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A Picture Says a Thousand Words

After the beer summit, President Obama, Sergeant Crowley, and Professor Gates all walked out of the White House together. Well sort of together. A picture says a thousand words, doesn't it:


The way powerful people treat those who have less power than they do said volumes about them. In this case, this picture tells us that the president simply can't be bothered to help his infirm friend down the stairs and instead leaves that task to the very police officer he belittled in front of the entire nation. This question is just begging to be asked: who's acting stupidly now?

Thomas Lifson at the American Thinker offers his remarks and notes that it's an apt metaphor for the president's health care plan:

I think this photo constitutes another major Obama blunder.

As some AT commentators point out, this picture becomes a metaphor for ObamaCare. The elderly are left in the back, with only the kindness of the Crowleys of the world, the stand up guys, to depend on. The government has other priorities.

One of the major subtexts of the health care debate involves the public's fear of indifferent, powerful bureaucrats ruling their lives. It is one thing to wait in line at the DMV to find out which other line you should wait in, in order to begin the process of waiting for multiple bureaucrats to go through the motions of processing your request. I have spent entire afternoons going through this process.

But when we get to health care, waiting often means enduring pain and dysfunction longer than necessary, sometimes a worsening of the condition, and sometimes death.

That's why I think this image will have genuine resonance. It captures something that older Americans in particular can relate to. The President presses ahead with a program that will tell them to take painkillers instead of getting that artificial hip.

Update: Commenter Robin Marie reminds me of this picture that is a good comparison to the one above:

bush with Byrd.jpg


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Comments (72)

Blind ambition is Obamas st... (Below threshold)

Blind ambition is Obamas strongpoint.

Maybe the metaphor is that ... (Below threshold)

Maybe the metaphor is that blacks need to rely on the whites they always condemn, instead of their black brothers, who they 'think' is looking out for the?

Maybe the metaphor... (Below threshold)
Maybe the metaphor is that blacks need to rely on the whites they always condemn, instead of their black brothers, who they 'think' is looking out for the?

I think no metaphors are necessary. A classy person assists the elderly out of courtesy and respect. Some who isn't so classy figures "let gramps fend for himself"

I think this would have bee... (Below threshold)

I think this would have been a better picture of the week. No offense to the other picture, but just how many Biden jokes can one read without getting ill?

Obama's smug demeanor comes... (Below threshold)

Obama's smug demeanor comes out in so much of what he says and does. I always get the impression that he thinks he's the only adult in the room. I know, this is just a picture, but I already don't have much respect for Obama as President, so take it for what it's worth.

The lunatic fringe gets loo... (Below threshold)
Still An Unrepentant Democrat:

The lunatic fringe gets loonier by the post.

Ok, jokes over. Can we put ... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Ok, jokes over. Can we put the grown-ups back in charge now. This is getting nuttier by the day.

The lunatic fringe... (Below threshold)
The lunatic fringe gets loonier by the post.

Dude we listened to the Left's lunatic fringe for 8 years. Look on the bright side, you'll only have to put up with it for 4 years.

Elitists are always demandi... (Below threshold)

Elitists are always demanding that others do the heavy lifting, that's why Obama and Biden show little charitable donations on their tax returns. They are not charitable people. They both believe it is not their responsibility to be charitable, that is the government's duty to their way of thinking. They are so addicted to government, it is the answer to all in their lives. They are now relieved from compassion; there will be a committee to ration that now. Obama's biggest tax deduction for "charity" was to The Congressional Black Caucus", followed by Reverend Wright's Black Liberation Marxist Center. I didn't see any charitable donations for crippled Skippys or police injured in the line of duty. Progressives like Obama are too busy thinking up more stuff for us to do and give up, besides, the photo-op was over, wasn't it? Where's that other angle of this showing just The President hard at work, coat off with sleeves rolled-up, striding forth into the new post-racial America. Want a beer?

Maybe if his friend was the... (Below threshold)

Maybe if his friend was the Saudi King.

This picture says just as m... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

This picture says just as much about Obama's concern for the elderly as that other one did (a couple weeks back) about his propensity to ogle young girls.


