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PETA's Special Partnerships

In my column at American Issues Project yesterday I wrote about the way the relationships PETA has with several companies influences who they decide to target with their attention-grabbing media campaigns. It appears their original mission to promote the ethical treatment of animals is sometimes overshadowed by their desire to profit financially.


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PETA interested in PROFIT? ... (Below threshold)

PETA interested in PROFIT? I'm SHOCKED! Next thing you'll tell me is that Nancy Pelosi's ethics are 'negotiable'.

And as usial PETA will use ... (Below threshold)

And as usial PETA will use for hollywood wackos like dim-bulbs like ALEC BALDWIN and PAMELA ANDERSON for some stupid blitz idea or stage another attention getting event like running around in dumb costumes at a McDonalds,Burger King,KFC, and its leaders being rediculous






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