Slobama is nothing more than a south Chicago organizer with no clue what America needs! OMG Let's put this trash into a dumpster and put in another Kennedy! Anything would be better than Slobama. The people are crazy to vote for a soliast who wants all their money!!! wAKE UP AMERICA. Forget about his fancy speeches. OBAMA IS DEAD SET AGAINST AMERICA!!!

[The second through fifth iterations of this comment have been removed. Ed.]






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