What this post suggests is that some people will criticise President Obama NO MATTER WHAT he does or doesn't do. Some people will look for ANY EXCUSE to say something negative about President Obama, whether or not there's any "there" there.

Oh Brucy how you forget the... (Below threshold)

Oh Brucy how you forget the past 8 years. You liberals have such selective memorty. GW Bush couldn't have a bowel movement without the looney left criticizing him. Also, look at what you are still doing to Palin and her family. ww

Still An Unrepentant Democr... (Below threshold)

Still An Unrepentant Democrat

I just checked your email address, it looked
awfully familiar. I see you finally realized
you were no longer banned.
Remember that.

You're right Bruce. Obama's... (Below threshold)

You're right Bruce. Obama's done so much so well we just have to dig for tidbits to criticise him about. lol

I wonder how many lefties would have shown the President (who trashed him on national news networks) and a guy (who berated his mother and called him a racist) so much courtesy and respect? After reading about SENATOR Franken confronting Boone Pickens today at a senate luncheon wrt "swiftboating" Kerry I think we have our answer.

Actions and words have meaning Bruce. Desicions based on ideology formed in college classrooms and dorms have real life consequences, same as how you treat people. Obama's already shown he's got little regard for his own family members (see aunt Tunde and briother George). How could we expect him to think of Prof Gate's ability to navigate the stairs?

Makes me realize how deeply he must care about all of us.

What this post su... (Below threshold)
What this post suggests is that some people will criticise President Bush NO MATTER WHAT he does or doesn't do. Some people will look for ANY EXCUSE to say something negative about President Bush, whether or not there's any "there" there.

There you go, fixed it for you. Past tense of course. ;)

What this post suggests ... (Below threshold)

What this post suggests is that some people will criticise President Obama NO MATTER WHAT he does or doesn't do. Some people will look for ANY EXCUSE to say something negative about President Obama, whether or not there's any "there" there.

I only criticize Obama when he does something stupid or crass. Is it my fault that everything he does something stupid or crass?

Barack Obama is such a path... (Below threshold)

Barack Obama is such a pathetic embarrassment for America. A narcissistic Marxist ideologue that has done historical damage to the United States in only 6 months, all while continuing to campaign with a teleprompter. Never has such an inept president been elected. He makes me long for the days of Jimmy Carter.

Sorry to get y'all all rile... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Sorry to get y'all all riled up. I just like saying "President Obama" on Wizbang.

Funny how standards change around here. A few weeks back, we were discussing how Obama had "rigged" a town hall event. I pointed out that Bush had done the same thing, many times.

I was shouted down, with cries from maggie, among others, that "This is about Obama, not Bush!"

'Member that?

Now, all of a sudden, discussing unfair criticism of Obama IS about unfair criticism of Bush, too.

Which is correct, your stance of that time, or your stance now?

Eh -It's all about... (Below threshold)

Eh -

It's all about the Jug-Eared Douche.

All the time.

Bruce Henry"Funny ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Bruce Henry

"Funny how standards change around here."

One standard has not changed. You are still a clown.

BTW for all the servicemembers who gave their lives so you can spew your liberal attitude stating that they were bettering their resume at the expense of your tax dollars.


What's the matter Bruce, ca... (Below threshold)

What's the matter Bruce, can't take the heat?
Then get out of the kitchen.

This whole debacle tells us... (Below threshold)

This whole debacle tells us a lot about America. Plenty of lessons to be learned when a hard working cop meets the soft underbelly of liberal racism. The lessons don't stop with Gates, it continues with the town, the 911 caller, phony preachers and more, http://stopthepresses2.blogspot.com/search/label/Gates%20Gate

Funny how standards chan... (Below threshold)

Funny how standards change around here.

Bruce Henry, I don't like much of the "gotcha" stuff, either. I don't think that Obama was really looking at the young girl's butt, and I don't think that the Russians were refusing to shake his hand. Some of it is funny, though.

But this picture just might show something deeper--like the fact that Obama is so insensitive to the disability of someone he calls a "friend" that he can walk right on by and let the peasant copper handle things. It could be a mistake or it could be an unfair "frozen moment." Or, it could give us a closer look at a president that we really don't know very much about.

