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Obama's New Hampshire Town Hall Staged; Supporters Bussed in while Protesters Wait Outside

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit catches President Obama and his staff in the act of stuffing the New Hampshire town hall pep rally with supporters while those who are opposed to ObamaCare are forced to stand outside.

Michelle Malkin reports that the little girl who asked about all the mean signs is the daughter of a big Obama donor. Do these people really think they can get away with this all this kabuki theater crap without anyone noticing?

Oh, and Michelle informs us that the Democrats are so terrified of having to face their ticked off constituents that they are now hiding in SEIU offices. What a bunch of freaking pansies!


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Comments (43)

Awww Kim,You shoul... (Below threshold)

Awww Kim,

You shouldn't be so hard on the poor congress persons or the president - after all "We Won" is their motto - they don't have to answer in person for their work until the next election.

I do think by hiding, though that they know what those election results will be.

manufacturing support for O... (Below threshold)

manufacturing support for ObamaCare...one busload at a time!

the media loves this, just as Pravda always loved those sweeeeeet May Day Parades through Red Square! VERY good theater!

Yeah, Barry asks the crowd ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Barry asks the crowd for a "skeptical" question on the health care program. Pre-screened Obamabots trucked in to support him and he needs to wheedle them for a hard question? I did like his statement about FedEx and UPS making money while the Post Office was in trouble. So a government program loses money, and this is a great argument for government to run health care AND SAVE MONEY?

Since this took place in Po... (Below threshold)

Since this took place in Portsmouth NH, where is Jay Tea?

Do these people really t... (Below threshold)

Do these people really think they can get away with this all this kabuki theater crap without anyone noticing?

The theater is not for US - it's for the media.

As in the old "Outer Limits" tv show...

"There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity. For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your television set."

Just ignore anything political that doesn't come through the approved channels and adhere to the approved agenda. Report all 'fishy' information you might hear...

Did any of you ever read a ... (Below threshold)

Did any of you ever read a transcript from the Bush White House. I did. Quite a few of them. And, while I'm not prepared to say such a thing never happened...I don't recall EVER seeing such a thing as this in an official transcript before:
1:05 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, Portsmouth! Thank you. (Applause.) Thank you so much. Everybody have a seat. Oh, thank you so --


"I'm not saying there has n... (Below threshold)

"I'm not saying there has never been managed news before, but this is carried to fare-thee-well--for the town halls, for the press conferences," she [Helen Thomas]said. "It's blatant. They don't give a damn if you know it or not. They ought to be hanging their heads in shame."

They may be hiding in vario... (Below threshold)

They may be hiding in various locations now to avoid hearing their constituents opinions but in 15 months they pay the price for all the political shenanigans they have committed.

The "townhall" was so obvio... (Below threshold)

The "townhall" was so obviously stage. I mean when you have a questionnaire gush because Obama wink at her and the crowd acted pretty much the same. Obama accuses and condemn others for doing what he does with little or no evidence that most of the anti Obama protestors do it. A typical liberal hypocrite.

Where is the MSM reporting ... (Below threshold)

Where is the MSM reporting on this? I won't be holding my breath waiting on the lying MSM to do the right thing.

I bet you that all of these... (Below threshold)

I bet you that all of these people were getting paid, too!

I wish someone would investigate this and blow the lid off the whole thing.

The fact that they had to do this says that they know that they don't have enough Americans to support them. Thus, they have to pay people to show up.

The people taking these phony jobs are the very same ones who want to continually live off the rest of us.

Were all of you complaining... (Below threshold)

Were all of you complaining loudly when Bush's town halls on the subject of privatizing Social Security were completely staged; and opponents were barred from entry? Of course not! And neither was Michelle Malkin, but being a hypocrite won't stop her from sicking her brigades of flying monkeys on a child, now will it!

Howzabout we shorten the list of GOP complaints to the following:

1) It was okay when we supressed opposing voices at town halls because we're real Americans and liberals aren't; and

Hyperbolist. That charge g... (Below threshold)

Hyperbolist. That charge goes both ways. Were you outraged when Bush did it and if so why not now?

Potemkin town hall meetings... (Below threshold)

Potemkin town hall meetings? Well, at least The Won can claim he is creating jobs.

Well, it's not Fascism when... (Below threshold)
Hyperbolist or Vic or SAUD:

Well, it's not Fascism when WE do it...

