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Democrats Get Recess Blues

Must be a great time to reconnect with voters, just ask Lloyd Dogget (D-TX) who hosted a health care townhall meeting...


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All right. There you go.... (Below threshold)

All right. There you go.
America, I love you. I'm proud of you.

--Field of Dreams

The bug-eyed wingnutia, spu... (Below threshold)
Still An Unrepentant Democrat:

The bug-eyed wingnutia, spurred on by (gasp) Dick Armey's army of lobbyists demonstrates democracy at its best. One might have though the owner of the blog might not have taken the bait. So disappointing.

If he is disappointing moro... (Below threshold)

If he is disappointing moronic unrepentent dimbulb then he is on the right track!

democracy at its best</i... (Below threshold)

democracy at its best

Not as effective as actual armed voter intimidation, I'll admit that.

When citizens show up it's ... (Below threshold)

When citizens show up it's always disparaging remarks. When ACORN show up at an Odumbo fest, it's adoring citizens. Huh.

way to go tea party patriots. That's one thing, patriot, you will never call a liberal.

The left has lost all the g... (Below threshold)

The left has lost all the good support Barry had from independents. I know it, the conservatives know it and the democrats know it. That is why they are pushing so hard for this now, because they know where this is headed. ww

I thought Obuma clipped his... (Below threshold)

I thought Obuma clipped his tin horns? Or are those just Gestapo pincers growin out of Ash's head?

"No Government counselor in my home"

Accept if He has big ears, is dumber than a box of pop rocks and can swindle you out of your last joint. then, come on in and screw My life more.

'Unrepentant" still believe... (Below threshold)

'Unrepentant" still believes his in his master, HE of the "educated elite". Those protesters are actually involved in AstroTurfing, and being paid by those evil insurance companies.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Don't 'cha just love their projection. (Translation for Unrepentant): "We'd do these dishonest things to promote our policies, so it follows that conservatives would do the same thing."

How dare those 'citizens' exercise their 1st Amendment rights!

S.A.U.D.I.Stupid a... (Below threshold)


Stupid angry unrepentant doorfly idjit

Yes, so disappointing to fall out of the brownshirt masse's and actually see you nutjobs for the nutcases you are.

Break him!... (Below threshold)

Break him!

Wizbangblog: as predictabl... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Wizbangblog: as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning.

Thing about here in Texas i... (Below threshold)

Thing about here in Texas is that we have long memories. Some folks may have voted for a skunk once, but not twice. Senior citizens are directly threatened by the democrats. Plain fact. There's two sides to that coin, and Tea Party knows it. Look for a tax rebellion this fall and winter. Why pay good money out to be wasted?

Wizbangblog: as predicta... (Below threshold)

Wizbangblog: as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning.

Having failed in substantive arguments and personal attacks, the left now resorts to that favorite old stand-by: predictability!!!

You aren't going to start bringing up Richard Nixon now, are you?

When the Republican/Conserv... (Below threshold)

When the Republican/Conservative/Palinista faction has no idea what to do about the impending health care bankrupting of the economy, it resorts to moronic, childish behavior intended only to obscure and disrupt, avoiding any serious discussion of the issue. Nice play. And you think anyone's going to take you seriously in 2010 and beyond? Right.

It would all be so much more inspiring and Frank Capra-esque if it wasn't so obviously incited by the HMO/insurance industry and flogged ad infinitum by their media stooges.

"When the Republican/Conser... (Below threshold)

"When the Republican/Conservative/Palinista faction has no idea what to do about the impending health care bankrupting of the economy,"

Didn't you get the memo? Obama himself, on a clear sunny day in 2008 said it's time to put aside the politics of fear.

what, you mean he didn't mean it?

Quote of the Day:"... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Quote of the Day:

"Now, I have to be honest, I'm afraid there is a real fear of a teabagger going too far and doing something violent. But I also think that best chance to stop from happening is to turn this into a political liability for Republicans and that probably involves mockery."
~John Cole

Groucho -Clue phon... (Below threshold)

Groucho -

Clue phone it's for you...The CBO's own estimates show hat Obama's plan will bankrupt us FASTER than the current Medicare program. Hint - when someone says it will not result in any cost savings but will cost more it isn't going to forestall bankruptcy.

