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Michigan Democrats want Gitmo Detainees

Democrats from Michigan surveyed the disastrous condition their home state is in and determined that there simply weren't enough people fleeing, so they decided moving the Gitmo detainees would fix that problem:

Some Democratic lawmakers from Michigan are viewing the Guantanamo detainees as a possible means of boosting their state's finances, legislators say.

Several Democrat members in the U.S. House and Senate are floating the idea of housing detainees from the U.S. detention facility in Cuba in Michigan prisons set to close because of the state's budget crunch, The Hill reported Friday.

The move would save or create jobs in a state with the nation's highest unemployment rate of 15.4 percent.

Democratic Sen. Carl Levin and Reps. Bart Stupak and Dale Kildee say Michigan prisons could house the Gitmo detainees as long as nearby residents and state and local officials agreed to the move.

I am a Michigan resident and a constituent of Rep. Bart Stupak's and Senator Carl Levin's. Just in case they are unsure how I would feel about Gitmo detainees being moved here, let me make it crystal clear: NO FREAKING WAY!!!

Got that, gentlemen?

Update: I just called Rep. Stupak's office and told him "no freaking way!", respectfully of course. If you are from Michigan or have family in Michigan, please call your representatives in state or federal government and tell them the same thing.

This whole thing is outrageous. The state's leadership in Lansing is killing jobs because their policies are shockingly anti-business. However, instead of changing those laws so they are more business friendly, our brilliant leaders think a better idea is to bring in the Gitmo detainees, those same detainees who were on a mission to destroy America. Sadly, Michigan's Democrats are doing what the terrorists couldn't.


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Comments (15)

"Michigan Democrats Want Gi... (Below threshold)

"Michigan Democrats Want Gitmo Health Care" for
their down-and-out citizens. They can only wish. Bammy's got some slammy jammy ideas
for all of us. When you READ it, you won't
like it. But give him a break...he's new at
this "I represent EVERYONE" thingy. He's
into reparations like flies are into garbage.

Politicians are a lot like ... (Below threshold)

Politicians are a lot like prostitutes. They'll do anything for money. But at least the prostitutes are honest about what they do. They have ethics.

O'Lala(short for Obamalala)... (Below threshold)

O'Lala(short for Obamalala) is bound and determined to bring them all here so he can watch over them. He may give GITMO to Cuba because we have been such poor neighbors(so to speak). If there is an attack on the facility or on a city near by O'Lala won't be able to blame Bush. It would guarantee he would be a one term lame duck or lame brain. Whatever.

Sorry Kim, but do you think... (Below threshold)

Sorry Kim, but do you think those guys really care what you or anyone to the right of them wants?

This is seriously the most ... (Below threshold)

This is seriously the most Stupak thing I have ever heard of. And in light of what we have been though in the last year (oh yeah, I really have to include some of the insanity from the campaign too.) you'd think the Stupakness would be just too damn hard to top.

Those D's !! There is just nothing so low and appalling that one em' will do, that the next one to come along cannot get under it to set some sort of new record.

Folks should be gatherin' pitchforks and warmin' up the tar about now.

It's official Kim, Michigan... (Below threshold)

It's official Kim, Michigan is being run by insane people.

Maybe those detainees will ... (Below threshold)

Maybe those detainees will be happy living in a 'worker's paradise'.

Hey Stu, Kim's article got ... (Below threshold)

Hey Stu, Kim's article got put on the FEED prematurely and is in the rewrite stage. A more appropriate thing to do would have been to e-mail the Wiz-Tips address.

Kim: In 1995 I said "I'm Levin this crazy place, if I Stabenow any longer I'll lose my mind" and I only went back twice to visit. The last time was the last time I plan on ever going there. I know you've got a great place and business there, but you're plain lucky you've lasted this long.

You can be sure that Gitmo ... (Below threshold)

You can be sure that Gitmo detainees don't
want.....MICHIGAN! No sane person wants a
change from the "cushy" to the "pits" on
a whim from Central Committee Headquarters.

Its better in the Bahamas.<... (Below threshold)

Its better in the Bahamas.

Given the reports out of de... (Below threshold)

Given the reports out of dearborn, they should fit right in with the natives.

(Joking)I dunno, it ... (Below threshold)

I dunno, it might be kind of fun to watch the folks at Club Gitmo "adjust" to life in Newberry!!! (That's way up in the Upper Peninsula for you non-Michiganders.)

How about if we instead sen... (Below threshold)

How about if we instead send michigan demacrats to live with the git-mo detainies

Maybe they could find a few... (Below threshold)

Maybe they could find a few small businesses that are actually doing well, take their businesses by eminent domain, and put terrorists in their office/store/business spaces? Get ACORN to remodel the spaces into prisons.

Why stop at half-measures?

You are so right Kimmie as ... (Below threshold)
Ashley Todd:

You are so right Kimmie as usual. How can our prisons here in the US possibly hold these trained killers? I say kill em all and let God sort em out. That way we won't have to be afraid anymore.

Your friend forever,
Ashley Todd
notiz=There's one in every crowd. Moby






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