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Sotomayor sworn in as Supreme Court Justice

Yesterday, in a low-key ceremony attended mostly by family and close friends, Judge Sonya Sotomayor was sworn in as a justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Although many pundits found her testimony during her confirmation hearings to be intellectually lacking, there was never any real question regarding her chances for confirmation, since the Democrats would never pass up an opportunity to install a liberal on the Supreme Court, even if, as an appellate judge, three of the five majority opinions written by Sotomayor and reviewed by the Supreme Court were overturned.

Today, the SCOTUS is wiser, more feminine, and more Latina.


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O-Lay!... (Below threshold)


The dumbing down of the Sup... (Below threshold)

The dumbing down of the Supreme Court.

Shameful that a racist, emp... (Below threshold)

Shameful that a racist, empathetic justice was sworn in.

WTF does empathy have to do with the law?

It was so low-key you'd thi... (Below threshold)

It was so low-key you'd think the Democrats are ashamed. 1st Latina on the court, where's all the fanfare? Spotlights? MSM coverage? Going to be hard to explain to the Hispanic voters why the pitiful coverage.

They have just have SODAMOR... (Below threshold)

They have just have SODAMORON sworn in as the chief of the new socialists imperial court

Affirmative Action second o... (Below threshold)

Affirmative Action second only to the Bamster.

Someone you'd hire as a man... (Below threshold)

Someone you'd hire as a manager for a McDonalds' isn't necessarily going to make a good CEO for the corporation, Rob - or even a good manager for multiple McD's.

But that's okay - she's a Latina. What more do we need to know?

She is one of the most dist... (Below threshold)

She is one of the most distinguished federal court justices out there. The American Bar Association gave her its highest rating, by unanimous vote of the committee that reviewed her qualifications.

My guess is that the ABA knows just a bit more about this matter than you or I do. Unless, of course, you are an expert in federal judgeships.

This is exactly the same unanimous rating that the ABA gave Alito and Roberts.

Wow - to have a "Wise Latin... (Below threshold)

Wow - to have a "Wise Latina Woman" on the Supreme Court. What a disgrace---she danced around the questions put to her regarding her comments and made it seem like it was taken out of context. What a piece of crap. She was so proud of that statement she made it numerous times. It was even included in some of her rulings. Being black and hispanic seems to be the thing now. But, I'm not sorry I am "Whitey". I am DAMN PROUD OF IT! You can rob me of my money thru sorry tax laws, you can prevent me from speaking aloud at town hall meetings, but you can never take away from me the fact that I am white and proud of it.

Madalyn,Just keep ... (Below threshold)


Just keep on thinking like that. You're doin' great.

Rob - what part of BHO's or... (Below threshold)

Rob - what part of BHO's org is paying you to denigrate us Americans? Are you stupid or just refusing to face facts? You seem to be defying logical thinking. What gives?

At this point? Fait accompl... (Below threshold)

At this point? Fait accompli - it can be lived with.

Sotomayer will end up being... (Below threshold)

Sotomayer will end up being one of the most distinguished voices on the SCOTUS, which won't be overly difficult given some of the undistinguished justices currently in place. She will only have to stay awake to beat out Thomas. Coincidentally, both Sotomayer and Thomas were appointed by George H. W. Bush (Thomas both to the US Court of Appeals and to the Supreme Court).

Damn, dude, hop back into y... (Below threshold)

Damn, dude, hop back into your time machine and bring me back the MegaMillions lottery numbers from August 10th, 2012, would ya? I figure by the time Obama's done FUBARing the economy, the jackpot would be just enough for a burger and fires.

You mean like the banking a... (Below threshold)

You mean like the banking and auto industries? They were so incredibly strong in early January 2009. Obama has killed them.

Who was the last racist to ... (Below threshold)

Who was the last racist to be on the Supreme Court? Was it Hugo Black?






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