Yeah, I was pretty upset th... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I was pretty upset that Bush framed the town halls as 'open discussions'. And yeah, I think the discussions should be open and fair--and that means no imbeciles trying to drown out people with actual questions.

The rightwing efforts at torpedoing Social Security fizzled comically, and I think the perception that the administration was not honest when framing the debate might have been part of the reason. Whether Obama will have learned from that remains to be seen; I will say, however, that the pro-Social Security protesters were not threatening to kill congresspeople, and they were not carrying guns to rallies.

#15: tit-for-tat--was it fa... (Below threshold)

#15: tit-for-tat--was it fascism when Bush did it?

I don't buy it. Sounds lik... (Below threshold)
raaa raaaa:

I don't buy it. Sounds like a lie.

It's okay for republicans to defeat Prop 8 by bussing in people from Utah Colorado, lie about the bill all over the media, and spread hate and fear to get their way.

It's okay for republicans to hire and coerce people to attend town hall meetings and defend big business.

It's okay for republicans to order police shoot protesters point blank in the face with rubber bullets when they don't want them, but PAY them to attend when they do want them.

It's okay to defend the business racket of skimming 20% off our $2,000,000,000,000 in annual health care expenses, while every 30 seconds someone must declare bankruptcy do to health expenses... a huge percentage is uninsured, and we rank 37th in the world in quality.

All of that is okay, but as usual, the republicans accuse our democrat president of their SAME TACTICS?

Didn't we all go through this during the election, when the republicans accused ACORN of voter fraud, and zero votes were stolen...

Meanwhile republicans stole and disenfranchised over 6 million votes for McCain, and were planning on another man-in-the middle computer attack flipping votes. They were stopped by an ohio judge the day before the election. Karl Rove's Computer Boy Mike McConnell was murdered a few months later to cover it up.

Republicans, it's NOT okay for you to force your stooopid "end times" religious bullshit logic on the People any more. You LOST. Now, please act accordingly and be humble. Allow change. We know you clearly want the world to end so you can see end times, but the rest of us would like to survive, thank you.

Bottom line: Sounds like B.S. republican lies.... AGAIN.

hyperbolist et all: <... (Below threshold)

hyperbolist et all:

When Bush did it, and I don't remember something as concrete as the above. If Bush did it then it was just as unacceptable. I am not one of the OMG!Bush people and I find it detestable that either party or any person would think they could get away with it.

I think most Republicans would agree (I'm libertarian) they just get defensive when you accuse them like that.

Most republicans are not mindless drones who are against the so called "reform" because of talking heads or disembodied voices. Most of us are truly scared crapless about the direction the country is headed.

I for one don't believe a word Obama says any longer, any more than I did Bush in the last 3 years of office. I don't think McCain would have been any better for the country either.

However, there is just too much "fishyness" about the Health Insurance Reform or Health Care Reform whatever it is the polls told them people responded to better today. This is a subject that requires serious thought and dialogue, not a thousand pages forced through in a matter of days or weeks.

So what if they have to wait until next session? It is better to wait and do it right, than rush headlong into it and realize too late that it was the wrong direction.

@raaa raaaaa:While... (Below threshold)

@raaa raaaaa:

While I admit the similarities in the way the world is going and the similarities in the way the Anti-Christ was portrayed in the Left Behind books scare the crap outta me. I do not think Obama is THE Antichrist.

However, its all scary, the way of life in America is coming to an end, and in fact all over the world things are changing. I won't spout off 2012 nonsense because I don't want to sound like a loony.

I just say the Republicans lost me over the last 6 years or so, but the Democrats stills care the crap outta me. Nationalized anything (banks, car industry, healthcare) along with Socialist ideals like tax the rich to feed, cloth, insure, and support the welfare class. Scare the crap outta me, nationalist socialist government is not American.

Hyper"Social Securit... (Below threshold)

"Social Security protesters were not threatening to kill congresspeople, and they were not carrying guns to rallies."

The guy at the New Hampshire rally is a well known Libertarian activist and New Hampshire is well known gun carrying State.

As for Violence check out the following including throwing stone by anti Bush demonstrators.


I heard you condemn Bush with stacking Town halls meetings without showing any proof but yet to hear you condemn Obama with proof of doing it.

