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Colin Powell Bloomberg Endorsement

Colin Powell, the one and only true Republican, has endorsed New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for re-election. Whew! I was beginning to think the Naked Cowboy had a chance to beat ol' Bloomy. Now that Powell has decided to endorse him, I guess Bloomberg can continue making plans to raise taxes, ban guns, and all of the other things that Republicans like to do. Wait, I'm confused.

This is from Larry King via Politico:

"I think that Mike Bloomberg has done a tremendous job in his eight years as the Mayor. In 2005, when he was running for his second term, I was asked about this and I said, I am a Virginian now, but if I lived in New York, I would vote for Mike Bloomberg," said Powell, in a transcript released by the Bloomie campaign.

"Well, he has managed now to run for a third term, and I feel even more strongly about it. I think he is a great candidate... he is an independent guy who is always trying to solve problems," Powell added. "And he is working for the whole city. So I think Mike Bloomberg should be given a third term. And yes, I would say, reelect Mike Bloomberg."

Thank God for small miracles; the fact that I don't live in New York City.


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Interesting. Powell also s... (Below threshold)

Interesting. Powell also said about the Gates affair:

"I would say, the first teaching point is when you're faced with an officer trying to do his job and get to the bottom of something. This is not the time to get in an argument with him. I was taught that as a child."

A lot of us were taught res... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

A lot of us were taught respect for police officers regardless of our color.

My husband likes to tell the story of the cop bringing him home and before the issue could even be discussed he received a smack in the back of his head and a "what did YOU do?"

White parents believed what the white cops said and kids were reprimanded accordingly ... today the cops are always wrong and black parents collect from the department/city/village/town for the "injustices" against their "precious" babies.

Money. Not racism. Just damn money. An Obama-approved redistribution of wealth based on the color of your skin.

Obama is to Gates what Al Sharpton was to Tawana Brawley. Racist lies.

Great heads think alike </p... (Below threshold)

Great heads think alike

It takes a pretty horrible ... (Below threshold)

It takes a pretty horrible person, Maggie Mama, to imply that the only reason black parents file grievances against white police officers (or whoever signs their pay cheques) is because they are in it for some form of financial gain. "Sweet, my boy got gunned down for running away from a cop! I'm gonna be RICH!" See how absurd that sounds? No? That's because you're stupid.

Powell lives in Virginia an... (Below threshold)

Powell lives in Virginia and couldn't vote
for Bloomberg. I can guess whom he voted
for in his home state......straight D-ticket.
Obama can't push his crap through without
strong backing. Powell....just shut up.
After you sniveled and stopped the "highway
to death" in GW 1, I realized that affirm-
ative action is alive in the military, too.

That may be the way you do ... (Below threshold)

That may be the way you do things in Canada, hb, but we're more cash oriented here in the Good ol' USA. [sarcasm off]

Well, what you described as a "stupid" person's view of things is accurate in some cases, and just often enough to taint attitudes. It isn't universal in every case. Whoopee do.

Obama is likely consulting ... (Below threshold)

Obama is likely consulting with Bloomberg's people right now to get pointers on how to parlay his current term in office into a lifetime position.

Powell aproves of BLOOMING ... (Below threshold)

Powell aproves of BLOOMING IDIOT BLOOMBURG a egotistical jerk who wants to whole nation to have the same stupid gun control laws of the BIG ROTTEN WORMY APPLE and BLOOMINGIDIOT BLOOMBURG is the biggist nasteists worm of them all

Trajan: first I've read som... (Below threshold)

Trajan: first I've read someone explicitly accuse Powell of having advanced as far as he did in the military because of affirmative action, but finally, someone had the cajones to come out and say it.

What do you hate the most about war heroes, apart from the fact that some of them are black and don't vote the way you want them to?

epador: as a doctor, you must have first-hand experience with how lovely it is to live in such a litigious society. One of the few "conservative" causes I would support were I an American is tort reform. That aside, I'm sure lots of people have profited off of the death of loved ones, but Maggie Mama implies that the only thing motivating black people's complaints vs. white cops is financial gain. Pretty awful and racist thing to say, oui?

The way Gun Control has wor... (Below threshold)
bernie tenney Author Profile Page:

The way Gun Control has worked out for The Iranian people should be a lesson for all Americans.