Maybe, maybe not.

Just asking, maggie. I'm pr... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Just asking, maggie. I'm pretty sure I can take anything dished out around here.

Mr Pretend Retired Military Grandson Guy:

You have crossed over into creepy stalker behavior, Dude.
I've told you several times you misunderstood what I wrote, oh so long ago, about vets and their resumes. But you, to use your charming phrase, "don't give a shit" what I wrote, or what I meant. You have taken it upon yourself to lie in wait for me to post, then pounce with an awesome "SCREW YOU", as if you're proving something.

You are proving something, Dude. You're proving you're not who you say you are.

You're not retired from the US military. The US military doesn't keep illiterate, emotionally crippled, irrational idiots in long enough to retire.

Please come visit my hometown soon, RM. Bring your mouth.

Aw c'mon folks, you're all ... (Below threshold)

Aw c'mon folks, you're all missing it! Glorious leader is leaving victorious after facilitating a remarkable turn around. Why, the last time these two met, the cop was leading the professor away in handcuffs. Now he is helping him down the stairs at his side.

This is a Mission Accomplished photo!

Mr iwogisdead:If t... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Mr iwogisdead:

If this picture had been accompanied by your comment, instead of what Ms Priestap wrote, I wouldn't have said a word. What you wrote was fair. The post wasn't.

Say, where's Joe? I think ... (Below threshold)

Say, where's Joe? I think they're all happy he got lost on the way out, and hope if they sneak fast enough, they can lose him entirely.

Joe got delayed cleaning up... (Below threshold)

Joe got delayed cleaning up afterwards.

He might be playing valet t... (Below threshold)

He might be playing valet to go open the car doors. Nah, probably not.

It's just another part of O... (Below threshold)

It's just another part of Obama's arrogance.

He prefers to leave his 'friend' to the charity and kindness of someone who he slandered on national television. While at the same time refuses to apologize for that slander.

Obama has never apologized for his actions or words. He always makes excuses or blames someone else.

So why is anyone surprised at this?

Kim this picture sums up th... (Below threshold)
T Walker:

Kim this picture sums up the whole ridiculous incident.

Get a hold of this picture:... (Below threshold)

Get a hold of this picture: President Bush helping Senator Byrd


You people are stupid.... (Below threshold)

You people are stupid.

Obama is the only one of th... (Below threshold)

Obama is the only one of the three that knows
how to "Boogaloo Down Broadway". He knows the
tempo and words in his head. You can't take
the Chicago flash out of de 'hood. Adoring
blacks LOVE his spunk. I think he's nothing
but a figment of my WORST imagination. And
I tend to be a pessimist.

Bert Parks:"Here h... (Below threshold)

Bert Parks:

"Here he comes, Mister America.
Here he comes, wearing his crown."

The two runner-ups follow in HIS wake. Roses
await him, donated by the Black Caucus, who
await in the aptly named Rose Garden. Andrea
Mitchell, NBC News is the official flower girl.

#33 is stupid!... (Below threshold)

#33 is stupid!

Calling out a retired milit... (Below threshold)

Calling out a retired military guy Bruce. What class!!!!

Really kick his ass you tower of strength, lolol.

914, re: #33I thi... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

914, re: #33

I think we can all agree, he acted stupidly.

Mr ODA:I'd leave h... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:


I'd leave him alone if he'd leave me alone. I'm not the stalker here.

And like I say, I don't think he is who he says he is. I could call myself "MedalOfHonorWinner" on the internet. It doesn't mean I won the Medal of Honor.

Furthermore, who asked you?

Hey Bruce,I,m with RM on th... (Below threshold)

Hey Bruce,I,m with RM on this cause I,m getting tired of your mouth...SCREW YOU!and all the lib idiots in Raliegh too!!! I,m prior service by the way and I didnt join to pad my resume.I did it for lots reasons that I dont have to explain to you,dont think you would understand anyway.

Joe got delayed cleaning up... (Below threshold)
just bob:

Joe got delayed cleaning up afterwards.

