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Wither The Public Option?

Don't believe the hype...

Public Option or Not, It's Still Government-Run - [The American Spectator]


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Yep, GOVERNMENT sponsored, ... (Below threshold)

Yep, GOVERNMENT sponsored, GOVERNMENT funded, nah the GOVERNMENT won't influence any decisions. Just like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I'm sure Barney "Public Option" Frank can't wait "to roll the dice one more time".

The public option hasn't be... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The public option hasn't been shelved and it certainly is not going away. This co-op nonsense is exactly the same thing. More liberal spin to make the same lousy idea sound better.

Instead of creating a new bureaucracy around the government public option plan the co-op will effectively nationalize the insurance industry. High levels of regulation and subsidization will render any private insurance provider a government puppet. This fork in the road still takes us to health care hell.

Yeah, I wasnt exactly jumpi... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

Yeah, I wasnt exactly jumping all over Drudges headline over the weekend.

While changing channels on ... (Below threshold)

While changing channels on the TV, I saw Brad Pitt (God gave him looks, but shit for brains) on Bill Maher and Brad said "I've been in socialist countries and they are okay". What an idiot. He vistis socialist as as multi-millionare with the status of a movie star, how the hell would he know. He made his millions being born and living in a capitalist country. He was not born in a socialist country, does not have to pay taxes from a small salary, or have the gov't control every part of his life, but he thinks socialism is okay.
Personally, for what these "stars" do, it is a sin for them to get that kind of money...still I rather have a capitalist country where people can make whatever, and not have the goverment regulate salaries, or healthcare of anything else.
Damn you all to hell who voted these jerks into office who want to take over everything.

The thing people have to re... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

The thing people have to realize is that Obama is a master at the old bait and switch trick. The public option will be in the bill he may eventually sign, but in the fine print and hidden by obscure language. Why, because liberals don't view any reform without a public option as reform at all, and Obama is a liberal.

What Brad Pitt and his frie... (Below threshold)
jim m:

What Brad Pitt and his friends need to understand is that socialist and even communist countries are fine to live in as long as you are a member of the ruling class.

When you're exempted from having to wait for months for your free health care like everyone else, socialized medicine is great. When you are exempted from the bread lines and rationing of groceries etc communism is great. When you are exempted from the housing regulations and can vacation in your dacha communism is great.

But when you have to live in poverty and sickness with the proles it sucks. What Pitt et al have to know is that at some point they or their children will fall from grace and they will suffer like everyone else.

What they are incapable of is caring about anyone but themselves. If they could really care about someone else they would have they would never propose such terrible solutions.

Penn and Teller's classic video of redistribution of wealth is perfect. Wealth is redistributed until there are no more haves and only have-nots. Socialism doesn't fix inequity it just makes everyone participate in poverty except the politically powerful.

Parthian Retreat.... (Below threshold)

Parthian Retreat.

That is the problem with th... (Below threshold)

That is the problem with the lefties. They are lead by movie stars and their empty headed positions such as Sean Penn, Pitt, Sarandon, etc. Real america noticed the extensive stink coming off this healthcare bill and stood up against it and offending those that did in the mean time. ww

At best, the Obama administ... (Below threshold)

At best, the Obama administration views any of us that oppose health care reform as ignorant, unread savages.

They might rename the public option, or dance away from it - but they are far too arrogant to give up on it.

"At best, the Obama admi... (Below threshold)

"At best, the Obama administration views any of us that oppose health care reform as ignorant, unread savages."

That's about the size of it. We can't be arguing from principled opposition, or reasoning from what we've seen works and doesn't work elsewhere, or observations about how what's nominally proposed has played out elsewhere.

Nope - we must be teh stupids cuz we dont likes it!






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