JB...didn't YOU get the mem... (Below threshold)

JB...didn't YOU get the memo? They found President Obama's real Kenyan birth certificate today. Now, quick...go ahead and tell all your friends!

jim...please repeat for me ... (Below threshold)

jim...please repeat for me the part of my post that supports the Obama health care plan. It's an important issue and it deserves serious discussion, not blatant, lobbyist supported disruption of same.

I have an idea what to do a... (Below threshold)

I have an idea what to do about it Groucho..

Keep Obamu and crew far away from it.. Thats job one!

Any serious discussion would have to begin with an intellectually honest individual..

Obama is neither honest, or an individualist in thought.. He is a collectivist Allinskivite AKA government can take the reigns and cure Your ills.

Where in history has that ever happened before? Name one place besides falcon crest and I will gladly discuss this.

What the 'progressives' sho... (Below threshold)

What the 'progressives' should be pondering is how that conservatives are getting worked up like hasn't occurred in something like 200 years. Conservatives, you know, the people who have actual productive jobs, and pay the taxes that constitutional 'perfessers' and the like need to maintain their privileged positions. Dull, boring conservatives. You expect the flaky libertarians (hey, that's me!) to act this way, but conservatives? Something important must be the root don't you think?

No HMO or pharmy kick backs will produce what we are seeing. I said it before and I say it again: It's not worth sacrificing Liberty for cheaper blue pills.

Given TOXIC funds are still... (Below threshold)

Given TOXIC funds are still TOXIC, and being ignored. Given "The Stimulus" did't. Given Cash for Clunkers is a big mess. Given Tax and Crap will never leave the Senate. Given ObamaCare didn't make the July cut. Given the White House embargo of July economic figures. Does anyone still believe 'the most intelligent, most effective, most knowledgeable management team, ever' IS NOT going to screw up health care? So far Sheriff Joe's 30% probability of screwing up seems to be running at about 100%
Throw into the mix 'the most ethical, most honest, most open, most transparent Congress, ever'.....with multiple DEMOCRATS being pointed out in compromising positions AND BEING IGNORED BY THE ETHICS COMMITTEE AND THE WHORES AS THE MSM.........you still wonder why people are pissed off?

"No HMO or pharmy kick back... (Below threshold)

"No HMO or pharmy kick backs will produce what we are seeing. I said it before and I say it again: It's not worth sacrificing Liberty for cheaper blue pills."

Sorry mr. green, it's exactly why we're seeing this coordinated obstructionist response. Where are the opposition's ideas?


Hardly, Groucho!Most... (Below threshold)

Hardly, Groucho!
Most folks that I know that have attended these do so on their own. What you are spouting is the distributed talking points. This plan is a government grab for more power and control over our lives. The opposing ideas are, for the most part, status quo, or at least that until we have time to finish reading the bill. Have you read the bill?

I do not want to sacrifice my employer provided coverage. It is better and costs less than the taxes to be imposed by the government takeover. You would have us sacrifice the little liberty we still have for what really? Cheaper pills for some, but not for me? No thanks.

ROFL @ the "paid and plante... (Below threshold)

ROFL @ the "paid and planted HMO stooge" argument - since we all know for-hire protestors always bring their on-summer-break grade schoolers along to a gig :D Congress and the White House are very well aware that these protests/outbursts/whatever are The Real Deal™. Keep selling that "HMO stooge" flavor of crazy, you wacky wingnuts - can't wait to see you krazy kids simmering in it this winter, when the seasonal upticks fade.

As for "not having a plan" or "not wanting honest discussion on the problems" -- you mean like with climate change, where the radical neo-con warmongers won't stop screaming that "the debate is over"? I would argue that "having an honest discussion on the problem" also does not include trying to shove through an 8" stack of mostly unread legislation that implements who-knows-what. In fact, I'd further argue that hyperdriving legislation is even worse than the puerility of chanting and marching around with signs: at least once the protest is over, the protestors haven't done anything permanently invasive/destructive to you, your liberty, or your property. And, no, I don't care what party you're affiliated with: passing unread legislation into law is an abdication of the responsibilities with which your constituents have entrusted you. Surely, SURELY, all you left-leaners can agree with me on at least that.

The left's pucker meter must be nudging up quite a bit these days: Mr. & Mrs. Upper MiddleClass have awoken, and they are growing more and more ticked off LIVID with the federal government with every headline that showcases its cluelessness and incompetence.

A bonus: a prediction of mine that is guaranteed to be worth every penny you paid for it :) Talk of secession will become more mainstream, as will talk of a constitutional convention to add (or remove/alter!) amendments - Congress be damned.