Joe was thinking"1 bottle each of 3 kinds of beer,hell there is at least 15 more beers around her somewhere".

Hey Mr 1930:There'... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Hey Mr 1930:

There's a difference between a comma and an apostrophe. I know they look the same, but one sits a little higher on the page than the other. Just so you know.

As for you, RM, relax. I don't REALLY think you're an impostor. It's that "hyperbole" stuff again. You know, the concept that you, with your 6th grade reading skills, have so much trouble with.

As I remember, this whole thing popped up because I responded to an outrageous remark by a commenter with an over-the-top comment of my own. I.e., "hyperbole." I've tried to explain it to you many times, but, at this point, it appears there is NOTHING I can do or say to mollify you. You're like a little kid having a tantrum. So screw you, too.

I've decided to be the bigger person and ignore your little outbursts from now on. If you ever want to argue civilly again, I'll be available. If you want to type "SCREW YOU" all in caps every time I comment, knock yourself out, little man. I won't let it get to me.

Me thinks the old feller ha... (Below threshold)
Son of a Pig and a Monkey:

Me thinks the old feller had one Colt 45 too many.

Bruce HenryI am ju... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Bruce Henry

I am just giving you the consideration you are due.

" I've tried to explain it to you many times, but, at this point, it appears there is NOTHING I can do or say to mollify you"

Why are you trying to mollify me? Do you feel guilty? I mean you state my reading skills are so bad I cant understand what you wrote yet you admitted in another thread you dont even remember what you wrote.

Please do ignore me. Doesnt bother me a bit.

BTW for all the servicemembers who gave their lives so you can spew your liberal attitude stating that they were bettering their resume at the expense of your tax dollars.


Look up "mollify", Dude. </... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Look up "mollify", Dude.


Bruce HenryI may n... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Bruce Henry

I may not be as loquacious as some on these boards but I know the meaning of the word mollify.

And besides I thought you werent going to respond to me any more. And here my feelings were going to get hurt by not reading your drivel.

As I said

Please do ignore me (note I wasnt talking about mollify which means something else entirely). Doesnt bother me a bit.

BTW for all the servicemembers who gave their lives so you can spew your liberal attitude stating that they were bettering their resume at the expense of your tax dollars.


Ohhhh Maaaannnnn, everybody... (Below threshold)

Ohhhh Maaaannnnn, everybody look out.

Tough guy Bruce is really in the house tonight.

"But this picture just m... (Below threshold)

"But this picture just might show something deeper--..."

It shows me he saw another opportunity for a photo op (surprise that) and want to stand out front as if he was the one that brought these two lost souls together.

I'm wondering how much they got charged for their beers.

Bruce HenrySince y... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Bruce Henry

Since you asked.

Simply apologize (to all servicemen (and women) who have given their lives for this country) for stating that they were enhancing their resumes via your tax dollars.

Thats it

Hey BH.It's not 1930,it's 1... (Below threshold)

Hey BH.It's not 1930,it's 1903A3.Jeez,wanna borrow my glasses?If you dont know what that means,ask RM,I'm sure he'll fill you in.

Retired Military:I... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Retired Military:

I apologise for my statement. I assure you it was meant as hyperbole, and I didn't intend any offense to veterans. However, I understand that my statement was offensive to you, and probably other veterans as well. I will learn, from this episode, not to toss off carelessly phrased comments that say something I didn't intend.

I further assure you that, despite the fact I never served in the military, I do indeed respect and admire the service of those who did.

I come to Wizbang for fun. Saying sarcastic stuff is my schtick. It's, after all, just a comment section on a blog. I never dreamed my comment, a silly remark on a blog from a 54 year old ex-hippie, would be taken so seriously. People on Wizbang say things I find offensive every day, about my President, my party, and people who have similar political leanings as me. I don't follow them around typing "SCREW YOU" after every comment they make.

But as I said, I sincerely apologise for my remark. It was careless; no offense was intended; but it was indeed offensive, and I regret it.

Now quit with the "SCREW YOU"S. Fair enough?

