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Dick Durbin: Town Hall Protests Insurance Company Driven

Does Senator Dick Durbin really think we're as dumb as he apparently thinks we are? As town hall meetings all over the country are filled with fed up Americans ready to take their country back; Dick Durbin had the most predictable theory concerning those who have protested the current healthcare debacle. It's the Insurance Companies fault.

Durbin, in an interview with the wizards over at ThinkProgress, said that the town halls are being filled with people from the insurance companies just trying to scare the American people whom he says are all for healthcare reform.

Durbin says in the meeting that Insurance Companies and "people like them" are just trying to "load" these town halls with people crying socialism for visual impact. What a joke. I hope the people of Illinois are very proud.

You can watch the genius here.


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I've ordered a couple of t-... (Below threshold)

I've ordered a couple of t-shirts with the Obama/Joker graphic on them, saying "Socialism." When do I get my check from Big Pharma?

It begs to be said: "What a... (Below threshold)

It begs to be said: "What a Dick!"

As I've said before there i... (Below threshold)

As I've said before there is little to no downside to forcing this POS legislation through for the Dem leaders. They are safe in their seats and even if they lose their majorities they will have gained the bureaucracy.

What Republicans need to start doing is promising to reverse it all immediately upon gaining the majority.

Dems can blame insurance companies etc, but if the GOP promise to undo it and they keep gaining in the polls the Dems eventually will listen up.

Nothing new here. Have you... (Below threshold)

Nothing new here. Have you ever noticed that people that do a thing quickly accuse others of being guilty of it? Gays accuse people of being gay. Cheaters accuse others of cheating. Liberals hire groups to 'protest' and just naturally assume that conservatives do it, too. The differences are stark, naturally, but that makes no differences to the clueless. Rentamobs favored by the left are homeless people and idle twentysomethings with uniform signs. Yet, somehow, liberals can't distinguish between that and mothers pushing strollers to TEA parties with older children bearing homemade signs or retired people complaining to their Representatives at health care meetings because they don't want to get 'end of life' counseling from the government.

Don't people have to show p... (Below threshold)

Don't people have to show proof for their assertions anymore? Come across with it, Dick, or leave Congress and take up an honest profession.

I suspect dick[less] durbin... (Below threshold)

I suspect dick[less] durbin hasn't looked too deeply into the Health Care Czar Nancy-Ann Min DeParle's past.

No. Nobody has to prove the... (Below threshold)

No. Nobody has to prove their assertions when he media no longer performs its so-called job. Just like Obama and his recent assertion that he won't raise taxes. Nobody in the media questions anything they just parrot the talking points and expect the sheeple to believe.

I offer as evidence a media... (Below threshold)

I offer as evidence a media that has the president lead them in singing happy birthday to him.

Cult. Of. Personality.

I'm so proud to live in Ill... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

I'm so proud to live in Illinois.

Dick Durbin is a true Ameri... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Dick Durbin is a true American traitor. I don't give a shit what he says. One day he will meet his just reward.

come on. Durbin has nothin... (Below threshold)

come on. Durbin has nothing to fear.

He comes from Illinois where our last Governor is under indictment, his predecessor is in prison, the junior senator perjured himself to get appointed(lied about paying the indicted governor a bribe).

Durbin could support killing new born babies (heck, Obama did and does) and get reelected easily.

in general congress is fill... (Below threshold)

in general congress is filled with people who you wouldn't trust to park your car. its the price we pay for people being stupid enough to reelect them year after year.

As a proud resident of Obam... (Below threshold)

As a proud resident of Obamastan, you gotta say it like this:

Durbin - Illinois' Dick in the Senate.

From comparing our troops to the Pol Pot regime, to turning into a weepin' willie douchebag to beg forgiveness, to this latest outrage - Durbin proves himself a piece o' shit without compare.

What a nutless scrote.

