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That's Going To Leave A Mark...

CNN's Don Lemon spoke with several Cambridge police officers who support Sgt. James Crowley yesterday. The star is Officer Kelly King, showing her support for Sgt James Crowley and taking President Obama to task for his rush to judgment. See the video below.

Interestingly it appears that Sgt. Crowley has been muzzled by superiors.


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Wow - Crowley can't be a ra... (Below threshold)
The Obvious One:

Wow - Crowley can't be a racist -- he hugged a black woman?

Emotions continue to run high on both sides.

The facts speaks for themselves. Gates charges were dropped. It was a bad bust, he didn't deserve to be arrested.

OUCH!The bottom li... (Below threshold)


The bottom line is that all people expect better things of their leaders and instead we just got racial pandering and grandstanding.

Yes, it's clear that he has been muzzled, but I think that it actually helps him because it has forced others to take up his cause. This is a fight that Gates and Obama can't win and they know it. Gates tried the other day to suggest that a meeting at the White House would mean an apology from Crowley, if so he's in for a disappointment.

The facts speaks for the... (Below threshold)

The facts speaks for themselves.

Yes they do. And the fact is that all the cops supported the arrest and think it was the right thing to do. Funny how that is.

Also, the fact is that Obama weighed in not knowing all the facts and backed up a friend who was clearly in the wrong when depicting this incident as racial profiling.

The facts speaks f... (Below threshold)
The facts speaks for themselves. Gates charges were dropped.

And being a Harvard Professor in Cambridge who is a friend of the President of the United States, the Governor of Massachusetts, and the Mayor of Boston had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with those charges getting dropped.

It wasn't a bad bust. Gate... (Below threshold)

It wasn't a bad bust. Gates was arrested for being a jackass. Fortunately for all of us that isn't prosecutable.

Gates has merely revealed himself to be an angry racist who has failed to mature one iota from when he wrote on his Yale undergrad application that his fate was in "Whitey's" hands.

Gates' whole career is about race and racism. His life and career are predicated on the proposition that he is being continually oppressed by the white man. To his misfortune reality and his narrative have collided in this public spectacle.

Any man who can found his own foundation and pay himself and his friends tens of thousands of dollars is not being oppressed. The emperor looks very fashionable indeed in his new clothes.

Yeah, just one cop backing ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, just one cop backing another cop. THEY ALL DO IT!

Yeah. THEY. It's always THEY. And ALL of them do it. No profiling there.

I still want to know why Gates accused Crowley of racial profiling. According to Gates, it was because he is black. Crowley didn't know who was in the house. Did the house look BLACK?

"Gates tried the other day ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"Gates tried the other day to suggest that a meeting at the White House would mean an apology from Crowley, if so he's in for a disappointment."

Well, I hope he is disappointed. Crowley seems like a stand up guy. As an expert on racial profiling for his department, I hope he hasn't drunk too much of the anti-racial profiling P.C. koolaid. It's possible to take the profiling issue to the extreme, in either direction.

With the media spinning the meeting and the enormous P.C. pressure, I hope Crowley sticks to his guns and tells them to shove it on the racial stuff. I think he will. I hope.

Crowley didn't know who ... (Below threshold)

Crowley didn't know who was in the house.

But he said that the witness told him that two black men had gone into the house, whereas she had told him that one of them might have been Hispanic and the other one she wasn't sure about.

So whether or not Crowley is a racist, that was a racist thing to lie about, wasn't it?

If every cop in the world stood up for this guy, it wouldn't make a difference because the fact of the matter is it is not against the law to be discourteous to a police officer, especially on your own property. It's nice to be courteous to them, and they'll be a lot nicer back to you, but in no way are you obligated to treat them with the same level of respect that they have to extend to you. If all of his fellow officers say that they would have done the same thing, then they all have an equally narrow and stupid conception of civil liberties, Gates' prickitude notwithstanding.

