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Surgeon General Nominee Is On Burger King's Payroll


Somehow that's not a suprise...

Obama's surgeon general nominee advises Burger King - [Washington Times]


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Fat jokes? Classy.... (Below threshold)

Fat jokes? Classy.

Of all the "poor and deserv... (Below threshold)

Of all the "poor and deserving" Doctor's in this country who serve the poor, I'd be interested, out of curiosity, picked her for the job. Let's face it, her hometown isn't the crossroads of the US.

Sort of like Michelle getting that $200K pay increase after Senator Obama steered a $1.2 million grant to the hospital where she was working on a patient dumping program to help the poor.

"Fat jokes? Classy."<... (Below threshold)

"Fat jokes? Classy."

Where? Only person making reference to "fat" at the moment is you.

Mantis-Gee, do ya ... (Below threshold)
jim m:


Gee, do ya think that just maybe it's the juxtaposition of advising a fast food corporation that has been target of the left wing nutrition police is more than a little ironic?

No, of course not.

...maybe somebody better ch... (Below threshold)

...maybe somebody better check and see if she's paid all her taxes too...

She does not look fat to Me... (Below threshold)

She does not look fat to Me Mantis?

The Burger King and I... (Below threshold)

The Burger King and I

What is a surgeon general, ... (Below threshold)

What is a surgeon general, and why do we have one?

I believe the post of Surge... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I believe the post of Surgeon General is to provide employment for physicians with wacky ideas out of phase with the rest of society.

That fits the bill for both parties frankly.

I'm sure Obama can replace them with a Health Czar (if he hasn't already)

The original idea was a qua... (Below threshold)

The original idea was a qualified individual who could advise the President on health matters of public concern. Disease back then killed more people than wars. The job has morphed over the years into a lot of other areas.

The nominee looks a little ... (Below threshold)

The nominee looks a little overweight.

Meh. So what. Some doctos smoke.

It doesn't disqualify them from being doctors, or from being good to great doctors. But the old credibility factor does takes bit of a body blow when she's supposed to promote 'exercise and good eating' and appears to be a tad out of shape.

On a side note: Who the hell thinks they're being "healthier" or working toward a "balanced lifestyle" by choking down the three patties of beef and cheese on the BK TripleStacker, for crying outloud!?!? Save your money, BK! LOL

Yes it has morphed into oth... (Below threshold)

Yes it has morphed into other areas and none of them are necessary. Kind of like Obama morphing into the private sector with hostile takeovers and misappropriating public funds.

I wonder how She feels about pop/candybar machines in schools?

I'm guessing against the ca... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I'm guessing against the candy but pro out licensing the cafeteria service to select fast food chains.

You mean outsourcing BK fra... (Below threshold)

You mean outsourcing BK franchise's to a district near Her? Your probably right since Obama picked Her He's either paying off someone or getting ready to take over the fast food industry or both.

My guess is she gets a perk... (Below threshold)

My guess is she gets a perk of all the burgers she can eat ...

Am I the only one who has n... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Am I the only one who has no problem with this? I'm not into demonizing the fast food industry, though I hate BK. Especially those idiotic commercials.

If you get a chance to watch the documentary "Fat Head" please take it. It is a nice common sense rebuttal to "SuperSize Me."

How about some personal responsibility instead of blaming one's bad health on a food industry. I see no conflict - unless of course you are of the liberal persuasion. I'm not buying into that orthodoxy. I realize that it is this hypocrisy that is at issue but I am stating my position for the record.

Looks.........and sounds li... (Below threshold)

Looks.........and sounds like a Whopper to me.
S'OK, Obama is into whoppers.....BIG TIME.

She's a full figured one to... (Below threshold)

She's a full figured one to be preaching about fat children.

Gentlemen, gentlemen. Let'... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Gentlemen, gentlemen. Let's remember our manners. The doctor is just "big boned" so watch the comments!

She has spent her life and ... (Below threshold)

She has spent her life and profession championing access and providing care to the indigent and rural area she grew up in. Its not uncommon to see providers who don't take care of themselves as well as their patients. Its sad, but its common. That doesn't make her a bad choice as Surgeon General.

Oooops. I shouldn't have us... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Oooops. I shouldn't have used the word "big".
The doctor is just horizontally challenged.

It's certainly going to be ... (Below threshold)

It's certainly going to be harder for an overweight SG to sell the 'eat healthier' slogan, which one might argue is part of the SG's role given that the 'lardassification' of the U.S. is a 'big' source of health problems. In short, probably not the best choice for office of SG but perhaps that follows from the poor choice of President.

"Hi, I'm Dr. Regina Benjami... (Below threshold)
Rich Fader:

"Hi, I'm Dr. Regina Benjamin, and I'm not only an advisor to Burger King. I'm also a customer."

That wont make the jerks fr... (Below threshold)

That wont make the jerks from PETA,CSPI or PCRM very happy they want some anti free food chioce health freaks like RALPH NADER,MARION NESTLY,MICHEAL JACOBEN,NEIL BENARD or MORGAN SPURLOCK in that spot






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