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Tea Party erupts at townhall meeting hosted by Sen. Claire McCaskill's office

Via GateWay Pundit:

Missouri Senator Claire "ACORN" McCaskill arranged for her district director, Michelle Sherod to meet with constituents (after calling the cops on them two weeks ago) at a town hall meeting on Monday night at Forest Park Community College in St. Louis. Americans for Prosperity's Carl Bearden moderated the meeting and Ms Sherod took questions for the Senator.

They were expecting around 100-150 people... Hundreds showed up. It was so crowded they were forced to move the meeting down to the cafeteria.

Must-see video :

Clearly these people are not happy about ObamaCare.

There's a very simple reason why the Obama Administration wants to force a House vote on ObamaCare this week -- if enough Democrats go home during August recess and face fired-up crowds like this one (and scenes like this will happen over and over again, believe me) then ObamaCare is dead in the water. Permanently.

Americans want affordable, dependable health care, but they do not want socialized medicine that robs them of the freedom to choose. Americans are absolutely "pro-choice" on issues that are truly life and death, while liberal Democrats want to restrict or deny Americans the freedom to make those choices.

(Pssst -- Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow, where are your "teabagging" jokes now?)


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Man, you guys are doing sup... (Below threshold)

Man, you guys are doing super. Keep up the good work. But remember, America hates you and has roundly rejected you and your ilk in the last 4 years, and also 58 of the previous 70 years. YOU DON'T MATTER!

Wow the idiots have crawled... (Below threshold)

Wow the idiots have crawled out of the box early this morning.

YOU DON'T MATTER!</... (Below threshold)


I wonder why you waste any of your valuable troll-time posting on a site read by people who don't matter.

Well, Ryan, we'll probably ... (Below threshold)

Well, Ryan, we'll probably win a lot of the midterm elections next year, but you'll still be an idiot, screwed for life.

Now, what were we talking about?

When confronted with someth... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

When confronted with something they don't understand, some peoples' reaction is to hate and fear the "thing".

Sound to me like the usual reaction of the dems have to a tea party, and the trolls hiding in the corners at Wizbang.

That was a pretty crappy re... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

That was a pretty crappy rewrite. Let me try again-

Sounds to me like the usual reaction the dems have to a tea party, and the trolls hiding in the corners here at Wizbang.

What's great about this is ... (Below threshold)

What's great about this is the spontaneity of it all. The left (I believe) has finally gone too far. In a way, BO is good for the country: He replaced the subtle incrementalism that has been so successful for teh left and replaced it with an out and out assault on freedom. Well, the unintended consequence of this is that the people of the USA are screaming a collective (no pun intended) NO!

This is great - I can't wait to see my congressman (Connolly - D-VA) when he gets home. There'll be hell to pay.

Just so everyone knows, I j... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Just so everyone knows, I just voted +1 for Adrain, got him back to 0, not that I imagine he will stay at that number for long. His kind of lunacy stands as excellent counter-point to the more reasoned commentary here at Wizbang by the authors.

Also, somehow the idea of seeing a zero after Adrain's name, based on his comment in #7, appealed to me this morning.

Conservative right wingers ... (Below threshold)
Still An Unrepentant Democrat:

Conservative right wingers "want affordable, dependable health care" and don't give a rat's ass about anyone else. The motto "I have mine, screw you" couldn't be more apropos. The "socialized medicine" canard is the smoke screen.

Ryan, Adriuan and that idio... (Below threshold)

Ryan, Adriuan and that idiot Still unrepentent....are all just quaking in frar that little socialist dreams are just that...dreams. So funny.

SAUD:don't give a... (Below threshold)

don't give a rat's ass about anyone else.

I want them to have the same opportunities that I have. The opportunity to work hard and purchase with fruits of the production of their labor whatever they can find someone to voluntarily, free from coercive government, sell them.

The difference in you and I is that you want the government to use force to make someone sell something at a price other than what they'd choose without the threat of force... but you don't give a rats ass about anyone else, so long as someone steals for you, moocher.