Hyper, it is illegal to cau... (Below threshold)

Hyper, it is illegal to cause a public disturbance (in the front yard) which is so loud and obnoxious that you are drawing the neighbors out of their house and becoming a public nuisance. That's what the arrest was for, disturbing the peace, it had absolutely nothing to do with being a jackass.

LOL - Don Lemon just can't ... (Below threshold)

LOL - Don Lemon just can't get a break from black women. After Obama visit to Ghana, Lemon crowed about "unprecedented" welcome Ghanians threw in his honor. South African Nkepile Mabuse disabused him of that idea so quickly he was left speechless.

"The facts speaks for thems... (Below threshold)

"The facts speaks for themselves. Gates charges were dropped. It was a bad bust, he didn't deserve to be arrested."

The "Obvious One" is clueless as to how our judicial system works. Just because charges are dropped does not mean that the accused is innocent. The District Attorney/City Attorney can drop charges for any number of reasons, like a key witness refuses to testify, key evidence is found to have had the chain of custody violated (for the "Obvious One, this means some evidence couldn't be accounted for during a specific time period), there isn't enough evidence to guarantee a conviction (DA's want to win, so if there is a good chance of acquittal, they will drop charges), or political pressure. Just because a charge gets dropped does not imply innocence.

Of course, as evidenced by "Obvious One's" behavior on here, my whole explanation was lost on him/her.

So enraging someone for rac... (Below threshold)

So enraging someone for racially profiling them*, drawing them out onto their porch, and then arresting them for being loudly enraged in public is a perfectly reasonable thing for a police officer to do? If that is actually what you people believe then there is no small wonder cops in your country are arrogant bullies.

* I say racially profiling, because a) the witness never said anything about the suspected burglars being black, but b) Crowley said that she had said that. The woman's lawyer had to disabuse the public of that misinformation. So whether you want to call that racial profiling, or racially-tinged stupidity, is up to you. I don't think Crowley is a racist, but I think he told a lie that would seem to be steeped in racism (provided the witness is not lying--and why would she be?)

Hyper, you are so out of yo... (Below threshold)

Hyper, you are so out of your realm of where your mind usually lives it is pathetic. How can an officer responding to a suspected burglary call profile that which he has not seen? You idiot.

Gates made an ass of himself. Continued to rant and cause a scene and even then Crowley was going to walk away, but then Gates had to go and say "Yo Mama". I can't even believe this guy is an academic. He acts more like a thug. Gates should have appreciated the officer for making sure his home was safe, but no, had to make a thing about it.

The great part, and there is one, is Obama really revealed his racist card on this one. Even without the facts, he condemned the white officer. There is your profile. ww

Of course, although we have... (Below threshold)

Of course, although we have the tape of the witness's call to the dispatcher, we have two different versions of what the witness said to the officer at the scene and no tape or third person to that conversation that I'm aware of. The witness could have gotten a better look at who was breaking into the house after she called the dispatcher, and reported something different to the officer than she had to the dispatcher. No one can conclude from this that the officer is lying about what the witness told him.

But this is a red herring, anyway. The officer didn't approach Gates because Gates is black; the officer approached Gates because the officer had probable cause to believe that Gates had broken into a house (and the officer was 100% right on that--Gates had broken into a house). A witness saw someone breaking into a house, and what's more that someone was still in the house when the officer arrived. What's more, that person was Gates, the person the officer approached. The officer's duty at that point was to investigate. There's no racial profiling here. Unless you think it's racial profiling to investigate reports of possible crime that happen to involve black people.

The officer also had every right to ask Gates and the driver to leave the house, since that was part of controlling the scene for the officer's own safety. Whether or not Gates was then "disorderly" depends on the facts and the wording of the statute or ordinance. But racial profiling, it ain't.

hyper - "drawing them o... (Below threshold)

hyper - "drawing them out onto their porch, and then arresting them for being loudly enraged in public is a perfectly reasonable thing for a police officer to do? If that is actually what you people believe then there is no small wonder cops in your country are arrogant bullies."