Baron von Ragshaft:<p... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Baron von Ragshaft:

I live in Raleigh, NC, and Bruce Henry is my real name. Any discussion you may wish to have with me will have to be done here, I'm afraid. I don't drive cross-country so that geezers can prove how tough they are.

Besides, take it easy, Dad. Don't all Americans have the right of free speech? I'm pretty sure I'll go right along saying my piece without fear of you or any man, senior, junior, veteran, or non-veteran.

Bruce HenryApology... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Bruce Henry

Apology accepted.

Thank you

Mr 1930...A3!!!:Ar... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Mr 1930...A3!!!:

Are those the same glasses you were wearing before, when you couldn't find the apostrophe key on your keyboard? No thanks.

Your mom told you you'd go blind if you didn't stop doing that stuff. You shoulda listened.

Isn't it funny how ... (Below threshold)
Michael Sullivan:

Isn't it funny how different people see the same thing differently. I see Obama leading the way for black and white people to get along and even help each other.

Now if Obama had been the one helping Gates while Crowley just walked down the steps by himself that sure wouldn't have looked very good for either race.

The fact that Obama invited both men to the White House and sat down with the guys under a nice big
tree in the back yard while drinking beer and talking and listening for a hour says volumes about how
much this President really does cares about our country.

I'm sure you find fault with Obama having them
sitting out in the back yard and instead think there
should have been formal seven course sit down dinner in the East Room with the cabinet and key members of congress in attendants. Everyone makes mistakes even the President. The problem here is that no matter what Obama does or doesn't do you all find fault with. But the problem is not that Obama didn't help Gates down the steps, the real problem is that you all are just sore election losers and a lot of you are just plain racist on top of that.

I could care less what Obam... (Below threshold)

I could care less what Obama does as long as He stays out of My pocketbook, constitutional freedoms and privacy.

Since He cant keep His hands out of any of the above, its on.

Michael sullivan"B... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Michael sullivan

"But the problem is not that Obama didn't help Gates down the steps, the real problem is that you all are just sore election losers and a lot of you are just plain racist on top of that."

Really?? Sore losers?? After hearing Florida 2000 for 8 years we are sore losers? As a poster said in another thread " My how the standards have changed around here"

Myself and many other conservatives on this board stated after the election that Obama was our President and we were willing to give him a chance. Obama is still MY president and I gave him every opportunity in the book. He has repaid every opportunity by taking this country in what I believe the exact wrong direction.

He will continue to be my president until he leaves office. But that doesnt mean that I have to like his policies or his actions.

Reread that last paragraph and tell me how many liberals said the same thing about Bush for the last 8 years?

Sore losers? Go to Democrat Underground and the Daily Kos and read their remarks about Tony Snow after his death and then read remarks here from when Kennedy was found to have brain cancer.

Sore losers? Look at the rhetoric against Bush for the past 8 years where he was blamed for everything under the sun whether it happened here in the US or out in space. Then look at the things being said about Obama. How many times did we see Bush burned in effigy? How many times for Obama? How many times have leftists talked openly about killing Bush and Cheney? How many times for Obama?

And you want to call us sore losers?? Listen here clueless why dont you climb out of the kool aid swimming pool you are in, take off the rose colored glasses, and smell the stuff you are shoveling.

I was going to respond to t... (Below threshold)

I was going to respond to the idiotic comments by M Sullivan but retired military said it all and said it well.

I will add, about the photo, that it shows that Officer Crowley has a lot of class.

What an amazingly stark con... (Below threshold)

What an amazingly stark contrast the photos show.

I am tired of people over-a... (Below threshold)

I am tired of people over-analyzing every movement and word of President Obama and then twisting them to make their personal point or further their agenda. This silly discussion and comparision is an excuse to attack the President and hide behind some bogus theme that doesn't exist. Did the President offer to help the Professor and then the officer said he wanted to help him instead? Did the Professor ask Crowley to help him and not Obama? Where the Professor and the officer having a private conversation and Obama was giving them their privacy? NOONE KNOWS!!!! Why are people so quick to jump on the attack band wagon? After reading the ridiculous comments here - many of which are based on race - I believe that these false issues are a way for racists to attack the President without using race as the issue. You are hiding behind false issues instead of saying that you have a problem with a Black President. Be careful of the propaganda that is put forth and who you choose to follow.

