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Robert Novak Dies

Columnist Robert Novak, 78, lost his battle with cancer this morning. Novak may be best known for his years at CNN and his involvement in the Valerie Plame affair, but he was among the most influential print journalists of his generation.

From The New York Times:

Mr. Novak rose from a $68-a-week cub reporter to become the wealthy proprietor of almost a cottage industry, achieving prominence and celebrity as an influential Washington pundit whose views leaned decidedly to the right while parlaying that renown into books, newsletters and political seminars he organized.

At one point his column appeared in as many as 300 newspapers, and he was one of the first personalities to emerge on all-news cable television. CNN put him on the air its first weekend.

He first drew attention as an old-fashioned, notebook-and-shoe-leather newspaperman. For three decades his was the second byline with "Inside Report," a syndicated column, written with Rowland Evans, that became a must-read for many both inside and outside Washington

Read Kenneth Tomlinson's tribute to Novak's illustrious career at Human Events


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Comments (9)

RIP. ww... (Below threshold)

RIP. ww

One thing about Robert. Hi... (Below threshold)

One thing about Robert. His pen could cut both ways, liberal and conservative. Nixon, Clinton and McCain found that out.

Too bad today's MSM (paying attention Olbermann, Matthews?) don't have Novak's integrity.

Amen and RIP. Who shall pi... (Below threshold)

Amen and RIP. Who shall pick up the baton?

First we lose Bill, now Bob... (Below threshold)

First we lose Bill, now Bob. Mighty big shoes to fill. RIP.

One of my favorite little t... (Below threshold)
Pretzel Logic:

One of my favorite little tid bits from Bob was when he reported that Allan Page wanted to run for the senate to replace Paul Wellstone in Minnesota. Bill Clinton talked him out of it because he thought a brother couldnt get elected in the land of 1000 lakes and no Lombardi trophies. Big denials ensued. How do they keep doing what the do is beyond me. RIP BOB

Thats 13,332 lakes and 502,... (Below threshold)

Thats 13,332 lakes and 502,432 swamps to be exact PL . Yeah, the vikings always suck but for Randy Moss, but Robert Novak.. was a real cool cat.


Novak was interesting. Evan... (Below threshold)

Novak was interesting. Evans & Novak was a good show. But David Brinkley has a much better autobiography which I heartily recommend.

Was'nt David Brinkley the p... (Below threshold)

Was'nt David Brinkley the precursor to Dan Blather? Or was that Walter "give the enemy reason to hope Cronkite?" Either way, He was cool too.

Robert Novak was above all ... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Robert Novak was above all an honest journalist. I'll deeply miss him. He was darn good at his job.






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