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Health Care Alert

Erick Erickson is hearing there may be some action in the House on health care. Call your representatives and let them know what you think!

Redstate has made it easy to find out how to get in touch with your representative.

Kim adds: I just called Rep. Bart Stupak and told Loren, the nice young man who answered the phone, that I would like Rep. Stupak to vote no on HR 3200 should Nancy Pelosi force it to a floor vote this week.


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Thanks for the heads up! <... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Thanks for the heads up!

When Rahm speaks, Nancy lis... (Below threshold)

When Rahm speaks, Nancy listens.

How come it takes Obam-Alin... (Below threshold)

How come it takes Obam-Alinsky months and months to choose a dog, and a church, but he wants to force this through in a matter of days?

Because health care for all... (Below threshold)
Oh No You Don't:

Because health care for all Americans is important, and finding a dog isn't?

Did you really not know the difference?

The bill if passed and sign... (Below threshold)

The bill if passed and signed does not take effect for four years....so why rush it? You do understand On No that you are a idiot.

<a href="http://thehill.com... (Below threshold)

This is interesting, but then again, maybe it's a head fake.

I can't imagine why the Dems would let the bill twist in the wind through the recess. That seems stupid to me.

"I can't imagine why the De... (Below threshold)

"I can't imagine why the Dems would let the bill twist in the wind through the recess."

Simple truth is that Nancy for all her bluster, does not have the votes. If she did, it would be a done deal. But the Blue Dogs want concessions. They're holding it up. Barry is also wanting some big "bipartisan" support. The economy does not recover by 2010, that "Economic Recovery Act" (PORK I) is going to be a stinking albatross hanging around the necks of some vulnerable Democrats. No Republican in the House voted for it. If ObamaCare passes, they want to spread the 'fault' around as much as possible when John Q Public finally finds out he got screwed. "Everyone voted for it" covers a lot of political ass, rather than "Only Nancy's Obamabots voted for this mess". At the moment this looks only like a political face-saving gesture for Nancy and Barry. "They got it done by the August recess." - Yeah they got a bill put together, BUT not voted on. So it isn't DONE. Not even 1/2 way there. Harry can't get anything out of the Senate. Without that, there can be no compromise meeting and resulting legislation between the House and Senate.

I am represented in Washing... (Below threshold)

I am represented in Washington DC by Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken in the Senate and Keith Ellison, the only Muslim in the House of Reps. I don't believe that any calls I made, however reasoned or passionate, would even dent the consciousness of Minnesota's own three stooges.

Wright:Make calls ... (Below threshold)


Make calls to somebody who is on the fence, and pretend you are from their district. Look up a zipcode before making the call.

I tried calling Travis Chil... (Below threshold)

I tried calling Travis Childers (MS) but the voice mail said the office was closed, & the inbox was full- I was unable to even leave a message.

Your mother ever teach you ... (Below threshold)

Your mother ever teach you anything about lying, sam?

#4: no, GianiD really would need that sort of thing spelled out to him.

Really, Sam. You'll have t... (Below threshold)

Really, Sam. You'll have to do a lot better to be as big a liar as ol' Hyper.

"Oh No You Don't" is using ... (Below threshold)
Lorie Byrd:

"Oh No You Don't" is using Lee Ward's email address. Of course it could be Glen Greenwald visiting Lee and using his computer or someone trying to impersonate Lee. I'd check the IP addy if I cared, but thought I would just ask instead. "Oh No" hasn't called me a liar yet so it is hard to believe it could really be Lee.

Adriannie,Thanks f... (Below threshold)


Thanks for the heads up yo ace hole..

President Obama Does Not... (Below threshold)

President Obama Does Not Know What's in the Health Care Bill He is Pushing

Autism Excluded from H.R. 3200 Healthcare Bill!

What the Liberal Media A... (Below threshold)

What the Liberal Media Aren't Telling You About Obama's Healthcare Plans







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