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Military Members Jump To The Front Of The Google Voice Line


Anyone who has been following the slow roll-out of Google Voice knows that invites to use the service are trickling out slowly. If you signed up for an invite you'll eventually get one, but if you're just signing up know you may be in for a bit of a wait.

All of that makes today's announcement from Google even more significant. Beginning today, any active U.S. service member with a .mil email address can sign up for a Google Voice account at www.google.com/militaryinvite and start using the free service within a day.

I've been using the service for the last few weeks, and it is indeed handy.


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Comments (2)

I don't trust those left wi... (Below threshold)

I don't trust those left wing looneys. Probably planning to scour the tapes for classified information to sell to the Chinese.

Wow, shocker...... (Below threshold)

Wow, shocker...






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