Horns and joker faces. Man... (Below threshold)

Horns and joker faces. Man, you guys are doing super! Let's forget the fact that liberal Democrat Doggett consistantly wins his seat with 65 - 70 % of the vote. This is the lunatic fringe of his constituency who are hilariously losing their fucking MINDS right now. It is so god damn funny. Too bad none of them are, i don't know, representatives or senators. LOL

"The left's pucker meter mu... (Below threshold)

"The left's pucker meter must be nudging up quite a bit these days: Mr. & Mrs. Upper MiddleClass have awoken, and they are growing more and more ticked off LIVID with the federal government with every headline that showcases its cluelessness and incompetence."

I don't know if it's any indication of their concern, but it's almost laughable how the left are working hard to play down the significance of the town hall meetings. Ten ACORN 'activists' showing up is a massive groundswell of great meaning, a couple of thousand spontaneous attendees is meaningless.

How funny is it that the me... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

How funny is it that the memos coordinating this organized hooliganism were leaked?

Why is the AARP backing thi... (Below threshold)

Why is the AARP backing this bill? It will cut medicare benefits drastically. Why does the AARP work against the better interests of its membership?

Give me a link, Adrian.... (Below threshold)

Give me a link, Adrian.

Wait a second, how about if I give YOU a link!

Look out, Russ Carnahan, the consitutency wants answers! Run! Hide! Shield yourself with the Pelosi Card!

You just can't imagine, Adrian, that people are actually LOOKING at this bill and seeing what it says, and they REALLY don't like it!

I used to live in that dist... (Below threshold)

I used to live in that district in Austin. It covers most of the city, but the area where he chose to speak? It's a big Republican area. In the 1996 election in my precinct in that area, it had a 90+% turnout that voted 90+% for Dole against Clinton. They fought hard against the extreme liberal city council attempts to annex them at the time(which we lost). Good to see they are still putting up the fight. By the way, the store in the video is on Slaughter Lane, which I find somewhat amusing.

Funny how this blog had its... (Below threshold)

Funny how this blog had its panties in a complete wad over the right's totally delusional belief that Obama and ACORN were going to disrupt the "Tea Parties" with exactly this type of organized hooliganism. Back then, of course, this blog painted folks who would take such action as the epitome of "liberal fascism" and the left's attempt to intimidate opponents from "speaking the truth." Hypocrisy, thy name is conservatism...

"Organized hooliganism" -- ... (Below threshold)

"Organized hooliganism" -- that's a good one. Normally I think of hooligans as using noise and violence to hide the fact that they're a splinter minority. The implication usually is that they're paid, as well. Keep on thinking that way about these crowds showing up to protest the War on Health Care, and see where that gets the leftists in 2010.

Texan99Couldn't ha... (Below threshold)
Still An Unrepentant Democrat:


Couldn't have done a better description of the wingnutia/conservative/republican/bug-eyed armies of Dick Armey.

Splinter minority - a beautiful description of the 21%ers such as yourselves - fascista waiting to march on Armey's orders. Solutions at the ready - oops never mind that part.

Still An Unrepentant Democr... (Below threshold)

Still An Unrepentant Democrat

You can continue to believe, just like Rachel Madcow, that Richard Armey and a consulting group are the single source behind whats happening across the country if you want. Willful disbelief of the obvious and hand waving while wildly screaming that its a conspiracy will garner little but laughter and guffaws at your abject stupidity.

The great unwashed, ie Middle class, are becoming aware that the 'Won' and his promises of unicorn farts and rainbows is abject and utter bullshit. Their fear that he and the Democrat controlled House and Senate are running this country deep into debt and using a weird mix of socialism and fascism to govern is not being accepted as the ruling class elite intended it should be.

No one wants to have their freedom taken away, either by deceit or outright force of majority vote. The growing crowds with angry voices at the town hall meetings and public gatherings that these politicians hold is a sure sign that the 'change' promised by the 'Won' may not be quite what they envisioned happening to them, especially when it rolls through the country in the next election.

Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is portrayed in the 1970 film Tora! Tora! Tora! as saying after his attack on Pearl Harbor, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

While he may never have uttered that line in real life you can bet the farm that the Democrat controlled government has over reached in their quest for an eternal stranglehold on the rule of this country and that the conservatives in the country are about to deliver a bitch slap of epic proportion.






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