Here is an organization tha... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Here is an organization that helps people who work for themselves get private insurance:


Sort of like the co-ops some people are advocating.

Once again until Con... (Below threshold)

Once again until Congress and the President answer these questions simply and plainly there will be more scenes like this.
Here is the list of questions that reporters wanted to ask President Obama about health care reform at Wednesday night's press conference but were afraid to ask. The statist media may be afraid to ask these but, the American people aren't.

1. Why are American taxpayers subsidizing premiums of millions of union members and healthy Americans who already have health insurance at a cost of about $6,000 per person?

2. Why should American taxpayers pay for the health insurance of millions of young single Americans making over $80,000 year who are offered health insurance at work or can afford it but don't get it?

3. Why should American taxpayers pay for the health insurances of millions of illegal immigrants? Shouldn't there be a better way to provide people who are here illegally basic care?

4. Why are American taxpayers paying $10 billion for the health care costs of retirees of big corporations?

5. You talk about using health care reform to control the deficit. But if we targeted help to people who need it most, wouldn't that help?

6. You talk about two-thirds of the money to pay for people who already have health insurance or don't have it even though they can afford it or are eligible or aren't entitled to it (see questions 1-4) or subsidizing a new program (question 5) coming from eliminating "waste in the system" by having a government panel of experts decide what services and treatments are best. Won't that increase waiting times for services and access to new treatments?

7. You also say doctors will decide how they should practice medicine. So who will decide, the panel of experts or my doctor?

8. A follow up, Mr. President. You talk about the red pill being half as expensive as the blue pill (or is it the other way around?) but being just as effective. Sometimes only the blue pill works but in systems where government experts decide, people only get the red pill? Will that happen here?

9. Some of the "experts" have suggested that two-thirds of hospital admissions for people on Medicare in the last two years of life are wasteful because those people are going to die anyway. That includes a lot of cancer patients like Ted Kennedy. Do you think Ted Kennedy should die instead of being readmitted to the hospital? Should anyone else be denied care in order to subsidize paying for the health insurance of people who are not eligible or who can afford care they refuse to pay for?

10. A related question: the care people get in the "last two years of life" continues to extend and improve their lives (that's why we are also living longer as Americans). So wouldn't cutting this care also shorten and reduce quality of life? That's what's happened to cancer and heart patients in other countries.

11. In fact, the health care bills you support would cut payments for hospital readmissions. That could likely increase the number of deaths and shorten the lives of people with cancer, heart disease, and Parkinson's. Isn't that denying coverage for pre-existing conditions?

12. The House health bill, which you support, pays a bonus to doctors who provide less care to healthy, white middle class people in rural area and cuts reimbursement to doctors who provide care to sick, poor black people in inner cities. Doesn't that discriminate against minorities, the chronically sick, and the poor?

13. Another follow up. All the health care bills cut subsidies for low-income people to buy insurance and provide more for wealthy people, including the new retiree health bailout fund. Doesn't that discriminate against minorities and the poor as well?

14. You say if you have health insurance you like you can keep it. But both the CBO and independent studies say that up to 120 million Americans will lose their group coverage at work and join either Medicaid or a government-run plan because government will pay much lower prices to doctors and hospitals. And these doctors will also be paid 30 percent less and denying care based on pre-existing conditions determined by your expert panel. Yet you said the goal is to improve health. I am just a reporter and not used to asking hard questions, so maybe you can explain.

15. Final question Mr. President: If the public option is so good, will you try it out before we do? Like your first ball throw at the All-Star game, your initial response to the question kind sort of fell short and the media didn't cover it very well then either.
From The American Spectator, B. Goldberg

Conservative right winge... (Below threshold)

Conservative right wingers "want affordable, dependable health care" and don't give a rat's ass about anyone else. The motto "I have mine, screw you" couldn't be more apropos. The "socialized medicine" canard is the smoke screen.

