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A Scene from a Los Angeles Freeway On Ramp

The anger that people are feeling toward Obama and his corruption and incompetence, an especially dangerous combination, is starting to bubble over. Take a look at these posters plastered on the infrastructure of an LA freeway on-ramp, via Atlas Shrugs:



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I got no problem with stuff... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

I got no problem with stuff like this. At least it didn't show him with a witch-doctor costume on. As a matter of fact, the "Joker" motif is kinda clever.

Bruce Henry"As a m... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Bruce Henry

"As a matter of fact, the "Joker" motif is kinda clever.

ANd fits both you and Obama so well.


For all the servicemembers who gave their lives so you could spew your liberal garbage and complain about them enhancing your resume at the cost of your tax dollars.


I love the death mask of so... (Below threshold)

I love the death mask of socialism look.

I also see they gave Obama the Michael Jackson skin treatment.

When do we burn down the fo... (Below threshold)

When do we burn down the forest?

I need the t-shirt. Maybe I... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I need the t-shirt. Maybe I'll make one.

Bee-yoo-tea-full!R... (Below threshold)


Reminds me of the portrait of Dorian Gray: Obama's soul on display.

I don't know. I thought th... (Below threshold)

I don't know. I thought the original "hope" posters were pretty creepy to start with.

This is racist. Ti... (Below threshold)

This is racist.

Time to roundup the artist and send him to the WH for a beer.

"Why so Fascist?"... (Below threshold)

"Why so Fascist?"

@9 i was going to ... (Below threshold)


i was going to say "Why so socialist?" but I like yours better.

Outstanding imagery!<... (Below threshold)

Outstanding imagery!

I want a t-shirt too.

Hey Blogworthy, name your price....

I'll never drink cherry koo... (Below threshold)

I'll never drink cherry kool-aid again.

This just shows that not al... (Below threshold)

This just shows that not all of us on the Left Coast have drank the Barack Obama Kool-Aid. Or is it Bud Light?! So good, I linked it on my blog!

OneBigArsed<b... (Below threshold)
Brian Richard Allen:


And that's only his abjectly-corrupt and also disbarred-for-cause law-school "graduate" missus.

Ain't even gotten started on Big Ears and Noddy, (AKA Plugs) respectively the "administration's" and the world's most dangerous dullard and dopiest dunce, yet.

Brian Richard Allen
Lost Angeles Califarniecated 90028
And the Very Far Abroad

You know, after seeing The ... (Below threshold)

You know, after seeing The Dark Knight a few times and seeing know just how Obama is running things, he really would fit the role of the Joker, except the Joker is actually smarter than Obama. Joker is about chaos and it would seem our President has that market cornered. Support our enemies and insult our friends. Say you are fixing the economy but in reality paying off your backers. Profit is evil. Etc, etc.

And what goes better with a... (Below threshold)

And what goes better with a socialist/facist regime than a socialist/facist employment "opportunity":
Emergency update! Want a job putting people into FEMA camps? part 2

Job Title: Corrections Officer - Internment/Resettlement Specialist


Where can I get that poster... (Below threshold)
John S:

Where can I get that poster?

As for the original "Hope" poster it was a direct copy of an early Communist Russia poster. They simply substituted Obama's face for that of Valdamir Ilyich Lenin.

That FEMA camp thing starte... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

That FEMA camp thing started in the Clinton era. Everyone was talking about the white U.N. Vehicles and black helicopters. Foreign troops were going to take over the U.S., etc. I'd be very careful about jumping on that particular bandwagon. And this is coming from someone who believes Obama and his cohorts are evil men capable of just about anything.

Some one should inform that... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Some one should inform that ground zero of high capitalism, Wall Street, of Obama's socialist leanings, 'Hot Wall Street Caps Best July in 20 Years'

Why does no one mention the stock market in the posts here any longer, when a Obama bear market was the main topic from January to March, on this site, or has a sustained bull market for several months on Wall Street, become part of the Obama/bolshevist conspiracy for Wizbang commenters?

<a href="http://winestooge.... (Below threshold)

Here is a pdf I found of the Obama/joker poster. I believe it was made from the photograph and is not the original image. Still, it's better than nothing.

"I'd be very careful about ... (Below threshold)

"I'd be very careful about jumping on that particular bandwagon."

The prototype goes further back than the Clinton era, and no fascist regime can be without it. This particular bandwagon is one of many that Americans are being conditioned to accept, as history repeats itself for the "common good". Obama is going right along with the game plan.

"sustained bull market for ... (Below threshold)

"sustained bull market for several months on Wall Street, become part of the Obama/bolshevist conspiracy for Wizbang commenters?"

There's nothing new to say about the crooks on Wall Street.

I absolutely have to get a ... (Below threshold)

I absolutely have to get a T shirt with that on it.

Why does no one mention ... (Below threshold)

Why does no one mention the stock market in the posts here any longer,...?
#19.Steve Crickmore

Steve, did you see this graph?


The stock market, while it is a good indicator of recession, isn't a good measure of recovery.

Thanks Oregon pdf #20... (Below threshold)

Thanks Oregon pdf #20

Now I have some to hang around town and make everyday Oct 31st..






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