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Rahm Emanuels Chickens Roosting in Maxine Waters Yard

Don't you just love when things start going the way you thought they would? Maxine Waters is blaming Rahm Emanuel for the democrats problems with healthcare, saying in her best Jeremiah Wright impersonation that the chickens are coming home to roost.

Democrats are unable to get any kind of momentum on healthcare going so now the infighting is taking shape. Emanuel was responsible for recruiting most of the "blue dogs" that are giving the lefties fits on healthcare; and now Waters had this to say, when she was asked if the blue dogs could be "heeled".

"That's going to be difficult for Rahm Emanuel because, don't forget, he recruited them," she said. "When he was in Congress, in the leadership, Rahm Emanuel recruited more conservative members, and, based on some of the information, ... they told him they could vote the way they wanted to -- the chickens are coming home to roost."


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Comments (11)

Gotta love Maxine. She's i... (Below threshold)

Gotta love Maxine. She's is the House version of Joe Biden.

Chickens coming home to roo... (Below threshold)

Chickens coming home to roost! And laying rotten eggs all over the place!

Get Maxine Waters to call m... (Below threshold)

Get Maxine Waters to call me out as being to Conservative.
If I was a Blue Dog that might be the best thing for me. And the only way I might get to keep my seat in the upcoming 2010 Blood Bath (the Son of 1994).

"Chickens are coming home t... (Below threshold)

"Chickens are coming home to roost."

Why is it that all I can hear is Rev Wright saying that?

I dont know Jim? Just poppe... (Below threshold)

I dont know Jim? Just popped into my racist mind?

Ha ha ha ha ha

914 - Your mind, m... (Below threshold)

914 -

Your mind, my mind and whatever Maxine Waters possesses that could be called a mind.

I did not know Rahmmulans w... (Below threshold)

I did not know Rahmmulans went that way?? Waters has a yard??

Hurry up Maxine! Before the... (Below threshold)

Hurry up Maxine! Before they hatch and recognize You..

I guess Maxine would have b... (Below threshold)

I guess Maxine would have been happier if Rahm had recruited leftwingnuts and they'd lost their races to Republicans?

Why not just go ahead and blame the voters for refusing to elect people who weren't far enough over in the leftist fever swamps?

Now, if we could fry up all... (Below threshold)

Now, if we could fry up all those chickens, just think of how big a picnic we could have!

Wait until they start molti... (Below threshold)

Wait until they start molting






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