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Cake Wreck


Via NBC4


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Great metaphor for his admi... (Below threshold)

Great metaphor for his administration: Lots of frosting... not much cake.

Since ObamAlinsky saw to i... (Below threshold)

Since ObamAlinsky saw to it that invited guests last week were charged for their lunch, should we assume he paid for the cake, and not the taxpayers?

Wrong thread Lee, its down ... (Below threshold)

Wrong thread Lee, its down two.

You're still a moron.

Abdul is irrelevant but Oba... (Below threshold)
Lee Ward:

Abdul is irrelevant but Obama's birthday cake isn't?

What I said...

Guess Lee didn't like the r... (Below threshold)

Guess Lee didn't like the reference to: "Lots of frosting... not much cake." The truth often has a sting to it.

In Soviet Russia, ugly cake... (Below threshold)

In Soviet Russia, ugly cake blows YOU!

P.S., he's 48, not 44. Is h... (Below threshold)

P.S., he's 48, not 44. Is he celebrating his birthday or his already failing presidency?

Hey, Obama said it would be... (Below threshold)

Hey, Obama said it would be a cake walk!

GEEZE!,, Kevin.. give lee b... (Below threshold)

GEEZE!,, Kevin.. give lee back his "Blue".. or ban his dumb A$$.. LOL

Ding ding ding! We have a w... (Below threshold)

Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

P.S., he's 48, not 44. Is he celebrating his birthday or his already failing presidency?

one view: Obama spec'd the ... (Below threshold)

one view: Obama spec'd the cake this way, confirming that he is very impressed with himself.

other view: Obama didn't get involved himself, but his staff or the chef doing this cake this way shows that they believe Obama is very impressed with himself.

Don't worry, Lee. Obambi w... (Below threshold)

Don't worry, Lee. Obambi will throw away those military seals.

Little man lee,The... (Below threshold)

Little man lee,

There is just no possible way for you to be more of an asshole than to be spamming Wizbang in lieu of, well, getting a life and making something of yourself. Get lost little man; We are not impressed with the doofus in the White House and we are certainly not impressed with the likes of you.

Anyone know what flavor the... (Below threshold)

Anyone know what flavor the cake is under all that decoration?

Nothing racist I hope.

Lee : Oh wait - I've expres... (Below threshold)

Lee : Oh wait - I've expressed an opinion Maggie doesn't agree with - there go my vowels!

Now that is funny! Seriously. From the guy who banned anyone with a differing opinion on Blue. Specially the ones that handed him his ass on a platter.

Where are the styrofoam col... (Below threshold)

Where are the styrofoam columns?

re: Lee WardNo one... (Below threshold)

re: Lee Ward

No one cared to read the psychotic nonsense you spewed on 'Blue'. What makes you think it's any different here ?

Nothing like a nice, shiny,... (Below threshold)

Nothing like a nice, shiny, hexagon platter to "bless" the meal. Pitchforks instead of real forks would be the real icing.

"Specially the ones that ha... (Below threshold)

"Specially the ones that handed him his ass on a platter."

Didn't even need to do that, Rich - just disagree with him on a bad day and >>ftwp!

I'm not surprised the Blue got shut down. Frankly, I'm surprised the experiment lasted as long as it did.

And that's a badly overdone... (Below threshold)

And that's a badly overdone cake. You'd think the White House bakers would have done something a bit less... gaudy.

Lee Ward, you are a liar an... (Below threshold)

Lee Ward, you are a liar and always have been. Go on with ya!

The cake matches the man. Goche and pretentious. ww

Reading Lee Ward's explanat... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Reading Lee Ward's explanation of the demise of WizBlue makes me wonder whether he is related to Baghdad Bob, or just wants to be like BB when/if he grows up?

Just expressing my opini... (Below threshold)
The Big O!:

Just expressing my opinion, like everyone else. Last time I checked this is a free country.

A free country where the ruling party is now asking loyal citizens to report their neighbors to an official government agency for the thought crime of daring to express "fishy" opinions that contradict the ruling party's line.

This is the standard cake.<... (Below threshold)

This is the standard cake.
When the Great Seal gets replaced, that will be newsworthy.

The surprising thing is tha... (Below threshold)

The surprising thing is that it's nearly 95 feet across and cost taxpayers $38 million.

It's all about perspective.

A person's choice of cakes ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

A person's choice of cakes DOES say a lot about them. Behold a Ronnie and Nancy creation:


Was Obama dressed like his cake?

Lee Ward:He's the... (Below threshold)

Lee Ward:
He's the 44th president. Bush was nicknamed "43"

Bush wasn't nicknamed "43". He was referred to as 'Bush 43' to distinguish him from his father, who was 'Bush 41'. I have yet to hear someone refer to Obama as 'Obama 44'. So yes, it's obvious you pull that out your...

According to that wikipedia... (Below threshold)
The Big O!:

According to that wikipedia link you cite, Lee Ward:

43, Bush II, Bush Jr.[3] to differentiate him from his father George H.W. Bush.

Which happens to be exactly what _Mike_ claimed.

The only other president on the list referred to by a number is George Herbert Walker Bush:

41,[10] Bush the Elder,[11] Papa Bush,[12] and similar names. All nicknames that were used after his son George Walker Bush became the 43rd president, to differentiate between the two.

So, other than proving that _Mike_ was right, did you have a point in linking to that Wikipedia entry?

_Mike_ quite rightly pointe... (Below threshold)
The Big O!:

_Mike_ quite rightly pointed out that Bush did not go by the nickname "43"; it was a designation used to disambiguate him from his father. The wikipedia link you provided proved that he was correct.

Aside from George W. Bush and George Herbert Walker Bush, there are no presidents listed in that article with a number. Specifically, Obama is NOT nicknamed "44", which is what you claimed, and which _Mike_ pointed out was a complete fabrication on your part.

It must just eat you up inside not to be able to delete comments and ban people who point out your ignorance and dishonesty.

The Big O - "It must ju... (Below threshold)

The Big O - "It must just eat you up inside not to be able to delete comments and ban people who point out your ignorance and dishonesty."

Well, that's damn obvious isn't it?

It's also an obvious example of lee's stock in trade, linking things that completely debunk his own thoughts, such as they are.

Lee, any president after #4... (Below threshold)
The Big O!:

Lee, any president after #43 would be #44. Any indication that the note was written specifically to Obama as opposed to McCain (who would have also been "44")? No?

I'll mention again that the wikipedia link you provided, which proved that _Mike_ was completely and totally correct in his claims, does not list "44" as a nickname for Obama.

Here is the part where Lee ... (Below threshold)

Here is the part where Lee the Liar Ward gets it. I have never been a visitor to Wizbang Blue. Had far too much intergrity to roll in the muck and mire, yet he says I was there. See how he lies effortlessly? ww

Willie.. Lee still thinks h... (Below threshold)

Willie.. Lee still thinks he's "in charge"..LOL.. somebody remind him he got the boot!

44 is the Won's IQ. Like hi... (Below threshold)

44 is the Won's IQ. Like his bowling score, it's improving as he re-writes history...

Let them eat cake.... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Let them eat cake.

It is delicious cake, you must eat it.

Specifically, Obama is N... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Specifically, Obama is NOT nicknamed "44"

Only Zero.

It looks gaudy like ... (Below threshold)

It looks gaudy like one of those awful Ed Hardy t shirts. However, I would still eat it because cake is cake.

You just keep on trying til... (Below threshold)

You just keep on trying till you run out of cake...







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