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No Shirt, No Shoes, No Dice


Burger King apologizes for ejecting 6-month-old girl for violating "No Shoes" policy - [CBS]


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Not surprising given the cu... (Below threshold)

Not surprising given the current level of public education in this country. Discretion is no longer taught or encouraged. You're given a rule book with tabbed FAQ pages. A simple life for simple people.

I used to go barefoot all s... (Below threshold)

I used to go barefoot all summer. Some of the establishments that chose to ban the unshod had signs invoking "State Law".

This was annoying, so I got a letter from the state Attorney General stating that there was no state law in Nebraska requiring shoes. Some of the offending businesses, on seeing the letter, changed their signs to blame their policy on their insurers.

I believe in private property and liberty. If a private business doesn't want my business, for whatever reason, I'm OK with it. I just didn't like seeing them banning me under color of law.

One local bar let me store a pair of flip-flops there. The message I got: they wanted my business.

I belive it this NO SHOES,N... (Below threshold)

I belive it this NO SHOES,NO SHIRT NO SERVICE but this gose too far but at least they appoligised thats good

Isn't it curious that the w... (Below threshold)

Isn't it curious that the white woman at the restaurant in St. Louis, MO, a majority African American community, hasn't contacted the media with charges of racism? Surely there was at least 1 person of color that could be accused of this.

I assume corporate kicked o... (Below threshold)
Rich Fader:

I assume corporate kicked one hundred percent of the manager's ass?

Although no shirt and no sh... (Below threshold)

Although no shirt and no shoes, no service, but I think he looks good in his style.






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