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More on the Suspected Terrorists Arrested in NC

Rusty at Jawa has exclusive information on the suspected terrorists arrested in North Carolina this week. It is amazing how much information jihadists are willing to post on their social networking sites.

More on the banality of terror. You should read it for the context in understanding the federal indictments against Ziyad Yaghi, Mohammad Omar Aly Hussain, and six others.

At first glance Yaghi's Facebook account seemed so ordinary. Hence why all his friends are shocked, neighbors all describe the ringleader's family as nice people, and the "banality of evil" reference. But on a deeper analysis of "hidden" information, it becomes clear that Yaghi had jihadi aspirations for some time.

I think there's a joke worthy of Jeff Foxworthy here. If the very first thing you write on your Facebook page is ..

Asalamualaikum, if your a mulsim (sic, "Muslim) welcome but if ur a munafiq (arabic: hypcrite) im a kill you

... then you might be a jihadi.

Here is a link to his earlier post about the stuff found on Ziyad Yaghi's Facebook page.


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Comments (8)

"He's such a nice guy" "He... (Below threshold)

"He's such a nice guy" "He looked normal"

Yeah, I'm sure those 11 guys who got on the planes in Boston on Sept 11th fit the same picture.

They fit the same "profeel"... (Below threshold)

They fit the same "profeel" as Ed Norton would say..

So, they are guilty as charged!

It's a good thing that the ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

It's a good thing that the MSM is all over this. Oh, wait... terrorism doesn't exist anymore now that we can be, for the first time in our adult lives, proud to be Americans.

I would really like to be a... (Below threshold)

I would really like to be a fly on the wall when the Winter Spring Seven stop by the White House for a beer with Barry and his friend Professor Gates.

I am smart enough to stay h... (Below threshold)

I am smart enough to stay high enough on the wall to evade Barry's swats.

Ha ha ha ha ha haW... (Below threshold)

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Who are You epador? STEVEN SEGAL?

That quote sounds like he l... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

That quote sounds like he lifted it from Achmed The Dead Terrorist... "Silence! I keel you!"


Asalamualaikum, if your ... (Below threshold)

Asalamualaikum, if your a mulsim (sic, "Muslim) welcome but if ur a munafiq (arabic: hypcrite) im a kill you

Shouldn't that read ... if you're (sic, your)...

Is the ignorance comic or tragic or both?






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