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The Obama Message Machine Is Faltering

There is a giant unwinding of the mighty Obama message machine occurring in Middle America right now. In fact there is a whiff of desperation from On High as the town hall meeting incidents put the lie to the meme that these protestors to ObamaCare are the product of some organized group like, say, the Service Employees International Union. The real news is that Alinsky tactics are beginning to fail as voters begin a slow, but relentless, pushback against the 'hurry up" and "do it now" tactics of the White House and Congress.

The snitch on your neighbor scheme ([email protected]) has become the stuff of comedy in just one day. I self reported to the ObamaCare police and am receiving emails already from Democratic Congress members I have never heard from before. I wonder who else is getting the list? ObamaCare protestors, guilty apparently of protesting while black, are being profiled by organized union thugs in St. Louis and beaten. There's some hope and change for you, sending union muscle as a policy response. Anyone want to ask Sergeant Crowley about this? Oh, never mind. He's so last week, ya' know.

Bill and Hillary must be grinding their teeth right now. But for a few caucus missteps they could be in charge instead of this blundering White House and Congress. Just a year and one half ago the Clintons had a lock on this thing and then that guy from Chicago appeared, fresh off the victories over two divorce impaired opponents. I'm no fan of Bill Clinton's policies or behavior but I'll be first in line to admit he was an excellent politician. Barack Obama is no Bill Clinton, and it must be vexing for the latter to know he was so close to another possible eight years in the White House. Now the former president is left to watch the explosion of a presidency that has enjoyed even more liberties with an obsequious media than he could ever dream of.

With local Congressmen hiding during the recess to avoid angry constituents, it remains to be seen if this presidency can remain relevant until even the 2010 mid terms. It may be that with this fracture in the Democratic caucus Humpty Dumpty can't be put back together again. The phenomenom of Barrack Obama may have reached the tipping point.


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Are unions specifically exe... (Below threshold)

Are unions specifically exempted from the Obamacare plan? If so, why do they have an opinion either way?

The President has to formulate an astroturf campaign to convince the public that their concerned fellow citizens are participating in an astroturfed campaign?

I wasn't a big McCain fan. I told my Mom that he was the best Democrat in the race. For all McCain's faults I very much doubt we would be contemplating a plan that considers throwing Grandma out with the trash if he had been elected.

Here's another Congressman ... (Below threshold)
GarandFan, that's a good on... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

GarandFan, that's a good one. The more unhinged these people become the more they wind up with egg on their face.

We've all seen Obama's act ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

We've all seen Obama's act and it fascinated the public for a while, but now it's just the same old shtick. More and more of the public is now seeing the empty suite behind the teleprompter and they are growing wary of sweeping legislation being pushed on the nation by warnings of catastrophic consequences.

It would be one thing if Obama was pushing a well thought out and debated bipartisan healthcare and insurance reform bill, but to be pushing HR3200 without even reading it demonstrates the goal is more government power, not better healthcare for the people.

Fascinating: "The Two Face... (Below threshold)
Are unions specifically exe... (Below threshold)

Are unions specifically exempted from the Obamacare plan? If so, why do they have an opinion either way?
1. Posted by RicardoVerde | August 7, 2009 9:40 PM |

Doesn't matter what the plan states about unions.
Just like everything else this president does he'll have it reversed.
If a union member can't figure out that there taxes are going up like everybody else they deserve the double cross.

"Bill and Hillary must be g... (Below threshold)

"Bill and Hillary must be grinding their teeth right now."

Likely so. Still, I wouldn't be surprised if they're also delighting in the situation. Obama is bombing out. Bill and Hillary have got to be loving that and eagerly awaiting the opportunity to screw him over.

Too bad liberal dummieheads... (Below threshold)

Too bad liberal dummieheads but it looks like many are now peeling those wretched OBAMA stickers off their cars and comming to realize their was no real change or hope in WASHINGTON D.C. the wretched hive of scum and villany

The reason the unions are e... (Below threshold)

The reason the unions are exempted because they have their own health plan. That plan was extorted by the unions from the companies that had their contracts. Another reason that people are so incensed about this monstrosity, it that the Congress critters are not going to be covered by this plan.

Ostensibly the unions are e... (Below threshold)

Ostensibly the unions are exempted because they have long term contracts, but in reality they have better coverage than what is offered in the government's plan. People get all worked up because some folks out there have less healthcare insurance than others, yet they back a plan that intentionally lets some have better care than others.

This administration is not really even "pro-union". Consider the effects of their proposed legislation on the SEIU or UAW versus the UMW or OCAW. To paraphrase Orwell, all are equal but some are more equal than others.

A Fishy StoryOne f... (Below threshold)

A Fishy Story

One fine morning in Washington, D.C. Barrack Obama awoke to find himself metamorphozed into a large fish. He immediately panicked and reasoned thusly: "I must now get help to put myself in water or I will surely drown". (He not being used yet to living life as a fish really should have thought suffocate instead of drown.) So he began flapping for all he was worth. Soon he tumbled to the ground of the Presidential bedroom. Immediately at the door appeared a wide eyed secret service agent named Bill. Bill guffawed. "This must be the biggest practical joke ever played in the White House ever'" he thought. "Well, I guess I'd better just play along." So with almost super human strength he bounded forth and scooped up the large fish and ran out of the room.

Barrack meanwhile was gurgling bubbles through his gills and thinking to himself, "I think I can get out of this jam now, because Bill is going to find me some help." Sure enough, Bill ran to the Presidential fish tank and gently eased Barrack into its confines. Barrack felt very peculiar as he slid into the tank as well he might, having only been just turned into a fish. He did his best to scream at Bill that he was the President, but no sound at all came out of his mouth no matter how hard he tried.

"At least I'm alive," he resignedly thought to himself after a long pause. "Maybe there's a way out of this. If I can only retrace my actions from yesterday. Maybe there will be some kind of explanation. There must be some kinda way out of here. Think Barrack! Think! What could have lead to this? What was I doing that wound me up transformed into a fish. What kind of cruel magician could have cast this spell on me?" These thoughts were running over and over in his head while he swam back and forth in wide circles in the fish tank.

In the meantime, a large group of secret service men gawked at him from the outside. They were frantically talking to each other on their Blackberries. "We cannot locate the President," were the words that went crackling over the airwaves. "We are on full alert. Only Cosmic Clearance and family will be informed. Let's get Biden down here now."

To be continued.

"Are unions specificall... (Below threshold)

"Are unions specifically exempted from the Obamacare plan? If so, why do they have an opinion either way?"

Not sure one way or other, but what is indisputable after the National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees merged with the Service Employees International Union [SEIU] a couple decades ago it formed the nation's largest private health-care union.

Gee, where have I heard of SEIU before?

Oh yeah, the astroturfed union thugs arrested in St. Louis for beating up an innocent bystander outside a town hall meeting.

Wow, I've been self-reporti... (Below threshold)

Wow, I've been self-reporting like a big dog, but no one has called me yet.






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