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SEUI Thugs Want Payback For The Congress And Administration They Bought


And if that means trampling on some of the little people, so be it...


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The Democrats set up that p... (Below threshold)
The Big O!:

The Democrats set up that phantom "physical assault" on a "freshman Democratic lawmaker" story yesterday as a modern-day Golf of Tonkin Incident, coinciding with their announcement that paid union enforcers would now be patrolling these meetings.

Combine the faux outrage over the lie that Rep. Connolly put out, Senator Lincoln's proclamation that these protestors are "un-American," and the hired goon squads that the DNC is now sending to these meetings, and its no surprise that the result is the typical thuggery and physical violence against citizens who dare to speak out against Democrats.

Golf Gulf... (Below threshold)
The Big O!:

Golf Gulf

Going to be a very interest... (Below threshold)

Going to be a very interesting August recess for Congress. NOTE TO BARRY AND NANCY: Pissed off people vote. You better get those extra funds to ACORN now.

Rats. Thought the caption ... (Below threshold)

Rats. Thought the caption contest started early...

The funny part is that the ... (Below threshold)

The funny part is that the union thugs will get government health care. Their bosses will get the same health care programs as Congress. Some animals are more equal than others. If you attend a town hall meeting, LOOK FOR THE UNION LABEL.

More <a href="http://www.st... (Below threshold)
The Big O!:

More thuggery by the pro-Obama goons.

If SEIU thugs f*ck with me,... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

If SEIU thugs f*ck with me, they will be carrying them off in bodybags. Had the Germans fought back against the Brown Shirts during the formative years of Nazism, millions of people would have lived to lead productive lives. They, the SEIU people are in the minority, meer their force with superior force.

" The funny part is that th... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

" The funny part is that the union thugs will get government health care. Their bosses will get the same health care programs as Congress. "

Are we sure about that? Somehow I think Congress could weasel in language that protects the unions.

Union thugs may end up with... (Below threshold)

Union thugs may end up with govt health care, but from what I've read, per Sen. Baucus,
all Americans would have their health benefits taxed. But, Union workers would be exempted.

To Hell with comparisons to... (Below threshold)

To Hell with comparisons to "The Joker"; to some, that would imply "cool', "funny", "mischievous".

He encourages union goons to infiltrate protest rallies and town-hall meetings, and to intimidate and push around old men and ladies for daring to protest the way things are going.

What we are dealing with, in reality, is more akin to a sewer rat.

As for those congressmen who accept this, and use these thugs to keep away their own constituents, these little potentates need a sharp lesson as to whom they are really supposed to be working for. In some cases, RECALL should be on the table and seriously considered.


Now the DNC is deploying AF... (Below threshold)

Now the DNC is deploying AFL-CIO palookas while hypocritically dismissing Obamacare opponents as paid shills -even running disengenuous TV ads to slander them- meanwhile SanFranNan is halucinating and seeing imaginary Swastikas.

This should make clear to anyone just what these far-left elitists think of your opinion.

Note that whenever Obama, Emanuel, or Gibbs are asked about why polls show SO many people oppose their misguided Cap-n-Trade and Obamacare proposals, they ALWAYS segue-right-into "we need to educate the public...".

LOL- save your breath... Constitutionally-aware patriots don't take lectures from Marxists.


Best way to defend against ... (Below threshold)

Best way to defend against the Brown shirts (purple?) is to get as many people as possible to carry video cameras and record everything the enemy does. The Ministry of Truth (aka MSM) can't seem to report on these things so the citizen with a camera has to be the one to record and disseminate. Youtube can now be the conservative's friend.

Just remember that those protesting against the Obamunism can't be the one's starting or escalating violence. Make sure we stay on the high ground and only fight in self-defense.






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