A simpleton's explanation even you should understand, but will never admit.

The officer answered a call on a report of TWO men apparently breaking into the house. Upon arrival only one was visible and he was perfectly within is rights to ask Gates to step out of the house to determine whether 1. he was in fact a resident and 2. Alone and not being coerced by another individual and possible law breaker inside threatening Gates and or his family.

Gates wasn't "drawn out," not was he "lured out' as some crackpots have suggested.

As for U.S cops being "arrogant bullies" what gives you the authority to make that judgement? Been busted? Roughed up by a U.S. cop?

Got a lawsuit pending?

Besides, your "constables" and yourself haven't got any room to talk about.

Wednesday June 17, 2009

Two Toronto police officers from 32 Division while arresting a Black youth recently should be charged with assault during the arrest. As witnesses stood by and watched in horror the officers in plain clothes and allegedly without identifying themselves also allegedly slammed the boy's head into a glass door shattering the door. The youth was unarmed during the altercation and was also in handcuffs which also took place in front of his mother Sylvia Patrick. Minutes after the incident took place the police officers were observed giving a different version of the events when questioned about it stating that the boy had slammed his head into the door himself. The incident which took place in a room full of people was never the less disputed by the police officers involved in the arrest. In the eyes of this writer and the many other witnesses to the event their actions has defied logic. Both in their reasoning and also in their savagery towards the victim.
"Nice guy," but a little rough and possibly an arrogant bully.

Staff Insp. Steve Izzett faces nine charges under the Police Act, including oppressive and tyrannical behaviour, deceit, abuse of authority and misconduct related to an investigation. (Toronto Star)
A Toronto police officer who was caught on tape sucker-punching a man outside a Rexdale coffee shop was led away in handcuffs when his appeal of the conviction was tossed out of court yesterday. (Toronto Star)
Go away hyper.
www.rent-a-negro.com/... (Below threshold)


Site created by a black woman, Damali Ayo, satirist.


Wow, top-shelf googling, Ma... (Below threshold)

Wow, top-shelf googling, Marky-Marc! By finding a few examples of cops in Toronto also being awful douche bags, you have successfully proved that Crowley was not in fact out of line when he arrested Gates for being an asshole.

Some other examples you might be interested in: four or five RCMP officers tased a Polish man to death at the airport in Vancouver because he was yelling (and couldn't speak English); cops in Saskatchewan were found to have driven intoxicated First Nations teenagers an hour into the wilderness in the middle of January and left them to die; etc. etc. Add these examples to the case file, Columbo. I'm well aware that cops here enjoy roughing up kids, and some of them are racists. If you want to have a conversation about the police in Canada, be my guest. Has nothing to do with whether or not Crowley is an arrogant bully.

I will admit that not qualifying that statement was stupid: certainly not all cops in your country fit the profile of 'arrogant bully', though I will say that the ones I've had run-ins with do. I got threatened with being charged for "disturbing the peace" because I called the police on a fat slob working in a liquor store who called my brother a faggot (he was with his girlfriend!) and threatened to sick his dog on him if he set foot in his store without shoes on. I was threatened by the cop! Because I complained that a guy threatened my younger brother! Freeeeeedom!

hyper - "you have succe... (Below threshold)

hyper - "you have successfully proved that Crowley was not in fact out of line when he arrested Gates for being an asshole."

On the contrary I've proved you claiming it's "no small wonder cops in your country are arrogant bullies," are just as prevalent in your country as ours and says zip-nadda-ziltch about Crowley' behavior.

And that you need to stick a sock in your pie-hole before you demean and degrade anything south of your border.

Wow, internet tough-talk. Y... (Below threshold)

Wow, internet tough-talk. You're such a mensch, Marky-Marc.






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