Ahh, yes. It's so immoral for people barely scraping by as it is to resist further tax increases and government inference with their healthcare.
Or, are you one of the sheep who believe Obama's crap that his plan will pay for itself by eliminating greed-inspired tonsillectomies?

Wow, I didn't realize that ... (Below threshold)

Wow, I didn't realize that "afforadable, dependable health care," was wrong. I do want "affordable, dependable health care," for me, my family and everyone else. I truly beleive it can be done, but not with a massive government run program such as Obama Care. There are simple, easy solutions, that the Government can assist with to make health care affordable for everyone.

First they have to reverse the overregulation of the health care industry, at the federal, state and local levels. Second they need to provide some Tort reform to assist in bringing Malpractice insurance costs down. Third, they need to get more qualified health practioners into the field, the more there is of something, the cheaper it gets. I could go on, but it is a start.

It's not about providing me... (Below threshold)

It's not about providing medical care - that could be done and relatively cheaply.

It's about control.

Actually, more then want th... (Below threshold)

Actually, more then want the healthcare, I EARN it by doing with less to take care of the premiums. Something the "hand out" dems never seem to get. You see Ryan, a lot of people work for a living. Look it up. ww

Liberal slogan:"I ... (Below threshold)

Liberal slogan:

"I want my healthcare now,and I want you to pay for it."

As far as supply goes, Matt... (Below threshold)

As far as supply goes, Matt, the caveat is the more providers you produce THAT DON"T HAVE A HUGE DEBT AND AN ATTITUDE OF ENTITLEMENT, the cheaper health care gets.

Adrian writes:[ [ ... (Below threshold)

Adrian writes:

[ [ [ [ [ [ [[[PRIVATE HEALTHCARE KILLS PEOPLE]]] ] ] ] ] ] ]

"Michael Jackson's personal doctor administered a powerful anesthetic to help him sleep, and authorities believe the drug killed the pop singer, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press on Monday."


You got it wrong Adrian. Under private health care a possible crime has been commited. Under Obama's plan this is considered legally "managed" health care.

But that's OK, it will be clearer to you after you're 65 and visiting your government-mandated health "counselor".

Some recent corporate histo... (Below threshold)
Still An Unrepentant Democrat:

Some recent corporate history of United Health Care will demonstrate how far their corporate culture is from taking care of the sick and disabled. In 2006 The Wall Street Journal reported that company executives were back dating their stock options. Because of the ensuing scandal in October 15, 2006 company President and CEO William McGuire, who usually made between $60 and $120 million a year was forced to resign but he took with him the largest golden parachute ever paid, a compensation package estimated to be $1.1 billon. He was subsequently forced to pay back to the SEC $468 million in refunds and $7 million in penalties.In 2008 the net realized profit of the United HealthCare Group fell 36 per cent from 2007 - from $4.65 billion in 2007 to $2.98 billion in 2008 due to legal costs. In 2008, an investigation by New York State Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo found that Ingenix and its parent UnitedHealth Group defrauded consumers and providers by manipulating its database used to quantify reasonable and customary medical care provider rates to make them remarkably lower than the actual cost of typical medical expense. This provided health insurance companies over the past 15 years the means to inappropriately lower payment of provider claims, thereby increasing the insurance companies' profits and often leaving patients to pay the difference. The company paid a $50 million fine and set another $50 million aside to revamp its data system as an external organization under non-profit public supervision. In 2008 United Health paid another $895 million in legal and settlement costs in two other class action law suits, the major one brought by CALPERS retirement fund over the stock option deception. In addition, on January 15, 2009, UnitedHealth Group announced a $350 million settlement of three class action lawsuits filed in Federal court by the American Medical Association and others for not paying claims for out of network medical services to their patients. Anyone can easily see that the management of this company has no sense of public fiduciary responsibility and has focused major resources on making profit and manipulating the financing of health care. It is a real stretch to imagine that the same board of directors and top officials, so caught up in these huge illegal money grabs would really be interested in paying attention to my family's sickness and pain or in any remediation of our health care system's problems.

