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ObamaCare Fail + Bad (Worse) Economy + Louis Gates Race Baiting Failure = Palin Divorce Rumor

What's the difference between an Asrtro Turf burn and the thrill running up Chris Matthew's leg? Nothing.

I have no idea what is going on in Sarah Palin's private life but I'll take her at her word. In the meantime voters should direct their attention to a failing economy where the effect of Astro Turfing fails.

The Left Blogs are afire with Palin rumors while the economy burns and a President sinks in the polls. The smell of manipulation and the twisting of the news cycle has reached Pravda levels.


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Misdirection is the only ga... (Below threshold)

Misdirection is the only game in town when everything else is going to hell in a hand basket and you don't want attention drawn to your failures.

Why does'nt he just stick t... (Below threshold)

Why does'nt he just stick to blamin Bush? Its much more flattering.

You know this isn't a newss... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

You know this isn't a newsstory if it doesn't have a countdown clock.

They wish. It must be hell... (Below threshold)

They wish. It must be hell to think of her happily married. Isn't it illegal to have conservative political and religious views and still have such a satisfying sex life? It ruins the narrative.

What is wrong with Pravda? ... (Below threshold)

What is wrong with Pravda? Do you think that the US press are any less manipulated?






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