JustRuss: I don't think I d... (Below threshold)

JustRuss: I don't think I disagree with anything in your post #19. It would be unreasonable to expect conservative or libertarian citizens to simply accept the implementation of a publicly funded healthcare program without demanding to see the specifics; and even then, I would expect them to oppose it.

It's the uncivilized, koo-koo-bananas protesters that bother me. I don't think a politician should have to fear for his or her life when meeting with his/her constituents to discuss a program they really, really don't like.

Wayne: leftist protesters were put into "free speech zones". Bush' town halls involved pre-screened questions given by loyal supporters. I don't believe that you didn't know that already, just to cover my ass, here are links for you, Mr. Lazybones.

*but* just to cover my ass<... (Below threshold)

*but* just to cover my ass

hyper - "*but* just to ... (Below threshold)

hyper - "*but* just to cover my ass"

Hate to be the one to break this to ya but.. it would take a very large tarp or sheet, 'cause you're ALL ASS.

Hyper I hope you can... (Below threshold)

I hope you can do better than that. Three people who are ask to leave who admitted that they were planning to cause a disruption. Hardly stacking the audience. Rumors claim to be heard by a single Journalist. Big proof. How about some examples of bus load of people being bused in or GOP campaign workers or children of campaign workers asking questions to Bush? How about people being paid to hold up signs?

You still haven't condemn Obama for doing so.

This was the most BOGUS sta... (Below threshold)

This was the most BOGUS stacked-deck, dog and pony show with astro-turfed Obama supporters many who wore t-shirts for PAY and carried cookie-cutter signs they were given, that all said the same thing.
Those who were against health care were denied tickets to this fake town hall, and inside was an 80%-20% love fest.
Outside, we were 60%-40% opposition, all hand made signs, 100% GRASSROOTS. We have hundreds of subscribers to the NH Tea Party Coalition mailing list...which I know is not paid, run, or directed by any astroturf organization. Just about all of them on the left were astroturfed as seen by the cookie cutter signs they held.
Interviews to every single news outlet that exists were reminded them of these facts:
1 - The pro-health care people were 100% astroturfed brought in on charter busses... some of the people there, we personally know to have worked for these orgs like SEIU for YEARS, never having a real job.
2 - We heard people being asked to wear these astroturfed shirts for money. So did the producers for FOX News.
3 - NH Congressmen and Senators (Democrats) will NOT hear us face to fact at real town hall meetings.
Bottom line is, like the rest of the country, NH is 80% opposed to this government powergrab of health care.
I was aghast at how this criminal Obama kept  lying through his teeth to these foolish people for his global masters.
I am ashamed they are swallowing his lies because they think they will get something for 'free'.
He's trying to refute who is surrounding him, but it's clear that Ezekiel Emanuel is driving the stuff that it's in the bill that people are fearing.
And under their advisement (Holdren, Emanuel, Sunstein) we will lose our rights to health care in our early and later years in the spirit of saving money for the government.
Just look up the reams of information those people have written -- they can't deny it now.

The problm is that Obama, P... (Below threshold)

The problm is that Obama, Pelosi and democrats are manufacturing misinformation in order to get general public support, and then once passed, we'll have to swallow the bitter pill.

Have Obama's family do this socialized healthcare for 2 years, and if they like, I'm onboard!

HuckFynnn you've got someth... (Below threshold)

HuckFynnn you've got something there. Make everyone who is for this plan go on it for a minimum of 2 years. Then, only if they sign up for at least another 2 years will we be on board with it. Huck you are fantastic for thinking of this.

Get a life. I'm so sick an... (Below threshold)

Get a life. I'm so sick and tired of all these people claiming that health care for all will not work. That's a bunch of bull. Look, we have Medicare and Medicaid and it's working. The only reason there are some discrepancies in those two healthcare programs is because of doctors and hospitals fraud. Then of course, we have the illegals who don't deserve the program. The President has stated his plan will not cover illegals. The majority of these people who are protesting at these town hall meetings must all have the best healthcare coverage that money can buy. Too, they must be all Republicans. No one person can please everybody, however, I do feel that with all of the knee-deep dong left by the former President, we have to give President Obama our support in order to help him bring this country back to its full potential. Healthcare is important for all of the citizens of the United States, not just the rich. I would be curious to know how many of these protesters at these meetings have excellent healthcare and doesn't have to stay at home and get sick and die because they don't have medication or hospital or physician assistance. Universal healthcare is needed, so sit down and shut up.