Amazing all the dumb ass, O... (Below threshold)

Amazing all the dumb ass, Obama worshiping liberals who object to people being worried about losing control of their health care. Yet these same idiots have no problem with Obama saying that HE will look out for his own family's health care.

Why can HE have choice, and I cannot?

If GrandFan weren't such a ... (Below threshold)
Still An Unrepentant Democrat:

If GrandFan weren't such a "dumb ass", Obama hating right winger and did a modicum of research, HE'd know HE would have HIS own choices to make.

But then what else would you expect from HIM?

Unrepentant:Your Oba... (Below threshold)

Your Obamassiah was asked if he would cover his family under a government controlled health care program. Mr Smooth said that he had 'other options'.

In other words you stupid schmuck, it's good enough to make it MANDATORY for others, but not good enough for HIS family.

Just another case where some animals are more equal than others. Just ask another Democrat, Chris Dodd. Or did you happen to get a good mortgage rate as well based on your political party affliliation?

If the right is so concerne... (Below threshold)
Larry Dickman:

If the right is so concerned about "socialized medicine," which, you're right, it is a canard, why are the repubs content to let our military use socialized medicine? Why not give them the best Blue Cross/Blue Shield? You're not marginalizing the health care of the troops, are you?

Why do we have socialized fire departments? Why not put out your own fires or get private fire insurance? Surely private fire protection would be cheaper and better.

Why do we have socialized police departments? Police your own neighborhoods or hire a private firm. Surely private police protection would be cheaper and better.

Why do we have socialized dam builders when the Governor in Texas says he can handle it himself? Surely he can do it cheaper and better.

Dickman:Socialism re... (Below threshold)

Socialism refers to any one of various theories of economic organization advocating public or cooperative worker self-ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and a society characterized by equal access to resources for all individuals with a more egalitarian method of compensation.

What the hell does socialism have to do with police, fire or the military? Oh, and for your info, military families are covered by a health care program, its call CHAMPUS.

I skipped #22. The ... (Below threshold)

I skipped #22.
The lack of paragraph breaks make a body of writing too tedious to contemplate.

In case the "unrepentant Dems" still don't understand the tea parties, the really exciting point is that they are attended by people of all political stripes, Democrats too, and repentant or not the Democrat party is going to reap the whirlwind in 2010.

And you can take that to the bank....., if there are any still around.

Larry,As far as your... (Below threshold)

As far as your point about better health care for the troops, it is an excellent point and I agree that Veterans Hospitals should have high quality care, no excuses.

As far as police and fire departments go, these institutions for the public good are managed on a local level. I guess one could try a system where you could have competing private concerns for fire fighting and policing and each household in the neighborhood contract these services privately but I am guessing it would be found quite quickly to be impractical. Benjamin Franklin recognized this and the LOCAL publically funded fire department was initated by him in the early United States. I also don't see local fire and police departments burdened with cumbersome administrative and hidden costs that are typical of federal social programs. If Obama wanted to he could be like the fire departments around the country and stand at busy intersections twice a year with boot in hand to ask for funds for his health care initiative. Or maybe a bedpan in hand would be more appropriate.

Last, it is not clear to me what you mean about socialized dam builders.

By the way, I believe most Republicans will support social programs but perhaps what social programs they support would be different than the Democrats. Eisenhower supported the Interstate Highway System - a Republican initiative. In retrospect, I would have supported bailout funds going to "shovel-ready" projects but it just doesn't seem to be happening does it? Unfortunately what Obama says and what he does are chronically two different things with him. Maybe he could have put a dent in the degree of unemployment if he would allow infrastructural projects to be funded. But if your just going to give the money to your friends or to the States to pay off some debts, well too bad for us and for Obama's legacy.

Almost everyone I know feels some form of healthcare reform is needed. This includes my Republican and Democrat friends. With this and the fact that Obama has a clear legislative majority, if he can't get it done it is not the Republican's fault. Sorry.