Be careful of the... (Below threshold)
Be careful of the propaganda that is put forth and who you choose to follow.

I'd really really hate to think what you just
posted is a threat to anyone on Wizbang.

Really Maggie? You think th... (Below threshold)

Really Maggie? You think there's a threat that propaganda going to physically get you? That's what you really think? Exactly how would that happen Maggie? Go over it step by step for me so I can have insight into your small, paranoid, scary mind. I bet you think the health care reform is out to kill the elderly too. God bless you Maggie. Really.
notiz=Knock knock...who'se there?

A different take:Ins... (Below threshold)

A different take:
Instead of focusing on the President, the focus of the picture should be on Crowley and Gates. I'm proud that despite the fact that we can have care and concern for each other as fellow humans and look past racial sensitivities. We've come a long way.

Let's see, we are comparing... (Below threshold)

Let's see, we are comparing a gentleman to a narcistic non-American - please there is no comparison between the two and I am not a Republican but a Democrat who things a BIGGGG mistake was made last November - and it appears a lot of other people do as well. I recently heard him referred to as the anti-Christ, every day it seems more likely. God Bless America!!!

Typical Obama arrogant, eli... (Below threshold)

Typical Obama arrogant, elitest, better than tho attitude. This guy is such a lying phony he makes me sick.

There is a creative exercis... (Below threshold)

There is a creative exercise where you take a photo and give it a headline other than what was intended. Congrats everyone You just participated in creative exercise.

It is a snapshot; you can make it say anything you want.

Personally think it proves the President is colorblind. Look at the image, he is the only one wearing a gray tie.

So lesson to all, anytime there is a photo shoot, do whatever you have to do to be the one helping the "infirm" person down the stairs, even if you have to take his cane (notice the man is holding his cane in the left hand, the side Obama is walking on?).

you know what i'm so tired ... (Below threshold)

you know what i'm so tired of these right-wing racist people what ever obama do they will never have any thing good to say.they let GW Bush go and do for 8 years and never open there pie hold.he put us in the mess, but that's ok he's white but let the black man come along to clean up the mess.they say clean it up but don't use any thing to clean it up with.just plan racist people,jim crow is still alive and well just listen to all thes racist.

What a nightmare and I hate... (Below threshold)

What a nightmare and I hate to say it but we are going to wake up soon to disaster if we don't turn to the only real answer. Jesus Christ! I am so sick of hear right, left democrat, republican, Bush, Obama, black or white non of these are issues. Satan has his place in all these people and it didn't start yesterday this plan has been coming about for some time. I pray whoever reads this takes a moment to repent and pray. If you don't know Jesus as your LORD and Savoir now is a good time to introduce yourself to Him. Whosoever calls on the name of Jesus shall be saved. Hurry time looks like it is running out. The internment camps are going up. Fight 'em and you will go to one. Fight I will! Will you? Get these people out. Obama has been arogant since this began. Beware for Satan himself comes as an angel of light.

Could it possibly say....I'... (Below threshold)
l roehr:

Could it possibly say....I'll lead the way, lets show the world that three grown intelligent men can sit down and talk and come out understanding each other in a better way.

The sad thing is - we're th... (Below threshold)

The sad thing is - we're the only one's who will see this. Our Propaganda Machine (the media) won't let this picture be seen by many. The press got him elected and they will never admit they made a mistake. Obama is a threat to our country, but the media will bring us down. The first way to control a people is to take control of the information they receive. How do you think Hitler did it?

As one fellow McCain voter ... (Below threshold)

As one fellow McCain voter I must say that all this Is completely over read into. Whatcis Obama going to do. Grab his other hand? He has a came and anyways it was more important as an image that gates be helped by the officer publicity wise. I critique Obama for the issues that he gets wrong and I think that yall should take the example. This picture is just what it is, a picture. Not a statement on obama's opinions, feelings, or humanity.

Obama SUCKS........ (Below threshold)
Freedom First:

Obama SUCKS.....






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