Colin Powell's interview wa... (Below threshold)
Phil Himes:

Colin Powell's interview was very interesting concerning Professor Gates. I agree with him that cooler heads should have prevailed, but what Colin Powell failed to do was to assign Professor Gates with the obvious responsibility of esculating the situation.

As a Veteran who has served with General Powell (9th ID, Fort Lewis, WA 1987-90), I am almost ashamed for him in a way only another soldier could understand. General Powell knew that Professor Gates was at fault, yet he compromised his own integrity and honor to not be 100% clear. General Powell knows that when leaders are not clear about all matters soldiers will die. It is why we place so much value on the military values which include integrity and honor. It is not as pricy in the civilian sector, but when people do not clearly know where you stand on an issue you loose creditability.

As far as race goes, the military has it right. You are not an African-Soldier, Hispanic-soldier or a White-soldier. You are just a soldier. The military doesn't seperate individuals into class defined by their enthnic background. They define groups based on skills, job, experience, and achievements. The fact that General Powell feels like he had a disadvantage because he was black is just crazy. The Comment about the people at the airport not thinking he was the Security advisor to the president because he was black is crap. The truth is no matter who was th security advisor to the president that individual wouldn't have recognized them. Sorry, I just am very irrateted in a man I once respected.

colin powell endorses bloom... (Below threshold)

colin powell endorses bloomberg on larry hemorrhoid kings put you to sleep talk show. yes sir bloomberg doing fine job in new york like laying off health inspectors because of the illegal population draining new york cities funds away? now thats bloomberg health inspector go top saving money piroity number one! powell on gates nothing about gates foul mouth disorderly conduct? long trip from china excuse tired? what! over their looking at martin luther kings statue in china? not done yet? both should of acted like adults? both now? gates not soul number one out of order period? both acted like children? gates black colin powell black and soul brothers looking out for black period. powell was republicon now black democrap? black period. whats good for blacks period not whats good for all american legal CITIZENS! racist colin powell! depend on straight honest answer from political correct colin race powell and jewish larry hemorrhoid king? political correct team members of jewish homosexual people of color legal or criminals rights period! propaganda media politics deceit and deception today live. progress leaders of trust and no transparency goverment talkers leaders of todays agenda like in the health care stimulus cap and trade! world of socialist movement IN criminal corruption washington DC! LIARS PORK THEIFS AND WITH NO TRANSPARENCY FOR WHAT THEY ARE DOING? spend spend spend and we see nothing changing happening in news jobs creation for american legal citizens? michigan 17 percent jobless rate? people suffering nothing from this in media? illegal invaders still being smuggled into our open country? swine flu boo! health care goverment run? VA hospitals bernie sanders vermont Democrap says are goverment run for a spark plug on obama's health care plan???? hello! filthy surgical equipment? patients getting aids? goverment run health care makes one feel what! safe? yes priorities of media goverment we americans are not on that security page at tall? the TRUST them page. trust only what we getting in harms way type of protection! like what security? that tells the simple truth of it all don't you think baby boomers? health care social security? bloomberg priority lay off them bum health inspectors priority? health? open borders swine flu? refugees with TB! LEPORSY? SEXUAL DIEASES? workers in tyson foods of arkansas? immigration authority brought holiday inn to our country? but wait" minnesota too vietnamese refugees filled up with TB? jewish lawyer with the worse case of TB flying TB airways? but wait" father inlaw scientist working on TB dieases? TRUST? getting first hand view of whats up doc yet? goverment run health care priority baby boomers? yes them jewish leaders like saving money to make more money for them never empty pockets selfs? yes goverment waiting lines for life saving health care help canada style results pay dirt? trust! paint a picture and see the map your self? let your conscious be your guidance. trust INDEPENDENT TRUTH JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY. AMEN.

Quoting the previous post v... (Below threshold)

Quoting the previous post verbatim:

"[P]olitical correct team members of jewish homosexual people of color legal or criminals rights period!"

To whomever is testing out their PatBuchananBot in this thread: think it still needs a few tweaks.

Sorry, previous comment<... (Below threshold)

Sorry, previous comment, not post.






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