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MSM Explains Obama's Plummeting Poll Numbers

You just gotta love the predictability of the MSM. This Washington Post story says it all; it's no secret that President Obama's poll numbers are tanking. His overall approval rating is dropping and of course his individual numbers per issue have been taking a nose dive.

But leave it up to the Post to throw a cog in the wheel, and try to say what really is happening isn't really happening at all.

There are several new polls out over the past 24 hours that show more problems for President Obama. The trend lines are consistent: declining support for his health-care plan, rising worries about the deficit and slippage in his approval ratings. But what if the polls are wrong?

Yes, it appears that the author is admitting what we already know, but of course read further in the piece and the explanation of what is really happening according to the wizards in the media begins.

We are to believe that a 12 person focus group, 8 of which voted for Obama anyway, will give us a proper sample of exactly how the American people really feel. Essentially the Washington Post piece says that the polls are not to be believed, Obama transcends polls, he made those folks feel so good on election night that they were bound to come down from the high they were experiencing. The piece ends this way,

Obama has hit a difficult patch at six months, and no one can be certain about the outcome. But if these dozen independent voters are any guide, he has created a strong bond with the public and a fair amount of goodwill as he battles for his agenda.

Hart had spent the day digesting the results of an NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll that showed warning signs for the president. But as Hart put it when the session in Towson ended: "Don't get fooled by the numbers alone because there is something that is stronger there -- and that surprised me and I thought that was important."

I don't ever remember seeing a media outlet, even one that might have been friendly to him, try and explain away George W. Bush's low poll numbers. I can't wait to see how they try and explain a 40% approval rating and the failure of healthcare.


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What ever happened to its a... (Below threshold)

What ever happened to its all Bush's/Rove's/Palin's fault.

Obami is headed for 40% and... (Below threshold)

Obami is headed for 40% and there is no net to stop it. The economy is tanking further(despite what the morons at Newsweek and CNN say), all his big bills in Congress stalled or dead and a foriegn policy bordering on treason are all going to drive his numbers into the gound. I love it!

It's interesting that sever... (Below threshold)

It's interesting that several Democrat representatives are now foregoing previously planned town halls due to their tendency towards "unruliness". By unruly, they mean constituents stating their opposition to government run health care, deficits, higher taxes, and the general erosion of liberty. I suppose John Adams was a pretty unruly guy in the same regards.

FAILURE ACCOMPLISHED!... (Below threshold)


The focus group thing could... (Below threshold)

The focus group thing could have been worse. At least they didn't as 12 reporters what THEY think of Obama.

In reading this article fro... (Below threshold)

In reading this article from the link, it is always clear what the MSM's agenda is: keep the focus on Obama himself. The clean, articulate candidate that Biden referred to. The historical confluence of having both an African-American and a benevolent Marxist in the White House for the first time in the history of the United States. Focusing on the financially burdensome policy initiatives, well that is just a bit uncomfortable to talk about. People quoted in the article want him to "slow down". Good advice in general but bad strategy for Obama whose policies require quick approval before the public catches on.

The Republicans should probably heed this article though. Stay away from insulting Obama directly like the left did to Bush. Focus on picking apart the inherent and easily targeted regressive aspects of his initiatives. Obama has left the details of his socialist program to Congress so stay focused on the opposition there. If the Republicans get enough seats in 2010 then the public will get what it hopefully wants, a slowing of the socialist juggernaut.

"But what if the polls are ... (Below threshold)

"But what if the polls are wrong?"

This is from the same people who go out and make sure their polls have a disproportionate number of Obamabot/Democrats in them.


Hey MSM! What if the American public isn't buying your story anymore?

Ricardo: "It's interesting ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Ricardo: "It's interesting that several Democrat representatives are now foregoing previously planned town halls..."

Yep. You know they would stop having townhalls after they started having real questions thrown at them.

As I said in a previous thread, don't forget what we have to do to counter this -

"..Next step, after the Pols stop showing up at their offices and stop having public meetings...start showing up at the Pol's homes. (legally, on public property nearest their homes.)

Hey, we're finally using the Lefty tactics back against them. Long overdue.

36. Posted by Les Nessman | July 28, 2009 4:06 PM "

Obama is passing his bad karma onto the Dems in Congress. Some of them are going to be feeling the pressure back home. Sooner or later some of them are going to push back and say 'Hey! Enough with this Marxist shit, Barry. I'm getting clobbered back home' And not just the new Blue Dog Dems, either.

We need to keep up the pressure. If the Pols (of BOTH parties) won't show up in public, march on their homes or their vacation mansions or wherever they are (Do it in a legal fashion, of course; like those nice ACORN folks)

A lot of Dems are getting tired of taking much of the heat for Barry's agenda.

I'm noticing even more of t... (Below threshold)

I'm noticing even more of the "I didn't vote for him" former Obamaniacs.

One of the most rabid ones bailed out early on - he used to tell me that you'd have to be stupid to NOT vote for Obama, and now he's scraped the bumper stickers off his car and is claiming that he didn't vote at all in the last election, (and everyone remembers how made a big fuss about how he gave up half a day's pay to get to the polls early to vote for Barack).

This is one of those people who used to intentionally start arguments about politics so he could spout the newest Obama campaign soundbites. If you lose guys like that, how well can the rest of them be doing?

The whole House of Kenyan c... (Below threshold)

The whole House of Kenyan cards is beginning to collapse right before the slumlords eyes.

"[H]e has created a strong ... (Below threshold)

"[H]e has created a strong bond with the public and a fair amount of goodwill as he battles for his agenda."

How I hope the congressional Democrats drift into the 2010 election with these kinds of stars in their eyes. Unfortunately, I think they know better than to swallow their own hype, even when the MSM reflects it back to them.

Lets vote out this mess we ... (Below threshold)

Lets vote out this mess we can starting with the dems that are comming up for election in 2010. Obamas always saying were headed in the right direction where right off a cliff you wish Obama but the americans aren't going to let you do it. can't wait untill this guy is voted out, I'm sure we will all survive without Obama trying to make history everyday.

Evict Obama now!... (Below threshold)

Evict Obama now!

Walker, loved the category.... (Below threshold)

Walker, loved the category.... LOL.

They aren't fooling anybody. It's like a 'peer reviewed article on global warming' at this point in the media. All that 'glitteratti's' isn't gold.

His poll numbers are fallin... (Below threshold)

His poll numbers are falling HEY even BUSHES polls were high after a year in office

It's a shame what he and hi... (Below threshold)

It's a shame what he and his administration are doing to our beautiful America!

How can Obama's presidency ... (Below threshold)

How can Obama's presidency not be loved by Americans. He was able to incorporate all of the failed policies of the Clintons as well as these pop figures themselves, most of the high visibility neocoms from two former Bush administrations including their preference for death as a way of indicating disapproval, topped with a chief of staff who has an Israeli terrorist for a daddy and prefers service in the Israeli army to that of the US. This is a perfect show biz line up obviously of greater entertainment value than Obama's campaign show.
I just can't understand those poll numbers.






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