Nobody talks about how to k... (Below threshold)
the real:

Nobody talks about how to keep the rise of healthcare costs.
Healthcare insurance premium is driven by costs.
Costs are affected by factors such as malpractice limits, high liability premiums, high pharmaceutical costs...
why do nobody talks about tort reforms?
are politicians cowards? hypocrites? afraid to tackle the real tough stuff?
what about rationing medical equipments?

how about people take personal responsibility for their medical care...? how about throwing a deductible or copayment?
how about getting employers to take deductions from illegals to pay for the use of emergency rooms?

The Democrats fail to liste... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

The Democrats fail to listen to the American people. They do so at their own risk. I have Barbara Boxer for one of my Senators. She is up for reelection. Her numbers compared to the Republican woman running against her are not all that good for someone who has been in the senate for a while. Bet she loses her job by voting the wrong way.

Dick Durbin says:"..... (Below threshold)

Dick Durbin says:
"....are just trying to "load" these town halls with people crying socialism for visual impact. "

A definition of socialism:
Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.

So uh, I guess this proves that Dick didn't read the proposed bills either.

Seriously, the people of this country should be ashamed before our forefathers and our future generations for what we have elected to the White House and Congress.

Yes, of course, Dick Durbin... (Below threshold)

Yes, of course, Dick Durbin does think citizens very stupid. Illinois keeps reelecting him you know.

citizens 'are' very stupid.... (Below threshold)

citizens 'are' very stupid.

Just thought everyone might... (Below threshold)

Just thought everyone might find this interesting.
Report your own fishy story of why Obamacare smells to high heaven.

"Does Senator Dick Durbi... (Below threshold)
The Obvious One:

"Does Senator Dick Durbin really think we're as dumb as he apparently thinks we are? "

Well, given the "Palin-esque" sentence structure of that question and the fact that none of your readers noticed -- I'd say "yes" and that he's safe in that assumption.

Durbin is especually danger... (Below threshold)

Durbin is especually dangerous because he's kind of stealth. He looks really normal and guy next doorish and middle America------until he opens his mouth.

As the Dems continue to emp... (Below threshold)

As the Dems continue to employ the Alinsky rules, the insurance companies are their latest targets. You'll be hearing similar sentiments from other dems in the coming days.

Dems always need someone/something to demonize.
Big Health is the latest.

If you get the chance, find... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

If you get the chance, find the Kagen (d) Wisconsins town hall meeting video. If Dick cannot see the passion in that meeting he's blind and stupid.

here it is:... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:
Even if someone who is/was ... (Below threshold)

Even if someone who is/was in the insurance business (as is being reported) organized a group, we don't know how many he organized or where they showed up. The house democrats will gleefully paint a picture showing everyone who speaks out against this legislation as being someone else's minion. That's not the case at all. The vast majority of people showing up at these townhall meetings are not part of some astroturf campaign of the likes that we've seen from democrats.

With that said, are the republicans in disarray or are they cunningly organized enough to infiltrate all townhall meetings, all tea parties, etc? Or are these conflicting accusations just another replay of the "George Bush is a dumb-cowboy/evil-genius" game?

Another paranoid conspiracy... (Below threshold)

Another paranoid conspiracy theorist.... perhaps Kucinich's alien contacts gave Dick the heads up.

Pretzel Logic that's a grea... (Below threshold)
T Walker:

Pretzel Logic that's a great link to the Kagen town hall. I'm telling you, when I watched the Tim Bishop town hall the other day I really became genuinely inspired by people standing up for their freedoms. If you haven't seen it you should.

Let's hope it continues.

Candidate Obama : " ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Candidate Obama :
" I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face. "

Senator Durbin : 'Waaaah. They're getting in our face! '

Goose meet gander.

That was excellent, Les.</p... (Below threshold)

That was excellent, Les.

I agree, Oyster. F... (Below threshold)

I agree, Oyster.

Further to Les's point, take a look at

One example:

White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer on Anti-war protesters:

"I think the president welcomes the fact that we are a democracy and people in the United States, unlike Iraq, are free to protest and to make their case known,"

We are just doing what the ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

We are just doing what the Annointed ONe said to do

In Elko, Obama tried to anticipate his critics and called on the crowd of about 1,500 to sharpen their elbows, too.
"I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face," he said.
"And if they tell you that, 'Well, we're not sure where he stands on guns.' I want you to say, 'He believes in the Second Amendment.' If they tell you, 'Well, he's going to raise your taxes,' you say, 'No, he's not, he's going lower them.' You are my ambassadors. You guys are the ones who can make the case.