It should be noted that SAU... (Below threshold)

It should be noted that SAUD #22 is a stolen repost of someone else's work but then that shouldn't surprise anyone.

SAUD is a FRAUD</... (Below threshold)


#22 SAUD is actually plagia... (Below threshold)

#22 SAUD is actually plagiarizing Alex Constantine, the conspiracy "theorist" who thinks the CIA is using satanic cults to lay the groundwork for trauma-based programming.

Now I know why SAUD is unrepentant:
"Of all the things I've ever lost, I miss my mind the most."
~Ozzy Osbourne

Too bad for SAUD that even the Canadian Healthcare system doesn't cover mental health.

To the person that said tha... (Below threshold)

To the person that said that us protesters don't matter: If we don't matter, then you don't matter and if we don't win the day and this horrible monstrosity passes, you are going to find out how little you really do matter!

Vote all the Dummycrats out... (Below threshold)

Vote all the Dummycrats out of office, and send them back where they came from, HELL!

Just to clear up a few poin... (Below threshold)

Just to clear up a few points:

Active Duty military receive their health care through military providers unless they are so remote only civilian health care is available.

Dependents and spouses of AD receive their care through the TriCare networks (out here its TriWest). Champus metamorphosed into TriCare about a decade ago.

Retired military have the ability to receive care from AD military medical on a limited basis, or the VA.

Disabled veterans, who may not have served long enough to receive retirement, can receive care at the VA for the problems they have been designated as disabled during military service without fees, though the VA now attempts to receive payment from insurers for other care provided (not VA-disability related), they don't yet dun the veterans or their insurance for disability-related care. This was a hotly contested area not long ago that Obama stepped into and then out of.

Active Duty military have their own health care system for very good reasons. It is not socialized medicine, It is military medicine. Its far beyond the scope of this thread to go into the reasons why, but I am sure they are all beyond the folks who think they know so much why ObamaCare is a good idea.

As to the subject of this h... (Below threshold)

As to the subject of this hijacked thread, the town hall meetings are excellent platforms for any organized group to make their voices heard. I plan to be at our local Town Hall on August 1st. I suspect it will be VERY interesting.

epador, if these 'town hall... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

epador, if these 'town hall' meetings keep getting very interesting, expect to see fewer of them.
Town halls used to be little more than photo-ops and free campaign campaign ads attended by few but the party faithful. (Unless it was a Repub, then occasionally a Code Pink or ACORN disruption would break out)
As the TeaPartiers attend more meetings, look for a crackdown on who is allowed to ask questions (like Obama's 'town halls') or look for them to stop altogether.

This is just but one tactic (although it's a good one) that the Tea Partiers must use. We must also be ready to change tactics as the Pols and the Lefties try to weasel out of our crosshairs.

We started out having our own rallies and sending letters and tea to congress.
Then we had bigger parties and started going to the Pol's offices.
Now we are going to the Town Hall mtgs, too.

Next step, after the Pols stop showing up at their offices and stop having public meetings...start showing up at the Pol's homes. (legally, on public property nearest their homes.)

Hey, we're finally using the Lefty tactics back against them. Long overdue.

Great job, Tea Party folks!... (Below threshold)
Rick M.:

Great job, Tea Party folks!

As a Missourian, I write McCaskill weekly to express my frustration with her. She campaigned heavily for Obama in 2008, and she repeats his propoganda daily in spite of constituent opposition to it. Her term will not end soon enough!

DaveD, it's still socialize... (Below threshold)
Larry Dickman:

DaveD, it's still socialized, even if it's funded at the local level. Most fire and police receive some sort of federal dollars.

You reference "for the public good," as if health care some how falls outside of that.

Epador, military medicine IS socialized, government-run health care. And as an Army vet, I realize that we are entitled to it, but there's no escaping the fact that the government can and already does, in fact, run health care. On a massive scale.

