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Fear And Loathing During The August Recess

Nancy Pelosi apparently knows that the summer recess will be no day at the beach for her House minions so she sent them home with special instructions:

Before rank-and-file House Democrats bolted for summer break last week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave them each a three-by-eight-inch pocket card and told them never to leave home without it.

For Pelosi and her top aides, the two-sided, blue-and-maroon glossy -- a personalized cheat sheet to help Democratic members tell their constituents what they'll gain from health care reform -- is the key to winning the critical month of August.

So what do these magical three by eight inch blue and maroon glossy Rosetta Stones say?

Pelosi's pocket card allows members to rattle off district-specific facts about small-business tax credits, Medicare Part D coverage and access for the uninsured. The speaker cradled one of the cards in her hand as she spoke to reporters Friday.

"There will be a drumbeat across America, a positive drumbeat across America about what this means for the American people," she said. "For them individually and their families, for our businesses to be more competitive, for our economy to be dynamic, for our budget to be more in balance by reducing the upward spiral of health care costs having an impact on our entitlements."

Small business tax credits? Business competitiveness? Budget balancing? Who is she kidding? Pelosi's talking points are a reminder that a more vivid example of political cross dressing could not be imagined. No one buys the budget balancing meme and small business knows that ObamaCare is a net drain on already diminishing small business cash flow.

Democrats are already anticipating a recess that resembles a political abbatoir. Many Left Wing opinion blogs are on full alert because of recent robust and animated townhall meetings that have turned out badly for Democrats in their home districts. Any Civil War historian would see that Speaker Pelosi is becoming the Ambrose Burnside of the Democratic House leadership.


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So for those of us who are ... (Below threshold)

So for those of us who are not Civil War historians, who's Ambrose Burnside. It can't be good, if the comparison is San Fran Nan.

She is the epitome of affir... (Below threshold)

She is the epitome of affirmative action in
politics....except that she hatched in a
golden political nest...was wealthy all of
her life....and gamed gender politics and
gay support into a fiefdom that is as safe
as Fort Knox. She is a WOMAN, of power.
But she is 69. And a blazing idiot that
undermines Obama daily. The Dem powers that
be will determine how long she struts upon
the stage. My guess is, not for long.

So a wee bitty 3x5 card is ... (Below threshold)

So a wee bitty 3x5 card is going to hold off the ravening hordes from the Dimwats? Dims are just so sad. Quite a change from last November. So funny.

Nancy lives in a world of h... (Below threshold)

Nancy lives in a world of her own making. Perhaps if some of her minions returned to Washington, tarred and feathered, she might get the message that the public is not buying her shtick nor that of the MSM.

Ambrose Burnside was, I thi... (Below threshold)

Ambrose Burnside was, I think, a Civil War
officer who sported muttonchop side whiskers
which have now been corrupted to "Sideburns".
...similar to the the word "butterfly" which
is a corruption of "flutterby"....

And Obama has been presiden... (Below threshold)
John W:

And Obama has been president for how long???? Oh yeah, just over 6 months......how scary is that.

Payback is a bitch and its ... (Below threshold)

Payback is a bitch and its coming home in spades if the TH that Snarlin' Arlin and others have had is any indication.

Nancy's little fact card will be of little protection to politicians that haven't read the bills VS people that have, very angry upset people that are going to exact more than a pound of flesh from her minions.

My House representative is hiding during this recess, not holding ANY public meetings. I'm going to be actively campaigning for his opponent the next time he runs for office.

Ambrose Burnside was a spec... (Below threshold)

Ambrose Burnside was a spectacularly incompetent Union general who was responsible for military disasters at Fredericksburg and the Battle of the Crater at Petersburg. Grant relieved him from command in disgrace in 1864 and was responsible for the death of thousands of Union soldiers. He was never given another command. Right up there with McClellan on the Richter Scale of Assholes.

Meanwhile, speaking about assholes, swirling around the bowl in Washington, Democrats are putting on full pads for their trips back home, and they deserve to. They plan to stuff their Healthcare "reform" bill down our throats by force whether we like it or not. Regardless of what it's going to do to our healthcare system and regardless of what it's going to cost. They're going to pass their "reform" bill by force. They're in complete control of Congress and don't think they have to answer to us. I wonder if they're right about that. Are they?

(AP - Drudge) Pelosi Doesn't Care if She's Despised

(AP - Drudge) "Dems vow health bill -- with or without Republicans..."

They're in complet... (Below threshold)
They're in complete control of Congress and don't think they have to answer to us. I wonder if they're right about that. Are they?

They may be, since their real goal is to install an iron-clad "dems-always-seem-to-win" voting machine (including census), controlled top-to-bottom by acorn, seiu, and the open-borders lobby. And it seems to be going well, what with the several billion allocated to acorn. Remember, it's not who casts the votes, it's who counts the votes.

Actually, Burnside was not ... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

Actually, Burnside was not so much incompetent as placed in a position above his capabilities. He was a walking embodiment of the Peter Principle.

When handling small to intermediate military units or businesses Burnside would perform brilliantly.

Prior to the Civil War he invented and successfully manufactured a breechloading carbine known as a "Burnside Carbine." Unfortunately, it was a case of succeeeding yourself into failure. The company grew to the point where Burnside could not manage it properly, it went through a cash-flow crunch, and then went bankrupt. (Oops.)

During the Civil War, Burnside performed brilliantly as a brigade and division commander, including the capture of the sea islands off the Carolina coast. As a result he was promoted to Corps commander (where he sucked eggs at Antietam). Despite a poor performance at Antietam, and over his protests, he was made commander of the Army of the Potomac, and hashed things up royally at Fredericksburg. (Oops.)

He was relieved of command, and sent to a much smaller command in Eastern Tennessee. There, he again performed well, thwarting Confederate attempts to capture Knoxville. His reward for this performance was (cue the ominous music) command of a Corps in the Army of the Potomac under Grant. There he again combined brilliance with incompetence, coming up with the concept of mining under Confederate lines, but badly mismanaging the execution of the concept leading to the a disaster at the Battle of the Crater. (Oops.)

In all, comparing San Fran Nan to Ambrose Burnside is a little unfair. Burnside was occasionally successful. San Fran Nan . . . not so much.

Recent dem history suggests... (Below threshold)

Recent dem history suggests they aren't going to read the cards either.

So for those of us... (Below threshold)
So for those of us who are not Civil War historians, who's Ambrose Burnside. It can't be good, if the comparison is San Fran Nan.

Ambrose Burnside was a Civil War general that replaced George McClellan, as the Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the Potomac. Burnside was the general that nearly got the Army of the Potomac wiped out at the Battle of Fredericksburg, by charging head on at the wall that surround the town. He was replaced by General Meade, just before the Battle of Gettysburg. More can be found here http://www.civilwarhome.com/burnbio.htm

The 'flutterby' etymology i... (Below threshold)

The 'flutterby' etymology is untrue. 'Butterfly" goes back to Old English buttorfleoge (ca. 1000).

A very cool page on the names for butterfly in various languages is at http://www.insects.org/ced4/etymology.html






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