This is ridiculous. You pe... (Below threshold)

This is ridiculous. You people who call Dick Durbin a traitor need to look at yourselves. He is right in what he said and it took courage to do it. The insurance companies are behind this, and the people who don't believe are asleep. it's time for you all to wake up. Anyone who is against "socialized" medicine better not be a veteran, because he/she gets "socialized" medicine at their VA hospital. Oh, and anyone on Medicare or Medicaid, that too is socialized. you like your fire departments/police departments? That is paid by YOUR taxes, to keep you safe. Are any of you on unemployment? If you are, you should get off now, you are taking money from the government. Such hypocrisy on this board. You all are low-information voters, because you listen to FOX (aka FAUX) News. it's not news, it's propaganda. You will only get lies and disinformation. One day maybe some of you will wake up to realize that you have been duped.

Conni, you're an idiot. I'... (Below threshold)

Conni, you're an idiot. I'm AGAINST this plan for three reasons.

One - even DOCTORS who are SENATORS can't get a copy of the bill.

YouTube - The Senate Doctors Show, Episode 8, 08/04/09Senators John Barrasso, M.D. and Tom Coburn, M.D. answered health care reform questions from across the country.
It's about 6-7 minutes in. If they can't even get a copy of the bill - why the hell should they vote for it? What's in it that they don't want people to read?

Two - WE DON'T HAVE THE MONEY FOR IT! And if there's so much supposed savings to be found in Medicare and Medicaid by 'controlling costs' - then let them clean up THAT mess, and we'll check in 5 years to see how it's going. Maybe THEN we can tell if they've got a clue.

From the same video -

"We don't manage Medicare well, we don't manage Medicaid well, the fraud rates are atrocious, and the whole idea behind this idea that we've got to have a government insurance program is the false assumption that Medicare and Medicaid cost less to manage. That's true - they do cost less in terms of direct management, but the fraud rate is 12 to 13 times that of private insurance. So when you look at total costs combined, private insurance costs a lot less than Medicare and Medicaid." (About 5 minutes in...)

Three - They didn't forecast something as simple as Cash4Clunkers correctly, needing 3 times the amount of money they originally anticipated. And by the time you add in administrative costs, each of those $4500 rebates ends up more like $6000 from the taxpayer. Or did you think that the money magically appears on a tree in the White House back yard? That money comes from US - the TAXPAYER.

No insurance company had to tell me this - all you've got to do is open your eyes and see what's really going on. Obama's sold you a pile of crap - stop flinging it around and telling us its really unicorn gold!

Dick Durbin and Congress ne... (Below threshold)

Dick Durbin and Congress needs to get their heads out of the clouds, and put their ears to the ground and start listening to the citizens of America, not this current administration who is bankrupting this country

Conni Conni Conni,... (Below threshold)

Conni Conni Conni,

I beg you to please read something other than TIME, NEWSWEEK, and PEOPLE magazines. Please inform yourself by watching new sources other than GOOD MORNING AMERICA, HEADLINE NEWS, and THE TODAY SHOW. Please listen to the opinions of others so that you might become informed enough to respond intelligently to this most important issue. Honestly Conni, you come across as quite loony when you say that this entire mess is a conspiracy and the fault of the insurance companies. Of course the insurance companies have contributed to the erosion of our system but so have other many other factors. OBAMACARE is not the answer unless you are looking for a temporary free ride. Under OBAMACARE your free ride ends when you turn 50. Ezekiel Emmanuel deems that when a person is no longer viable, by his standards, that person becomes a drain on society. Meaning that when one becomes a person of a certain age who then becomes ill, one gets "the pill and a bit of counseling" while the 49 year old receives the chemo. Dick, and he wasn't given that name for nothing, Durbin is encouraging us to endorse a platform that he and his family will be exempt from. AND YOU'RE OKAY WITH THAT???






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