There are many, many things the government can run well on a massive scale, like the military or landing our planes at airports.

So everyone needs to drop the premise that they can't. I'm not saying that we've seen anything viable yet, but to say that the government can't do it, is not correct.

I know this . . . our current "for profit health care" has put our system at at 37th in the world, behind Costa Rica but ahead of Slovenia.

Larry,If the firefig... (Below threshold)

If the firefighters and police are receiving federal dollars the federal government is still not regulating which calls they respond to. A fire at the home of a retired couple is answered as readily as a fire at the home of newlyweds. If Obama were to regulate fire response services the same way he wants to regulate health care, then maybe the fire company wouldn't show up at the home of the older folks who are no longer working but instead just sapping the resources of social security, medicare, etc.

DaveD, you are aware that i... (Below threshold)

DaveD, you are aware that insurance companies already regulate health care in such a way, right? And that under a system with a public option, you would be allowed to purchase out of pocket any procedures that the government will not cover, right?

Hyper,I am aware. I... (Below threshold)

I am aware. Is it your impression that private health care insurance will remain a long term competitive alternative to the public option with respect to costs and services covered?

DaveD, you are right on. Th... (Below threshold)

DaveD, you are right on. The government has unlimited resources (in the dems mind) that private insurance companies cannot compete fairly.

I will say, if the US healthcare is so damn bad, why do all the worlds leaders and wealthy people come to my country for treatment? Because it is the best. Even canadians come here often. ww

DaveD, no, I think insuranc... (Below threshold)

DaveD, no, I think insurance companies will have to slash prices to compete, eventually getting out of health insurance all but for the supplemental kind that you can buy here in Canada. And I think that's a very good thing. There should never be a cost-benefit analysis when determining whether someone ought to be covered for, say, hypertension or diabetes. That's uncivilized.

Willie, for every Canadian that goes to the United States to get treatment, there are far more Americans who fly to Thailand because they can't afford to pay for surgical treatment in your country. So find better talking points, because our imperfect system is more equitable and more efficient than yours.

Hyper:"There should ... (Below threshold)

"There should never be a cost-benefit analysis when determining whether someone ought to be covered for, say, hypertension or diabetes. That's uncivilized."

I think that is exactly the concern of many here with the health care policies now going through committee, that there will indeed be "rationing" of health care on a cost/benefit basis to elderly, chronically infirm, etc. Although the government might be able to provide a low cost plan for "basic" care, the care for more advanced procedures will only be affordable to the wealthy in the supplemental insurance or out of pocket payment. So, it doesn't really change the picture in my mind of comprehensive healthcare for everyone and I think the Democrats are allowing the average citizen to accept this illusion. Frankly, I have not read the 1000 pages of this bill. However, there has never been a major social program managed by government in this country that has fulfilled its economic promise. For some of these programs it has taken decades to reach that point of financial crisis, but it occurs nonetheless. I guess I'm digressing here but I have never been able to rationalize how the same people who demonize private business for making a profit can put so much faith in government as the alternative. Social Security is indeed not health care but it is a model for an illegal Ponzi scheme in the private sector.

Congrats to the tea party p... (Below threshold)

Congrats to the tea party protesters, we are getting the message out and EVEN BETTER NEWS is that President Obama's poll numbers ARE GOING DOWN.To the tea party protesters in the "Show Me State", job well done. 2010 is going to make 1994 look like a day at the beach.

im so glad all you liberals... (Below threshold)

im so glad all you liberals just swallow everything your poloticians tell you......
isnt that what they accuse right wingers of all the time. So where are you liberals asking the hard questions shouldnt you be the one holding, your choice for president, feet to the fire. I am truley concerned that he has tainted the office and we will probably not have another African American president for along time. Which is very dissapointing because I know for a fact there are some very very smart FREEDOM loving African Americans out there who would stand up for the people and not the BIG BUSINESSES/Special Interests! Christopher Gardner would have my vote, and if he ever ran for office i beleive most in this country would support him.






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