Look, we have Medicare a... (Below threshold)

Look, we have Medicare and Medicaid and it's working. The only reason there are some discrepancies in those two healthcare programs is because of doctors and hospitals

$50-200 billion in fraud isn't something you can write off as a 'discrepancy'.

I keep suggesting that we reform Medicare first and clean up the fraud. Once that can be done - then there's a possibility of expanding the programs. But if you just expand the programs, you'll be expanding the fraud like crazy.

But that's okay - Obama's got this magic plant in the basement of the Treasury, and it makes all the money he wants out of thin paper!

First of all, there are gro... (Below threshold)

First of all, there are groups from the right and left at the town meetings ect. Why doesn't someone also point out the fact that the groups from the left are large and powerful tax payer / government funded / very liberal (Acorn / SEIU / ect. but the groups on the right (tea baggers / talk radio audiences are just regular people. Also I take offense being characterized as a extremest ect.

Very good, Henritta, you co... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

Very good, Henritta, you covered each and every bullshit talking point the Dems have crafted. Here's a pat on the head for being such a useful idiot.

The President has stated... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

The President has stated his plan will not cover illegals.

YEah, he stated a lot of things about this health-care juggarnaut that have since been proven false.

You think we are going to believe that one?

Do you have a newsletter, H... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Do you have a newsletter, Henrietta, that we can suscribe to? It sounds so intriguing.


No one person can please everybody, however, I do feel that with all of the knee-deep dong left by the former President, we have to give President Obama our support in order to help him bring this country back to its full potential.

1. "dong"? You mean like LOLDONGS?
2. Full potential? That's like putting a governor on a Porche 911.
3. Most of us probably stopped reading your talking points the minute you said "Medicare" is working.

tell me how this clip is pr... (Below threshold)

tell me how this clip is proof? facts, pls people. these are supporters--supporters of whatever side stay together. where is the info==the facts==on your allegation this was an obama funded bus.

oh, i forgot, we dont care about facts......

tell me how this clip is... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

tell me how this clip is proof? facts, pls people. these are supporters--supporters of whatever side stay together. where is the info==the facts==on your allegation this was an obama funded bus.


Where are the facts when De... (Below threshold)

Where are the facts when Dems accuse Reps of the same thing? Why is it so hard to believe that a grass roots organization might be able to pull money together to charter a bus to get everyone to a rally / townhall meeting together?

You can't have it both ways.

So The Won's town hall meet... (Below threshold)

So The Won's town hall meeting turned out to be an Obamanal Snowjob.

Who'd thunk it?

Did Henritta say the health... (Below threshold)

Did Henritta say the health care plan he wants touted to be the best in the world will not cover illegal immigrants? That was said tongue-in-cheek right? He stated flat out that this plan he wants will cover EVERYONE including illegal immigrants. He has to promise them that so they will keep voting democratic. That is what the dems rely on. Most illegal immigrants do not know a single sentence in english, but ACORN, SEIU, etc tells them in their language who to vote for. Doesn't sound very democratic to me.

Kind of like the REDWOOD SU... (Below threshold)

Kind of like the REDWOOD SUMMER back during the 1980s in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA the greens had all these holeless people bused in to the woods to show support two enviromentalists backed propisitions both of them failed

raaa raaaa Comment #18 - Th... (Below threshold)

raaa raaaa Comment #18 - That's an awfully serious charge you have there. Do you have proof? I have made some accusations myself in the past, but I had proof. Ted Kennedy. I called him a killer because that is what he is. A drunken sot who has no conscience and is still living while Mary Jo's family has been without her for decades. Please back up your claim.
Thanks, Madalyn

Re: Obama says his plan wil... (Below threshold)

Re: Obama says his plan will not cover illegals. WRONG. Yeah, he SAYS that, and the bill's language does say they won't be eligible. BUT, health officials and facilities were refused access to the national database which would IDENTIFY illegals. An amendment was proposed to allow access, but was defeated. That's how the Dems are getting their illegals covered!

That the way of OBAMA and h... (Below threshold)

That the way of OBAMA and his band of habiual liars ship in dozens of zombies give them signs to hold and give the illusion that 95% support obamacare






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