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Scott Speicher's Remains ID'd

I just saw this at Michelle's place and wanted to pass it on. From CBS News:

The Department of Defense has positively identified the remains of a U.S. Navy pilot shot down over Iraq in the opening hours of the 1991 Gulf War.

CBS News Pentagon correspondent David Martin reports that remains found in Iraq have been confirmed to be that of Captain Michael "Scott" Speicher, who disappeared on January 17, 1991 when his F-18 went down in Al Anbar province.

An American team dug up the remains, which consisted of numerous skeletal fragments.

The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology made a positive identification based on teeth in the jawbone which positively matched Speicher's dental records, both visually and spectrographically.

DNA testing is not complete, but the identification is considered positive, reports Martin.


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Comments (7)

Rest in Peace, Captain. Fa... (Below threshold)

Rest in Peace, Captain. Fair winds and following seas.

God bless you and may your ... (Below threshold)

God bless you and may your family now know peace.


Welcome home scott.... (Below threshold)

Welcome home scott.

Welcome Home Sailor!! God B... (Below threshold)

Welcome Home Sailor!! God Bless you and your family,you are in my prayers.

RIP, been a long time comin... (Below threshold)

RIP, been a long time coming.

Rest in peace, sir. You we... (Below threshold)

Rest in peace, sir. You were not forgotten.

You are a true American he... (Below threshold)
Marc Sobel:

You are a true American heroe welcome home Captain






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